April’s Easter Surprise

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April Johnson woke up from a dead sleep, sitting up quickly in bed. Something had woken her up, although she wasn’t sure what. It was like the whole world had been shaken, pulling her from her sleep.

But now, as she looked around her room, all was silent and still. She got out of bed and walked over to the window, somehow certain that whatever had awoken her came from outside. Her lacy pink bra and panties clung to her young body, her dark hair hanging down her back.

As she got to the window, she suddenly felt everything shake again. As she looked out the window, she saw the ground in her front yard vibrating. “What in the hell”, she wondered, when suddenly the ground began to break and a hole appeared.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched what was happening. Suddenly, from out of the hole, jumped something she had never thought she would see. It had the basic shape of a rabbit, but it was at least six foot tall and it looked incredibly fit.

April began to feel very excited. Although she knew she was too old to believe, especially since she had started high school this year, she still secretly believed in the Easter Bunny. And here was her proof. She happily turned and quietly ran through her house, trying not to wake her family.

Within moments she was outside, watching in awe as the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over her yard. “It’s really you”, she said and the Bunny stood up quickly, looking in her direction. “You can see me”, he asked, clearly surprised. “Of course I can”, April said, walking out into the yard, completely forgetting that she was outside in her underwear.

The Bunny looked her up and down and then smiled. “Well, if you can see me, then that means that you still believe.” “Oh, I do”, April said excitedly, clearly in awe of meeting such a legendary figure. “Then that means you can help me with something”, the Bunny said, a look in his eyes that April didn’t recognize.

“Of course. I’ll do anything I can to help”, April said. “That’s what I wanted to hear”, the Bunny said and put a massive paw on April’s shoulder. He pushed her down to her knees, casino şirketleri her face full of surprise. “What’s going on”, she asked, but the answer quickly became apparent.

The Bunny’s dick emerged from his fur, long and thick. It was at least ten inches long and three inches thick. “Why are you showing me your thingie”, April asked, her voice full of innocence. “Silly, stupid girl, because I’m going to use that little body of yours”, the Bunny said. April’s face got hurt when he called her stupid, but her mood changed to surprise when he shoved his veins shaft in her mouth.

He grabbed hold of her hair as he started ramming his cock down her throat. She began gagging as he hammered his dick into her face, never having sucked a dick before and certainly never having been face fucked before. Drool ran from her lips as his thick cock pumped hard in and out of her face.

“Oh fuck”, the Bunny groaned. “It’s been too long since I’ve been with a virgin.” “How does he know I’m a virgin”, April wondered, even as she felt her pure pussy getting wet from being used like this. There was something, strange yet perfectly right and natural, about being on her knees, a big dick using her mouth so brutally.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer”, the Bunny said as he watched April’s throat bulging around his cock. He suddenly pulled out and held his stiff cock, as his orgasm erupted. April cried out in surprise as she felt his hot, sticky cum hit her face. She felt it land on her hair, her bra, some even got in her eyes.

But what surprised her the most was the cum that landed in her mouth. She’d heard of girls doing this for their boyfriends, but she’d never understood why. Now though, she understood. It was delicious and salty, maybe the best thing she’d ever tasted.

She began to wipe the cum from her face and lick it from her fingers. However, she didn’t have long to do that, as the Bunny shoved her to the ground. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over, her face shoved into the dirt. “That hurt”, she whined, but she stopped when she felt him grabbing her panties.

“Wait, casino firmaları what are you doing now”, she asked, her voice full of fear. “I’m breeding you, you stupid little slut. There’s nothing better than destroying a virgin cunt”, he said as he tore her panties off. “Please, don’t”, she begged, tears welling in her eyes and mixing with the dirt, mud caking on her face.

But the Bunny ignored her, rubbing his cock up and down her tight, tiny slit. “So wet for someone claiming they don’t want this”, he said with a laugh, then he shoved his cock inside her. April screamed as intense pain tore through her body, her hymen obliterated in one thrust, her pussy stretched far beyond it’s capacity.

As with her mouth, the Bunny started hammering her cunt. There was no gentle build-up, going slow and letting her get used to the feeling of a rather large dick inside a previously unused hole. He buried himself to the sheath and then started ramming himself in and out, over and over again, quickly building speed.

The tears flowed freely from April’s eyes as she was violated, her cunt stretching to accommodate the dick that seemed intent on destroying her. And yet, as he rammed his full length inside her, something happened. The pain slowly began to fade and was replaced by pleasure.

She couldn’t believe it when she felt it happening. She should hate what was happening, but it started feeling good. Her pussy began to pulse and spasm, her juices flowing freely. And, before long, her cried of pain became replaced by moans, slutty moans like she had heard coming from her parents’ bedroom when they thought she was asleep.

Within minutes, April felt something different. The Bunny’s dick began to twitch and jerk inside her spasming, wet cunt. Then she felt his cum spurting out inside her, filling her pussy to overflowing. And, as she felt the sticky, warm cum pulsing into her, her pussy felt like it was exploding. Stars danced before her eyes, her body on fire as her first orgasm ever erupted from her cunt.

As the endorphins from her orgasm faded away, April’s güvenilir casino cunt began to feel sore from all the abuse. But her ordeal wasn’t over yet, as she quickly discovered. The Bunny started hammering her pussy all over again, shoving his dick deep into her cunt.

This went on for almost half an hour before he finally pulled out of her sore cunt. She breathed a sigh of relief, but it quickly stopped when he spread her ass cheeks. “Please, stop”, she begged, but he continued to ignore her. He rubbed his wet dick against her puckered asshole and then began applying pressure.

She screamed as she felt her anus stretching wide around the Bunny’s dick, his enormous phallus ruining her ass. He rammed his dick deep inside her ass, occasionally giving her firm ass cheeks a smack. This elicited a yelp from her, followed by moaning as she realized that, once again, it began to feel good.

He hammered his dick into her anus again and again, her asshole stretching wide, his balls slapping against her pussy. She moaned loudly, her pussy spasming uncontrollably as he destroyed her asshole. And, when she finally felt his cum erupting inside her ass, she felt her pussy once again exploding in orgasm.

“Holy fuck”, the Bunny said as he pulled his dick out of her asshole. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head up, cum leaking out of her pussy and asshole onto the ground. He shoved his dick into her mouth, further smearing the dirt on her face as he rammed his cock into her throat.

She moaned as she tasted his salty cum on his dick, mixed with the tart flavor of her ass and the savory flavor of her cunt. She couldn’t believe how much she really enjoyed being used like this. When she cleaned the cum off of his cock, the Bunny pulled his dick from her mouth and wiped the saliva on her face.

“Such a good slut”, the Bunny said, giving her a slap across the face. “Now, go back to bed and don’t tell anyone what happened.” She nodded, sobbing and slowly stood up. Cum leaked from her holes, her tits covered in jizz as she made her way back into the house. She was so exhausted that she fell into bed and was asleep within moments. However, in those moments before she passed into unconsciousness, she realized that, even with what had happened, she was happy the Easter Bunny was real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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