Angie Ch. 02

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Thanks for the feedback on Part 1. Hope you enjoy this continuation.


Fathers are such a pain in the ass with all their rules about what times to be home at, how much money you can spend on clothes, potential boyfriends and the tiny scratch on the side of the car. Bad as all of these things are, my Dad takes the prize for biggest pain in the ass. He is refusing to fuck me again.

In the first part of my story, I recounted how after hearing and watching him and his girlfriend having sex, I started to have fantasies about my Dad. He walked in on me one night while I was, emm relieving the tensions caused by them and it lead to a wonderful day spent in bed. I had played a lot with vibrators and my imagination but had never actually been with a man. Dad had decided to teach me, to show me what my body could feel like. It was incredible and I wanted more, but Dad was being stubborn. I could see him watching me and noticed a bulge in his trousers more than once, but every evening he locked himself away in his study and avoided me as much as possible.


“How do you seduce a man?” I asked Laurie.

“Are you serious? Who is he?”

“Just someone I met here.”

“Is he cute?”

I thought about Dad, was he cute? No, he was handsome. Old school handsome, but his cock was beautiful. My pussy gushed just remembering the feel of him fucking me.

“No, more handsome.” I typed back. Laurie is my oldest friend, she was studying on the west coast and we kept in contact on MSN.

“Wow — I’d love to hear all about him, but have to get to class soon. Just let him know you are interested — usually works for me.”

I laughed, no, what worked for Laurie is that she is pretty and has a personality that can take over a room. Guys loved her, she is bright, funny and while not slim, she fit Mum’s description of curves in all the right places, far better than I did.

“Or you could always play it the other way and make him jealous.”


“Yeah, flirt with other guys let him see what he is missing.”

“Oh, does that work?”

“Hell yeah. Remember Jimmy Trent?”

Jimmy had been a new guy in school, and Laurie wanted him and what Laurie wanted, Laurie got. Within a few weeks he was following her around like a puppy.

“Ok thanks.” After saying goodbye I logged off.

I couldn’t see how I could use Laurie’s advice. So instead I did what I had been doing a lot of, I thought about my Dad fucking me, the feel of him in my pussy and a vibrator in my ass.

My hand snaked down to my pussy and I slowly teased myself to the memory. My eyes drifted closed and I whispered to the room: “Fuck me Daddy.” Not for the first time, my soaked hand moved down towards my ass. It had felt so good filled when he had circled it with his fingers. And then the vibe, Oh My God the vibe, the tingle, the …

I sat upright in the chair, why the hell had I not thought of it sooner? The vibe was in his room, he kept it in the drawer beside his bed. I checked my watch, it was just after 5. I had time. I grabbed my own vibe and headed to his room, there it was in the second drawer down with a large tube of lube.

Lying on the bed, his bed, I tried various positions trying to press the vibe past my tight ring, my pussy was already dripping in anticipation. There, it slipped in, oh god, that feeling, I lay gasping for a moment before working it in deeper. Oh dear heaven it felt so good as my hole closed around it. I lay back for a moment just enjoying the feeling then I turned it on. My breathing quickened, with the feeling. I pulled one of Dad’s pillows over my face, the smell of him and the tingling had me on the edge immediately. But I already knew a much better feeling and I turned the dial higher.

Oh my fucking god, my body arched and bucked. It was unbearable but in the completely right way. The vibrations were expanding from my ass, running around my body before coming back and all meeting again on my clit. I had a wonderful orgasm without even touching myself.

The sweat was beading on my forehead, I lay moaning, feeling the next orgasm building already. Grabbing the other vibe, I pushed it deep into my pussy it slid in easily on the buckets of pussy juice. The ears made the smallest of contacts with my clit and I exploded again.

“What are you doing?”

“Fucking myself because you won’t do it.”

“My cock is better than that vibrator.”

“Yes Daddy I know.”

I played out the fantasy in my head — he would walk over to the bed, pull the vibe out of my pussy and shove, ram, drive his gorgeous cock into my waiting hole. He would be balanced over me and as he fucked me, he would be rubbing against my clit.

“That’s it Daddy, fuck me, fuck your girl.”

I was pushing the vibe into my gaping pussy in time to the images.

“Yeah, Daddy fuck me.”

“Daddy I am going to cum all over your cock.”

My pussy was clenching so hard with the strength of the orgasm that I could barely move the vibe. casino şirketleri Daddy had liked it when I had gripped his cock hard. I could almost feel his breath on my face as he had driven his cock hard into me and filled me. I came again.

I simply had to get him to fuck me again, he had to.

I was just in the lull between one orgasm and the next when at the very edge of what was left of my mind, I heard the front door slam. I looked at the clock at the side of his bed — it was already 6.


For a split second I thought about calling out to him and letting him find me on his bed, with pussy and ass full of vibrator. But I lost my nerve and as quickly as I could, I slipped off the bed and ran down the hall to my room, the vibe still in my ass although I had managed to turn it off.


He called out again. His voice was coming from the bottom of the stairs. Just before I closed my bathroom door, I called out telling him I would be there in a minute.

“Angie, I need you to do me a favour.” His voice was coming up the stairs as I pulled the vibe out of my ass. I missed it the moment it was gone. I’d have to get it back to his room tomorrow.

“And I need you to fuck me.” I muttered under my breath before going on loud enough so he could hear: “Oh?”

He was at the door to my bedroom.

“Yeah I’ve to wine and dine some clients this evening. Doug was supposed to do it but can’t. Idiot left it to the last minute to tell me.” He sounded angry.

I looked in the mirror, my skin was flushed but my eyes were sparkling. I ran the water in the basin. “Just a minute Dad.”

As I walked out he continued: “Anyway I want to keep it social but it’s too late to find a date, can you come along?”

“Sure Dad.”

I could see the relief on his face. “Thanks baby. The cab will be here in 40 minutes.” His voice trailed off as he headed to his own room. I wondered if I had left anything out of place. I waited for him to notice the mess and call me. I would go to his room and try to brazen it out, but he would see through me and he would take me over his knee and spank me.

Where had that one come from? Oh God, my fantasies were getting more and more outrageous.

“Concentrate Ang, you have to be dressed and ready in less than an hour.” I chided myself and headed to the wardrobe wondering what he would think if I came down the stairs naked.

Thankfully I had every girl’s best friend — a little black dress, it had a fitted bodice but the skirt was soft pleated jersey and moved with me. I thought it a little too short and a little too low cut but Laurie had insisted I buy it.

30 minutes later after applying some light make-up I found Dad in the living room talking on the phone. He had changed into jeans, a white shirt and tailored jacket. I drank in the sight of him, he looked so sexy, his hair still damp from the shower. He noticed me and stopped in the middle of what he was saying. After a beat he recovered and went on:

“Doug, gotta go, I will call you if I need anything.” He snapped the phone shut. “Baby you look stunning.”

I was stunned more than stunning, the look on his face was was pure lust, it burned bright in his eyes. It was suddenly very hard to breath.

“Daddy?” I wanted to beg him to please, just touch me. Hug me, something. I took a step towards him but the cab honked and broke the spell.

“Ok, right, are you ready?”

“Yes Dad.”

He took me by the elbow and I thought I felt his fingers graze the side of my breast as he did. It was fleeting but still my breath caught in my throat. In the cab Dad seemed to sit as far away from me as possible and stared ahead as he told me who we were meeting for dinner.

“John and Jonas Brent, they’re brothers they set up their own company a few years ago, specialising in high end eco tourism. They’re still small but Doug is sure they are going to grow.”

As Dad started to talk about the type of holidays the company specialised in, an idea popped into my head, I could use Laurie’s suggestion. Maybe I could flirt with these guys or one of them at least. I would flirt with them and Dad would get jealous and then fuck me to show me I was his and he was not going to let me fuck anyone else. I was beginning a new fantasy when Dad called me back to earth. He put his hand over mine, rubbing with his thumb.

“Thanks for doing this Angie. I really appreciate you stepping in.”

Taking all my nerve in my hands I looked him directly in the eye and said: “I can think of ways you can say thank you.” I deliberately let me gaze drop down to his crotch.

“Angie we have talked about that.”

When I looked up he was throwing nervous glances at the back of the cab drivers head. I knew he wanted me to change the subject, but I ignored him.

“Well Dad, you did say you appreciated me helping you out, so maybe a little quid pro quo? I scratch your back and you scratch mine?”

I began to play with the necklace I was wearing it was long and casino firmaları the tip nestled in my cleavage so my hand was over the top of my breasts. I hoped it looked sexy, I knew he liked my tits he had played with them a lot that glorious day. But Dad said nothing and my nerve failed me when I looked up and caught the cab driver leering at me in the rear view mirror.

“Forget it Dad, I am just glad I can help.”

I went back to looking out the window feeling as if someone had let all the air out of me. It wasn’t helped when we got the restaurant and both brothers had brought their wives, no chance of flirting at all.

The food was delicious and the conversation was interesting. The brothers were enthusiastic about their business, with lots of stories about their own travels and what had led them to set up the business. Jonas’ wife Sam was lovely, she had been a teacher before giving it up to work with her husband and we talked about what sort of teaching I was interested in doing when I qualified.

“You must be very proud of your daughter Greg.”

I felt like I was being covered in a warm blanket when Dad laid his hand over mine and smiling at me answered.

“Oh I am Sam.” He looked at me. “I am blessed to have such a beautiful, intelligent girl.” The look from him took no more than a heartbeat but the lust blazed in his eyes again. I saw it clearly before he turned and asked John a question. Not only had I seen it but my pussy felt it. At least he still wanted me, I dammed his stubborn streak.

Sam leaned into me. “Your Dad is not bad on the eye either, is he single? I’ve a friend, I think they’d get on.”

The jealousy was pure and hot, I tried to damp it down with a sip of water.

“No, he has a girlfriend. Gabby.” I could hear the venom in my voice when I said her name.

“Oh, such a pity.” Sam turned to answer something her husband had asked and I was left to my thoughts. I realised that Gabby had not been to the house in a while and earlier Dad didn’t say that Gabby was busy, he just said that it was too late to get a date. I wondered what was going on but it wasn’t the time to ask.

I did ask in the cab on the way home.

“Nothing happened, we just decided to call it a day.”

“I’m sorry Dad.”

I wasn’t of course inside I was having a party. He just nodded and stared out the window.


“Nightcap?” He asked when we got home.

“Sure,” as I followed him into the living room. “I’ll get them.” I poured him a generous measure of his favourite brandy and after giving it to him, poured myself a small gin and tonic. I was heading to a seat opposite him but as I passed, he gently caught my wrist.

“Sit here beside me baby. Talk to me.”

I sat down on the edge of the couch but he pulled me back so that my back was resting against him, nestled in the crook between his body and the arm draped along the back of the seat.

“I think to-night went well don’t you Dad?”

“Yeah, they are going to evaluate the proposal and will get back to Doug next week.” I could feel the head radiating from his body through the fabric of my dress. He was silent after that and I just enjoyed being so close to him.

“I am sorry about you and Gabby, Dad. She seemed like a nice person.”

“She was baby, but it happens.”

“Dad, it had nothing to do with,” I paused, not sure how to say it. “With what happened was it?”

He pulled my head back to him and kissed the top of my head.

“Not directly baby. Don’t worry about it. It had just run its course.”

Silence fell again. After a moment, the arm that had been on the back of the sofa curled down and touched my necklace.

“This is very pretty, where did you get it?”

Accidentally his fingers brushed against the top curve of my breast for a moment, it was just a moment, but it sent sparks through me. He picked it up.

“Sorrento, last year, it is glass.”

“Very pretty.” He slowly laid it back between my breasts but this time his fingers lingered and he began to idly trace the curve of my tits as they were held prisoner by the dress. I didn’t dare move, but even that small touch was making my breathing ragged which in turn made my chest rise and fall, sometimes increasing the touch, sometimes not.

“This is pretty too.” He ran his finger along the low neckline of the dress. “Not as pretty as these of course.” He slipped his finger between the dress and my tits leaving a trail of fire in its wake. He took his finger away far too soon.

“Angie, we talked about what happened. You do know that it is not that I don’t want you, it is just that it is wrong.”

I turned my head to look up at him and his hand moved to my throat, his thumb trailing along my jaw line. I tried to think how to answer any answer that would not make him let me go.

“I know Dad.”

There were a few minutes of silence before he asked.

“Do you think about it?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, me too. I haven’t been able to concentrate. In the middle güvenilir casino of meetings there you were. I would think about these.” His free hand came up and gently cupped one of my tits. “I think about how they felt in my hands, how they tasted. How your pussy tasted.”

He moved suddenly and pushing me to one side, got up. He downed his drink in one gulp and slammed the glass down so hard I thought it would break.

“What sort of a father am I, that I can say things like that to my own daughter. It is just so fucking wrong.”

The anguish in his voice tore at me but I couldn’t think of what to say. He turned to look at me.

“I’ve been trying to rationalise it, saying it was a once off, I got carried away. But every time I look at you I want you again. Do you know what it feels like to want to hear your own daughter beg you to fuck her?”

I wanted to say something that would make him feel better, something clever, logical and calming. But I said the only thing that I truly meant.

“No, but I know what it is like to want to beg my father to fuck me again.”

He was beside me in a moment, “Angie, don’t do this to me. Please don’t.”

“Daddy please fuck me again.”

“Baby please. You know I want to, there is nothing I want more right now. But.”

I interrupted him.

“But nothing Dad, we both want it.”

He took my head in his hands and stared at me. Then whispered: “I’m sorry!” before he took my mouth in a hard bruising kiss. The force of it pushed me back onto the couch. The weight of him on top of me, crushing my tits to me was wonderful. He sucked my lips into his mouth, nipping at them, his tongue explored my mouth and I welcomed it. I could feel his cock pressing against my thigh and it was irresistible. My hands went to the snap of his jeans, he tried to stop me, but I batted his hand away. I found my prize and wrapped my hand around his cock. He moaned loudly and deepened the kiss. His hands went to my underwear and as soon as my knickers were out of the way he pushed two fingers into me, scissoring them open and closed, spreading my juices and opening me up. He broke the kiss long enough to say:

“I’m sorry baby, but I can’t stop.”

He positioned his cock at my opening and pressed forward. Despite his fingers and having fucked myself with the vibe earlier, I was tight. I spread my legs as wide as I could but still could not take him all. I felt him withdraw and then slam into me.

“Oh God, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait another minute. I’m sorry.”

He began to withdraw. I hooked my legs around him and reaching up took his face in my hands saying:

“Daddy, stop saying you are sorry and fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh baby!”

I tightened my legs around him and brought my hips up to meet him, tempting his cock deeper in to me. We both groaned. He shifted to support himself and it sent electric shocks through the walls of my pussy.

“Daddy, fuck me, please, just fuck me.” I was begging him as he slowly pulled back but stopped before the tip of his cock left me.

“Open your eyes baby. I need to see you want this as much as I do.”

As we stared at each other he stroked his gorgeous cock in and out of me slowly a few times, coating himself in my copious juices and then began to hammer in and out, fast and hard. I was being pushed up the couch with the ferocity of his thrusts but it felt so good. The first orgasm hit when he was increasing pace and the second rolled in almost on top of it.

“Yessss Daddy, fuck. That’s it fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy.”

“Baby, Daddy is going to fuck you until you cannot walk.” He punctuated his words with slamming his cock into me. “And then I will keep on fucking you, until you cannot talk.” More hard slams of his cock against my cervix. I was losing my mind with the strength of the orgasms washing over me, my belly clenching tight with their power.

“I’m going to fill your pussy with Daddy cum, baby, then your mouth. I’m going to feed you on Daddy’s cum. You want that don’t you? You want to be Daddy’s slut.”

I could feel my juices running down to my ass. His words were bringing me higher and higher. I was my Daddy’s slut. I screamed as the largest orgasm ripped me asunder.

“Don’t you?” He growled at me.

“Yessss Daddy. Oh god yes, just don’t stop fucking me.”

Just as he had done last week, he grabbed me by the waist and brought us both to sitting, his cock driven even deeper inside me. With one hand he guided me on and off his cock, the other he attacked my clit. I didn’t think I could have a bigger orgasm, but I did. And Daddy came with me. Deep inside my pussy his cock pumped his cum into me and my pussy gripped and coated his cock with mine.

I collapsed into the crook of his neck and kissed him gently as we tried to recover. His arms trapped me and held me close, his cock still inside me, he kissed my forehead gently.

“Are you ok, baby? I’m sorry I was a bit rough but I just couldn’t get inside you fast enough.”

I wriggled out of his arms and sat up on his lap. I could feel a river running down my thighs. I took his face in my hands and placed gentle kisses on his eyes, down the side of his face until I reached his mouth.

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