Appropriately Inappropriate

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Author’s note:- This short piece of frivolity was written for the amusement of myself, and those with a sense of the preposterous, and like life, should not be taken too seriously.

It is intended as a tongue in cheek parody of the ridiculously trite dialogue, and totally implausible scenarios so often encountered in submissions to this site.

Those readers who find their stimulation in frequent graphic obscenities will not find them here.

However, if you enjoy a little whimsy, by all means read on, and hopefully enjoy.


Charles studied his mother thoughtfully, as he had so often in recent weeks. Although in her middle years, with her firm high bosom and trim waist flaring to pleasingly rounded buttocks, she was far from matronly.

Edwina noticed his gaze and smiled. “You have been scrutinising me a great deal Charles, is there a purpose to your study?”

“Well yes Mother, I must be truthful and say there is. It has occurred to me that with your wondrous breasts and fine bottom, you cut a most enticing figure.”

“Why thank you Charles, that is very nice of you to say.”

“It is nothing but the truth Mother, and it does raise a question.”

“I see Dear, and what might that question be?”

“Again I must be honest. I am given to wonder what is the likelihood of you permitting me to place my penis inside your vagina?”

“Well now Charles Dear. You certainly do not mince words, but I cannot say that your question surprises me. Your scrutiny has frequently given me similar thoughts, so I would say that there is every likelihood. In fact I would go as far as to say that the forbidden nature of the act adds a certain appeal to casino şirketleri the prospect of sexual congress with my son, so I do believe I would find it a most pleasing experience to have you ravage my womanly parts.”

Edwina smiled at his obvious delight. “Now that is decided, perhaps we should move to more comfortable surroundings.” Her son followed as she led the way into the bedroom, where she turned to face him. “How should we proceed? Should I disrobe to reveal my delights, or would you prefer to undress me?”

Charles bit his lip. “I am afraid that inexperience might cause me to fumble awkwardly and make me appear inept, so perhaps you could loosen the fastenings for me.”

With a display of calm that she was far from feeling she unfastened her outer garments, and then reached behind to unclasp her brassiere. The light of ecstasy shone in his eyes as he removed her upper clothing. “Oh my, Mother, your unencumbered breasts are most fetching.”

“Thank you my Son.” she replied, lifting the heavy globes. “Perhaps you would care to show them your sincere appreciation.” Without delay he availed himself of the Heaven sent opportunity to fondle the softly yielding mounds, taking the hard brown teats between his eager lips. For many long delightful minutes she stood sighing as he worshipped her magnificent bosom, before lifting his mouth to hers. “There is another place that craves attention Charles, and I have yet to set eyes upon that which you so boldly press against my loins.”

“Forgive me Mother, that was most remiss of me.” he said contritely, lowering his trousers to reveal his straining member to her avid gaze.”

“Upon my word!” she cried, reaching to seize his turgid organ. casino firmaları “What a most splendid example of manhood! I beg you, hasten to divest me of my lower garments, so that I may display that which is most eager to welcome this glorious weapon.”

“Far be it from me to be so churlish as to decline such an appealing suggestion.” He exclaimed fervently, hurriedly removing what remained of his and her clothing, and encouraging her to recline atop the bed. Carefully parting her slender thighs, he stared with rapt adoration. “I say Mother, the twin peaks of your breasts are truly shrines to Aphrodite, but nothing on earth could surpass the breathtaking perfection of your vagina. It exudes a delicate fragrance that holds promise of untold joy within its moist folds, and the symmetry of the pouting lips forms a perfect frame for a clitoris which is most inviting to the tongue.”

“By all means accept the invitation my dear Son, and feast to your heart’s content. Doubtless your savouring of my essences will greatly enhance my arousal to our mutual gratification.”

No further encouragement was required, and he gladly brought his mouth to his Mother’s aromatic centre of sensual delights. “Oh Charles,” she sighed, “How skilfully your tongue flutters across my clitoris. I declare I am quite beside myself with passion. My peak is but moments away, and I entreat you to consummate our union by driving your magnificent weapon into your Mother’s eager quim.”

That of which Charles had only dreamed was about to become heavenly reality, and moving between her parted thighs he placed the tip of his member at her entrance. “Thrust vigorously my Son, for naught but the mightiest poking can quell the fires your güvenilir casino questing tongue ignited within my loins.”

With a gleeful roar he drove his engorged phallus into that place from which he had emerged twenty years before, ravishing his ecstatic Mother fiercely and relentlessly. “Oh Charles.” she cried, rising to meet him. “How superb this is, but I beg you, do not neglect my heaving breasts, for they too crave attention.”

Her cries of pleasure rang in his ears as he feasted on the generous mounds, whilst continuing to drive in and out of her greedy crevice. Muffled by the softness of her breast, his own moans increased with the approach of his climax. Raising his mouth from its task, he looked into her eyes. “The moment is imminent Mother, would you prefer that I withdraw?”

She shook her head resolutely. “No Dear, coitus interruptus is such an unsatisfactory conclusion to an otherwise excellent encounter, so feel free to sow your seed in the furrow you are ploughing so admirably.”

Thus encouraged, he plundered his Mother’s moist slit with increased enthusiasm, until finally he gasped as his life essences mingled with hers in her liquid depths. When passion abated, they lay contentedly, Charles tenderly caressing her bosom whilst Edwina toyed casually with his spent member. “This really is a most splendid instrument” she said sincerely. “I must confess that sexual intercourse with my Son exceeded my wildest hopes.” She smiled fondly as she detected a faint stirring, and tightened her grasp, quickly stroking to restore him to recent glory. “It is my fervent wish that we have many more such adventures, but first I must hone my neglected skills in the ancient art of fellatio.”

Matching actions to words, she lowered her head to take his reinvigorated tumescence deep into her mouth, sucking and licking zealously, and as his Mother wantonly swallowed his seed, Charles knew that henceforth life would be anything but dull.

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