Ass Worship

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I am, and always will be, an ass-man. Almost every time I’m with my lover, I ensure her sweet little ass gets plenty of attention. I probably dwell there a little too long for her liking, but it is an urge I find impossible to resist. Aria is in great shape from regular visits to the gym, about 5’2” with long dark hair. She has a toned body, with nice tits and a great ass. To my delight, she almost always wears thong underwear.

We both lead pretty busy lives, and rarely seem to get together, and actually have some energy, in the bedroom. Tonight was different, with both of us getting home early with nothing planned for the night. Almost all of our activity was reserved for the bedroom, but our encounter did start in the hot tub.

Aria went into the bubbling, warm water topless and, wore a tiny black thong. Our tub is secluded and clothing is rarely worn, but she knows it drives me crazy to see her sweet ass in a tiny bikini. I had to restrain myself from pouncing all over her, knowing she likes to unwind for a while instead of just diving into the action. So I left her alone on her side of the tub, my member already throbbing with excitement, in anticipation of the activity that was to come.

I’m usually responsible for the variations of sexual activity and thought about tonight’s bursa escort options such as playing with bananas, light bondage, or bringing a chair into the bedroom to fuck in front of a mirror, but tonight, Aria had plans of her own.

When her drink was finished, I slipped to her side of the tub, and massaged her shoulders while kissing and nibbling on her neck. She was sitting on my hard cock and turned her head to kiss me, while I fondled her tits. After a couple of minutes of this she said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We only brought one towel, so she dried off first and threw me the towel as she went inside the house. I ran the towel over my body and went to meet her in the bedroom. When I got there, Aria greeted me with a sly, smiling, “What do you think?” She had made a ‘T’ out of whipped cream, running across her lower back – just under her tattoo, and down the crack of her butt. While my wife does enjoys me playing with her ass, she usually likes to start somewhere else, and then give it some attention, after she is very aroused. I was completely surprised and began working on, what had been the end goal of all my now abandoned plans. I immediately started to suck, lick, nibble, kiss, and gently bite her cream covered ass. I took my time, deviating from the ‘T’, and continued bursa escort bayan my gentle molestation over her entire ass checks and down her ass crack. My cock was so excited and engorged, it was almost painful. I had to prevent myself from grinding into the bed sheets, and becoming too aroused. Her ass was covered in goose bumps and she was obviously enjoying the oral attention. I worked my way down her crack and began to spread her cheeks to collect the remaining cream from her rosebud.

….I could have easily focused this entire session on my favorite body part, but Aria wanted to return the favor. She crawled out from under me, and blasted a load of whipped cream into her mouth, and down my shaft from the can of dairy topping. She kissed me, sharing the cream, and then propped herself down towards the foot of the bed and proceeded to lick and suck my cream covered cock and balls. As she was doing this, I slipped a finger into her warm, wet cunt. I was surprised at how hot and wet she was, since our foreplay had been almost solely focused on her butt. I slipped two, and then three fingers into her dripping snatch as she rocked back against my hand. Occasionally I had to gently pull her hair back, signally that she’d better slow down, unless she wanted some warm cream to follow the cold. escort bursa The sensation of her warm mouth sliding over my balls and her tugging my cock was pushing me right to the edge as I worked my fingers into her and stared at her beautiful ass and partially shaved pussy only a few inches away. To ensure that she’d also reach a climax, I suggested we change positions.

I climbed on top, and slowly sank into her. I love the tightness and warmth of the initial penetration, the sensation when the head just pokes through and is met with warm wetness. I started slowly, only giving her a little bit at a time. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me towards her hoping to obtain more. Continuing to tease her, I took my cock out, sliding it up and down her slippery clit, and then returning it to her cunt to enjoy the initial penetration again and again. I gradually thrusted deeper and deeper. I then stopped while deep inside and kissed her mouth and squeezed her tits while grinding my pelvis hard against her clit. She starting moaning, and pulled her mouth from mine to concentrate on her coming orgasm. I had planned to ride this out, and save my orgasm for the next session, but her hands on my ass pulling me towards her, the subtle throbbing of her pussy, and sounds of her orgasm sent me over the edge. I pushed deep and deeper into her as my cock pulsed and spasmed filling her with my load. As we laid there temporarily spent, I was already scheming up another plan to return my fingers, cock, and tongue to her sexy little ass…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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