Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 09

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This series of short stories chronicles the journey of Ashleigh and her friend Danielle, as they explore their sexuality, and progress from teenage sex to the wider reaches of sexual behaviour. They are written from different points of view, to give insight into how the experiences influence the individual characters.

Read the whole set of stories for a better understanding of the characters’ motivation and personality, and watch their exploits unfold with people of both sexes, in single and group situations and within their families.

The late summer sun slanted through the window. I looked down from my window to watch the car draw up and park in the visitor’s slot. They were early – a clear indication of how anxious they were to get on with it – as anxious as me.

It was my first time. I’d already made my mind up not to let it show, wanting the girls to believe threesomes were commonplace to me – after all, I was almost twice their age. As an insurance policy, I’d stopped wanking for the previous twenty-four hours and took Viagra a couple of hours earlier to make completely sure. I intended to satisfy this pair of sluts in any way they wanted.

My insurance policy began to pay dividends when I watched the girls emerge from the car. My erection was well underway as feelings of lust stirred deep in my stomach.

They both wore denim jackets. I knew there would be hardly anything underneath. From my vantage point, I hoped to look down their cleavages, but they covered up well. At least there were no neighbours around to see the shortness of their skirts: Ashleigh’s in cream; Danielle’s in red. The clicking of their stilettos was audible from my side of the double glazing.

They looked like any two girls you’d expect to see queuing outside a nightclub, ready for a bit of fun. But these were different. To them, sex was a social activity to be enjoyed and shared like any other. I was their plaything and could think of nothing to complain about.

The entry phone rang. I let them into the building. Judging from the level of noise as they came up the stairs, they were excited. The fits of giggling grew louder as they got closer. My erection was full on before they reached my door. I rearranged it in my pants.

I opened the door before they knocked. My gaze was met by two pretty faces: one with long dark hair; the other with bobbed, streaked hair; both of them flushed with expectation. They went immediately silent when I appeared. None of us spoke. We just nodded. They entered the apartment in front of me as if they owned the place, leaving a trail of perfume as thick as a cosmetics department.

They accepted the glass of the pink champagne I’d already poured, still hardly speaking. To relieve the tension, I raised my glass. “Here’s to us,” I said.

They looked at me and at each other and giggled. “Here’s to sex,” Ashleigh said, waving her glass in the air.

“Here’s to threesomes,” Danielle said, tossing back her streaked hair while she slugged at her champagne.

We all laughed – a nervous laugh that heightened the tension. The alcohol seemed to go straight to our heads. We downed our drinks as if there was an unwritten agreement to get started with the main event. I decided to make the first move – and not to be too subtle – not with slags that loved cock.

“Right, girls … when I put down this glass … I’m going to bury my head in your two delicious pairs of tits … and no arguing.”

They giggled again and looked at each other and nodded – and rushed to hand me their empty glasses, as if to say: that’s fine by us.

They threw their jackets to one side. Two gorgeous pairs of tits came on display, neither girl wearing a bra: Ashleigh’s were slung in a white tank top; Danielle’s heaved out of a black, low-slung tee shirt that showed off her great cleavage. The thin cotton tops showed their nipples in sharp relief.

“We dressed cheap and slutty,” Danielle said, “just how you like it.”

“You both look very sexy … and very rude.”

“We like to be rude … don’t we, Ash?” The girls giggled again as Danielle pulled down her tee-shirt to reveal the top of her nipples. “What you waiting for, John?”

“I’m admiring the show,” I said, perching on the edge of the settee and beckoning them towards me. Their stilettos clicked on the oak flooring. I felt the temperature rise. The champagne made their faces flush even more red beneath their makeup.

Spoilt for choice, I grabbed at the spaghetti straps of Danielle’s top and pulled them down her arms. Seams popped as her tits came into view. They dangled in front of my eyes and she shook them from side to side, to entice me.

“Tell me what you think of her tits, John,” Ashleigh said, standing over me with a smirk on her face, her top lip rising slightly on the right side – and an ‘I’m here to be fucked’ look in her eyes.

“They are terrific … big … proud … with nipples like door stops … and that ring through her right nipple is begging casino şirketleri for attention … like this.” I placed my finger through the ring and pulled. Her tit rose and she bent towards me.

“Suck it, John,” Ashleigh said.

I needed no invitation and took her nipple and ring and as much of her tit into my mouth as I could – and sucked it until my cheeks hollowed.

“It’s her turn now,” said Danielle.

I kept her nipple in my mouth and reached over to Ashleigh, parting her long dark hair to place my thumbs under the straps of her white top. Moving quickly, I pulled the straps down and away from her hands to leave the top crumpled around her waist. Then I grabbed both of her tits and moved to take one in my mouth.

“That’s what I like about John,” Ashleigh said to Danielle over my head, “he knows exactly what he wants.”

So as not to disappoint them, I took Ashleigh’s right tit in one hand and Danielle’s left tit in the other. Squashing them together, I managed to get both nipples in my mouth and sucked on them, hard. They both grew in size, enough to gag a man – but I held on in there, my face buried in the softness of delightful flesh.

Ashleigh reached her mouth over to Danielle’s and they kissed and swapped tongues over me, while I continued to suck their nipples and press their tits together. I got a glimpse of the action in the mirror across the room. If this was what threesomes were about, I liked it – and we’d only just started.

I hung on to their nipples with my mouth and freed my hands to search out beneath their skirts. I wasn’t disappointed. Neither of them wore knickers. I found their cunts, naked, moist, and ready for action.

They carried on kissing while I fiddled around their cunts, trying to gain access with fingers. Ashleigh gyrated her hips and opened her legs to help; Danielle reached down and held her twat open for me. In no time I had two fingers from each hand up two different cunts at the same time.

Their nipples escaped from my mouth. I concentrated on their cunts while they carried on swapping saliva. For the first time in my life, I could compare the differences. I know cunts aren’t all the same, but it is difficult to remember from one to the next what the differences are.

Ashleigh felt tight. Danielle was easier to penetrate. I worked a third finger into her. She pulled her cunt wider and pushed down onto my hand to help me – such a slut.

By this time, they were sucking on each other’s nipples. I got a front line seat watching two experts working away with their lips and teeth. I could tell what effect they were having on each other: both their cunts grew wetter, allowing my hands to penetrate deeper.

“You enjoying yourself down there?” I was asked, so carried away with finger fucking two beautiful women that I’d not realised they’d stopped working on each other’s tits, to watch me.

“It’s very nice … thanks for asking,” I said. An idea came into my mind. My fingers were dripping with cunt juice. I offered Ashleigh’s to Danielle and vice versa. “Here try this … tell me what you think.”

“It’s nice and tasty … like perfume mixed with sweat and piss,” said Ashleigh.

“You’re a fucking pervert … that’s what I think,” said Danielle, pushing the fingers back into her mouth and having a good suck at them.

“You’re both right … and for that you get a prize.” I extricated my fingers from Danielle’s lips and crossed the room to the bookcase. “Here’s a present for each of you.”

They took the white, shoebox-sized parcels from me, looked at each other and giggled. Ashleigh shook hers, but there was no sound. Danielle pulled on the pink ribbon, anxious to open it to see what it was. I couldn’t take my eyes off their tits – young and prominent and naked and full of opportunity. My erection groaned inside my pants.

Danielle was first to her present. “Wow, you dirty bastard … I love it,” she said, waving it in front of Ashleigh, who started to demolish the box to get at hers.

“I’ve got the same,” Ashleigh said, turning the end of the pink vibrator to see if it worked. It buzzed. “Thank you, John … it’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“Look at me,” Danielle said, lifting her skirt and stuffing the vibrator up her cunt, which was so well lubricated that it went in almost to the maximum.

“Let’s have a better look,” I said, unfastening her skirt at the side and dropping it down around her ankles.

She kicked off her skirt and shoes, sat on the edge of the settee and leaned back and opened her legs wide and worked the full length of the vibrator inside her cunt, fixing the rabbit onto her clit. “Is that a better view?”

Ashleigh and I crouched down on the rug in front of her while she played the vibrator in and around her cunt, pulling on her nipple ring at the same time. She was gone, totally unembarrassed by being watched as she masturbated.

It was the trigger for Ashleigh to fall on me and start pulling off my tee-shirt and casino firmaları grabbing my cock through my trousers as I fought to get them off. My erection was gigantic. She swallowed my eight and three-quarter inches in a gulp, half-gagging as it went down her throat, one hand fondling my balls at the same time.

I needed to suck her cunt, so turned her around and stuck my tongue inside her to taste and drink the love dew. I found her clit and sucked and bit at it. She breathed heavily so I knew I’d hit the right spot.

All the excitement and anticipation and lust of our threesome exploded in that moment. Ashleigh arched her back and thrust her cunt at my mouth, indicating she was about to reach a climax. The feeling in my balls told me I was about to cum. Danielle was snorting and swearing about how she was about to cum, too.

It happened in sequence: Danielle let out a loud, deep groan and gasped as she reached orgasm; Ashleigh spat out my cock and called me a fucking bastard, then fell in a heap beneath me as she came to her orgasm. I was nearly there.

“Get on the settee, Ashleigh … next to Danielle,” I ordered. They both knew what was about to happen and sat there, anxious for me to finish.

“Are you ready for this?” They nodded and opened their mouths. Danielle stuck out her tongue. I wanked at my cock a few more times, watching the expectation on their faces, the excitement in their eyes.

Cum gushed out – enough to spray around both faces – followed by another dozen spurts. I thanked the heavens for my insurance policies.

Cum went everywhere: in their mouths; in their eyes; up their noses; across their foreheads and cheeks; into their hair. They laughed and gagged and swallowed and licked the translucent goo from around their lips. As it turned to liquid, it ran down their noses, through their eyebrows, down and off their chins, and onto their tits.

I licked the sticky drops from around Ashleigh’s mouth, built up a layer on my tongue, and offered it to Danielle. She sucked on it and mixed it with her saliva and swallowed it down. Then we all licked and sucked cum off each other, until it was all used up.

“You’re a fucking pervert, John,” Ashleigh said.

“I love sharing the taste of cum … you both know that by now.”

“That’s only for starters,” Danielle said, “I want to do everything with both of you … and to both of you.”

“That’s why I bought the vibrators,” I said, “why don’t you two go and settle in the bedroom … I’ll replenish the drinks and join you.”

When I arrived in the bedroom with three glasses of pink champagne, they’d thrown back the bedclothes, and Danielle’s head was clamped between the wide-open legs of Ashleigh, who was sucking on her own right nipple. I took a slug of wine and placed the glasses on the bedside table. They ignored me.

I switched the DVD player on, and some porn came on the television on the wall opposite the bed. It’s not that I needed to watch the porn – there was plenty going on with Ashleigh and Danielle to watch – but playing in the background, it added a further dimension of sleaze to the proceedings. I knew the scene well: two studs double penetrating a blonde slag. It seemed the perfect addition.

Before that night, I’d only seen two girls having sex in a porn film. In real life, the sounds and smells grabbed me: Ashleigh and Danielle were grunting and slurping and squealing with pleasure; the room thick with perfume and sweat, and a faint residue of cum.

I sat on the edge of the bed to watch, knowing my cock needed time to recover. The signs looked good: my erection responded as the show progressed.

Ignoring me, the girls moved to suck each other’s cunts, Ashleigh on top. They spent more time licking and caressing than I would – I’d dive straight in with my fingers and my mouth. Their more delicate approach seemed to produce the same results. In no time, they were both breathing like they were rounding the last bend in the four hundred metres.

Then they dug deeper inside each other. Danielle grabbed Ashleigh’s hair, pushing her head hard onto her cunt. As she held it there, their bodies started to thrash around in unison, and then they started to shout at each other between the panting of their breath.

It was enthralling. My cock agreed. It grew to its full length in my hand. I wanked at it slowly, to make it ready for the next encounter, unable to take my eyes off the drama in front of me, aware of another on the TV.

Ashleigh came first: she raised her head from Danielle’s clutches and let out a long, drawn out gasp, working own her cunt backwards and forwards against Danielle’s mouth.

“Don’t stop … you fucking bitch,” Danielle said, pushing Ashleigh’s head back against her cunt.

Ashleigh attacked her with vigour, the previous gentle approach abandoned. Her hand moved in, fingers disappeared into Danielle’s cunt while she sucked on her clit.

It didn’t take long. “Stop, you fucking bitch … I can’t güvenilir casino take any more,” Danielle shouted. Ashleigh ignored her and kept going until she was thrown off by Danielle arching her back and thrashing her body from side to side.

They lay there for a while, pulling in air and blowing it out through pursed lips, eyes closed. Danielle kept her hands tight against her cunt, holding onto the orgasm, wanting to retain the pleasure.

The only sounds came from the TV as a black stud was pumping his enormous cock inside the arse of a white bitch with enormous tits. The girls slowly stirred, opened their eyes, and lay there watching the scene, their breath shallow, their bodies exuding an aroma of perfume and sweat, entangled with the unmistakeable smell of sex.

Ashleigh’s eyes turned to me. “Did you enjoy watching that?”

“It was wonderful to see two young women totally at ease with their sexuality … giving the performance of their lives … better than watching porn.”

“I’d like to watch women having sex one day,” she said, “though, I’m sure I’d wank myself stupid if I did.”

“You mean, like me?”

“You’re a dirty fucker, John.”

“I think it’s time you got involve,” Danielle said. “My cunt is groaning to be fucked.”

“Your cunt’s always ready to be fucked, bitch,” Ashleigh said.

I didn’t need any more invitations, swung my legs onto the bed, and settled down between the girls. They both turned towards me and I became the filling in the sandwich, another ambition achieved.

Within seconds, both of them descended on my cock. I put my hands behind my head and left them to get on with it while I examined the white paint on the ceiling. A tongue licked me. A pair of lips enveloped my knob-end and started sucking at it. At the same time, the licking continued in a line down my dick and back again.

I looked down. The girls were licking each other’s tongue and my dick at the same time. When Ashleigh saw me watching, she took it into her mouth and sucked on it, the half-moons of her eyes staring up into mine. At the same time, Danielle licked down my length. Then, they changed roles. I leaned back again, to enjoy the action.

One of them took my whole length in her mouth; the other sucked on my balls – and I got one of those moments where the hurt and pleasure became equally intense. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, while my knob-end was being chewed, my balls squeezed and my dick wanked, all at the same time.

Then, my dick was being wanked hard. I knew it was Ashleigh from her position. Her attempt to hurt me was nothing compared to when her mother wanked me to within an inch of my life.

“Why don’t you cum, you fucker?”

“Because the evening is young and I’m saving it for later.”

“We’ll see about that,” Danielle said, straddling me, pulling her cunt wide open and placing it over my mouth. “Keep working on that fucking dick, Ash … I want to gag him with my twat.”

It was the threesome men dream of – two sexy young women trying their best to get me to orgasm, taking advantage of my body. I reached up to grab Danielle’s tits and pushed my tongue as far into her cunt as I could.

“I love that, John … give me more,” she said, working her cunt backwards and forwards over my mouth.

I tried to oblige, but it became increasing difficult with Ashleigh pulling back my foreskin hard as she wanked me, sucking and biting my knob-end in between. I could have easily let her bring me off, but decided to move onto something else.

I rolled Danielle’s twat away from my mouth, pushed her around and lined the three of us up. “Suck her cunt … while I fuck you from behind,” I ordered.

The girls needed no encouragement from me. In seconds, Danielle was on all fours. Then, she took hold of Ashleigh’s ankles, opened her legs wide and dived into her cunt. I watched a look of ecstasy cross Ashleigh’s face as I placed my cock against Danielle’s soaking twat.

As I pushed into Danielle, her body moved forward, ramming her mouth against Ashleigh’s cunt. I pulled out. She relaxed. I built up a rhythm that developed into a ripple effect – where I pushed at one end and Ashleigh got the full force of Danielle’s tongue at the other. Soon, we were grunting and groaning together.

“My turn … my turn,” shouted Ashleigh. We jostled around until my cock was embedded in her cunt and she was chewing at Danielle’s cunt. “I’ve always wanted to suck cunt while being fucked from behind.”

“Fuck her as hard as you can,” Danielle shouted at me.

I obliged and rammed into Ashleigh, the wetness of her naked cunt slapping around the base of my shaven cock with every thrust.

Danielle looked at me, her eyes narrowing, her mouth thinning into a cruel smirk. “I want to see you fuck her up the arse,” she said, “nice and tight … and dirty … with shit flicking everywhere.

“Oh, yes please,” Ashleigh said, lifting her head from Danielle’s cunt.

“Get the jelly from the side drawer, Danielle … then slap some on her arsehole and work it around for me.

Danielle obliged. She took a good dollop and dropped it straight on Ashleigh’s arsehole. “Keep still, bitch,” she said as the sphincter contracted when the gel touched it.

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