Anthropology, My New Theory

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Another fun and light hearted story. Don’t bother to comment on how stupid and unrealistic it is. It is just supposed to be a fun read. If you are looking for realism and technical accuracy, this isn’t for you. Make any comments about how ludicrous the situation is, and know that I am laughing at you.

Yes, there is incest in this one, but it is mostly about group sex.

Again, this is FICTION. Abandon realism and enjoy. I don’t use editors. I self-edit. If that bothers you, I don’t care.

Darwinism: Only the strong survive. The theory of evolution hinges on the fact that the stronger survive while the weaker die off. It is the hinge-pin of evolution. Sure, there is adaptability, but it is the adaptability of the stronger ones that have the chance to adapt. Back in the cave-man era, if you weren’t strong enough to fight off a predator or an enemy tribe, you died. Also, with relationships, the stronger women would generally try to mate with the stronger men. Eventually, the weaker men would die out and also have less chances to breed and pass along their DNA. This has also been true throughout history as civilization has grown. Most women tend to gravitate towards the alpha males and tend to shun the rest. Sure, there is always the ‘love’ aspect, but over time, the weaker males should have become fewer and fewer until they were all but extinct. Looking over the general population of men, why is it that the weaker, less suitable males are thriving in today’s society? According to Darwin, it doesn’t make sense.


I’m still having trouble believing that I am actually doing this. How did I let this happen? Well, one thing led to another, and now, here I am sitting on the couch completely naked as two of my nerdy brother’s nerdy friends are playing with my tits and pussy. My arms are laying on the back of the couch, and my legs are spread open across their legs. I have two hands playing with my nipples, and the other two rubbing my clit and thrusting fingers into my drooling pussy. Thankfully, my brother – who is watching from a chair across the room — placed an old towel under my ass to keep from messing up the couch. Oh shit! The third friend has just picked up my vibrator that was sitting on the table.

OK. Perhaps I should start at the beginning. My name is Alex. It’s short for Alexis. I’m 22-years old, and I just graduated from college. I’m 5’6″ tall, wavy auburn hair to just above my ass, double D breasts, slim waist, and a nice tight ass. I used to be into gymnastics until I began developing these massive mammarys. Being a bit top heavy really throws the balance off. Have you ever noticed that the top gymnasts in the Olympics are all tiny with almost no tits? Anyway, I switched over to soccer in high school. I still play a bit, but, again, these enormous tits bolted to my chest tend to cause issues when I try to run flat out. I wasn’t good enough to make a college team, so I relied on academics to get through school. I still stayed in pretty good shape. I ran about 3-miles every day and did yoga to keep in shape and flexible. Yes, I was very popular in both high school and college. I never lacked for dates, I went out with a lot of guys, and a couple of girls. No, I’m not a slut. I never gave it out on the first couple of dates, but I was also far from inexperienced. I should probably also mention that I had broken up with my last boyfriend a couple of months ago. It really wasn’t that big of a thing though. It was really only temporary, and I did need to spend my time studying for my finals. Still, I hadn’t had any sex since then.

I really didn’t think about a career when I was deciding on my major. Turns out Anthropology isn’t a highly sought-after degree among graduates. Take note all you graduating high school seniors; go into a major that employers are looking for. I probably should have gone into engineering or business, but I wasn’t thinking about that at the time. Fortunately, I believe that I have accidently developed a new theory in human development that I can publish and get funding for more research with. More on that later.

I have a younger brother. He’s 18-years old and just graduated from high school. He is a stereotypical nerd. He is 5’8″ tall, scrawny, and highly intelligent. He took a class in calculus at the local community college — JUST FOR FUN! He is into computers, video games, Star Wars, Math, and science. He is about as athletic as drunk baby dear that is trying to stand up for the first time after being born. He hangs out with his three best friends, who are just as nerdy as he is. Sherman, Ryan, and Mark have been best friends with Sam since elementary school. None of them has ever played any organized sport in their lives. I should also mention that all four of them are virgins. Well, they were. Once I publish my theory…..let’s just wait on that for now. I should probably mention how they got around dealing with the horrors of a high school locker room and being so unathletic. It turns out that our state only required one year of PE. On top of that, our school allowed students to do that year on-line over casino şirketleri the summer. So, armed with a few golf clubs that my grandfather and parents owned, the four of them took golf lessons over the summer before their freshman year of high school. No communal showers with the alpha males on campus.

As stated above, my degree is not one of the more sought after in the business world. Therefore, here I was back at my parent’s house while I was searching for a job right after I graduated. Also living there was my 18-year old brother before he went off to college at the end of the summer. My parents had departed for a two-week cruise the day before, leaving my brother and me alone in the house. I had spent the morning sending out resumes and cover letters to several different companies and posting my resume on a few job search sites. Sam had left about an hour ago. He said something about going to Sherman’s house with his other friends for a long day of video games. He said that he would probably be spending the night there, so I had the house to myself.

It was a nice warm June day, and I had been spending the last few weeks job-searching with no results as of yet. Frankly, I was tired and discouraged. What I really needed was to relax and veg out for a while. I decided that I needed to just take the afternoon off and relax. Having made that decision, I went out back and uncovered the pool. Then I went into the kitchen and made a pitcher of margaritas. After downing the first glass, I went up to my room to change into my bikini. I shed my clothes and got out my bathing suit. That’s when I made my first mistake. I hadn’t bought a new bathing suit in a couple of years, and I really didn’t care for the old one I had. Then, the thought struck me that Sam was gone for the night, and I had the entire house to myself. We had a large privacy fence and no real close neighbors, so what did it matter if I was wearing anything or not? The decision was made.

I got a couple of towels and went outside completely naked. No one would ever see me, after all. The feeling of being outside completely naked was actually very liberating. I jumped in the pool and swam around for a bit, then got out to sunbathe. It was really great to not have the feeling of a wet bathing suit as I got out of the pool. I do have to admit to a bit of a thrill as I massaged the sunscreen into certain body parts that I typically wouldn’t apply it to. I couldn’t really help the quick pinch to my nipples or the flick on my clitty. Sunscreen applied, I put in my ear buds and hit Pandora on my phone. That’s how I spent the next couple of hours. Drinking my margaritas, nude sunbathing, a few dips in the pool, and listening to classic rock on my phone without a care in the world.

I went to pour another glass from the pitcher when I noticed it was empty. Shit. I needed to make another batch. Pitcher in hand, I opened the sliding door into the kitchen — and ran face to faces with my dorky little brother and his three friends. Fuck! I just stood there like an idiot, completely naked with the empty pitcher in my hand and a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face. They stood there — completely clothed, wide smiles, and eyes roving up and down my body.

“Hi Sis. We’re here.” Sam’s words finally broke me out of my paralysis.

Yes, I screamed. I also made a futile attempt to cover my tits and pussy with my one arm and the empty pitcher in the other hand.

I finally got my brain to begin firing neurons again and asked the dumbest question in all of history. “How long have you guys been staring at me, and how much did you see?”

“Well,” At least he had the good grace to blush. “We actually got back here about half an hour ago. We were thinking about going for a swim, but then saw you out there. We kind of figured that it would be rude to disturb you, so we just kind of, well, we sort of watched to see how long you would be out there.”

“And what about the fact that you all are holding your cell phones that are, presumably, set on video?”

“Phone? Oh, wow. That’s really weird. I’m not sure how that got in my hand…..”

“Yeah, right. You were just taking a video of the hummingbird feeder and accidently got me in all my glory as I was sunbathing.”

“Yeah. That’s it. I never even noticed that you were in the viewer.”

“Ahhh, fuck. Whatever. No sense in locking the barn door after all the horses have escaped anyway.” I muttered. “Just know this.” I said as I glared at each one of them in turn. “If any of that video ever gets out, I will put every one of you through a slow, painful death.”

I got assurances from all four of them that they would never show anything to anyone else. Yeah, they were actually scared of me — for good reason.

“Well, it’s not like you can see any more of me than you already have, so, if you want to go swimming, get your bathing suits on and go. I’m going to mix up another batch of margaritas and go back out.”

Four sets of feet pounded up the stairs to change. I was laying on my stomach a couple minutes later when four splashes occurred as they jumped in the pool. I just laid there ignoring them as they casino firmaları splashed around. A few minutes later, a shadow fell over me.

“Hey Alex. It looks like you are starting to get a little toasty there on your back. Want me to put a little sunscreen on you to keep you from burning?” Sherman asked.

By this time, I’d had a few margaritas in me already and was feeling a bit mellow, so I agreed. Sherman started out applying it to my shoulders and back. He was actually massaging it in pretty nicely. I began to relax. I barely noticed when another pair of hands began to massage more sunscreen into my left calf muscle. Then a third pair of hands began on my right leg. By the time a fourth pair of hands began spreading the sunscreen on my arms, Sherman had worked his way to my lower back. I realized that it was time to stop them when Sherman’s hands reached my ass and the other two pairs of hands began massaging my upper thighs, but my voice decided to stop working at that moment. My voice decided to come back when the fingers touched my pussy and Sherman began massaging my rosebud, but the only sound that I made was a heavy sigh of pleasure. Those last few months of abstinence were catching up with me. Those damned fingers were magical. I was getting really aroused.

“Damn, Sis. Your soaked down there.” I heard Sam chuckle.

“Wow. She’s really getting into it. Look at her humping back.” Another voice announced.

They weren’t wrong. I was on fire with need.

“Turn over, Alex. We need to get your front so you don’t burn.”

There was a tiny echo in my brain that protested, telling me to stop this before it went any farther, but my body wasn’t listening. I rolled over robotically. As soon as I was in position, hands descended on my tits, thighs, and pussy. It was obvious that they were inexperienced, but that didn’t mean that they were ineffective. I figured that they had spent a lot of hours on-line watching and reading porn. At least they knew enough to know where my clitty was located. I also felt that they were actually pretty gentle. Not the rough squeezing and pinching that a lot of the other guys do. Their ministrations didn’t take long before I was riding high and I felt a massive orgasm headed my way.

“OH FUUUCK!” I called out as a slicked-up finger was suddenly pushed into my ass and the orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave. Wave after wave washed over me as I was bucking on the sun lounger. The waves finally passed, and I was left there with tremors running throughout my body.

“Wow, Sis. That was pretty spectacular.” Sam opined. I heard several ‘holy shit’s’ and a few ‘ohmygod’s’ from the peanut gallery as well. A few minutes and touches later, they left me to recover as they jumped back in the pool. I joined them a little bit later. We spent a few hours playing around, splashing each other, hitting the beachball around, and just normal horsing around in the pool. Well, except for me being completely naked and them wearing swim trunks. There were also the occasional grabs, pinches, and feels on parts of my body that used to be off limits. I do have to say that I was enjoying those.

Eventually, it was time to get out. Sam asked if his friends could stay for dinner, and I agreed. I said that I was going up to my room to get dressed, and they all voiced their disapproval.

“Look. You all got all afternoon to gawk at me. Furthermore, if you think that I’m going to stand over the stove making dinner while hot grease splatters on my naked tits, you have another think coming!”

Sherman, Mark and Ryan all looked over at Sam. Apparently, they had formulated a plan while I wasn’t around to hear it.

“Alex, we’ve been talking.” I looked at Sam with some skepticism. “We want to ask you if you would be willing to stay naked for the next two weeks while mom and dad are gone. It would just be us here, and you wouldn’t have to do anything to us, but we really would like to just look at you. And, as you said earlier, it isn’t like we haven’t already seen everything already. As far as cooking goes, you could just use one of mom’s aprons while you are in the kitchen.”

To tell the truth, I kind of liked the idea. After all, I discovered that I was getting aroused while being naked in front of them. And; let’s not forget the massive orgasm that they gave me out by the pool earlier either.

“Just you, and no one else? And you promise to never show any of the pictures or videos to anyone?”

They actually looked hurt that I even suggested that they would spill their secret.

“Weeellll, maybe just the pizza guy. We were kind of thinking about ordering pizza tonight, and, since you’re the one with the credit card, you would need to answer the door for the pizzas.”

I smiled at that. It wouldn’t be the first naked pizza dare I had done. One was from a lost bet with a former boyfriend, and the other was a dare from my roommates at college. Of course, my roommates had to take their turns as well another time.

Cheers sounded as I agreed. The pizzas were ordered, and we sat in the livingroom watching TV while we waited. I was on the couch between Ryan and Mark. They, güvenilir casino of course were busy with my tits and pussy as the TV was droning on. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. Apparently, they had begun to figure out where their finger did the most good. I was jerked out of my reverie by the sound of the doorbell.

“Showtime, Sis. Go get the pizzas.” Sam smirked.

I opened the door wide, so that all of me was in full view.

“PizzHOLY SHIT!” The delivery GIRL said. I was not expecting that. The surprise, yes. The gender, no. Oh well. Just roll with it.

“Are those my pizzas?” I asked, as if it were completely normal to answer the door totally nude.

“you’re, you’re, you’re….” Seems that her communication skills suddenly escaped her.



I looked down as if I was unaware. “Hmmm. So, I am.” I replied. “Anyway, are those the pizzas I ordered?”

She just stared at me. Occasionally looking up at my eyes, but mainly at my tits.

“PIZZAS! Do you have the pizzas I ordered?”

She finally snapped out of it and looked at the boxes in her hands as if they had magically appeared.

“OH. Oh, yes. Here are the pizzas you ordered. That will be…” She had to look at the ticket again. “$34.59 please.” She informed my tits.

“Of course.” I replied. I turned and walked a couple of steps where my purse was sitting on the floor. I heard a gasp as I bent over to pull the two twenties out, giving her a very good view of my ass and pussy. I told her to keep the change as I exchanged the cash for the pizzas.

“See anything you like?” I asked as she just stood there staring.

She finally looked up to my eyes. I could see the look she had.

“You have one minute to touch wherever you want.” I said.

Her hands were very soft and gentle as they roamed all over my body. I was surprised when her lips circled my nipples and her tongue began lashing them. She was good. Yeah, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I did experiment while in college. Those previous Pizza Dares? Yeah, there was more to them than just flashing the delivery guy.

I finally managed to pull her off me — after giving her my number for later — and taking the food into the kitchen. We were all pretty hungry by that time, so the guys managed to keep their hands to themselves while we ate. I had a glass of wine with my food. They stuck with water and soft drinks. Food gone, plates in the dishwasher, and we were back in the livingroom. That’s when I found myself in the position I described at the beginning of this sordid tale.

At some point before that, my brother had asked me about any toys that I might have. He obviously had read a lot of porn stories. In my heightened state of arousal, it never occurred to me that telling him exactly where my vibrator was may not have been a really good idea.

I went off like a rocket when the vibrator was slid into my drooling pussy. The booster kicked in as a finger was shoved back into my ass. Fireworks exploded inside my brain as the orgasm wracked though me. It was a few minutes before my brain began to work again. I opened my eyes and was astonished at the sight before me. All four guys were standing in front of me with their pants around their ankles while stroking their cocks. The fact that there were four guys stoking their cocks was not what was astonishing. I was pretty much figuring that they would be. I mean, they had to have been hard from what they just witnessed. Admittedly, I was really not paying much attention to the tents in their swim trunks earlier. I was somewhat distracted at that time. I had also never seen them without their pants on. I had always figured that they had — at best — average size dicks. They were scrawny nerds after all.

Nope, the thing that was astonishing was the SIZE of said cocks in front of me. Notice I said cocks, not penises or dicks. Nope, these were COCKS! The smallest of the four was at least seven inches long, and they were far from thin. (I discovered later after actually measuring that Mark had a seven and a quarter inch long and an inch and a half diameter cock. Sherman’s was a full 8-inches long and 1-1/4 inches in diameter, Ryan was 8-1/2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter, and Sam was a full nine inches long with two inches in diameter). HOLY SHIT! There was a literal smorgasbord of succulent tube-steak on display in front of me.

I believe that was when my new theory began to form in my mind. Seriously, anyone who is honest with themselves will admit that there are some holes in Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is based on the assumption that only the strong survive and pass along their genes. If that truly is the case, then why are there so many weak, scrawny boys still around? They should have become extinct back in the caveman era. Sure, there are those that postulate that the weaker men were smarter and more adaptable. That their intelligence led to being able to survive. But how were they able to mate and pass along their DNA? After all, the females of the species would, by instinct and for their survival, be drawn more towards the bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic (as in better hunter and provider) males. What was it about these smaller, weaker, and less physically able males that allowed them to breed and pass along their inferior genes? That was my Anthropology degree talking in the background.

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