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I was really looking forward to this weekend, visiting with my brother Dave and his wife Angela. It would be good to just chill, and decompress, and clear my mind for a few days.

It was almost a year-and-a-half since the accident, and I still missed Abby. Her death had really knocked me for a loop. For several months afterward, I was horribly depressed, barely able to bring myself to even leave the house. Thank God for an understanding boss, or I might have ended up on the street.

By now, I was through the worst of it. I wasn’t depressed any more, and my life was starting to look and feel more ‘normal’. But I still missed Abby — I missed her smile, her personality, the way she made me feel. And especially in bed at night, I missed the warmth of her body, the passion of her kisses, the fullness of her breasts, the way we used to make love with our very souls.

Life was getting better, but it was still hard to let go of Abby. My family relationships, especially with Dave and Angela, were really helping me get my feet back under me. How can I say it — Dave is my brother, you know? He’s two years older than me, and I know he’ll do anything for me. Angie is just a sweetheart — having her in the family has just made it a happier, brighter place. I’ve always admired the strength of their marriage — the obvious affection they have for each other, the way they just enjoy each other’s company, the way that nothing shakes them, and the way they’re just ‘in it together.’ I’m lucky to have a brother and sister-in-law like the two of them. A weekend at their place was just the thing to help me clear my head.


I arrived at their door on Friday, just before dinnertime. Angela prepared an amazing meal; Dave broke out the wine, and the three of us just relaxed and got very mellow, and talked for several hours. It was a great time, everything from reminiscing about childhood days to what we were doing last week.

I looked at Dave and Angela, and smiled. They were a lovely couple, aside from being family to me. Angela was a beautiful, vivacious woman, and Dave was certainly fortunate that she was his wife. And he knew it, too — when I told him how lucky he was, he just grinned and quoted Lou Gehrig: “Luckiest man on the face of the earth, bro!”

I finally excused myself and headed to bed. I didn’t know what was in store for Saturday, but I was really tired; I fell asleep practically as soon as my head hit the pillow, and slept like a rock.

At one point in the middle of the night, I was dreaming that a beautiful woman was sucking on my cock, making it stiff and hard. It was a sublime feeling; I hadn’t any kind of sex since Abby died, and this was one of my favorite recurring dreams. I began to buck my hips up off the bed, and my dream-lady started to purr and hum and swirl her tongue on my cockhead. In my dream-state, I told her that if she didn’t slow down a little, I was gonna come.

“That’s OK,” said Angela. “Come whenever you feel like it.”

Angela? What was Angela doing in my dream? I roused myself enough to see that it was no dream — my sister-in-law was in my bed sucking my cock!

“Angela!” I hissed. “What are you doing?”

“Duh? I’m sucking your cock,” she whispered back. “Now relax. You need this.”

“Where’s Dave? What if he catches you?”

“Who do you think sent me here? Although I admit, I would’ve asked if he hadn’t.”

Aside from being about 10% awake, I was now pretty completely confused. But Angela just kept sucking on my cock, and apparently my brother was OK with it, so I just laid back and let it happen.

After a while, my cock was throbbingly, quiveringly, almost painfully stiff. Angela slid herself up along my body, pausing to caress my cock with her breasts for a while, before sliding up further. I felt her breasts sliding up my body, from my pubis, up my belly and my chest, in an utterly sultry manner. Soon I was face-to-face with Angela, and she kissed me deeply.

“I love you, Rick. You’re my husband’s brother, and you’re a good man, who hasn’t had enough lovin’ for too long a time.”

I was completely tongue-tied. I certainly loved my brother, and I knew he loved me, and I loved Angela, too. But I never dreamed of making love to her. What casino şirketleri was I to say to her?

“Come on, big guy,” she said, insistently. “Let’s get you inside of me.”

She slid back down, until I could feel her pussy-lips nestled against the tip of my cock. Then, a centimeter at a time, she took me into herself. I felt the head of my erection being enveloped by the silky, moist warmth of her vagina, and then I felt that warmth progressing down my shaft until I was completely buried inside my sister-in-law.

She dragged herself back up my body until I almost slipped out of her, then slid back down until I was balls-deep again. It was an incredible sensation, almost like I was being fucked twice — once as my cock slid in-and-out of her pussy, and once as her tits slid along my chest. When I was all the way inside her, she clenched her cunt-muscles rhythmically around my shaft until I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

“Mmmm,” she purred, “Your dick feels so good inside me.”

She sat up, steadying herself with her hands on my chest, and began grinding herself onto my rod more earnestly. I could feel all the way inside her, as she took me into her deepest core. I felt like she was consuming me whole; I wanted to crawl up inside her and live there, wrapped inside her vagina forever.

The sensations were incredible, intense. In my barely-awake state, I was acting on instinct, almost on auto-pilot, as I thrust myself up into her in the age-old sexual rhythm. Soon, my balls began to quiver and pulsate, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. “Angie,” I gasped, “I’m gonna come!”

“Ooooh, Yeah!” she groaned. “Come for me, Babe! Give me your cum! Shoot it into me — I want all of it!”

Always the obedient lover, I lifted my hips up off the bed and thrust myself up into her, until, with a loud groan, I sent my semen pulsing into her. My balls rocked with spasm after spasm, until they were completely spent.

Angela collapsed onto my chest, and I held her close to me for a long time, stroking her back, and her butt, and kissing her hair.

“Thank you,” I finally whispered to her. “You were right — I really needed that.”

“I know you did. I love you, Rick.”

“And I love you.”

She rolled off me, and headed back down the hall, to the bed she shared with my brother.

As she opened the door to my room, I said, “Tell Dave I’m grateful.”

“He knows.”

And my sleep after that was even deeper and happier than before.


When I awoke the next morning, bright sunlight was already streaming into my room. I stood up, threw on some jeans and a T-shirt, and wandered down the hall toward the kitchen. Angela was there, with a full plate of freshly scrambled eggs and sausage for my breakfast.

“Here you go — eat up! After last night, I figured you might be hungry,” she said with a wink.

“Thanks,” I replied. “Sorry I’m so late getting up this morning.”

“No problem; I was just about to come and get you, anyway.”

I dug into my eggs, and Angela spoke again. “Dave sends his apologies, but he got called in to work. Bummer, huh? I guess you and I will just have to play by ourselves,” she said with a wink and a grin.

“Yeah, listen,” I began, “about last night. . .”

“Wasn’t that fun?” she interrupted me. “I had a great time. How ’bout you?”

“I had a great time. . .”

“So when do you wanna do it again?”

“Are you serious?” I asked. “You’re my brother’s wife. I mean, I’m grateful for your concern, but I love you guys, and I don’t want to mess things up.”

“Rick,” she answered, turning toward me and adopting an earnest tone, “there’s nothing you could mess up. Dave and I both love you. We’re not going to split up because of you. What we both want, is to take care of you the best we can. Will you let us — will you let ME — love you?”

I felt a little sheepish, when she put it like that.

She walked over to where I was sitting, and sat down on my lap. She took my hands and wrapped them around herself. Her head nestled just below my nose, and my senses were inundated by the feminine scent of her hair. She moved one of my hands, sliding it inside her robe, cupping it over her breast. It was delightful casino firmaları — round and firm. I felt her nipple harden under my touch. I savored every second, every inch, of our intimacy.

My mind spun at the thought that I was sitting here, caressing my brother’s wife’s breast, after having had sex with her last night. And apparently, she wants to do it again! How did I get here? What alternate Universe have I landed in?

Angela stood up. “Come on,” she said, “let’s go to the den.” She took me by the hand, and led me to the den, in the back of the house.

In the den, she turned to face me. Looking sexily into my eyes, she untied her robe and let it fall slowly to the floor. Her naked body was incredibly beautiful — her large, full breasts, lovely round hips, and densely hairy pussy had me immediately spellbound. It had been dark in the bedroom last night, but now I could see the full extent of her naked beauty, and she was exquisitely beautiful.

Holding eye contact with me, she reached for the button in the front of my jeans. Unfastening it, and slowly unzipping them, she slowly peeled them down my legs. I hadn’t put any underwear on when I awoke, so once Angela had my jeans below my crotch, my throbbing, erect cock sprung free. I peeled my T-shirt off while Angela gripped my pulsating manhood, so we were both completely naked. I wrapped her in a warm, loving embrace, running my hands all over her back, fondling and squeezing the firm cheeks of her ass, feeling the sideways bulge of her breasts as she pressed them into my chest, rubbing my aroused member against her belly, leaving little warm trails of pre-cum on her.

She pushed me down onto the couch, and I sat down hard. Then she knelt between my legs, and began stroking my erection up and down, spreading my slick ooze all along my shaft.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “Your cock looks even better by the light of day.” She bent forward, and sensuously kissed the tip, then wrapped my cockhead in the warmth of her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on me, then paused to swirl her tongue around the head. All I could do was to lean my head back onto the couch, and accept the sensations of my sister-in-law sucking my cock.

Soon, Angela stood up, leaving my throbbing cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Again, she looked straight into my eyes as she straddled my lap, her knees resting on the couch on either side of my hips. I watched with rapt attention as she nestled her warm, moist pussy against my cockhead, and slowly lowered herself onto me. I saw my length slowly disappearing into her furry opening, until her thick, dark pubic hair met and tangled with mine, and I felt my balls nestled against her ass.

For a long time, I sat utterly still, savoring the erotic sensations of my erect penis wrapped inside my brother’s wife. She clenched her cunt-muscles on my shaft, creating intense waves of pleasure that rolled through my body.

Slowly, she raised herself off my lap, until she had nearly released her vaginal grip on me, then slowly plunged back down until I was straining at her depths. Her slow, sultry up-and-down movements were lifting me to a higher erotic plane. Then she switched to a grinding motion, so I stayed buried inside her, but she stirred my cock all around the depths of her pussy, and clenched herself on the base of my cock. I was gasping for air at the intensity of the erotic effect she was having on me.

At last, the sensations in my cock became overwhelming, and I felt my orgasm gathering in the base of my balls. “Angie,” I groaned, “I’m gonna come. . .”

With that, she increased her tempo, shaking her ass on my cock at a tremendous pace. “Look at me!” she commanded me. “Look into my eyes. I want to see inside you when you come.”

I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine. It was like she was gazing into the depths of my soul.

“Come now,” she urged me, holding her gaze steadily on my eyes. “Come in me. Let it go. Give me your cum.”

I held her gaze as I released my core fluid essence into her. Abby and I had reached a similar state of erotic union a few times, but I had never experienced anything like it with anyone else. As my semen erupted from my cock and surged into Angela, it was almost güvenilir casino as though we were dissolving into each other, becoming a single erotic entity. I pressed my cock into her, sending my seed into her core in great pulsating waves, until I was utterly spent.

Angela kept grinding on me, until I could feel the inside of her cunt begin to clench on my shaft. She was gasping for breath, and digging her fingers into my shoulders, when she gripped her thighs tightly onto my hips, and shuddered to her own orgasm.

“Yeah, baby,” Angela purred, wrapping her arms around my head, pressing her breasts against my face. “That feels better, doesn’t it?”

It was strange; I could almost feel something like a dam breaking deep inside of me. Like I could finally let go of Abby. Not that I would ever forget her, or would ever want to, but I could release her to whatever other, better world she lived in now, with gratitude for the time we spent together, and turn my own life from the past to the future. It was like Angela’s loving had begun something like a sexual healing inside me.

Angie and I held each other tightly for a long time, and it was even longer before I could coax a sound from my throat. “Thank you,” I croaked. “You’ve helped me more than you know.”

“You are so welcome,” she purred.


When Dave got home that afternoon, Angela told him what the two of us had been up to. Dave grinned, and smacked me on the shoulder. “I knew you had it in you!” he enthused. “Or should I say, you had it in Angie?”

We had dinner together, and then the three of us retired into Dave and Angie’s king-size bed, to frolic sexually into the wee hours. I watched as Dave and Angela made the deepest, most soulful love I’ve ever seen, as only great lovers can. When they’d finished, Angie and I made love again, while she sucked Dave’s cock. And once I’d come again, she rode Dave until they both came once more (I have always been the least bit envious of female sexuality, and the way that women can keep fucking, seemingly for hours on end, without having to recover after every orgasm). Finally, all three of us drifted contentedly, exhaustedly off to sleep.


The next morning (or was it early afternoon?), I came groggily awake to the sensations of Angela playing with my cock, in the process of making it hard once more. Dave was already up, making breakfast. I turned to look groggily at her.

“Good morning,” I slurred, in my half-asleep state.

“Hi!” Angela said brightly. “Wanna fuck? One more for the road?”

“Mmmmm,” I mumbled. “Sounds wonderful. Let’s do it.”

“I thought you’d like it,” said Angela, with a smirk. “C’mere.”

She pulled me on top of herself, positioning me between her legs. I gazed down at her pussy, which was still filled with a thick white soup of Dave’s cum mixed with mine from the night before. I slowly entered her, feeling Dave’s and my combined juices overflowing the walls of Angela’s pussy, surging up onto my balls and dripping down my legs and Angela’s ass. I savored every inch of the inside of Angela’s pussy. Eagerly, I pumped my cock in and out of her, not wanting to finish too soon, but intent on squeezing every possible sensation from our coupling.

Soon, I could feel my balls getting ready to explode again, so I thrust into her one more time, and sent the last globs of my semen spurting into my sister-in-law.

I laid on top of her for a few minutes afterward, catching my breath. My God, what an amazing woman my brother had married!


Alas, I had to leave my brother’s house that afternoon, and return to my own place, which was probably just as well. As I waved and drove off, I had no doubt that the two of them would be fucking each other’s brains out before I got off their street.

My place still seemed a little empty without my Abby to brighten it up. But my outlook had changed. I don’t know if you’d call what Angela and Dave did for me ‘sexual healing’ or not, but it sure felt that way to me. I’ve even gone on a few dates.

Since that weekend, Dave and Angela have invited me back for erotic weekends every couple months or so, and we always have a great time. Angela says she wants to have her sister (who I’ve only met once, at their wedding) come for a visit sometime, when I’m there; she thinks the two of us will really like each other. Sounds fun; I can hardly wait. . .


For a continuation of this story, see ‘Angel-In-Law; Sweet Sister’

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