Another day in the life of an ordinary family

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Another day in the life of an ordinary family
Another day in the life of an ordinary family.

This is going to be a short story for a change.
May I start off with an apology and that I now know the events in this story were a total accident and of nobodies fault, just something that happens in most family homes at some time or another.
My name is Tina, I am 51, I am a big girl, dress size 18 with large breasts, I am not that pretty I say myself, I have two sons from my first marriage, both now in their 20s and both have a place of their own, I have one Grandson.
A few years ago I met a man and I soon moved in with him, he had a son aged 13 at the time, that was 5 years ago.
Now that my sons have moved on it is just my boyfriend, his son and I that live together. About once a month I look after my grandson for 5 or 6 days, giving my son and his girlfriend a break.
Over the 5 years I have lived here I have had one or two arguments with my boyfriend’s son Aaron, most of the time he is quiet, being happy to be left alone but he is very lazy around the house and that upsets me most.
One week I was looking after my grandson and had planned to go out with a friend who I had not seen in a while, it was Friday and I had planned to meet for a coffee and later a meal fairly early evening, she was due to pick me up at 5pm but my boyfriend would not be home until 6pm, so a few days ago I asked Aaron to look after my grandson for that hour until he was home.
I had just had my shower; it was nearly 4pm and was drying my hair in the bathroom.
I heard Aaron talking with some of his friends; he then shouted through the bathroom door that he will home in an hour or two, I immediately shouted back that he cant go anywhere as I was about to go out myself and that I had already told him this, he needed to look after my grandson for an hour, a few more words were said and I think he was trying to look big in güvenilir bahis siteleri front of his friends, again he said I was not his mom and was going to do as he pleased, I quickly put on my bathrobe and ran out to him, to be met by him and 3 of his idiot friends, they were all stood there messing with their phones, all looking as gormless as each other, including my step son.
A big slanging match started, when he started to type some numbers into his phone as if he was calling someone, I reached for his phone knowing he does not go anywhere without it.
I told him, “You are not going anywhere”, he immediately tried to grab it back telling me to hand it over.
I held it tight into my chest where he continued to try to grab it back, all the time his hands squishing and squashing against my braless breasts.
Somehow his fingers, his hand accidently caught hold of my bathrobe, the next part lasted only one second but seemed like a lot longer, he gave an almighty tug on my hands holding the phone and my bathrobe opened right up showing my saggy drooping breasts to him and his 3 stupid friends, my stomach hung low so at least they did not see my pussy, he let go and stared, as did his 3 friends, I dropped the phone in shock and quickly as I could I pulled my bathrobe together, his phone hit the floor and the screen shattered, all that took a second like I said.
He screamed out almost crying, shouting at me, calling a stupid fucking bitch and that I had broke his phone, he picked it up, I was still trying to tie up my bathrobe when he threw the phone down on the sofa and attacked me again, we wrestled with my bathrobe opening again, we swung round and lost our balance as we bumped into the sofa, rolling off the sofa onto the floor, I was on my back as he climbed on top of me, sitting on my stomach with my bathrobe underneath my body, his knees were under my breasts as he learned perabet güvenilir mi forward and pinned my hands to the ground.
He started shouting again, saying I had broken his phone and that I was going to get it fixed or buy him a new one, I kept shouting back that it was an accident and that he had made me drop it, we went back and to with this argument, all the time I was trying to kick him off me with my knees, making my legs open up and close.
For some reason I would not give in on this argument, being stubborn as I new it was his fault, I looked over his shoulder, one of his friends stood with his phone in his hand, it was then that I realised that my breasts and pussy were on show to them all, and every time I kicked my legs out the more of my pussy was on show.
I asked him to get off me, again he said, “Not until I promise to fix his phone”.
I was now exhausted and had stopped trying to get him off me, we lay there for a few more seconds when I new I had to promise, so I said so, just to get him off me so I could make myself decent.
He let go of my arms and moved one knee to get off me, as he did he placed a hand totally on one of my breasts, squeezing it and pushed himself up to get off me.
I quickly got up and pulled my bathrobe together and made my way back into the bathroom.
It was a shocking incident and I know it was an accident, I think we both could have handled it better.
I think it took sometime for both of us to get over it.
Needless to say I did get his phone fixed.
It was always on my mind, did his friends film me? Take pictures of me that day?
A month or so later, my step son was in the shower, I could see his phone on the kitchen table, I wondered if he had anything on his phone of me, did his friends share anything, I new his password from a year or so ago, if he had not changed it, maybe I should take a look and maybe perabet giriş delete it.
Sure enough his phone opened up and I scrolled the albums, shockingly I found them, there was a video and about 5 or 6 pictures and then another video, I watched the first video, it started with me trying to cover myself after my robe had opened and then showed Aaron attacking me and us falling onto the floor, it showed me kicking my legs out and for some reason the camera moved a little closer in to my hairy pussy, when I had stopped kicking for a second you could see the lips of my pussy wet and slightly open, obviously due to the hot shower I just had.
At one point the camera moved round to the side showing my breasts hanging down the sides of my body, I never noticed this at the time.
I stopped and started to look at the pictures, there were a couple of pictures of me with Aaron on top of me from a slight distance, showing my pussy, there was one of me standing there when my bathrobe had first came open showing my sagging breasts and another two showing my pussy close up in good detail, the last one just showed my breasts and face close up with just the tips of Aaron’s knees in shot.
I clicked on the last video, and sat there in shock, it was the last picture, the one with a close up of my breasts and face, it had been printed out and was lying on some sort of work surface, a thin white cock appeared, it must have been Aaron’s and he started to masturbate it, I was transfixed as I watched him pull his foreskin up and down, making his small cock head appear, he stopped and rubbed his cock over the picture, over my breasts and them my face before he started to masturbate his cock again, it took about a minute until he came, the first few spurts shot out across my breasts and beyond, then he slowed down until his cum started to trickle out, making the rest of it cover my face with his white sticky cum.
I was shaking, I was about to delete them when I realised that if I did then he would know I had been on his phone, his private phone and that he would never trust me again, I clicked his phone to close it and left, I don’t suppose there was much more I could have done, was there? 

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