Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 03

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Marc, still finding the vision of Silk standing before him exciting, event though he had just gotten off inside her mother in the car, felt his testicles working again, and his recently used limp cock begin to slowly stretch out the wrinkles on its way to an erection. She was standing there, now sipping from the dark green beer bottle, making flirtatious eye contact with him, her lips purposely closing over the end of the bottle, as she chuckled and said, “Mama said you are bigger than our men Marc. Are you ready for Silk, big boy?” She stood, the vision of pure sex, her long legs, beautiful in her lace thigh highs, her milky flesh contrasting with her black hose and teddi. His eyes moving upward, saw the contours of her sinuous hips as she wiggled them invitingly back and forth. Continuing, his eyes took in the contour of her ample breasts, voluptuously cloven and soft. Her long blonde hair was cascading over her shoulders, Barbie Doll fashion like so many young women in this part of Texas. Her free hand moved down her stomach, and began caressing, first her mound, and then along the pronounced contours of her large, puffy lips.

Marc closed the short distance between them, took the beer bottle from her hand, set it on the counter and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her passionately, as Silk pushed her abdomen hard against him. She was delicious, her lips so soft. Marc knew that she had lots of practice kissing, and had an idea that Dotty might have had something to do with this. Her lips parted, and Marc wasted no time in pushing his tongue inside her mouth, which she helped by sucking in gently. His tongue felt the velvet top of her tongue, the slick sides of her inner cheeks, the ridges of the roof of her mouth and the bumpy slipperiness under her tongue. Their bodies writhed against each other’s, and Marc couldn’t believe how hard he had become so fast. She was exquisite.

Silk’s hands slid down his back and lifted his shirt, still undone from his session in the car with Dotty, and pushed her fingers inside his waistline, her wrists held tight inside the belt band, her hands now kneading his buns, toying with them, spreading them, scratching the bottoms with her long fingernails. Marc writhing from side to side, his hard shaft pushing against the coarse fabric of his levis, crying to get loose, so he unbuttoned the metal button, and zipped down, freeing Silk’s wrists which moved so she could caress his casino şirketleri butt cheeks, his hips, and soon one hand was holding his pulsing cock, and the other toying with his testicles.

“I love a man’s cock Marc” she said as her fingers tested the warm, soft leather-like feel of his scrotum. The fingers of her other hand smoothed over his head, one finger pushing into the slit, her little finger tickling under the head.

“And I love a woman’s hand on my cock Silk” Marc said as he reach between her legs, his fingers now in a vee, tickling the puffiness of her lips, pushing against the lace fabric of her teddi. Silk’s fingers tantalized Marc’s cock as her hips gyrated with the excitement of Marc’s fingers touching her.

Her knees began to flex, as she began to move up and down like a carousel ride and she licked down Marc’s hairy chest, then sucked his left nipple between her lips. Marc winced as he felt her teeth nip it dangerously, then she continued downward, and suddenly dropped to her knees. “Mama was right Marc. Your cock is bigger than either Grover’s or daddy’s—prettier too.

Marc was flattered by Silk’s remark, and asked “Why do you think it is prettier Silk?”

Silk held it in her hand, her fingers still playing with his scrotum. She looked up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, then looked back at his cock, studying it. “Well, your head is a nice purplish color—reminds me of a turkey’s gizzard, and it has a pretty helmet shape. Daddy’s is just a fat knob, and Govers has a long loose foreskin over his. And, both of theirs are shorter and skinnier.” She held his cock in the open flat palm of her hand and said, the top has nice ridges, and I love the pretty blue vein that runs down the middle.” Then she closed her fingers on the shaft, and began moving the loose outer skin back and forth. “ Do you like this Marc?”

“Oh yes, Baby. I love it.” He feels more comfortable now, like he can last longer, because of his earlier masturbation in the hotel room, and his furious car fuck with Dotty. He squeezes his cheeks together to make sure that he holds his release back, working to build the reservoir of semen in his balls. He looks down at Silk toying with his cock, stroking it, hefting it. He is amazed at this beautiful young thing down on her knees playing with playing, then watches in awe as her tongue extends to his slit, causing him to wince in pleasure, and sees her tongue casino firmaları come away, forming a thin string of precum, which thins and snaps, dropping its gossamer filament on her chin. Then he watches and feels her tongue circling his head, looking down at her beautiful body, her luscious breasts, then feels her lips slide over his head as he watches down her nose, his cock now looking like it is connected to her head. His knees weaken, and he puts his hands on the side of Silk’s head, his fingers beginning to lace into her hair, as half of his cock is sucked into the warm, wet chamber of her mouth. “SSSSSSS” he winces loudly.

Silk is thinking that perhaps Marc’s cock is the prettiest she has ever had in her mouth, and she lavishes her tongue round and round, feeling its thickness, filling her oral cavity, thinking that she wants to deep throat it, but not quite sure that her throat will open for one this large.

Marc feels the velvet softness of the top of Silk’s tongue, and the slippery sides of her cheeks, he winces as he feels his head touch and indent her soft palate, and is surprised that Silk is still taking more in. He has never been deep throated before and is almost overwhelmed as he feels the tightness of her throat begin to open around his head, the taper of his cock forcing its way into the narrow tube of her larynx. He feels and watches as Silk’s lips are now buried in his pubic hair. He wants to cum, but knows the longer he holds back the better it will be for him, and he hopes her as well. He is firmly inside now, and he holds her head, guiding it slowly, making sure that he doesn’t hurt her throat. He can’t believe how tight her throat is, coupled with her wet mouth and working tongue, which gives him goose bumps as she moves slowly. He is brought out of his fog by Dotty’s voice, “Like what my baby is doing Marc?”

Marc looks at Dotty, and his asshole puckers, as he is being driven crazy by Silk’s deep throat. Dotty is wearing red thigh highs, red stilletoes, a red teddi with the ends of the bra cut, showing her large nipples and headlight areolae. “Mmmm..huh” he manages to get out.

“I bet my baby can use some help, huh Silk?” Silk’s agreement comes out strangely, kind of mmm—huh, and kind of gaggy sounding. “Thought so” Dotty said.

Marcs knees were having trouble holding him up, such was the level of his excitement, feeling Silk sucking him so deeply, his hands still güvenilir casino guiding her. An electric shock went through his body, as he felt another hand(Dotty’) caressing his scrotum, her fingers gently squeezing his balls. At the same time he felt her spreading his cheeks, and then felt the hot tip of her tongue begin rimming his anus. “Ahhh” he cried out “Ahhh!” He felt Dotty’s lips compress on his anus, and then felt her hot saliva begin to squirt inside. His knees almost gave out again. Dotty could feel that he was ready to cum, and she deftly pressed the tip of the first finger on her left hand against the spot that would shut of the flow, and then began to probe his anus with the middle finger of her right hand, feeling his sphincter relax, as her finger entered him to the middle knuckle.

“Don’t let him cum down your throat Silk” she said “He is going to cum hard and I want to see it shooting into your mouth Baby.”

Silk slowly slid his cock out of her mouth, and began to stroke Marc’s, reddened penis, holding it 2 inches in front of her mouth. “When ever your ready Mama”

Dotty moved her finger inside Marc’s ass, and hooked her finger forward, feeling the hardened walnut sized prostate gland. Then, releasing the pressure point with her other finger, she pressed hard against Marc’s prostate.

“Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Marc shouted in both pain and pleasure from the release. “Ohh! Ohhh! Ayyyyyyyyy!” He couldn’t believe the pressure that his cum was causing flowing trough his cock.

Dotty looked at Silk’s open mouth, saw the long squirt from the tip of Marc’s head hit the back of her throat, making a sound similar to seltzer water, but with a hollow ring to it. She pressed again, and Marc’s back sagged. “Ayyyyyy…ooooh….ayyyy….shittttt!” Another long squirt shot into Silk’s mouth, and pooled behind her teeth, begin to drip over her sexy lower lip. Once more Dotty pressed hard “Ohhhh…fuck!….ssss”then Marc went silent as his breath was completely taken a way, and he collapsed to the floor.

“Got a kiss for your Mama Baby?” Dotty said as she took Silk’s hands and helped her to her feet, planted her lips on Silk’s and took the hot cum that Silk squished into her mouth, then kissed, sliding their lips back and forth, mmmming and yumming. Then they leaned over Marc, rolled him onto his back. Dotty, starting at his belly, and Silk at his head began to dribble his cum over his body from their mouths.

Marc awoke from his swoon, Silk massaging his head, and Dotty rubbing his aloe-like cum into his stomach and chest as she said, “Wake up big boy. We’ve got a big night ahead of us.”

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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