Anal Trio Ch. 02

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Clara: 40, Melanie’s mother
Kathy: 38, Clara’s sister
Melanie: Clara’s daughter
Pilar: 25, Melanie’s lover

Pilar, Melanie’s Columbian lover, keeps her prick buried in the sexy bitch’s dripping, juicy gash after fucking her into a howling, earth-shattering climax. The evidence of their torrid love-making is in the sheen of sweat covering their bodies and the copious amount of female fluids matting their pubic areas and thighs. “Why do I always have to lie in the ‘wet spot’?” Melanie giggles, squirming beneath her dildo-strapped partner. “‘Cos yor tha beetch” Pilar retorts, stretching lazily.

“Yes, I am the bitch” Melanie hisses, lifting her head to capture Pilar’s lips in a hot, searching kiss.

At that moment Clara and Kathy stroll into the bedroom, back from their shopping trip.

“Didn’t you two get enough last night?” Kath grins, her eyes roving over the naked bodies of her niece and her lover, still connected at the groin by the man-made prick.

“Obviously not, and I’d wager that neither of you two sluts did either” Mel shoots back.

“What say I take on Pilar first this time ’round, Kath, then switch?” Clara suggests.

“Suits me” Kath agrees quickly, starting to strip. She’s wearing a light blue floral-print dress, with a lacy lavender bra and matching thong beneath, and sling-back pumps. Pilar pulls out of Mel’s swampy cunt with an audible “slurp” and knee-walks over to the edge of the king-sized bed, leaving Kath space to dive between her niece’s cum-slick thighs and start licking greedily at her open, steamy gash. Her tongue-tip dances delightfully on her throbbing clit and slick pussy lips, making the horny youngster grind her gash sexily against her aunt’s lapping oral digit.

Clara is squatting in casino şirketleri front of Pilar, eyeing the thick, sticky rubber staff jutting from her groin. “Yummy!” she quips, before wrapping her lips around the fat tip and letting the foot-long rodger slide down into her gullet. The lusty latina grabs a clump of the hair piled-atop the wanton slut’s head and pushes her hips forward; Clara’s throat opens like a drain and the cock-tip bumps against her voice box. By the time the last bit of her daughter’s delicious cuntal secretions are cleaned from the huge bitch-tamer Clara’s red lipstick is wiped-away as well and her own g-string is a soaking mess.

Kath has nibbled and licked and fingered Mel to another mini-climax. After rewarding her with a hot french-kiss, Mel puts-on her own strap-on and slides off the bed, approaching her mom from behind.

Her aunt, ever-helpful, assists by tugging Clara’s tight skirt over her hips, revealing the dark blue satin garter-belt she wears beneath. She doesn’t bother with lube; she thumbs-aside the thin strip of g-string material protecting her ass-hole: it is still gaping from the previous night’s activities, so the horny mother-fucker shafts-in with no preliminaries. After a few hard strokes, she withdraws and turns to her aunt, grinning wickedly. Kath leans down and takes the prick into her mouth without hesitating. They continue this routine for a few minutes, until Pilar puts a stop to it. She pulls-out of Clara’s aching throat and shoves her face-down on the bed, and is soon buried to the hilt in the massive-titted mother’s open back-door, her hips pounding relentlessly. Kath sinks onto her hands and knees with her niece right behind her, a big jar of Vaseline in hand. She stuffs a few jelly-slick fingers into casino firmaları her nasty auntie’s rectum, and after a quick “finger-wave” (she’d taken quite a pounding last night from both Mel and Pilar and so doesn’t need much preparation) she is groaning as her heiny-hole is stretched painfully by the thick intruder. She does anal only occasionally, and so Mel doesn’t treat her nearly as roughly as she does her Mom. She begins with slow, easy thrusts, building-up her pace gradually until Kath is comfortable enough to hump back at her, timing it so that she pushes backward as Mel is sliding forward. The sexy aunt reaches down and strums her own swollen clit as her ass is stuffed full of rubber cock-meat.

Clara has been positioned on her side with Pilar digging full-force into the open pit of her nether-hole.

She is still fully dressed, though her clothes are in complete disarray as she and the younger woman rut like animals. Her blouse has been opened sometime during the hot coupling, and Pilar’s palms are full of her huge knockers, her fingers yanking and tugging at the thick, stubby nipples as she works-away ceaselessly at her task.

Clara is a pure “bottom”; she’s never worn a strap-on and frankly never wanted to. Her role is to provide orifices for Kath, Mel, and Pilar to plunder. Her fancy of all things anal was formed in her youth, when she and Kath were teenagers, sharing a bedroom. Kath is a top 95% of the time: she rarely is the one on the receiving-end of a dildo, in fact, Melanie and Pilar are the only women she allows to use a strap-on on her. She is not an anal fiend, except when fucking her older sister, and as stated before tolerates the anal attacks of her niece and her niece’s lover at their insistence.

Melanie is dominant, güvenilir casino except in her relationship with her Columbian mistress, who doesn’t require her to spread her cheeks very often. Pilar’s big cock is the only one she’s ever had in her pussy or ass.

Pilar, the hot-blooded latina, is a true dom: she is committed to the credo that it’s better to give than receive.

None of the women have sexual interests outside of their small group.

The foursome go through a brief session of Pilar and Melanie pulling-out of their respective partner’s ass and shoving their soiled strap-ons into the opposite woman’s mouth (Pilar gets a blow job from Kath, Mel from her mom). Kath nearly gags at the taste and smell (she doesn’t do this very often), but Clara is greedy in her sucking-off of Melanie’s tasty dong. Both women literally had the shit fucked out of them the night before, so the residue is minimal. It is more an act of submission than anything.

Pilar and Melanie change partners for the final ride home. They position the two sisters side by side and enter their gaping behinds, pumping hard and fast. Clara crams a pair of fingers into her sister’s sopping twat, and Kath returns the favor, so that the women jack each other off as their partners continue plowing their butt-holes with abandon. Mel has been obligated to take it easy on Aunt Kath; she feels no such need with her slutty mom. The pants and groans, cries and lust-filled urgings reach a crescendo as the savage, relentless butt-fucking combined with the constant rubbing of the little hard rubber nubs on the inside of the harnesses send all four, collectively and in turns, into shuddering, sobbing, explosive climaxes.

A hot gout of fake cum showers the inside of Clara’s raw, blistered ass-walls after Mel reaches down and squeezes her “balls” hard, releasing the pre-heated “cum” inside into her mother/ass-slut’s quivering, squirming bowels. Kath gets a similar “hot-shot” from Pilar.

Part 3 : Anal Trio to cum

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