Any Chance We Could Ch. 36

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Monday, October 29

Carol had her arm draped over my chest as I awoke, her red mane spread across both our pillows. Her eyes fluttered open, “I love you and good morning.”

Before I could respond Veronica turned on her side and put her arm across my chest saying, “I love you too handsome. When did you come to bed?”

“Somewhere around eleven, but Carol wasn’t here then. And I love both of you. I need to get up for an early meeting and then get back here, hopefully well before nine-thirty. Anyone up for a shower with me?”

“I will if it’s okay with you,” said Carol looking at Veronica.

“Be my guest sweetheart. I’ll take one with Mary Claire,” she sleepily replied followed by a yawn.

Carol and I both peed and brushed our teeth while the shower warmed up. “Feel like a good morning fuck?” she asked as she stepped in before me.

Before I closed the door she had her hands against the shower wall, her legs spread, her ass sticking back at me and grinning with her face turned to me. My instant erection parted her red haired labia and after moving my head along her slit for a moment, I slowly entered her. “Oh, God, that feels so nice first thing in the morning. Push hard, tickle my cervix,” she panted. I did as she asked then she demanded as she looked down, “Now hard, … fuck me hard.” I began to pound her hoping that she’d keep her arms straight so I wouldn’t drive her head into the wall.

After seven or eight minutes just as my legs started to weaken, she began to moan, shudder, then deeply sigh. As she came down from her orgasm I continued to deeply stroke in and out of her at a little slower pace. She reached for my balls and as she caressed them I felt my own climax coming. I spurted deeply within her. I pulled out, she turned around and we embraced. She cooed, “That was so nice, so very nice. I’ve wanted you inside me since I got here yesterday afternoon. I’ll wash your hair if you do mine. I think that’s very sexy.”

At seven thirty Veronica’s cell rang and after retrieving it from her purse she answered it. “Oh, Hi Evie. … Just fine. … Sure. …Do you want to come here? … You have my address … good … I’ll see you at nine. Scott’s got something he needs to take care of at the office so he’ll join us as soon as he can. … We do have a situation we’d like to talk to you about in addition to our wedding. … No, we’ll talk when you get here. … By the way, Hazel is a different person. Girl, you do good work. … See you at nine.”

Looking at me she said, “You heard the change in meeting place. Someone ran into a light pole near the church and the power’s out for the next several hours, so we’ll meet here.”

“Great, I’ll see you as soon as possible,” I said as I grabbed my briefcase and headed out the door. Do you know how long it takes to get out the door when you get the pleasure of embracing and kissing five of the most beautiful women in the world? At least ten to fifteen minutes, that’s how long. As I finally exited I kidded myself, Like any other tough job, someone’s got to do it.

Katrina and Ashley left a few minutes later for their separate campuses. They were both trying decide who would transfer to whose college or if they would both transfer to Washington University for the Spring semester. Veronica’s dark blue pinstripe suit and white blouse fit Carol very well. Tan stockings and navy pumps finished the picture. As I fondled her ass she said, “Sorry. Pantyhose. I’m more comfortable with them at the office.”

“I’m leaving at nine forty-five, but should be back in time for lunch,” announced Mary Claire from the kitchen sink.

After leaving our driveway, I called Veronica and asked her to think about getting matching rings for Carol. I was sure she wasn’t expecting them, but I told her, “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right.” I mentioned it was something I wanted to do but I insisted that we should still talk to Evie because she may see some issues we should consider.

When I got to the office, Grace’s desk was unoccupied so I called down for Cheryl and asked if she could continue to fill in for the next few days. I don’t know how she got up to Grace’s desk so fast but she was grinning from ear to ear when she arrived. She followed me into my office with a fresh carafe of coffee and poured me a cup. Picking up Emerson’s two page summary of his projections for Citigroup I nodded to her, “Pour one for yourself as well, and good morning.” As I flipped to the second page I noticed that Cheryl was wearing a white blouse, camel colored knee length skirt with matching pumps and light taupe stockings. She did look sharp. The outfit accentuated her wonderful figure.

“I don’t know how to begin to thank you for Saturday but I enjoyed meeting your family and I think they enjoyed meeting mine. The evening’s sexy fun carried over to Sunday and if I hadn’t taken a nap yesterday morning when we got home I’d have probably casino şirketleri overslept this morning.” She smiled and paused while she sipped her coffee as I put down the report.

“We enjoyed ‘having’ all of you and you can expect more invitations soon, but now to business. We’ll save the rest of our discussion of pleasure for later. Right now call HR and get the four checks I requested Friday. Then make sure Emerson’s available and we’ll talk to the three guys individually for no more than fifteen minutes each in this office. Schedule them as soon as you can. Sorry to sound so brusque, I don’t feel that way, and I do want to talk to you about the weekend but I need to get these things done as soon as possible. Veronica and I have an appointment with our minister at nine and I’d like to be there as close to that as possible. And you look absolutely ‘tasty’ this morning.”

“Thank you. You’re quite a man, Scott and the women in your family are wonderful, sexy, smart, beautiful, and fourteen other adjectives. Again, thanks for asking us to visit your home. Martin arrived in HR about twenty minutes ago. I’ll call him right now and let you know who’s coming when in a few minutes.” After checking with Emerson she called Jim Rose, Frank Mankowicz, and Gordon Keller.

Within ten minutes she was back in my office with the checks and a sheet of paper with the three names and the arrival times for each. Incredibly efficient, I thought tucking that away in my mind. Perhaps we ought to hire her as well as Lauren I privately mused. She’d probably like the fringe benefits as well as me and the rest of my family.

Emerson couldn’t stop smiling as he walked into my office. “An incredible, just incredible weekend,” he said. “I’m glad we’re retiring.”

“Who’s retiring?” asked Jim as Cheryl ushered him in the door. As she left she closed it and I invited Jim to sit on the couch, “Uh, oh, this can’t be good news.”

“It is.” I began. “Our pending deal with Citigroup has gone through and we close on Wednesday. You’ve been with us since our first year and over the years I think we’ve rewarded you handsomely for your contributions to the success of this firm. We have one last reward,” I smiled as I picked up the check and stood to hand it to him. “Here’s a check for a million bucks, grossed up to one point five to cover your taxes. It’s a special bonus and per our agreement with Citi they’re not to count it as a prepayment on this year’s bonus.”

Jim was elated and we talked a few more minutes before again thanking him. With a grin running from ear to ear he shook our hands vigorously before he left.

Frank was next and I guess he missed seeing Jim grinning as he left the office. Cheryl had ‘parked ‘ all three in Emerson’s office. While waiting for Cheryl to show him in I handed his check to Emerson for presentation as Frank had worked more closely with Emerson. Frank was as elated as Jim had been and before he left he asked, “What’re you guys going to do now?”

We told him that we were going to get reacquainted with our families, travel, do some volunteer work, and pursue some hobbies.

Emerson also presented the check to Gordon who announced that he too was going to retire very soon. His thirty-six year old daughter who was living in California had fallen seriously ill after a business trip to Thailand and his wife was there now caring for her. It looked to be a long term recovery and he wanted to be with them. We encouraged him to do it sooner than later, noting we’d both found out how close we’d come to losing some very important people in our lives. We wished him the very best and on a successful outcome of his daughter’s recovery. Both Emerson and I gave him our private email addresses so that he could keep in touch with us. I really liked Gordon. He was quiet analytical man who was serious about his family and had provided consistently sound advice to us.

As Gordon left Cheryl mentioned that the Citigroup transition team was on the way from the airport and would be here in about half an hour. “Can you handle them today?” I asked Emerson.

“With Cheryl’s help I’m sure I can. Enjoy whatever you’re leaving to do and let’s talk this evening,” he said as I finished the half cup of coffee.

“Cheryl, I’ll call you later, okay?” I asked.

“Can’t wait, I’d love to talk to you,” she smiled.

Emerson gave me a querulous look, shrugged his shoulders and said “Later, partner,” as he left my office.

“Are you coming back today?” asked Cheryl as I walked by her desk. “Oh, here’s an email from Grace with an attachment. The subject is ‘Confirmation of Retirement’.

“I knew it was coming. Please get a copy to HR and I’ll get her check to her as soon as I talk to her again,” I said. “Confirm that HR has gotten a letter from Citigroup relative to her pension and continuing health coverage. Coming back? Probably not. You know how to reach me if you need me. I’ll be at home the rest of the morning, then again after three. See you in the morning,” I smiled at Cheryl as I walked toward the elevator. casino firmaları As I got part way to the elevator I turned and asked Cheryl to get Jared to pack my personal belongings and to arrange for them to be delivered to my home tomorrow.


Veronica had put on her shortest black skirt, a pale lavender semi-sheer blouse over a pale lavender half cup bra. Her g-string and garter belt were both a darker lavender and her seamed stockings were as well. She wore the shoes from the San Francisco trip. As she turned between the pier mirror and the mirror on her closet door she noticed that her stocking welt was no more than a quarter of an inch under her skirt. Perfect. Looking at the time, she touched on a few drops of her perfume and went downstairs. “Mary Claire would you start a new pot of coffee. Thanks sweetie.”

“Wow, and who’re you meeting this morning. You look absolutely delicious. Who ever he is you’ll have to fight him off with a stick,” grinned Mary Claire.

“It’s not a him, it’s Evie, and thanks.”

“Who’s Evie?” puzzled Mary Claire.

“She’s the minister who’s going to marry us. She has two daughters, Abigail and Samantha who’ve played ball against Katrina and Ashley and whom we met at church yesterday.” replied Veronica.

“You’re dressing that way for a minister?” Mary Claire gasped. Veronica merely winked and grinned as she sat down on the living room sofa to glance through an interior decorating magazine.

Veronica answered the door when the bell rang and ushered Evie in. As soon as Mary Claire saw her she said, “Hi, Doctor Graham. Fancy seeing you again.” She smiled walking toward her, “I didn’t realize you were a minister. I thought you were a professor at the university.”

“Hi, Mary Claire. Can’t a woman can be both? Do you live here?” asked Evie.

“Yes for now. It’s a long story and I’m sure Mom’ll tell you. How do you take your coffee?”

“A touch of cream will do, thank you,” Evie smiled.

Evie was wearing a lightweight calf length coat and Mary Claire offered to take it from her. She set her computer bag and purse on the floor. As she slipped it off, Veronica almost gasped at how sexy she looked. Her brown skirt stopped at mid-thigh, as short as Veronica’s. Her tan light-weight sweater was fairly tight, and was stretched across her obviously bra-less breasts. Her stockings had a subtle pattern and she wore three inch heel burgundy pumps.

“Would you like to sit in the den or the living room?” asked Veronica with a catch in her voice.

“You choose. Is Scott here yet?” Evie asked.

“The den it is then. He’ll be here as soon as he can,” replied Veronica with a bit steadier voice.

As they walked into the den Evie got close enough to Veronica that they were able to catch each other’s scents.

Together they said, “Mmmm. Love your perfume,” and laughed. “Jinx,” quickly giggled Veronica.

They stood and chatted for a moment before Evie set the laptop bag next to the coffee table and sat on the couch. Her skirt immediately rode up almost to the top of her stocking and she made no effort to try to tug it down. As Veronica was turning to sit in a wingback across from her Evie said, “I’m going to have Scott take the ‘characteristics inventory’ and then we can compare them.” After a pause she smiled, “I enjoy looking at you, Veronica. I did in our first meeting. I hope this skirt length’s okay.”

Veronica’s skirt had also ridden up enough so that the garter clasps were visible. “You’re a very beautiful woman,” she replied. Crossing her legs she smiled, “I hope mine’s acceptable to you as well. I love your legs.”

“Thank you,” responded Evie.

“Oh my,” Mary Claire uttered as she brought in two mugs of coffee. She poured the coffee while stealing admiring glances at Evie. A minute later she silently left the room.

Evie and Veronica talked in some generalities about the wedding, time, place, how Veronica expected it to unfold and the special ceremony at the Jewel Box for their daughters. After thirty minutes or so and shortly before Mary Claire left I returned, dropped my briefcase and my jaw while taking off my blazer.

I walked directly to Veronica, kissed her, then stuck out my hand to Evie as I walked toward her. “Nice to see you again Evie,” I said looking into her face. “Nice stockings.”

“Why thank you Scott, I didn’t think you’d notice, but I’m glad you did,” grinned Evie. “I’d like you to complete this characteristics inventory.”

She noted the querulous look on my face as I said, “I have some questions that I need to ask. But later will do.”

“You may work at your own pace. There’s no time limit and we’ll talk as you do.” She scooted forward to unzip the bag, which pushed her skirt above the top of her stockings and showed a lot of bare thigh. She looked at Scott and realized what he was looking at. She neither said nor did nothing to adjust her skirt. Instead she continued to set the computer on the table and turn it on. If anything her thighs and knees moved a little further apart.

As güvenilir casino soon as it was booted and she opened the program, turned it toward me then scooted back and her skirt returned to mid-welt. “My g-string is taupe. Does that answer one of your questions?” she asked softly looking from under her eyebrows as I tapped a key answering a question.

Clearing my throat, I said, “Yes, I have others, but thank you for that answer.” Hoping my erection wasn’t too obvious.

“We’ve had a bit of a conundrum come up this weekend. Actually it’s been brewing since Carol first met Scott,” began Veronica.

“Carol? Is that Carol McDonough?” asked Evie. “She’s the one who put us together, right? What’s the puzzle?”

I quietly listened as I quickly answered one question after another on the computer.

“She and I go all the way back to college and graduate school. Since the last weeks of our Junior year we’ve been lovers and good friends. When I met Scott and introduced him to her she fell in love with him too. We’ve talked and talked about it, and it kinda came to a head last week when she spent the night with Scott while I was out of town. She told him that she wanted to be my wife and his as well. She wants to be a part of our marriage. Can you or are you willing to help us work through this? We both love her dearly,” said Veronica running out of breath.

“Did you know she was sleeping with Scott while you were out of town?” asked Evie.

“Yes. I set it up. He took her and her niece to dinner and they both slept over. Erin, her niece who’s bi, slept with Mary Claire. He slept with our girls and Carol in our bed. I didn’t want him to be alone while I was gone. He offered to buy a big dog but I thought he’d enjoy Carol far more than a hairy beast. In fact on the first night I was gone he slept with Mary Claire and her mother … with my blessing and knowledge I should add,” explained Veronica.

“I’m pleased to hear it happened with your knowledge and blessing. Faithfulness is a necessity for a marriage to be a sound and happy one. Contrary to how many define it, faithfulness doesn’t mean being intimate only with each other. Rather it means never being intimate with others without your spouse’s knowledge and blessing. Do you often share your bed with other women? With other men?” asked Evie in a non-judgmental tone.

“Women yes, men no, except for Scott, that is,” smiled Veronica.

“And both of you are comfortable with this?” asked Evie.

“Yes,” I replied as I answered question forty-two. “And I’ll be comfortable with Veronica sleeping with another man as long as he’s married and his wife is present or clearly knows, and I have prior knowledge or she tells me afterwards. In fact there are two men that she’s eyeing and drooling over with my approval.”

“I’m not drooling,” Veronica playfully protested as I answered two more questions on the computer.

“Right! You should see her Evie. One is our contractor. When she knows the contractor’s about to arrive she runs around changing her clothes and preens for him. She gets giddy when he looks at her. The other is my long-time best friend and business partner. I know my partner’s wife, in fact so do you, Hazel Jacobson. The contractor is Dave Hawks who says he doesn’t get involved with active clients.”

At the mention of Dave Hawks Evie glanced up but was able to mask her emotion. “I see,” she replied feeling her pussy getting damp.

“We don’t know if anything will ever happen. He’ll likely be no more than eye candy for Veronica and the other women in our home. We not only don’t know his wife but we don’t know his wife’s name. So we’re uncertain what could ever come of it,” I noted.

Veronica giggled, “I’m not the only girl in this house who wants to jump his bones. Evie, you should see Dave. He has a fantastic tight ass. His arms and chest are nicely ripped. From what I can notice his package is probably as nice as Scott’s. And to top it off, he has a wonderful personality. I’ve dreamed of him pounding his hard cock into me. I truly hope his wife appreciates what she has in her bed to make love to and to wake-up to.”

I noticed Evie nod before she replied, “It sounds like he’s as much of a hunk as you, Scott.” I felt my face flush.

At that moment Evie’s cell rang, she retrieved it from her purse, looked at it and said, “Excuse me a moment.” She stood and walked with one leg crossing the other causing her sexy hips to dance nicely as she moved into the foyer. “I apologize, let’s try for tomorrow, same time, Bye.”

“The church office had a question about how long to stay without power,” she said walking back in and sat down crossing her legs again causing the skirt to rise above the welt. I noticed that the time on my computer screen was 10:02

“How does Carol know you?” asked Veronica re-crossing her legs and revealing a bit of her bare thigh as well.

“Ahh, I hope this doesn’t bother you, but we move in the same lifestyle circle,” Evie softly replied. “I don’t share that fact with anyone outside the circle but from your behavior and little statements you’ve made I trust that you understand why. I hope that it doesn’t change your opinion of me or make you want to seek another minister to do your wedding.”

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