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“Yeah, once he’s like this, you can do anything you want with him.”

We had crushed on Karen for ages. She was adorable, with bright blond hair, a wonderful smile and an infectious laugh. I’d known her for years, and Maggie liked her as soon as I introduced them, back when Maggie and I first got together. She was always so cute, and we were close enough to be there for her when other things went wrong- breakups, drama with friends. When Maggie and I moved in together, and later bought a house, she was always there to listen to our troubles and complaints. She confided in us and we in her. When Maggie and I talked privately, we admitted how attracted to her we both were. We even told her once, after planning and worrying about it. She was flattered, of course, but didn’t think it was her kind of thing- she was worried about our friendship. We were close enough to talk about anything and everything, and had gone shopping for sex toys together, but that line seemed too much to cross. Karen had always been a real sweetheart, though, and we stayed close. Talking all the time online, hanging out as a group or in pairs, it seemed nothing had really changed.

But one day, just talking about the kinds of things we had tried, I mentioned the rope and the book on Japanese bondage Maggie had bought ages ago. Karen seemed intrigued, but didn’t know a lot about it. I playfully offered to show her- it didn’t have to turn into anything serious. She seemed intrigued, and I was a little surprised. I didn’t want to pressure her into anything, but she seemed genuinely interested- as long as it didn’t turn into anything. After a few discussions online with me, and then a few with Maggie, we set a date.

I was nervous as we walked into the bedroom, but I figured it’d all be in good fun. Clothes were staying on, since it wasn’t going to turn into anything too crazy. Just like we said. I took off my shirt, so I was wearing an undershirt and jeans, with Maggie in a simple tee-shirt and jeans, and Karen was wearing a skirt and a polo. Maggie took the black rope out of a drawer in my nightstand and all of us began grinning.

“So this is about twenty-five feet. I thought it was silk, at first, but it’s actually not- some kind of plastic, I think? Anyway, it’s soft- feel it.” She held out the coil of rope and we sat down on the bed- me at the end, Maggie and Karen along the side. Karen took it in her hands and unwound a little bit, running her fingertips along it.

“Oh wow, it is! I had thought it would be rougher.” She bit her lip, then smiled, but Maggie did see it anyway. “So what do you do with it? I mean, duh, but like, how do you start?”

Maggie came over to me with the rope and unwound it the rest of the way. “Well, we kinda came up with this one together. It kinda looks like a star when we’re done. Start in the middle at the base of his neck, like this.” She ran it through her hands till she found the ends and worked backwards from there. I looked a little over my shoulder at her and smiled a bit. I was nervous already- I felt like they should have been able to hear my heart going. But this was just a bit of fun, right? Nothing was going to change after this. Why was it getting to me so much? I swear my skin tingled when she ran her fingers along my neck and draped the rope down.

“Then you go under his arms and around the bicep here, maybe two or three times. And then you can feed it through, like that, so it stays.” Maggie rested her hand on my bare shoulder once she was done, and smiled at me. “Karen, do you want to try the other one, maybe? It goes back and forth a bit- the whole knot, I mean.” I looked away quickly, hoping they wouldn’t see my eyes go wide. I could already feel my cock stirring in my jeans. What was Maggie up to? I didn’t want to ruin this, or make them feel awkward, but my breath was coming quicker already.

“Oh! Um, I mean, if that’s okay with you guys, sure!” I stared straight ahead and caught Maggie’s eye in the mirror. Did she just wink at me? Karen came to my other side and sat down next to me. I sat up a bit straighter and tried to slow down my breathing and my heart.

“Yeah, now go across to me, and just run the rope under the loops. This keeps it from getting too tight, too, which is nice.” Maggie’s hands on my shoulder and neck and back were normal enough, but feeling Karen starting to touch me was new: exciting, a little scary, but really nice. Two people I trusted as much as anyone in the world, but still I felt it. I smiled, weakly, and Karen smiled back- all fun and energy to her. I could see the wheels turning in her head, and when Maggie gave her the next instruction, passing the rope to my wrist on the other side, holding my hands behind my back, she stuck out her tongue just a bit, poking the tip out between her lips as she concentrated. I turned my head straight forward and tried to think of something else.

“There, not too tight, and now he’s really not moving too much. There’s just enough on each end to get back up to casino şirketleri that loop at the back of his neck, too.” Maggie pulled the rope a bit, and my wrists came up with it. The rope left me a little slack to wiggle, but I wasn’t moving my hands from my sides or pushing my elbows around much for a while. “And then we just tie it off, here.” Karen helped on her side, and I felt her fingertips rest on my wrist just a bit. When the last knot was done, both of them rested their hands on my shoulders. It was the simplest touch, something any friends could do, but this time I had to try really hard not to sigh with contentment.

“That looks so cool! It does look like a star this way.” Karen leaned behind my back and plucked at the strings once or twice. “And wow, he’s not going to go anywhere like this, huh?” She giggled a bit, and Maggie did too. Maggie pulled a bit on the ropes high on my back and my balance shifted- I wobbled, and fell back on the bed as she and Karen laughed. Karen held a hand to her mouth as she snorted from laughing, and I was worried I was starting to blush. I tried to sit up, but the angle was all wrong and I sunk into the bed a bit instead, looking up at the ceiling, then back and forth between them.

“Yeah, once he’s like this, you can do anything you want with him.” Maggie grinned a bit, and put her hand on my stomach, looking to Karen. Karen was quiet, and I saw her bite her bottom lip again. I looked to Maggie, suddenly nervous, and she looked to me and smiled. Silently she nodded and mouthed, “Trust me.” I relaxed. I did, I always did.

“Anything I want, huh?” She hesitated a bit, and looked to Maggie, who just smiled and nodded. Her hand came down to my chest, and she leaned over me a bit.

I shrugged, as much as the rope would allow. “I mean, yeah. I’m kinda stuck here.” Maggie touched my thigh gently, and Karen rubbed her fingers into my chest a bit.

She blew softly on my nose and I closed my eyes as they laughed. Just as I was about to protest, asking them to knock it off or let me back up, I felt soft lips on my neck, my cheek, my mouth. My eyes snapped open and I saw blond hair in front of me, and Maggie smiling softly behind it. Maggie traced a hand down Karen’s neck, shoulder, and back, and Karen parted her lips as we kissed. I pulled back just a bit, still too surprised, and Karen pulled back, sitting up on the bed.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, is that- is that okay? Is that too much?” She blushed and stammered.

I shook my head. “No! No, it’s fine, I’m just surprised is all. I mean, if Maggie’s OK with it-“

“Well, as long as you share.” Maggie leaned in and kissed the other side of my neck, and their hands went down my shoulders, to the rope on my arms. I felt my dick harden, pressing uncomfortably on my jeans. I squirmed a bit, and Maggie whispered in my ear. “Relax, babe, it’s OK. We’ve got you.” Both of them kissed my neck, or my chin, as their hands wandered down. Someone pulled up my undershirt, and someone unbuttoned my pants, as Karen and Maggie went back and forth kissing me, holding me down with their kisses to my lips. I felt my dick straining against the fabric of my underwear as they pulled my jeans open, but still I couldn’t tell who was doing what as they teased me. They stopped, briefly, and looked at each other, and finally I could look down. Karen was reaching to pull down my underwear, and Maggie had grabbed her wrist.

“Not just yet.” Maggie smiled wide. “You know what I really like about having him tied up like this?” She kept holding Karen’s wrist and pulled her down the bed, away from my head. “I can make him just… watch.” She turned to me, still holding Karen’s hand. Karen’s eyes were wide- she was surprised, but definitely excited. Maggie seemed to have the entire situation in control, and even though I was the one tied up, it didn’t look like Karen was going anywhere either. “Honey, scoot up the bed a bit.”

I did, and Maggie stood with Karen at the foot of the bed. I finally managed to sit up a bit and rest against the pillows.

“Now, maybe a little bit of this is for Russ, but yeah… I’ve wanted to try this for a long time. I guess he can watch- I don’t think he’s going anywhere.” She pulled Karen gently towards her, facing her, and their faces stopped maybe an inch apart. Maggie rested her hand on Karen’s hip, and let go of her wrist to brush her cheek with the back of her hand. Karen was looking into Maggie’s eyes, and down to the vanishing space between the two of them, and then back up to Maggie. Maggie tilted her head and moved in just slightly, and the two of them kissed. It was tentative and gentle at first, but soon Maggie pulled Karen closer to her and slid her hands around to grab Karen’s firm, round butt with both hands. Karen gasped, and Maggie began to kiss and suckle gently on her neck as her fingers began to knead and squeeze Karen’s behind. I shifted as I sat there, straining against the rope, but my hands couldn’t move from my sides. I groaned softly casino firmaları as the two of them kissed, and Karen put her arms around Maggie in return, her hands holding onto her back, her shoulders.

I couldn’t believe it. This was something Maggie had wanted for ages- she’d told me how badly she wanted to do this exact thing a dozen times. And now I saw her, continuing to kiss Karen’s neck as she pulled on her collar. She began to move around Karen, with just gentle pressure on her hips from her hands, until she was behind Karen and kissing her neck from behind. Karen’s eyes were half shut and she was almost panting- I saw her press her knees together as Maggie’s hands roamed from her hips to her stomach and then just grazing over the globes of her breasts. Maggie winked at me over Karen’s shoulder, and began to pull up Karen’s shirt as Karen turned her head and they kissed, their hungry mouths coming together. Karen reached back and held Maggie’s chin with one hand as Maggie pulled the hem of her shirt up and over her breasts, revealing a pink bra with a lace trim.

They broke their kiss, looking into each other’s eyes. “Are you OK with this?” Karen nodded emphatically. “Good!” Maggie pulled Karen’s shirt off, up over her arms, and tossed it aside. She kept hers on for a bit and continued to kiss her. Soon she was lifting Karen’s skirt, pinching her firm butt and showing me a little glimpse of lacy pink panties underneath. Karen’s hands wandered along Maggie’s shoulders and arms as well, and Maggie let her go briefly.

“Well, let me get out of some of this, too. Now you can take his underwear off- but don’t touch him yet. I think he could watch some more.”

“Oh, jeez, babe, you’re killing me.” I was breathing heavily, almost squirming around on the bed as I watched Maggie pull off her top and shimmy her wonderful ass out of her jeans. Soon she was standing there- black sports bra and tight, small panties that really showed off her butt.

“You want us to stop?” she asked with a grin.

Karen giggled again, and stifled another snort. They helped me slide back against the headboard so I was sitting up straighter. We all had to laugh a bit, but soon she was crawling over to me and tugging my boxer briefs down. Maggie helped her pull down my jeans and soon I was sitting there in the rope and my undershirt, my cock pointing up and away from me, hard as a rock, my balls heavy and full hanging below. Karen’s smile turned to a look of surprise as she saw it, and she turned to Maggie. “Wow.”

“Oh, don’t flatter him, he’s got a big enough head as it is.” Maggie kneeled next to me, facing Karen. She put her hands on my thigh and Karen grinned mischievously.

“Well, yeah, but it’s his balls that I’m more impressed with.” Maggie had to laugh at the dumb joke, and as she leaned over more, she traced little lines up my leg with her fingertips. I groaned aloud, and soon Karen began teasing me as well.

“Doesn’t she look great in that skirt, honey?” Maggie asked me. Soon she was kissing my hip and the top of my thigh. I could hardly get an answer out, as they touched me and teased me. “You must want to touch us so badly. Still can’t move your hands, huh?” Soon Maggie was pressing the inside of my thigh with her hands, and reaching across to Karen. Karen leaned forward and they kissed again, just a quick peck, and Maggie let her hand wander down the shoulder straps of Karen’s bra and onto her full breasts, squeezing them through the fabric. Karen bit her lower lip again and shuddered a bit, and I felt it through her hands on my thigh. Maggie took Karen’s wrist again, and gently guided her hand to my balls. Both of us gasped, and Maggie smiled.

I started to groan as Karen played with my balls- tugging, squeezing, rolling them around, gently touching with her fingertips, then her palm. Maggie straddled my other leg and reached down, bending forward just to lick the tip of my head as Karen continued to play with my balls. Maggie took the head of my cock in her mouth and licked with her tongue and I shuddered.

“Wow,” said Karen. “That’s so hot, watching you do that.” Maggie was licking all along my cock, from the head down to the balls and back again. I was nearly panting- excited, overstimulated, teased mercilessly.

Maggie took me in her hands and turned to Karen, just long enough to say, “Well, thank you. If you just want to watch, that’s fine, but if you want to help…” Maggie took me deep in her mouth, licking and sucking and making me moan. Karen licked her lips gently and I could see her make the decision. Maggie turned just a bit to look at Karen, still sucking the head of my cock, and our friend nodded again, excitedly. Karen bent down next to her and Maggie sat up, giving her room and stealing a glance at her skirt.

Karen looked up at my face, then down to my hard cock, as she took it into her hands. She flashed me that wonderful smile as I felt her breasts press against my thighs. Maggie rested her hand on Karen’s back, tracing güvenilir casino little circles down to her hips and lifting her skirt up. “Let me just give you a little encouragement,” Maggie said, and Karen nodded her approval. Maggie began to unhook Karen’s bra and planted little kisses on her back, as Karen teased my dick with little feathery pecks. Once her bra was off completely, Karen flattened her tongue along the underside of my cock and slowly dragged it from between my balls to the tip. My legs twitched and pushed on the mattress as I groaned from the sensation- it was really something. I just had time to see Karen’s hand reaching down, underneath her, before she licked me again and I strained against the ropes, my back arched from the wonderful feeling. I was looking up at the ceiling and closed my eyes, savoring the attention. I heard a loud clapping sound and opened my eyes, to see Karen’s eyes going wide and Maggie smiling. Karen’s skirt was up and I could see the gentle curve of her butt from where I sat, as she bent forward with most of my cock in her mouth. Maggie held one open hand behind Karen’s bottom.

“Too much?” Maggie asked. “It was just so tempting.”

Karen took a deep breath. “No… that was awesome! Can you keep doing that?” She went down on me again and Maggie slapped her ass. I heard and felt Karen moan as Maggie spanked her, and she continued to attack my aching cock.

“Anything you want, Karen.” Maggie said, winking at me. “Though we can’t have you touching yourself now.” Maggie spanked her again, punctuating each sentence. “You need to concentrate.” She would recoil forward each time Maggie’s hand slapped her bottom, dragging her nipples along my thighs. A particularly hard strike caused one of her breasts to tap against my balls as she gasped and let go of my cock, her back arching. “Keep going, come on now.” Karen shuddered and bent forward, her face flushed as she slurped along the head of my cock. Maggie slipped her fingers under Karen’s panties and pulled them down, slowly. “Wow, you’ve gotten really wet.” I focused for a few breaths and looked at the mirror, seeing Maggie and Karen and I reflected in it. Karen’s lovely rear end was flushed pink from the spanking, and as Maggie moved out of the way I could see just the smallest hint of blond hair between her legs.

“Babe, I’m… uh-” it was hard to finish a sentence, watching Maggie caress Karen’s behind as my cock disappeared into her mouth. I squirmed in the ropes- nothing too tight, but moving my hands around was impossible. “I’m getting close.” Karen slowed down, dragging her lips up the length of my cock and releasing it with a soft pop as her cheeks relaxed. She tugged, gently, on my balls, and looked back to Maggie.

“Just give him a minute, he’ll be okay.” Maggie slid a hand up Karen’s thigh and I saw Karen tense up a bit, and then relax. “You’re so wet back here. Mind if I help you out a bit? I know you need to concentrate there.” said Maggie.

“I mean… I haven’t done that before, but… sure!” Maggie smiled and began to play with Karen’s pussy. She thought for a few seconds, quietly tugging on my balls. It seemed like Maggie was giving her some trouble concentrating. Karen’s tongue came out again at the corner of her mouth as she concentrated, and then worked up the courage to ask a question. “You know, it has been a while… and I know I could trust you two… could I maybe… fuck him?” Maggie looked to me.

I froze. “You know… I’m not sure. That’s kind of between me and Maggie, so to speak.” I was still feeling wonderful- the ropes, her hands, seeing Maggie getting to fulfill one of her fantasies.

Karen looked a little embarrassed. “No, no, I totally get it. It’s fine.” We smiled to each other, and the awkwardness passed. I laughed, weakly, and all three of us were giggling again.

“You know, maybe I could help you out.” Maggie suggested. “Give me a second.” She gave Karen’s butt a gentle pat and walked over to the little chest where she kept her toys. “I’ve wanted to try this forever.”

Knowing what was coming, I broke into a huge grin and Karen looked up at me. Maggie slipped out of her panties and bra, and then fished around in the little chest and pulled out one of her favorite toys. The way she was standing, we couldn’t quite see it, but I knew what it was. Karen shimmied out of her skirt and sat down in front of me, up against me, watching Maggie. She leaned back against my chest and shimmied her butt up against my aching cock. She rested against me and looked out at Maggie as she held up the toy. Looking down I could see the perfect swell of her tits and the patch of blond hair above her pussy.

“Sometimes I use this on Russ, but I’ve wanted to try it with a woman for ages.” Maggie spread her feet a bit and slid something up her thigh. I saw her butt tense and then relax as it slipped inside her. “Man, you got me all excited. That went right in.” She stood up straight, and turned to face us with her hands on her hips, showing off the long purple cock jutting forward from her mound. “With this one I don’t even need a harness.” Karen gasped a little and covered her mouth with her hand. She sat up a bit as she did, grinding against me and making me moan a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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