Anal Nurse Ch. 07

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Ass Fuck

excerpt from Chapter 6:

Harriett mewls and groans as she is deeply, relentlessly impaled; the initial discomfort of the penetration is now mostly diminished, replaced by a lewd type of pleasure as the wide rubber shaft fills the innermost recesses of the submissive brunette’s most private place.

Harriett’s passage is well lubricated now, and as the head of her lover’s cock burrows smoothly inside her she roll her hips from side to side to establish a good sheath for it. Harriett squeals joyfully; Jaz has taken complete control of her and the dominance is, in itself, a powerful aphrodisiac.

Her orgasm looms, getting closer and closer until she explodes, her back bows and arches, sweat Splintering off their rocking bodies, her breasts thrust up, her mouth torn open in a loud cry. Jaz’ face contorts in a savage rictus of lust, her hips never cease their steady, deep, savage pumping, pumping, pumping… Poor Harriett’s wide-open asshole convulses frantically around the thick latex spear. Each thrust makes her choke and gasp and cry out, makes her jerk and lurch spasmodically. Jaz keeps going, ramming wildly into her, her own orgasm recedes. Gradually, the pace slows; the horny Latina’s strokes are much slower; long, smooth thrusts that drew small, broken moans of pure pleasure from her beautiful female lover.


Danica Sellers settles-into the spacious office formerly occupied by Lew Waltrip, who has retired suddenly after two mild strokes. A nationwide search has netted the hospital one of the best and most well-thought-of administrators in the industry, the beautiful and blonde Danica. She has a Master’s Degree in Business, a second in Hospital Administration, and, at 38 years old, is at the pinnacle of her career. Due to her professional skills and abilities, she was awarded the $200,000 per year salary she asked for, as well as a generous severance package and a brand new Jaguar sedan. Known through-out the industry as known as a tight-fisted fiscal tyrant who was able to turn three previous hospitals around that had been headed for serious financial issues. She is a whiz with personnel as well, especially the FEMALE staff…twice divorced, she is “bi” but hadn’t had sex with a man in years. At 5’7″, 130 well-proportioned pounds (36-25-36), Danica does not lack for female admirers, and is in the habit of bedding a few of the female staff wherever she happens to be working at the time; discreetly, of course. She is confident that the same will happen here.

It is just after 10am on Danica’s first day at work, and she is busy typing-in the myriad usernames and passwords she will need to access the various systems and programs required for the day-to-day operations that are now her responsibility. As she flips through a few documents on her desk, the inter-com buzzes…


“Mrs. Lila Jergens to see you, Ms Sellers”

Mmmm…Lila Jergens…she’s heard all bout Mrs. Jergens from her new best friend, Head Nurse Kalenko…

“Send her in”…

The beautiful, elegantly-dressed blonde who is escorted into her office is exactly as H.N. Kalenko has described: sharply-chisled, patrician features, corn-flower blue eyes, and full, red lips, ‘just made for cock-sucking’…a slender, bahis firmaları well-formed neck flaring to equally well-formed shoulders, which seem hardly capable of bearing-up under the weight of the watermelon-sized bosoms straining the material of the tailored blouse and jacket she wears. Danica’s eyes rove-over the full, rounded hips hugged so lovingly by the tight skirt she wears, down to the long, shapely, legs, stunning in their gun-metal stockings, which taper into delicate ankles and feet, which are encased in spike-heeled pumps that probably set the widow back $1,000 iron men.

“Ms Sellers”

“Mrs. Jergens”. I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but your husband was a giant in the industry and his reputation impeccable. He will be missed”

‘You’re very kind”

Indicating the L-shaped, black leather sofa against one wall of her office, Danica says, “Please, let’s sit.”

Once they are comfortable, Lila accepts the offer of a cocktail-vodka martini-and the women chat for a bit. After ten minutes or so, Lila addresses the reason for her visit:

“The main purpose of my visit is to tour the Pre-natal Wing, which, as I’m sure you know, is being named for my husband, and to visit some staff who are now employed here, but were working at St. Stephen’s during Mr. Jergen’s tenure”

“Are you satisfied with the progress of the wing?” Danica asks.

“Very much so. I also stopped by Head Nurse Kalenko’s office; she wasn’t in”

“Hmmm…yes, Nurse Kalenko speaks very highly of you.”

Lila Jergens allows a knowing smirk to touch her lovely red lips. “I’ll bet”


Lila shifts a bit to allow the other woman to suck avidly at her exposed nipple. Lila’s boobs are amazingly taut and firm, and quite natural.

“Yesss, suck ’em good” the horny blonde urges in a low, sultry voice.

While Danica feasts on her big knockers, Lila manages to slip-off her jacket, and fully unbutton her blouse.

After paying the Widow Jergen’s bountiful bosoms the homage they deserve, Danica stands and strips quickly divesting herself of her blouse and slacks in record time, revealing the enormous ebony latex prick strapped about her waist. Danica’s chuckle of appreciation is low and throaty as Lila applies her lips to the very end of that plum-tipped fuck stick. Hungrily, she goes down on the wide shaft, sucking in the entire length until the rubbery tip of the glans bounces off the roof of her mouth. With a convulsive gulp, she takes the entirety of the latex dong into her throat.

Danica’s hands restlessly stroke her long hair, guiding her head as it makes small jerking motions around her cock.

The small, hard rubber nubbin at the strapon’s base rubs teasingly against the H.A’s erected clit Lila works her throat like a professional hooker.

She pulls back, her tongue stroking and laving the entire length of Danica’s dingus. A lewd sucking noise is Heard as her lips slide free of the delicious slab of rubber. Her tongue flicks out pink and agile , to tease the tiny hole at the tip of the ebony, psuedo manhood.

This truly a masterful blow-job, but Danica wants what Irinia has already had-Lila Jurgen’s insatiable ass-hole!

“Get kaçak iddaa on your knees”, she orders, and Lila is quick to comply, lifting the hem of her skirt up over her lush bottom as she kneels on the edge of the leather sofa. This position causes those heavenly globes to spread a bit, exposing the purplish pink, well-used rose-bud hidden in the deep cleft. Within seconds Danica is licking and sucking hungrily at that tasty morsel. Lila grinds her hips around and around so that the H.A.’s tongue stirs deep in the groove of her slightly-gaping anal orifice. Her rough, pink oral digit darts and dips in and around the slick walls of Lila’s fundament.

Despite the heavy abuse her pooper has been subject to over the past 48 hours, Lila is hot for another deep anal penetration.

She manages to gasp, “You licked it, now FUCK it”

Danica strolls over to her desk and opens the bottom drawer of her desk, lifting-out a big tube of KY jelly. She applies a healthy dollop to her wanger on the way back, then coats the outside and inside of the busty blonde’s disfigured ass-port before dropping the lube on carpet and placing a hand on either of Lila’s garter-belted hips and maneuvering her big dick into the greasy crevice of the kneeling woman’s bottom-cheeks. Danica then pushes into her so hard that for the briefest instant the recent widow thinks she is going to pass out. She is keenly aware that her ass-ring is stretching as wide as it ever has to allow the massive intrusion. Lila is obviously a seasoned veteran of back-door sex, so Danica gets right to it: she employs, abbreviated, shallow thrusts, ten or so, then deeper strokes and a faster pace until Lila’s well-padded rear is wobbling and shaking like great bowls of pale jello.
“Oh, yes. Fuck me. That feels so good.” It is so intense Lila feels like crying.

Her body WANTS the pain, DEMANDS the humiliation; the big black cock is once again out of her, then thundering its way back in , deforming her delicate circle of muscle as the unbending slab of rubber pummels deep into her guts, the huge balls attached to its base crash into her distended pussy lips.

Behind her Danica slowly begins to withdraw her huge man-made dick from her partner’s juicy, slackened anus. The H.A. laughs aloud when Lila moans her disappointment of the withdrawal. She pulls back until her cock-head is just inside the blonde’s sphincter and then she shoves it in again, hard. The fat slab of latex crashing its way deep into the sexy widow’s inside force’s the breath out of her. Lila’s exceedingly- large, melon-like breasts wobble and sway beneath her like over-ripe fruits with each forceful thrust. Behind her, Danica stiffens, then with a loud groan, she reaches under and squeezes her “ball-sac”, hard, shooting her “load” deep inside her writhing, wriggling partner. Lila pushes–back against her dildo-strapped lover, in her attempt to keep the ass-tamer trapped inside her.

Both women rest for approximately two minutes, a thin sheen of perspiration covering both participants. After another forty seconds or so, Danica pulls-out of Lila in one swift movement. Lila turns her head, and the two women’s lips meet again, in another hot buss.

Once the kiss ends, Danica orders Lila onto her hands and knees, kaçak bahis this time on the carpet.

The horny, melonous-boobed blonde obeys, and soon Danica is in her again. The pace is fast and the strokes steady and hard. Lightening bolts course through Lila’s body as the dildo-strapped hospital exec grabs onto her prodigious hips and pumps intoher like a wild beast. Lila bucks and jerks and grinds her ass in excited little circles, urging Danica to go deeper still, harder still, to make her cum!


In Irinia Kalenko’s office, the Head Nurse is reclining in her office chair, legs spread wide, with Nurse Burnside on her knees, her tongue licking deeply into the Russian woman’s juicy twat. Though it is rare that Harriet is required to eat pussy, she has become an expert in the last six months. It isn’t long, due to this oral expertise, until Irinia’s salty, tangy woman-wine is leaking from her excited depths. Like a woman dying of thirst, Harriet greedily laps up as much of the heady juice as she is able. Sated, the supervising nurse takes Harriet’s face in her hands, and kisses her.

The kiss lasts for some time, first close mouthed, then open. Irinia boldly thrusts her tongue out, letting it roam about inside of Harriet’s mouth. It is warm, delicious…The Head Nurse is hot & wet, so she stops kissing the sexy brunette and gently pushes her to her knees, then opens a desk drawer and pulls-out her favorite strap-on cock. With assistance from Harriett, she has it buckled around her waist in no time, then hefting it in one hand, offers the realistic-looking prong to her kneeling subordinate.

Harriet parts her lips and accepts Irinia into her mouth. The fat shaft fills it so full; the voluptuously-titted widow isn’t sure there is room enough for it, and her teeth and tongue! With a throaty chuckle, the Russian pushes herself in deeper. For the next ten minutes or so, Irinia fucks Harriet’s throat until it is aching and sore. After arranging her on hands and knees, she indulges in one of her favorite past-times: EATING FEMALE ASS!!!…

Harriett shivers a bit as Irinia firmly grasps her bum cheeks and pulls them apart, the shivering intensifies as the Head Nurse’s thick tongue sweeps up the crack of her buttocks, then swirls-about the tenser whorl of her ass-pucker. Hot breath bathes Harriet’s nether regions as Irinia darts her tongue in, out, and around the randy, huge-busted subordinate nurse’s rear the girth of the thing is enough to make the lush-bodied nurse tense-up a bit, but she lowers her belly and doesn’t shrink from taking it all. She can feel each inch of its progress as the wrist-thick wang bullies its way through her anal tract and into her rectum. Her ass swallows Irinia’s thick truncheon completely, her anus gaping lewdly as the Head Nurse fucks her ferociously

“Oh, God. What are doing to me?” Harriett groans brokenly.

The repeated ass-reamings (six in the past two days) have left her raw and very sore; her rectum is stretched and battered; Irinia is ploughing the core of her, sometimes long and deep, sometimes short and fast, but never pulling out completely. At last, the Russian female stud blasts a wad of hot, gooey “cum deep inside the sobbing brunette’s soft, squirming bowels.


Irinia mounts her again and in a single deft movement her long, fat, KY-smeared cock is crammed all the way inside of the sexy, dark-haired beauty’s willing rectum.


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