Anal Epic Ch. 04

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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

About a week later, on a rather warm mid-December day, Stepmom asked me to go for a walk with her. Although her invitation appeared spontaneous and I readily agreed, I was a little apprehensive.

Eventually, we found a spot on the sun-drenched beach to sit down and we talked idly for over an hour, until I had no choice but to excuse myself. My bladder had been telling me for at least thirty minutes to get over to the toilet block immediately or pee myself in front of Stepmom – with my hard-on.

Stepmom was sitting opposite me and although her legs were pulled up to her ample chest; I couldn’t help but notice that her short shorts were provocatively pulled so high that they barely covered her genitals, specifically her smooth, little anus. Luckily, I was wearing sunglasses and could stare, unnoticed.

As I began to stand, I turned my groin awkwardly, hoping Stepmom would not see the obvious, and started walking as fast as possible. After a few feet, I turned my head back to say something, but inwardly groaned instead. Stepmom was looking down and smiling.

Upon entering the Men’s room, I noticed a tanned, older guy standing at one of the two urinals. He looked at me and I politely nodded as I took my position a couple of feet away.

Moments later, my floodgates opened. I began pissing hard enough to put out the Chicago fire.

After my bladder pressure began to subside, I began to wonder about the guy next to me. Why was he just standing there holding his cock? He didn’t seem to be peeing. Was he looking for action or couldn’t he pee in public?

“I was bursting when I came in here…always the case, isn’t it?”

I smiled and silently nodded and, although I pretended to stare straight ahead, my unbelievable peripheral vision was working overtime. I had detected a slow, definitive arm movement down around his hips. That could only mean one thing.

My heart instantly accelerated, when the man discretely eased back from the urinal. His white cock was big, fat and semi-hard.

Seeing my eyes widen, the man twisted his body slightly towards me, showing me his entire cock. I bet it was at least east eight inches long.

As my eyes continued to feast on his beast, he brazenly stroked it, before making eye contact with me. An instant later, he motioned with a subtle head nod that I show him mine.

Since I was nearest the door, I glanced over my shoulder. Seeing or hearing no one, I shook the last few drops of urine out of my cock, twisted around, and stuck my hips out.

The guy smiled, then stuck his finger out and twirled it around once. I knew what he meant and what he wanted to see. I tuned my back to him, pulled my shorts down, and bent over.

Looking at him upside down though my legs, I could see his big cock harden as he gazed down at my hairless, pink button. After another ten seconds, my anus involuntarily winked.

The older guy then glanced over his left shoulder at the furthest stall. It was a handicapped stall and, obviously, larger than the two next to it.

Although it seemed like an eternity, it only took me two clicks to decide that the odds of being caught by Stepmom were negligible. I straightened-up, tucked my expanding cock back into my shorts, and casually walked to the handicapped stall. I had just agreed to be butt-fucked.

As I pulled the stall door open, I was stunned to see a man sitting on the toilet with his pants pulled down around his ankles. Jutting out of his lap was another huge, erect, white cock!

I quickly turned to look at the older guy. He was towering over me, holding his large, throbbing erection. He smiled, nodded, and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of lube.

As I continued to look down at the huge cock that was going to go all the up my ass and then fuck it, the older guy gently turned me around. I was now looking down at the other huge cock that was going to fuck my throat.

Before I knew it, the older guy had pulled my shorts down and had spread my feet with his foot. although I balked when he pushed my shoulders down next, the guy on the toilet grabbed my head, and easily pulled it down hard into his groin, impaling my mouth with his hard cock.

As if that wasn’t enough, my naked hindquarters instantly started dancing as a thick, greased finger wiggled into my tight, dry anus. The older man wasn’t wasting any time. He quickly and somewhat roughly loosened my ass up.

“Are you ready?”

Ensuring casino şirketleri I would not move, the seated man placed his big arms on my back, reached over me, and grabbed my smooth cheeks. He held them open long enough for the older man’s two-inch, blunt cockhead to bulldoze through my tight sphincter.

“Bulls eye!”

Although I groaned, I was excited. I was officially spit roasted. Both of my orifices were now unnaturally stretched into perfect, but extremely wide ‘O’s. Both massive cocks were going to feed my need to be publically sodomized and defiled. The intense adrenalin rush from this public, deviant, sexual encounter had started.

“Candy ass tight?”

“Ain’t no virgin, but his girlie ass is as tight as the day is long. How about his mouth?”

“Likewise, but he’s had plenty of practice…”

“Here goes two more inches…”

Right before I thought I was going to shit, the older man paused to flex his massive, ridged cock. I am sure he wanted me feel it’s strength, and to imagine what it was going to feel like as it plowed in and out my tight poop chute. Unhesitatingly, I spread my legs even further apart to try to accommodate the gigantic, anal intruder.

Fortunately, the guy on the toilet generously squirted more lube on my ass and our anal copulation instantly became far more sexually pleasurable. I even began pushing my ass back against his cock as he slowly fucked me. My rectum was now welcoming being stuffed and fucked by this awesome cock.

Although I couldn’t smile, as my mouth was obscenely stretched wide by the other fat shaft, I was feeling sexually fulfilled. To show my approval, I looked up into the eyes of the guy on the toilet, nodded, and then wiggled my ass to demonstrate to both of them how much I was enjoying our sexual liaison.

Since the older man’s girth at the base of his mighty cock was exceptionally thick and strong, I shifted my rump against his crotch, and began grinding my ass into him. I wanted it all. I was fully relaxed and enjoyed the sexual thrill of the thick monsters wallowing and sliding around in the tight, wet confines of my orifices.

“You like it in the ass, don’t you?”

“Yea, he sure does.”

“He has nice, long anal tube and its completely wide open. See how easy I can fuck it? You like my big balls smacking your little ass?”

“I wonder if Betsy would mind if we took him home. He’s something else!”

“Ha. Ha. Knowing her…she has her own plans…

“She ever peg you?”

I braced myself with my hands on the hairy thighs of the man on the toilet as both men commenced to fucking my ass and mouth with all the joy and vigor of dead men walking. The men knew they were on the clock.

At some point, I took the hands of the guy on the toilet, and placed them under my t-shirt, on my nipples. Although it hurt a little when he began squeezing and pinching them, I always found it titillating to have my nipples played with and teased.

When I heard a click and saw a flash burst behind me, worrying about being caught was no longer a concern. I was caught!

I tried to raise my head, but to no avail. The guy holding my head, simply, said, “It’s just a pic of his big cock…in your little ass.”

That’s one for the photo album, I weakly thought. My butt-fucking was just memorialized.

As the men resumed fucking me, I wondered how many pics of stuffed asses they had in their collection. Would they entertain themselves with the image of my nubile, stretched, anal orifice the next time they masturbated or wanted to get hard, so they could fuck their old wives or girlfriends in the same old missionary sex position?

At some point, the older guy shuffled his feet to adjust the position of his cock in me and began fucking me more slowly as he rotated his hips. I soon forgot about the pic. The circular motion of his big cock in my snug ass felt heavenly.

When he noticed my ass responding, he pulled my hips even harder into his groin, giving himself total control of my rectum and his up-coming orgasm. His lust was immediately rewarded.

I felt his cock swell even bigger. It became hard as kryptonite. At that very moment, I was proud that my ass could accommodate and please this large-cocked, virile man.

After a couple of more minutes of shallow strokes, the older guy grabbed my shoulders and pushed his pulsating cock deep into my colon. He paused, just long enough to feel the exhilaration of his semen surging up his cock, before he began thrusting and grunting madly. Reflexively, my sphincters clenched the base of his bloated, sperm spurting cock and began milking it.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

“Fuck’em. Fill that little casino firmaları cumbucket up!”

I could tell from the massive amount of warmth spreading through my intestines that sperm was shooting out of his cock as if were a fire hose. This was no ordinary butt-fuck. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt such sexual heat or endured such pleasure.

“Yeeaaahhh,” the older man gasped as he finally ceased pumping and slumped his upper body onto my back. His spent cock, still inflated, remained nestled in my sloppy rectum.

“That was good,” he sighed in my ear. “You’re a great fuck! One hell of an ass!”

I nodded in agreement. I had worked hard to fuck one helluva a sperm enema out of him and it was still running rampantly through my guts.

His buddy had stopped to watch the anal action, but now it was his turn to cum. He grabbed my head, again, and forced it down his throbbing cock.

“Hope you’re hungry” he chortled as he began to skewer my throat. “I’ve been saving this load for long time…I’m gonna fill your belly! Yeah. You’re going home to Mommy and Daddy with your ass and belly full of our baby batter!”

“Look at this,” he said to his buddy in mock amazement. “You can actually see his throat bulging around my cockhead! Go ahead touch it. Rub it. Make it spit in his throat.”

The older guy reached out and gently cupped his hand around my throat. Feeling the massive crown, he gently moved his hand up and down it a few times, before pulling his hand back.


No longer content holding my head, his buddy grabbed my ears and began pulling my head forward and as he began pumping his hips into my face as though he was fucking a cunt instead of my mouth. I felt humiliated and my face turned red.

I quickly got over that when I felt two and then moments later, three fingers slide into my distended anus. My eyes immediately widened and my sore sphincters involuntarily squeezed the intruding fingers tightly.

Encouraged, the older man started sawing his sperm-lubed hand in and out of my wiggling ass. Occasionally, he would even lift his fingers up inside me, forcing me up on my tiptoes. As a result, all three of us could clearly hear the sloppy, wet, cumfarts coming from my straining, gaping asshole.

“We could both fuck’em now. Both of our cocks up his ass. You ever do double anal?”

I loved the manhandling my ass was getting and euphorically humped away. My prostate was radiating ecstatic waves of pleasure! I felt I was going to cum. No way was I concerned about all the sperm, lube, and ass gravy streaming down my legs or responding to any questions.

Suddenly, the man fucking my face growled, smashed my face against his belly as his entire body spasmed, and then gasped out, “I’m cumming! Aaahhh! Swallow it! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

His explosive orgasm surprised me. I didn’t expect so much cum to be sprayed down my throat. Although I could not swallow, he was too deep; I certainly could feel his cum running and sliding down my throat and pooling in my belly. It felt very warm.

“Your mouth is better than a cunt,” the man said with a smile as he looked at my tear stained face.

Since my mouth was still full of his cock, I just nodded my head. He smiled, again, as he reached out and paternalistically petted it.

I was really thinking about the cock that was beginning to stiffen in my swollen ass. Apparently, the older man had gotten so turned on fisting me, his cock had begun to harden, again, so he stuck it right back into my abused ass.

“Hey! Have you fallen asleep in there?”

The blood drained from my face just as quickly as the semi-hard cock came out of mouth. I hollered out, “Be right there!” as strongly as I could.

Knowing there was no more time to enjoy the sweet tug of my ass; the older man pulled out of my ass and as I began to turn around, he commandingly whispered, “Hold it!”

Unbelievably, he had the composure to take another pic! This time my gaping ass was memorialized!

“That’s one for the record books.”

He then spun me around and down and furiously began jacking his cock in my face. I opened my mouth.

“Almost there,” he whispered as he furiously pumped his cock. I did not have to wait long.

“Suck it!” he gasped as quietly as he could.

I grasped his swollen cock, brought it to my mouth, and paused a second to look at it. Since, it didn’t have any shit on it; at least, not obviously, I opened my mouth as a large dollop of precum oozed out of his majestic cockhead.

When he started to pump his hips, I made an ‘O’ with my mouth, hollowed my cheeks, and began sucking his hog leg as hard as I could. Encouraged, he increased güvenilir casino his speed and length of his strokes.

To speed things up even more, I wiped some spittle off my mouth with my finger, reached around his pumping ass cheeks, and worked it into his tight anus. The guy began groaning immediately.

Seconds later, I looked up into his eyes, pushed my finger into his ass as deep as I could, and then pulled him forward, ’til my lips were against his balls. His cock went rigid in mouth and his ass squeezed my finger like a vice as his bull-sized, sperm laden testicles pulled up tight against his engorged cock. I completed the coup de grâce by swallowing hard and then gagging.

To my delight, he silently screamed as continuous, large shots of warm semen ejaculated out of his cock, past my battered esophagus, and cascaded into my belly. I certainly wouldn’t need lunch today I sarcastically thought as I counted his spurts.

After his seventh or last load of semen, the older man immediately pulled his cock out of my sucking throat with a pop, pulled up his shorts, winked, and scuttled out of the stall. I stood up and hollered, “I’m coming!” as the other man scurried past me. I then ran to the sink and quickly hand washed my ‘dirty’ butt and wiped my legs clean.

Although I greeted Stepmom with a warm smile, the combined pools of sperm sloshing around in my stomach made me want to burp. However, I feared that Stepmom would smell my sperm breathe. I didn’t even dare think about farting.

Although both men left through a side door, I am sure my flushed face, reddened ears, the bulge in my shorts, and telltale-wet spot, made Stepmom very suspicious and curious. Nevertheless, she linked my arm with hers, made some comment about how long I was in there, and then calmly talked about the beach and the weather as we casually strolled back home.

I only pretended to listen. I was more interested in plotting my next public sex adventure.

Suddenly, Stepmom blurted out, “Is it me?”

Caught off guard, I just stared at her for a couple of second and asked, “Me what?”

“Am I responsible for your…behavior…? Is that really, what you want…? Huh? To be so willing to stick your cock into men and women or take strangers’ cum up…your butt…or swallow it…”

When I did not immediately respond, Mom said, “Oh God, I knew it! It’s all my fault.”

“What? No! It’s not…your fault.”

“When did you start going to that movie theater?


“That dirty theater?”

“I’ve only been there once or twice…”

“Jesus, Honey. When I get your clothes from the hamper to wash them…I can’t help but smell…the wet cum… Then I saw those crotchless panties…I thought they were Sis’s at first…she had a cow when I asked her…”


“Isn’t that place full of…raunchy old men?”


“No? When I see those panties and your clothes stained with cum, I’d be pretty stupid to think you didn’t let them play with you…”

“They’re not all ‘dirty old men’.”

“No?” You don’t jerk’em while they play with you… All guys jerk off. Didn’t you ever have any circle jerks…when you were younger?”

“Huh? No!”

“I know other things, too… I read your dairy… I’m sorry. I found it…accidently…I couldn’t stop reading…” (See:

Sheepishly, I began to stutter. “I…I…”

“Wearing those crotchless, lacy panties…that must really excite those men…do they make you submit to them? Does everyone watch? Do they take turns? God!”

“Couples go there, too. Even single women…once in a while…”

“Oh…I didn’t know that…”

“Most of the women who go there really like me.”

“What do their husbands or boyfriends do when you have sex with their women…or do they have sex with you and the women watch? I’m confused. How do you do it at the theater? Do you lower your pants and totally exposed yourself? Do they decide if they want you or not? Do you bend over…?”

When Stepmom said that, I began to realize that she really wasn’t angry. In fact, she seemed almost eager to hear about my sexploits. Regardless, her explicit questions were making me so hard, that I had to stop walking.

I turned to look at Stepmom. I was quite aware that my light colored shorts could not hide my erection. I didn’t care. I hadn’t cum yet, and I was extremely horny.

Stepmom stopped and faced me, too. We stared into each other’s eyes, but only for a second or two. Her blazing eyes began to waver and then she grimaced as though having lost the battle she was internally fighting.

I think I began to understand what was happening when Stepmom’s eyes slowly slid down my torso, and came to rest on the obvious bulge in my shorts. Perhaps, even more so, when Stepmom’s brow wrinkled and she pursed her lips, deep in thought. Had Sis told Stepmom, too, that if she had had my big cock she would’ve fucked her?

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