Ann Ch. 02

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When Matt arrived home, Sara, his wife greeted his as he came into the house. Matt was in no mood for conversation or contact with her after just leaving Ann’s house. He walked past her and muttered something, which sounded like “I need a shower.”

He walked into their bedroom and disrobed. Sara came in and looked at her husband who seems to be preoccupied and acting strangely. Usually, when he got home, Matt always gives her a kiss but not this time.

“Bad day at the office?” Sara enquired.

“Umm.” She heard Matt said.

“I called you at the office and when there was no reply, I somehow presumed that you were at Ann’s,” said Sara.

She walked up close to her husband and put her hands on his shoulders. Sara could feel her husband’s rejection when he abruptly turned his body away from hers, walked into the bathroom, shutting the door.

She heard the shower turned on. Staring for a while at the closed door, she turned and walked out of the room. Sara tried to console herself that Matt had a tough day at the office but deep inside, she was unsure of herself. Was there something else that made Matt turned away from her? Maybe he had confined in Ann, as she knew he always did. Sara made a point to call her sister in law as soon as Matt left for work tomorrow.

They had dinner but hardly conversed with one another. Matt went to bed early. When Sara slides in beside him, her husband was already asleep. She tried to sleep but could not. Nevertheless, she did finally doze off late into the night.

The morning after — Ann’s story

I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock chiming softly. As I stretched myself, I felt a strange fullness in my butt. My hands strayed down and I pushed myself up to a sitting position. I looked down and saw that there was a towel beneath my buttocks. It dawned on me what happened last night. Matt must have cleaned me up. I noticed that there was a tiny spot of dried cum on the white towel. I saw the note by my side. Picking it up, I read. “I love you so much. I had to leave and did not want to wake you. Matt.”

I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I could still feel the imprint of my brother’s enormous penis that had lodged inside my anus the night before. The memory of our incestuous mating seared my mind as I climbed into the tub and soaked my now aching body in the warm water.

After I had dressed and taken breakfast, I wondered how I was going to face the future. It was a new dawn and I was unsure of Matt’s true feelings towards me.

The ringing of the phone jolted my troubled mind. I took the handle off, expecting to hear Matt’s voice on the line.

“Ann, this Sara,” I heard my sister in law’s voice.

I casino şirketleri answered, full of apprehension and expecting the worse, “yes, Sara.”

“Matt was with you yesterday.” Sara continued.

God!!! She must have found out, I thought.

“Errr, yes,” I replied.

“Did he tell you anything?” Sara said.

“What about, Sara?” I asked her.

“When he came home yesterday, he seems to be preoccupied; something seems to be on his mind. I thought maybe he told you whatever it was that was bothering him, knowing how he always confined in you,” Sara said.

It was such a relief that it was not what I had anticipated.

“Uhh, no Sara, he did not tell me anything out of the ordinary, anyway he looks ok when he left,” I said.

“Emm, sorry, Ann, probably it’s nothing, must be my imagination, bye,” Sara replied and the phone went dead.

I stared at the phone. I realized that for some of us, it was the end of innocence.

I was a freelance writer for the local newspaper and worked from home. Today, I felt I could not think straight and decided to take a drive to the countryside. Probable that would take matters off my mind. My ex-husband had left me the cottage by the sea as part of our divorce settlement. As I drove along the country road, my hand phone rang. I was in two minds whether to answer. However, the insistent ringing made me to picked up the phone.

“Where are you sis, I am at the house but your car is not around,” said Matt.

I slowed the car down and parked by the roadside. I replied, “Matt, what happened between you and Sara last night.”

For a moment, Matt did not answer, and then he said, “What are you asking me?”

I said, “Sara called me this morning and said she was sure something was bothering you and asked whether I knew anything about it.”

“God, why did she have to bother you? Do not worry, nothing happened, it was just….anyway I will tell you about it when we meet. Where are you anyway?” he said. “I’m on my way to the cottage. I need sometime to myself. Don’t you have work this morning?” I replied, but Matt’s line went off.

I regretted telling Matt where I was heading. I needed time to myself; I needed my own space and privacy, to rationalize what we had gone through. Things were going to get complicated, his family, and my son. God, how did all this came about. How could I allow it to happen?

At the cottage, I took a walk along the beach, refreshed by the breeze blowing inland. Small droplets of rain began to fall and I decided to head back to the cottage as the droplets got bigger. My thin blouse was getting quite wet and I shivered from the cold breeze.

When I was casino firmaları at the gate, I saw Matt’s car parked behind mine in the porch. My heart began to pound at the very thought that my brother was already there, standing on the verandah, looking at me. I blushed unconsciously, my mind in turmoil. I just could not pretend that things were normal. Visions of our indulgence filled my mind.

“Morning,” I called out as I neared him.

“You will catch a cold. You are wet. Better get changed,” Matt said as his eyes held mine.

I looked down and saw that my white blouse was clinging to my body. As I was not wearing my bra, the cold wind had made my nipples stiff and the pointed tips were straining out, almost visible through the wet material. I looked up and I saw Matt looking intensely at my body or me. I clutched my arms around my breasts as I walked past Matt and headed to my room.

“There’s tea on the table, help yourself. I need to change,” I called out, as I closed the door to my room.

I quickly took off my blouse and toweled. As I looked into my cupboard for a change of clothes, I heard my door opened and closed. I turned around, naked waist up, only in my panties. Matt stood, just looking at me. His eyes were riveted to my breasts.

“Please Matt, let me change,” I said softly.

He crossed the room and without a word, he clasped me into him arms and kissed my lips. His tongue sort mine and I accepted him. When his lips closed onto my nipples, I could not resist him. When he began to suck on them, my knees grew weak and he had to hold me up. My nipples seem to have a life of their own as they grew harder and when his hand crept inside my panties to caress my buttocks, my wetness between my thighs began to flow.

I could only place my head against his chest as I felt his finger touched my clit. The sensation was exquisite as he rubbed it against my opening, gently spreading the lips. When his finger entered my body, I cried out, my eyes tightly shut. I knew that I was wetting the palm of his hand as he fucked me slowly with first, one finger and then he inserted another.

Matt knelt on the floor before me and peeled off my panties. I lifted my legs for him to take them off. Then his mouth was on my nether region and I felt his tongue licking up the flowing love he seems to crave. I spread my legs slightly for him. I placed my hands on his shoulders as he clasped me to him, his hands encircling my buttocks.

I let out a gasp when his tongue invaded my vagina, penetrating me. I don’t know how long we stayed in that position as Matt drained me of my secretions until I could not endure the sensations anymore and slowly sank to my knees. Our güvenilir casino mouths met and I tasted my juices as we passionately kissed as though there was no end to our need for each other.

Matt stood up and took off his clothes. As I knelt before him, I could see his hardened penis with the turgid smooth head already dripping out his pre cum. I felt no shame or embarrassment and I touched him and took him into my mouth. The sultry liquid coated my tongue as I sucked him. I felt Matt took in deep breaths as I slowly pushed my face closer to his crotch. He felt so big in my mouth.

Matt held my face tenderly in his hands as he pulled his penis out. He held out his hand in his palm, a condom.

I looked at him and he gave me nod. I tore off the casing and placed it against his knob, unfurling it until it fitted tightly against his girth.

I realized that my brother was about to fuck me like a woman.

He helped me to my feet. I turned to walk to my bed but he held my hand. I did not know what he wanted. Then he bent his knees and stooped down placing his hands in between my legs. Matt raised me up so that my legs encircled his waist. I had to hold onto him with my hands around his neck.

His lips, once again was on my breasts suckling my nipples like a baby. Then I felt him holding his penis as he seek to place it against my vagina lips.

My brother’s first penetration into my vagina made me groan in ecstasy. As I was already so wet, he entered me smoothly. I could feel the size of his penis as it filled me so completely. It was so unlike the sensation when he fucked me in my anus yesterday.

I had not fucked like this before. I am not naïve. I had read erotic stories describing such ways of lovemaking, also about anal sex but I could not imagine it happening to me. Now, within the span of two days, I was experiencing indescribable feelings that were alien to me.

As we expressed incoherent love for one another, Matt was fucking me with such intensity that my orgasm came in floods as I trembled and shake in his tight embrace. Even after I had finished and clung to his chest, Matt kept bouncing me against his crotch until he stiffened and pressed me to him until I could hardly breathe as he emptied himself into his condom.

We stood motionless, in the centre of the room, with him still carrying me in his arms, joined, his penis still firm and hard inside me. in the afterglow of our incestuous fucking.

When Matt left me, about an hour later, I knew that I could never deny him anything. He was my brother as well as the only man I could ever love for as long as I live. We will have to work our way around all obstacles. That means his wife and children, my son and our parents.

Sooner than later, I too wanted to feel him inside me, to accept his love inside my body, unprotected.


If readers want a continuation, I will oblige. Thanks for reading and comments.

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