Andrew , Elsa: A Hard Day at Work

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This story was co-authored by JaneAustenButSexy and Nemasis84. Enjoy!

Part 1: Andrew Arrives Home

It had been a frustrating day at work. The kind where everything just seems to go wrong, and to be honest by the time I was pulling into the drive I was feeling in the kind of mood that usually ends in only one way.

The problem had been that I’d spent most of the day distracted. No matter how much I’d tried to focus on the paperwork and the files I had to organise, my mind just kept sliding to more interesting thoughts. Thoughts that are really not appropriate to be having at the office.

I sat in the car for a few minutes after turning off the engine. Just sat behind the wheel and let the stresses of the day drain away a little, not that it helped much. Now I was home the feelings that had plagued me all day were worse than ever. Put simply, I had been feeling incredibly horny.

Without any relief to be found where I currently was I figured I may as well go inside. Maybe I’d spend some time online or watch TV, anything to distract myself from the nagging and insistent needs that had been distracting me all day. Although there was really only one thing that would resolve the issue.

I pushed the door open and climbed out of the car, locked it again and then fumbled in my pocket for my house key but found it unnecessary because the front door was already unlocked. A small part of me was annoyed, that was my day in a nutshell, but another part realised if the door was unlocked then the house was occupied and suddenly things were looking up.

I quietly slipped into the house, not announcing my arrival as I normally would, and made my way from room to room, poking my head around the doors but not finding anything until I went to the kitchen, then finally I found who I was looking for.

She was at the sink, totally oblivious to my presence. Dressed in a shirt and skirt that showed off her wonderful legs, and humming to herself as she finished a mug and put it onto the side to dry while she set to work on the next item that required cleaning.

Just seeing her standing there with that gorgeous round arse swaying slightly as she rubbed the dishcloth over the plate, her arms elbow deep wiping them clean in the suddy water in the sink, had my desires surging.

I could feel my pants starting to feel tight as I grew hard the longer I watched my sexy wife working on the mundane task of simply cleaning the dirty dishes. It was amazing just how aroused she could get me while still fully dressed, and my head filled with sudden desires that I knew I couldn’t resist. I’d been frustrated all day, and now it was time to relieve that tension.

Without hesitation I walked over and stood behind Elsa, the beautiful woman I had married, and without a word I wrapped my arms around her body and grabbed the big mounds of her tits, squeezing them as I pressed my bulging crotch against her arse and kissed her neck.

She jumped a little at first, then pressed herself back against me as my hands lifted her breasts. I love feeling the weight and softness of them in my hands, massaging both together and hearing Elsa moan in pleasure whenever my palms touch her nipples. Other than her gorgeous round arse, her tits are my favourite part of her to have my hands on.

“Good day at work?” she asked as I nuzzled her neck and kissed her just behind her left ear, my hard cock growing even more still as I could feel her rubbing against me slightly. That pressure felt so good it made me ache and my already frustrated thoughts grew more urgent.

“No,” I said while letting my hands slip down from her chest, down her belly to the hem of her skirt and then back up. My right hand slipped between her thighs, cupping her crotch and feeling the warmth there. My left hand snaked around her waist and holding her firmly against me, leaving Elsa no option but to stay exactly where I wanted her to be.

“What happened?” Elsa asked as she continued to wash the dishes while I held and kissed her. Even that gentle movement caused her arse to rub against my throbbing crotch and I felt like ripping her clothes off right there, bending her over the dinner table and filling her with my cock.

“Quiet, I don’t want to talk about it right now, I just want to feel your sexy body!” I said and pulled her back harder against me, kissing her neck firmly as I felt her body pressed against mine. My hand between her thighs, rubbing her now, the heat there growing as I gave her more stimulation and my voice became more dominant.

“Mmm yes Sir,” she whispered and moved her head to the right, allowing me better access to her neck, which smelled of sweet perfume through her thick hair which fell loose around her shoulders in a wonderful cascade.

I moaned at the way she called me sir and my cock pulsed. Just having her like that, under my control, submissively falling silent when I told her to and allowing me to enjoy exploring her body with my hands got me even more turned on. casino şirketleri The frustrations of work were now evolving into sexual frustrations, and here I had a sexy, beautiful woman desperate to relieve them for me. What else could I do but take advantage of that?

“Mmm you wore this perfume specially for me, didn’t you? You wanted to turn me on,” I said and pressed my palm harder against her knicker covered crotch, rubbing her pussy a little now though the cloth and loving how she squirmed. I could feel the heat rise as she got more turned on, knowing she was enjoying my attentions.

“No, honest,” Elsa said with a hint of mischief in her voice. She knew where I was going with this.

“You’re lying to me, and you know how I feel about you lying and what it earns you!” I said right into her ear and kissed the lobe before I let go of her and stepped backward.

“I’m not lying I promise,” Elsa half looked back over her shoulder but then turned her attention back to the sink; her arms were still elbow deep in the suddy water.

“Drop that plate and turn around and look at me, now!” I ordered, my voice commanding and leaving no room for debate. I was in control and she knew it.

Elsa did as instructed, letting the plate she was holding sink into the suddy water and quickly turned to face me, looking up into my face with her deep blue eyes that never failed to turn me on, and I could see how aroused she was too. Just from the look she gave me I knew she wanted this just as much as I did.

I stepped back up to her and looked down into her succulent blue eyes, being six inches taller and bigger built I loomed over Elsa and fixed her with a deep stare before finally speaking again.

“Liar, you’ve earned a spanking later for that, but first my cock needs some attention!” I said with a grin and quickly, before she could reply, I pressed my lips to hers, leaning my head down and shoving my tongue into her mouth as soon as our lips touched. Elsa gave me full access as she kissed me back hard, and a soft moan of excitement escaped her throat when I ran my hands down her sides and around her lower back.

I wrapped my arms around Elsa before I took a step forward and physically pushed her backwards, forcing her arse against the counter and pinning her there with my body, rubbing myself against her sexy curves as our tongues continued to entwine in that deep, passionate kiss.

I felt her arms, still wet from washing up, wrap around my neck as we kissed and I pressed against her harder, just the feel of her soft chest pressed against me enough to now have me fully hard in my pants, the bulge now throbbing when Elsa moaned into mouth.

I could have kissed her soft succulent lips for a long time but I wasn’t in the mood for being gentle. What I wanted was to feel her naked skin under my palms, look at her flesh and play with her body, to use her to relieve my frustrations. And that is just what I did.

I broke the kiss and grabbed the hem of her shirt, yanking it roughly up her body and over her head, Elsa having no option but to lift her arms as I pulled the flimsy garment over her head and threw it onto the floor before my hands reached for her bra, pulling it down and letting her big bouncy tits spill free from the cups that had just held them.

I looked down at her tits, a smile touching my face as I thought of all the things I wanted to do with them, grab and squeeze, kiss and suck, wrap them around my hard cock and make Elsa rub my throbbing shaft up and down, maybe force her to suck the tip with her willing warm mouth as it poked up from between her cleavage.

Thinking such nasty thoughts had my cock stiff and aching within my pants, and my desires were in overdrive. I had to touch those beautiful big mounds, and wasted no time in cupping them in both hands, feeling the warmth as I caressed and listened to Elsa groan in pleasure under my touch.

“I love these big things,” I said in a growl as I buried my face between the mounds of soft sensitive flesh, cupping them in my hands and pushing both together as I kissed and sucked the right nipple which stiffened instantly as my lips found it.

I closed my lips and sucked, grazing the sensitive fleshy tip with my teeth and flicking it with my tongue, building up the sensations with every passing second and enjoying the rewards of Elsa’s loud gasps and urgent pleas for more.

Elsa moaned again as I bit the sensitive nub and licked it, then switched focus to the left, giving that nipple the same attention and getting the same result before I kissed my way back up her throat and found her lips again, our tongues once more fighting that wonderful fight of passion.

“Mmm you’re still over dressed, lets sort that out!” I said after another deep lustful kiss and shoved my fingers into the waistband of Elsa’s skirt, forcing it down her thighs until gravity took over and it dropped into a heap on the kitchen floor with her discarded shirt.

I stepped back then and casino firmaları looked at my gorgeous wife, her tits rising and falling rapidly as she took shallow breaths, nipples erect and pointed at me like little pink pencil erasers, only her knickers covering her crotch left to hide any part of her body from my eager gaze, and they wouldn’t last long.

“Come here and get on your knees!” I demanded and as Elsa rushed forward to comply, her tits bounced in her haste before she obediently dropped before me onto her knees and looked up at me from her new submissive position, I started to unzip my trousers, my cock that was bulging within now trying to spring loose.

Elsa licked her lips and looked excitedly at me, her eyes pleading and chest heaving as I stood over her and rummaged around in my pants until I was able to free my throbbing cock which stood out thick and proud, pulsing with my heartbeat inches away from my wife’s beautiful face.

Once it was out Elsa didn’t waste any time when she saw my cock erect and up close. Not that I minded at all, I was by now feeling so aroused I could hardly restrain myself from simply begging for her to relieve some of my tensions.

Without waiting for any instructions she wrapped her right hand around my shaft and looked up at me while she felt it jerk in response under her warm, soft touch. That encouraged my sexy wife and I was treated to the wonderful sensation of her fingers tightening and her hand starting to move, sliding the length of my shaft as those gorgeous blue eyes looked up at me, filling with lust and submissive pleasure.

“Oh yes, rub my cock! That feels so good baby!” I grunted as Elsa started to slide her hand up and down my cock harder and a little quicker, starting at the base still inside my trousers and rubbing it to the head before going back down again.

She squeezed in response to my encouragement and let out a low moan when I placed one hand on her head, pushing my fingers into her thick hair, and reached down with my other until I found her chest, taking her right nipple between my fingers for a second and then groping her tits each in turn. My fingers twisting her sensitive nubs while she wanked me from her knees. There was something about me being fresh from work and fully dressed in my shirt, tie and trousers and her only clad in a pair of white cotton knickers that added so much to what was happening.

“You like that?” I asked with a grin as Elsa moaned again when my fingers took her left nipple and pulled it gently, just enough to send a jolt of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Yes! I love having your hands playing with my nipples while I stroke your big cock!” Elsa groaned as her right hand continued to stroke up and down my length and her left reached around and grabbed my arse and I knew now was the time to take things to the next level.

“Mmm good. I love having your hands on my cock, but I like it more when its in your mouth!” I said with a wicked grin, grabbing Elsa by her long thick lustrous hair harder and forcing her head forward giving her no option but to bring her face and mouth closer to the tip of my throbbing cock.

I felt Elsa’s warm breath on the round head of my cock almost immediately and the soft warmth of her lips on the sensitive skin as she kissed the end lovingly a second later and then there was the moment I’d waited all day for when she closed her lips around the tip, never breaking the eye contact we had as she did so.

It felt incredible as her red lips engulfed the head of my aching cock and then immediately the sucking began. There was no slow build up today, we both knew this was not one of those types of blowjobs; this was going to be fast and urgent. My cock pulsed as I felt Elsa’s tongue swirl and lick my sensitive head, her eyes looking up at me for approval and I gave it to her by quickly forcing my cock deeper into her mouth.

Elsa gave a loud groan and her eyes fluttered as she felt me grab a fist full of her hair and force her lips along my shaft as I pulled her head forward, my cock filling her mouth as the head sank toward her throat quickly, and all the time she eagerly kept on sucking.

“Suck it baby! Mmm yes! So good, now keep going!” I encouraged and eased Elsa’s mouth down farther onto my throbbing cock by pushing on the back of her head, making her take every inch inside before I held her there for a second, just enjoying the feeling of power I had as I controlled my beautiful wife in such a nasty way.

I eased her head back and watched as her lips slid backward along my shaft slowly, each wet inch revealed until just the head still had those succulent lips wrapped around it, and once more I felt the thrilling sensation of her tongue swirl around the tip, playing with me as I groaned.

I took control again and using my handful of hair forced my cock deep into her mouth again, the head once more entering her throat and causing me to moan when I felt it. Her lips were tight around my shaft but güvenilir casino thanks to her saliva coating my cock they slid along my skin with no effort when I started to move her head back and forth.

For her part Elsa eagerly and willingly allowed me to dictate the pace as I started to fuck her face now, building up the speed as I had her bobbing her head, and the more I moaned and encouraged the more she would suck, matching my pleasure with her own intensity.

“Mmm yes! Oh God that feels good!” I started to groan, the pleasure building as Elsa took my cock into her throat then pulled her head back, leaving just the tip between her lips before sinking the entire length back inside.

She moaned as my throbbing shaft fill her mouth again and again, the pressure I applied on her head making her take more of it as she sucked me, her saliva covering my shaft and dripping down her own chin, the blowjob she was so eagerly giving turning much more sloppy the longer it went as wetness filled her mouth and had nowhere to go but onto the cock filling it and out from between her lips.

I was loving it. The urgent way she moved her head, the sounds of pleasure coming from her mouth that sent exquisite vibrations up and down my cock, having her on her knees and practically at my mercy as I held her head with her hair and controlled the way she took my cock in and out of her mouth, it was all pushing the right buttons inside me, and I knew it was for her too!

The sounds of her lips smacking and wet sucking were like music to my ears as I looked down and watched while Elsa continued to take me in and of of her mouth, and I knew from the moans escaping her throat that she was really getting off from having me holding her by the hair as she bobbed her head, so at that moment I decided to add a little extra verbal stimulation.

“That’s it baby, get my cock nice and wet so I can fuck your brains out with it!” I said through gritted teeth.

Every time Elsa took my entire shaft into the warm embrace of her velvety mouth I felt myself get that tiny bit closer to the edge, but I knew I couldn’t allow myself to get over excited. I had so much more planned before I was ready to spill my seed and be done.

The effect my words had was immediate and Elsa quickly let out a long groan from around my cock as she continued to suck urgently, her lips now wrapped around the tip as I held her head still now, just focusing on the feel of her tongue as she expertly flicked it up and down and ran it in circles around the sensitive area on the very tip.

“Oh yeah baby, Daddy loves it when you do that, it gets me so aroused and makes me want to bend you over and fill your wet pussy!” I groaned as my cock jerked in response to Elsa taking me into the warm embrace of her wonderful mouth. “Mmm is that what you want? To have me fucking you right now?”

I already knew the answer to that, but I wanted to make her say it, to beg for it. The thought of her on her knees, her chin wet from the saliva that had spilled from her lips while she’d been sucking my cock, and begging for me to bend her over and fuck her tight wet pussy, made me more excited then I’d been in a long time.

“Yes! Oh my God yes Daddy! I want you inside me right now!” Elsa said pleadingly as she let my cock drop from between her lips but grabbed it with her hand instead, continuing to rub it and keep me nice and hard as she looked up at my face with eager eyes.

She could see in my face just how much I wanted to be in her too, to feel her warmth wrapped around my throbbing cock as I slammed my hips forward and sank deep into her pussy, but first I wanted to tease this moment out a little longer.

“If you want it that bad then you have to beg for it,” I said to her, my eyes not leaving her own as Elsa continued to stroke my wet shaft eagerly.

She bit her lip for a second and I knew that she was feeling a jolt of pleasure course through her body at that moment. Just the idea of being made to beg for me to use her was making Elsa hot, no doubt her knickers were soaking wet from her juices already.

“Please Daddy, I want you to fuck me so much! I’m so wet and need you to fill me with your big cock so I can cum for you right now!” Elsa said urgently, and her hand matched her tone, sliding up and down my cock like crazy, fingers tight around my shaft.

That was it for me. Even if I had wanted to wait any longer I didn’t have the willpower. Hearing Elsa speak like that had my cock throbbing and my own needs at boiling point, it was time to move on from the preliminary round to the main event, although first there was one thing I needed to do.

“Get up and take your underwear off right now!” I ordered, my hard cock throbbing like mad now after the deep urgent blowjob I’d received. “I want you naked in my presence!”

“Yes Sir,” Elsa said hurriedly. I could see how turned on she was, the look on her face and in her eyes telling me just how much she wanted to submit, to be used and made to feel small.

She quickly got to her feet from off her knees and started to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers to push them down and expose herself to me, but before she could I took control of the situation again.

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