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If you’ve ever had an Administrative Assistant that you had erotic thoughts about, you might be interested in this little, absolutely true, tale.

My name is Alex and I was the on-site, office manager for a concrete supply firm for nine years. We provided ready-mix concrete for almost any size project. We’d done everything from small patios to office buildings and multi-story car parking garages. We did it a little differently than most concrete supply firms. We mixed the concrete on site rather than truck it in the large bulky cement trucks you see on normal job sites.

I started as a laborer at sixteen, graduated to truck driver and eventually the office where I eventually became the office manager. Office manager is a misnomer. It was only a remote office at the supply depot and there was no one else in the office except my administrative assistant. Between us, we did all the paperwork, order processing and billing. We also answered the phones and handled any walk in customers. I hadn’t seen the owner in over three years.

Traci, my administrative assistant who has been there twenty-one years, retired and I had to hire a replacement. Times were tough and I had several hundred responses to my help wanted advertisement on-line. Approximately forty respondents managed to send in resumes. I interviewed a number of candidates and settled on a thirty-something woman with some office experience and a killer body. I’m not particularly politically correct and I let my chauvinism and misogyny out when I’m alone or hiring a woman administrative assistant and her body helped ease my decision. Whatever other skills she didn’t have, I thought I could train her to do but she’d make a nice addition to the office décor.

Anna, that was her name, started two weeks before Traci left. Traci used the time to train Anna and probably warn her about the boss’ perversions. I had spent the seven years ogling Traci and fantasizing about her in spite of our age difference without actually touching her and she knew it. Traci, reeked cougar and now that she was leaving I’d never know if she could have been serious when she teased me since I didn’t have the cojones to test her resolve.

Anna was on time the Monday after Traci was done. She began by making the coffee. She properly scrubbed and otherwise cleaned the coffee machine. The result was the best coffee we’d had in the office since the pot was new. She was obsessively neat and, by the end of the day, had everything in its proper place. The paperwork was all filed and she promised to have the files themselves fully organized by the end of the week. The only drawback, was she wore a slightly too large blouse that ballooned and almost hid her difficult to not notice breasts. That didn’t stop me from sneaking a look or two from the side hoping to find a gap between the buttons.

By the end of the second week, Anna had everything organized to her liking, including my desk and filing cabinets. I resigned myself to her organization. She was the best worker I could have imagined and her body was fine too, even if she insisted on wearing conservative clothing.

By the middle of the third week, I began to see the method to her madness. There was an unusual amount of free time in the office routine. We spent less time looking for paperwork and could locate the proper catalogs in an instant. She had the bookkeeping and billing systems streamlined and she handled the occasional telephone inquiry easily and quickly. Most days we had enough free time to chat with one another through my open office door once we got the trucks on the road in the morning and before we checked them back in in the afternoon.

Sometime during week number three, two deliverymen arrived with a new sofa for my office. I hadn’t ordered a sofa and, when I asked Anna about it she just smiled and directed the deliverymen to put the sofa against the bare front wall of my office. I didn’t think I needed a sofa and considered having it sent back and disciplining Anna for ordering it, but it looked good where she had it placed so I let it go. It actually appealed to me as a good place to take an afternoon nap on a slow day.

By the end of the fourth week, Anna apparently felt that chatting through the doorway was awkward so she began to come into my office and sit in one of my side chairs while we talked. It was during this time that I noticed she was leaving the top button of her blouse unbuttoned. By the end of the fifth week, it was two buttons and by the end of the sixth week, three buttons.

I began to wonder if she was testing me. She couldn’t help noticing my not so subtle glances in her direction. I wondered if she was encouraging me to make the first move.

The hunt for my cojones came to a sudden halt on Monday of the seventh week. The weather had turned cooler with the approach of winter and Anna came to work wearing a lightweight car coat. When she hung the coat on a hanger in the closet and turned around, I lost my casino şirketleri breath but found my balls and their neighbor. She was wearing a moderately tight sweater with the top four buttons undone. Her bra, even with help from the sweater, was having trouble lifting her breasts into position. I could see significant cleavage and I could feel significant discomfort in my trousers.

I exchanged “good mornings” with her and retired to my office to adjust my tighty-whities. Anna took care of the usual morning chores and got all the trucks and workers on the road. By ten o’clock she was free to engage in what had become the usual conversation time in my office. I noticed she put something in the office door window and locked the door before coming into my office. I later discovered it was a sign saying, “Staff Meeting Today. Office will reopen at 2 pm.”

When Anna sat in a chair in front of my desk, I asked, “What’s on the agenda for today?”

“The same thing that’s on the agenda everyday,” she replied while playing with button number five.

“And what might that be,” I asked innocently.

“I think you know. You can’t be that unsuspecting,” she answered as button number five came undone.

Now, I’m very good at fantasizing even if I’m slow to grasp the clues that lead to real life events. In my fantasies, I’m a strong alpha male that sweeps women off their feet and into my arms and bed. I always perform heroically and the ladies universally thank me for my efforts when the deed is done. However, I have to admit, that I was shaking inside as I got up from my chair and walked around my desk to sit in the other side chair. I was intensely aware of the growing erection in my pants and I had fear that it wouldn’t survive the preliminaries let alone act heroically.

Anna stood as I sat. She walked to my office door, closed it, locked it and returned to stand in front of me. “We’re alone and no one will bother us. What should I do next?” she asked.

“Wha … What do you mean?” I stammered. This looked and felt like one of my fantasies and I was collapsing like a bad soufflé instead of responding like the man of steel.

“Come on,” she said. “You must have fantasies. Fantasies about me, us. What do I do next in your fantasy?”

“Damn. This woman is good,” I thought. “She’s in my head. She’s reading my mind. She knows about my fantasies. She probably knows what she does next but she wants me to tell her. She wants me to think I’m in charge. The hero. But we both know that’s not true. I have to play the part, however. If I don’t, the whole fantasy could fall apart and I’d be kicking myself forever wondering what could have been.” “You take off your sweater?” I said somewhat hesitantly.

“Excellent idea,” she responded. “It is getting warm in here.”

“You can say that again,” I thought.

Anna stood closer to me, finished unbuttoning her sweater, grabbed the bottom of it cross-armed and lifted it up over her head and off. She tossed the sweater on the chair behind her.

I noticed the sweater maintained some of the shape of her breasts even after she removed it and tossed it on the chair. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked myself. “Looking at the bumps in a sweater when the proximate cause of the bumps is two feet in front of you. Focus, man. Focus.”

I focused on her magnificent breasts as she smiled and lifted them with both hands and bounced them in her bra.

“I must look like an idiot,” I thought. “Grinning like a Cheshire cat. She’s having fun and, damn it, I’m going to enjoy this too. I’ve written this script and played it in my fantasies a dozen times. I might wake up and find out it is just another fantasy but for now it feels real and I’m going to treat it as real no matter how it ends.”

“Do I take off my bra next?” Anna asked.

“You do,” I answered with a confidence I still didn’t feel.

“Do I do it or do you want to do it?” she asked.

“I’ll do it. Come, sit on my lap with your back to me and I’ll unhook it,” I commanded, with more determination than I actually felt.

Anna turned around and sat on my knees. I reached up and unhooked each of the four hooks of her bra separately and slowly. When they were all unhooked, I slid my hands around her waist and up her body. When I reached the lower edge of her bra, I slipped my hands under the loose fabric and up her breasts. They were heavier than I imagined. I held them up and bounced them in my hands a few times. Meanwhile, Anna was removing the useless bra which she tossed on top of the sweater on the chair in front of her.

“Are you having fun?” she asked lightly.

“More that you can imagine,” I replied.

“I have a very fertile imagination,” she quipped.

I moved my hands up further until I could touch her nipples with my fingers. Her nipples were small but very hard. I ran a finger around each nipple, moved them back and forth and squeezed them between two of my fingers. Anna leaned casino firmaları back against me with her eyes closed and sub vocalized a soft purr, much like a satisfied kitten.

A short while later, Anna sat up and said, “I think I’ll turn around now,”

“That would be wonderful,” I replied.

Anna stood up, turned around and resumed sitting on my lap, this time facing me. I held her by her hips and she arched her back and lifted her breasts toward my mouth. I really liked her imagination as I leaned in to kiss and suck each breast in turn. I made a note to add this moment to my fantasy.

After several back and forths between my mouth and her breasts, Anna leaned back and began to unbutton my shirt. When she reached the lowest button, she pulled it from its tucked in state and unbuttoned the last one. She then helped me remove the shirt and tossed it over my head and behind me, probably on the floor. She pulled out my t-shirt, removed it in the same way and tossed in the direction of my shirt. She began to run her fingers through the hair on my chest. Her fingers felt absurdly wonderful as she progressed up and down my chest. I added another scenario to my fantasy.

She leaned in to kiss me. A wonderfully erotic kiss without the expected tongue-lashing. My fingers found the button on the side of her slacks and began to unbutton it. “Is that the next step?” she asked.

When I nodded, she stood up, unbuttoned her slacks and ran the zipper down her hip. She put her hands in the waistband of the pants and very slowly, moved them down her wiggling hips. When they were at her ankles, she stepped out of them, picked them up, turned away from me, carefully folded them and placed them on the chair with her bra and sweater. All the while she was moving her hips slowly side to side. The vision of her cheeks, clad in only a thin veneer of nylon panties was almost more than I could take. When she finally turned around, I could see she was completely shaven and the details of her genitalia were perfectly displayed.

She danced in front of me for several seconds, including two complete rotations of her body for my pleasure. Her efforts were successful and my pleasure was causing me considerable discomfort, constrained as it was inside my suddenly too tight trousers.

Anna stood in front of me again, extended her hands to help me up and said, “Your turn.”

I stood and Anna began to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and unzip my fly. When she put her thumbs in the waistband on either side, she also gathered the top of my underwear. As she pushed my pants down she moved my fruit of the looms with them. When she had everything about mid hip, my erection was pulled straight down inside my underwear. She knelt in front of me to push my pants further down. As she did, she freed my stressed erection which sprung up suddenly and hit me in the abdomen. She anticipated what would happen and deftly dodged the shaft. She smiled up at me as I stepped out of my shoes and clothing and kicked them aside.

I am not now, nor have I ever been a studly lover. I’m pretty average in the male endowment category. I would probably lose most penis size comparisons but I’ve also managed to avoid penis envy. I have what I have and I’ve done reasonably well with it. At least no one has complained. Even at my record best, with Anna on her knees in front of me, I’d never be invited to star in a triple X video.

Anna took my painfully vibrating erection gently in her right hand and moved it to her mouth. I’ve thought a lot about this moment and I can only explain what I felt as an endorphin explosion. My entire body got hot. I broke out in a cold sweat. My toes curled and my legs got weak.

Anna was an expert. She played me like a rock guitarist, always avoiding the one chord that set off the fireworks. After only a few seconds, I had to sit. She never missed a beat or a suck. She brought me to maximum tension over and over, until, with one last flick of her tongue and squeeze of my balls she ignited the finale pack, sending fire, brimstone and lots of semen, into her mouth. She managed to swallow most of it. Some clung to her lips and chin and some even landed on her tits. She stood up and sat on my lap with her barely clad pussy pressing against my exhausted cock and kissed me again.

This kiss was more aggressive, more passionate. Her tongue moved between my lips and beyond my teeth bringing the taste of my cum with it. She held my head in both hands as she pressed her lips against mine in a kiss for the highlight reel. When she was satisfied, she leaned back and I could see a question in her eyes. I knew exactly what she wanted and I whispered, “Yes.”

Anna stood up, took my hands in hers again and stood me up with her. She turned us around and placed her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. “Let me do it,” I said.

I put my thumbs next to hers inside her panties and pulled them down over her hips. I knelt in front of her güvenilir casino as I pushed her underwear to her ankles and she stepped out of them. I picked them up, took a quick sniff of a very wet spot and tossed them over my head. Anna laughed lightly as they landed on top of her other clothing.

In front of me was as perfect example of womanhood as I’d ever seen. Her clitoris was erect and sticking out from its usual hiding place. Her outer labia were massively swollen and there was a hint of her inner labia peeking between them. The entire area glistened with feminine veneer. I nuzzled her clit with my nose and began to stroke her lips with my hand. She spread her legs to ease my efforts. I used my tongue around her clit and followed up with my lips and a gentle scrape with my teeth. The involuntary reflex of her body told me I was hitting one thousand in all the right places.

Meanwhile, I used my fingers to rub the space between her labia and tease the opening to her vagina. I felt her knees buckle slightly and I guided her to sit. She did and placed her legs up on the arms of the chair spreading her self shamelessly. I lubricated my fingers with her mucus and slid them along her perineum until they were touching her anus while sliding my thumb up into her vagina. She jerked slightly and I withdrew my hand.

“No, no. It’s okay. I was just a little surprised,” she said.

I lubricated everything again and resumed using my fingers against her anus. Slowly I was able to move one finger into her ass and rub it against my thumb inside her vagina. Something was right about my activity with my fingers and mouth because her body convulsed and she expelled warm liquid over my hand, chin, neck and chest.

Amazingly, my erection had returned. I stood up and began to rub the head of my cock against the lips of her vagina. “Not here,” she said as she closed her legs and stood up. She led me to my new sofa. “How long had she been planning this,” I thought. “This sofa’s been here for four weeks. I had no idea she was so devious. I wonder if she’ll share her fantasy.”

She lay on the sofa with one leg on the floor and the other over the back and invited me to continue. I positioned myself between her legs and slipped easily inside her. She lifted her legs higher until I was plunging almost vertically into her. He body moved almost involuntarily and I thought she had a small orgasm. “I want to roll over,” she whispered.

She rolled over, kneeling on the cushions of the sofa and her body up the sofa arm and I entered her again from behind. The pace alternated from moderate to brisk and back again. I used my fingers against her anus and soon had two fingers inside her ass as we humped. Anna came at least once. When it became obvious I was not going to have an orgasm soon, Anna leaned back and said, “Fuck me in the ass.”

Within seconds, I was deep in her backside. The extra tightness and unobstructed depth brought me to a quick orgasm and I poured my second load of the day deep in side her intestine.

Later, as we lay on the sofa, Anna on top of me with her head on my shoulder and her amazing tits pressed against my chest, she asked, “Should we go to lunch?”

“What’s for dessert?” I asked.

We cleaned up, got dressed, unlocked the doors and went out to lunch.

The afternoon was routine although Anna frequently stuck her head in the office, smiled and left. Once, when I smiled back, she shook her head and said, “Naughty. Naughty.”

When I arrived the next morning, Anna had replaced the office hours sign with a new one. Our office hours were now, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7am to noon and 1pm to 5pm. Tuesday and Thursday hours were 7am to 10am and 2pm to 5pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. I surmised what we might be doing during the four-hour breaks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When I came into the outer office, I noticed Anna was wearing the loose blouse buttoned up to her neck. The day was Tuesday. The day before, the new office hours, my expectations and her apparel were sending conflicting signals. I sat in the chair next to her desk. “Anna,” I said, “I’m confused. I really enjoyed our time together yesterday and when I saw the new office hours sign I got excited since this is Tuesday. However, what you’re wearing is giving me a different message. I hope I didn’t say or do anything yesterday upset you.”

“Don’t worry yourself. Everything’s more than fine. I’m looking forward to our ten am meeting. I decided to dress more conservatively to send a different message to everyone else. I don’t want to call undue attention to us and I thought if I dressed more like a Victorian woman than a modern sex symbol I’d keep the rumors to a minimum.”

Two hours later, I was forced to travel to a job site to manage a minor difference of opinion between our staff and the customer. I returned to the office about ten fifteen. The sign on the office door said “Closed,” the door was locked and the lights were out. I keyed my way into the empty office and relocked the door behind me. I didn’t see Anna immediately when I entered my office. When I turned around, she was laying of the sofa, naked. “You’re late,” she said. “I almost started without you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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