Ann: A Love Story Ch. 60

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I was a little surprised at first when Ann asked me if I would do it. But things had suddenly changed when Molly said that she’d talked to Tina. Tina had apparently alluded to her that there might be more involved than she normally would encounter in her job as a limousine driver…certainly more than just driving me and Ann around the greater Omaha area. And the ‘more’ that Tina had alluded to was undoubtedly sex.

Molly was a chauffeur, working for a service that Charles, the manager of the hotel we were staying at, used often. Charles had talked to Tina when she was setting up the nights’ itinerary, and during that discussion, somehow Molly came up in conversation. That led to Tina talking to Molly directly…and in doing so, Tina used her considerable charm and abilities of persuasion to talk Molly into becoming our driver for the evening.

No promises were made, nor were there any descriptions of events that would actually take place. Tina only told a tale, whetting Molly’s appetite for adventure…which turned out to be very similar to Tina’s…and Ann’s. They all shared a penchant for exciting scenarios involving sex. And with Tina talking about what Ann had done for our adventure in Virginia, and now how she was trying to return the favor for Ann…well, it was easy to see why Molly became an eager and willing ally to Tina in no time.

So, Molly went into the evening open minded, but cautious. She’d said she didn’t want to assume anything and take the chance of accidentally ruining our evening. Tina had warned her against just that, telling her that while anything was possible, she had to be patient and let things happen naturally. Molly told us she was supposed to take us to out the dinner theater, and then see what might happen on the way home. But, she WAS supposed to make sure that both Ann and I knew that we had the limo for a couple more hours once the musical was over, to kind of see if there was a spark there. Tina wanted to give Molly an opportunity, just in case.

When we…well, when I inadvertently asked Molly to take pictures for us by the road sign by simply handing her the camera when I got out of the car, Molly took that as a silent request to become our photographer. And with that, she assumed that would probably be the extent of her actual participation for the evening. She’d hoped for more, slipping off her panties when she hopped into the back of the limo to change the film in the camera. She wasn’t expecting anything, but she wanted to be ready just in case.

And worse case, Molly said she wanted to be able to take care of her pent up sexual urges a little easier while she drove. She figured it was a long shot that Tina was actually telling the truth, and that Ann and I might invite her to join us. Actually, Tina had just insinuated that could happen, but only if the stars were to align just right. But since she wasn’t suppose to press the issue, and it looked like Ann and I were perfectly content in fucking each other silly in the back of the car once we got back inside, Molly took matters into her own hands.

Ann and I had helped, by telling her to keep the privacy window open between the front of the car and where we were going at each other on the big seat in the back. And by suggesting that she might be able to see what we were doing a little better, if she turned on the lights. And once Ann and I came, Molly confessed that she came along with us, fingering her pussy while she drove us down the interstate.

Molly made that confession when she told us she’d talked to Tina. And from there, she told us a little more about what she and Tina had talked about. While she talked, Molly kept one eye on the road, and the other on Ann, who was naked in the back seat. Well, except for her extremely hot, red heel that laced up her calves all the way to her knees.

I’d moved to the other seat, right behind Molly…so I could get the camera from her. Ann sat across from me, her legs spread wide, showing her well used pussy and how my cum was starting to slowly ooze out of it. She had asked if I’d noticed that it looked good enough to eat; a not to subtle request for me to come back over and eat her pussy…cleaning out what I’d left there in the process. But before I had the chance to answer her, Molly did.

And that was when the dynamics of the evening changed. Ann started asking Molly about her conversation with Tina in detail, and details we got. And the more Molly said…the more Ann looked at me, slyly checking to see how I was reacting. When Molly had finished telling us a second time how she was so turned on watching us…and how she couldn’t wait until she dropped us off, deciding she had to cum along with us, Ann looked at me, and then at her.

“Molly?” Ann asked.


“Are you still turned on?”

Molly laughed and said, “I think I’ll be turned on for the next month after tonight. I have to tell you…you’re the hottest couple I’ve ever had in my limo. I wasn’t sure if anything was going to happen at all, but casino şirketleri this has been such an incredible night for me.”

Ann smiled. “Well, you know Molly…the night’s not over yet.”


Ann asked Molly to put up the window screen for just a moment so we could talk in private. I knew something was up when Ann looked at me while she was talking to Molly. And Molly knew something was up when Ann asked her if she was still turned on…and then asked her for some privacy. And that was when Ann asked me if I would be willing to go for a test drive, so to speak.

“Baby, I really think we owe it to Molly…don’t you?”

I laughed and said, “You’re just saying that because you want to see how I’ll react.”

“That’s not true. I know exactly how you’ll react…you’ll love it. And why wouldn’t you…she’s cute, don’t you think?”

“Of course she’s cute, Ann. It’s not like I wouldn’t love it. I’m just worried that I might get her in trouble, that’s all.”

“How would you get her in trouble…are you telling me you’re not going to be careful?”

“Of course not. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“You’ll be fine, baby. I just think it would be a shame if Tina talked Molly into doing this for us tonight, and all she got to do is watch. And you heard what she said…and the way she said it. She wants to.”

“Babe…it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just not sure I’m can. I’d hate to do something that she’ll regret.”

“What do you mean you don’t know if you can? You’ve done it before. You used to be able to, didn’t you? I thought you told me…”

“You’re right, Ann…I used to. But that was a while back…I’m in a different place now. I just don’t want Molly taking a chance if will cause a problem.”

“Well, why don’t we ask her? Maybe she’ll think it’s worth the risk.”


To be perfectly honest, it felt good…damn good. The subtle movements…the positive response to just the slightest touch. I felt so comfortable going at an easy pace, and yet there was something exciting about knowing there was this power inside, just waiting to be unleashed whenever I wanted to go faster. And yet, as fun it was, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ann…and Molly.

I was driving the limo.

When I knocked on the privacy screen, letting Molly know to put it back down, Ann was still sitting on the big seat. Her legs were still wide open, with my load slowly dripping out. Looking at Molly’s eyes in the rearview mirror, Ann took a deep breath.

“Molly, were you serious earlier?”


Ann glanced down at her pussy, moving her hand to it and dipping her finger inside. Pulling out a dollop of cum, Ann brought it to her mouth and seductively licked it off with her tongue. She let out a soft moan as she flashed a sexy smile and said, “About this looking good enough to eat?”

Molly let out a nervous little laugh and said, “What…are you asking me?”

“I’m wondering if you’ve ever been with a woman before?”

“No…I haven’t,” she said, her voice cracking a little.

“Have you ever…thought about it?”

“Well, I have for the last half hour or so.”

“Would you LIKE to?” Ann said, winking at Molly like she had when she’d first said she thought Ann good enough to eat.

Molly never hesitated. She looked for the first safe place she could find to pull over so we could switch places, and stopped the limo with a sudden screech. My only concern had been about Molly’s job security…I didn’t want to do anything that might get her in trouble. The fact was, at one time I actually HAD a chauffeur’s license, and Ann knew that.

It was misnomer to say that a license of that variety was so you could drive people around in a limousine. I’d gotten mine so I could drive a truck for the plant when I first went to work there. I been hired into the shipping department when I first got out of college, and I had to get that classification of license as part of my job description. At that time, you didn’t need a Commercial Driver’s License to drive a truck, so a simple Chauffer’s variety did the trick.

But the last time I renewed my driver’s license, I chose not to through the testing for that again. I had moved to the department I was currently in charge of, and I decided to let that part of my license lapse and just go back to an ordinary, everyday, run of the mill version. My thinking was that if I kept the other one, my boss would keep trying to pull me out of my new responsibilities to do things that had nothing to do with my job. Since they hadn’t seen fit to make me a salaried employee, it would have been easy for him to assert the ‘other duties as assigned’ clause in my job description, and yank me back out of the department whenever he saw fit, or got into a pinch.

So, I wasn’t ‘officially’ licensed to drive the limo any longer. But I’d been through the training before, and aced the test. And I’d logged hundreds of hours on the job. So it wasn’t like casino firmaları it was that big of a deal. Besides, if I could drive a 24-foot, five speed duel axle box truck carrying 20,000 pounds of freight…driving a slightly longer than normal luxury sedan wasn’t really going to be that big of a problem.

None of that really mattered to Molly. She was looking for a place to pull over before I’d even told her about my background. She was staring at Ann in the backseat, and Ann was flirting with her in ways that made me wish I could join them. But Ann also made it very clear to Molly, and to me, that this was not going to be one of those moments where she wanted to share me.

Ann had told me that that day would come…a day where she would want to have a threesome, and watch me fuck another woman. She wanted it to happen…because it turned her on. But I knew almost at once that this wasn’t going to be the night. Ann was looking for a little more fun, and she’d felt bad about hooking up with Maryam, and not telling me. Or more to the point, that I didn’t get to watch. This was a way in Ann’s eyes to make up for that.

Ann and I had already talked about how we wanted to end the night. We were both looking forward to fucking back at the hotel, in the amazing bedroom that was specifically designed for just that in mind…fucking. And as hot as Molly was, I wanted to fuck Ann…in that room…in Nebraska. We’d skipped over Nebraska on our cross-country fuck-a-thon to hit Iowa first, and make our next day’s trip more manageable. But I had no intention of skipping it altogether. And if there was any chance that my fucking Molly would mess up our night at the hotel, then I wanted no part of it.

Of course, I was questioning that logic as I watched them in the mirror. My cock was throbbing once again, now trapped inside the pants that came with my tux. And it was more from the sounds that were coming from the back of the car than the sights. In all honesty, I couldn’t watch them all that often. I didn’t know the area like Molly did, and it was dark…and windy. So, I was forced to concentrate on the road, which meant any glimpses I got of the action in the back were few and far between.

That didn’t mean I missed everything. I’d waited to pull back out onto the highway, wanting to at least see how they would start. I figured it would be a while…what with it being Molly’s first time. I expected that there would be some kind of drawn out seduction between the two of them. But Ann was already naked, and the back of the car smelled of sex. When Molly finished showing me what I needed to know about driving the car, she climbed into the back with Ann, and seconds later they were kissing.

Molly was either fearless, or she was scared to death. But either one of those could produce an instant reaction. If she was fearless, she had the confidence to seize the moment, and she didn’t want to wait another second knowing time was short. If she was scared to death, then she wanted to dive right in so she wouldn’t change her mind. Either way, Molly had made her decision, and there was no looking back.

Her hand found Ann’s right breast, squeezing it, feeling its weight. Ann’s hands ran to Molly’s hair, discarding her hat quickly as she ran her fingers through the tight blond curls. They necked for a while, and then Molly said she wanted to make sure that Ann didn’t make a mess she’d have to clean up later…and that meant she wanted to keep any cum I’d left behind from dripping onto the seat. Of course, that was just an excuse. Molly really just didn’t want to waste any time.

As I pulled out onto the highway, I glanced into the rearview mirror out of habit. Instead of being able to see out the back window, I could only see the two of them. Ann was still sitting in the same spot. Molly was on the floor on her knees, bent over as she enthusiastically ate out her first pussy…showing me hers under her little skirt. I couldn’t see it well, since the skirt was too long, but the fact that she was flashing me occasionally had me practically panting.

Ann looked at me, playing with her nipples as Molly licked out my sperm. The smile on Ann’s face was both wicked and contented. She took her right leg off the floor, bringing it up and around Molly’s body to rest it on her back. Her left hand left her tit, moving down her body, snaking her fingers back into Molly’s hair. Grabbing it, she pulled Molly into her crotch.


Molly moaned, and in seconds, she was not only eating my cum, she was swallowing Ann’s as well. And that seemed to just be the start. But Ann wasn’t taking any chances. She didn’t know where we were, or how long we had. Once she’d finished cumming, she wanted to return the favor right away.

Ann helped Molly out of her clothes, not content to just eat her like she was. Molly offered a playful protest, but Ann said, “If I’m not going to let Neil fuck you, the least I can do is let him see you. So, if you want me to make güvenilir casino you cum, I’m going to undress you.”

Molly relented…not that it was an issue. She wanted to get undressed, and she stared at me the entire time that Ann helped her out of her clothes. The blazer came off first, followed by the tie. Ann had loosened it up, taking it off over Molly’s head while it was still tied. She looked over her shoulder and held it up for me…and I smiled.

“What are you thinking about, Anna?” I said with a grin.

“Last night. It is called a ‘tie’, after all.”

“Don’t be getting any ideas.”

Molly looked at Ann, her eyes widening. “You’re not…”

Ann laughed and said, “Only if you don’t cooperate. Now…unbutton that shirt!” Then she threw the tie onto the floor with Molly’s blazer.

Molly did what Ann told her to do, exposing a white lace bra that matched the thong that was lying casually between the seats next to me. I hadn’t noticed it until I thought to look. I knew she’d thrown it up front, but it never occurred to me until I saw Molly’s bra as she slowly removed the white shirt. I couldn’t help myself, the feeling coming over me like a compulsion. I picked up the delicate little garment and brought it to my face, taking a whiff of the unmistakable scent she’d left behind…that of a woman aroused.

I smiled as Molly reached behind her back, unhooking her bra, and letting it slide forward down her arms. Ann grabbed it, and moved to the side a little so I could see, offering me my first glimpse of Molly’s bare breasts. They were bigger than Ann’s, but they weren’t massive…probably 36C’s. She had tiny areolas, just slightly larger than her very erect nipples, which were on the bigger side. They were thick, and hard, and seemed to stick out a half inch from her chest.

Molly’s tits were also pale white compared to the tan she had on the rest of her skin, reminding me a little of what Ann looked like before she started sunbathing without a suit. Molly pressed her breasts together with her palms, making her cleavage bigger…and Ann moved back up and sat on the seat next to her.

Watching Ann lick and suck Molly’s nipples might have been a treat, but it was one that I couldn’t really enjoy that much. I was stealing little looks, but we’d crossed back over into Nebraska, and I had to keep an eye out for our exit. Besides, I was waiting for the main event…which I thought would be happening pretty quickly. And it did a couple of miles later when Ann got back down and removed Molly’s skirt. Since she wasn’t wearing her thong any longer, Molly was now dressed just like Ann…naked except for her shoes.

Ann moved to the other seat, where I’d been sitting when we’d stopped the car. “Play with your pussy, for me, Molly,” Ann begged, which was something I didn’t expect.

Neither did Molly, but that didn’t stop her from spreading her legs wide…showing us both her wet, pink pussy. Unlike Ann, Molly was a natural blond down below; her pubic hair matching the locks on her head. Her bush was thick, and neatly trimmed in the shape of a triangle, with it pointing toward the top of her slit. But Molly did keep the around her pussy shaved, making the skin around her lips smooth and bare.

It was hard to tell from the distance, but Molly’s labia seemed to me to be slightly bigger than I’d seen before. The lips were full, laying open to the sides like flower petals, and her hole was already visible, and wet. Her clit appeared big as well, but it was still concealed by its protective hood. I watched her as she moved her hand down, letting her fingers trace along the edges as she got ready to finger herself.

Ann picked up the camera and held it to her face, making Molly freeze. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking your picture…what does it look like I’m doing?”

“Ann…I don’t want…”

Lowering the camera, Ann said, “If you don’t want me to, that’s fine. I was just hoping to give Neil something to look at later. I’m sure he can’t see that well in that little mirror. But don’t worry about it. I’ll still take care of you…once you take care of yourself.”

“You want me to take care of myself?”

“Uh huh. I wanted to take a picture of you when you cum…but I still want to watch you.”

Molly smiled. Instead of asking why, or debating Ann, she simply started rubbing her clit with one hand, while she rammed two fingers of her other hand deep inside her wet pussy. Soon she was pretty worked up, her hands flying as she stared at Ann, who I could tell was slowly rubbing her own slit. The way Molly was frigging herself, it was like she wanted to get that part over with as fast as she could so Ann would eat her. And I suppose I really couldn’t blame her. If Ann were half as good at eating a pussy as she was sucking my cock, it would make anyone want to do what they could to make it happen sooner.

Molly seemed on the brink, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her ass was moving all over the seat, and she ended up spreading her legs farther apart to try and hold herself still. Her eyes were shifting, from Ann…to mine in the mirror, and then back to Ann. Mine were shifting too…from the road, to the action in the back, and then back where I was driving.

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