An Unexpected Reunion

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I decided to go out to my old neighborhood and have a few drinks one Friday night to watch a baseball game, when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

As I turned around, I looked into a face that I hadn’t seen since I had lived in the neighborhood. “Oh my God, that is you!” the woman exclaimed.

Kathy literally was the girl next door when we were kids, and we had grown up together. We were both maybe six or seven when my family moved in next to hers, and we were in our senior year of High School when her family moved out. During that time, we were like best friends, and had even dated for a short time.

Looking at the beautiful woman standing in front of me, long, strawberry-blonde hair, dressed in a light-colored blouse, short skirt and heels, with the stunning, bright blue eyes, I couldn’t believe that this was the same person that used to be my neighbor and first girlfriend.

While the girl back then was very pretty, in a plain sort of way, the woman I was looking at now was gorgeous. Short and thin, with little more than bumps on her chest back then, this woman was a few inches taller, had a fuller body, and was showing a bit of cleavage.

“Kathy?” I asked, shocked. “My God, I haven’t seen you in, what almost thirty years!”

Stepping in to give me a hug, she said, “Has it been that long? You look great!”

“Thank you,” I replied. “What about you? You look incredible!”

Taking the empty seat next to me, Kathy sat down, and I ordered us both a drink. “Thank you,” she said. “Not the same little girl that you remember, huh?”

Laughing, I replied, “Not at all!”

“Yeah, I didn’t really start to fill out until I had my first kid,” she told me. “After that, it was like my body made up for lost time.”

“Well, it looks like time paid you back well,” I said.

Laughing, she looked down her body, and said, “Yeah, I can’t complain too much. Although, I do wish that I had a bit more to show back then.”

“Hey, I never complained,” I told her. “I liked what I saw back then.”

Laughing again, she replied, “Yeah, I remember. I liked what I got to see, too.”

Seeing the smirk on her face, I knew that she was flashing back to the same memories that I was.

When we were dating, we were both into sports, her running track and me wrestling and playing football, so we never had a lot of time to spend together.

When we could, though, we used to spend a lot of time hanging out in her parents’ basement. Her father had built a rec room down there for his kids, and as the youngest, Kathy was the only one still living at home at that point.

Being the hormone-driven adolescents that we were, we spent quite a bit of that time making-out, which quickly led to petting. We were both inexperienced at the time, and we enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies, as best we could, considering that her parents were one floor above us.

I particularly remembered one night, a New Years Eve, when her parents were out. We already knew that Kathy’s family was moving away, so we wanted this to be a special night for us.

We had gotten to the point where she let me feel her small breasts under her shirt, and she would squeeze my bulge through my jeans. That night, with an empty house, we stepped things up a notch. I had her blouse unbuttoned, and was squeezing and kissing her bare titties, while she had unzipped my pants and slipped her hand into my tighty-whities.

Wrapping her hands around my hard cock, Kathy gasped, and whispered, “Can I see it?”

Having never shown myself to a girl at that point, I was nervous, but I nodded to her. She got down on the floor between my legs and pulled my pants down to my ankles, and my hard cock sprang into view.

“Oh my god!” Kathy exclaimed. “That’s huge! That’s even bigger that Jimmy’s!”

Jimmy was her older sister’s boyfriend at the time, and I asked how she knew how big he was.

“I snuck down here late one night, when this was Barb’s bedroom, and saw them having sex,” Kathy explained. Barb was her older sister by about five years, and the subject of many of my teen fantasies, especially when I could see her sunbathing in the yard wearing her bikini.

I sat back and moaned as Kathy told me how she watched them, as she slowly stroked my shaft, which felt harder and bigger than it ever had, while she never took her eyes off of my erection.

“That was the only one that I’ve ever seen, until now,” she said softly, as she continued to stroke me.

Being my first time with a girl, it didn’t take long until I felt myself start to shake.

“Ohh yeah!” I moaned loudly as I felt what seemed to be a gallon of sperm explode out of my spasming shaft.

I heard Kathy exclaim, “Ohh!” as I came. Looking down as my body came back to Earth, I saw that she had pointed my cock at her chest as I exploded, and she was looking at all of my cum, dripping from her tits.

One glob was hanging from her perky nipple, which to my amazement was long and stiff, and pointy upwards, and I watched as she casino şirketleri wiped it off with her finger and brought it to her mouth.

“Mmm, tasty,” she said as she licked her finger clean. “Now I see why Barb wanted Jimmy to finish in her mouth!”

After Kathy cleaned herself off, we sat and cuddled in her basement until her parents came home. I tried to get her to let my repay the favor, but she said that she was afraid, and that I would just have to settle for what she did.

We never had a chance to repeat that night, and Kathy moved away a couple of months later. I always remembered that night, though, and wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t moved away.

As I looked at her sitting next to me in the bar, I knew that she was thinking about the same thing, and she smiled at me and blushed lightly.

We spent the next couple of hours catching up on each other’s lives. She told me that after college, she had taken a job on the West Coast and gotten married to her college sweetheart.

She had just finalized her divorce, and wanted to bring her two girls back home. She was even looking at houses in the neighborhood. I told her about my divorce and my kids, and we continued to drink, talk, and catch up.

Soon, though, it was closing time, and I walked Kathy to her car. I could tell that she was wobbly on her feet, and I didn’t want her to drive like that, so I told her that I would drive her home.

“You don’t have to do that,” she tried to argue. “I can take a cab.”

“No, I don’t HAVE to do that,” I told her, “I WANT to do that. Why waste money on a taxi?”

“Ok,” she finally relented, “but I’m staying at a hotel, downtown.”

“Really? You’re staying downtown?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she responded. “My company agreed to transfer me back here, and they are putting me up for the weekend, so I can look for a place.”

“Wow!” I said. “Not a problem,” and started walking her to my truck.

As we got to my truck, I opened the passenger door for Kathy to let her in, and we locked eyes. I wanted to lean in and kiss her, but I wasn’t sure how she felt, so I let the moment pass.

Driving downtown, we talked a bit about when we were kids, and finally, she brought up the time that we spent dating.

Turning to face me, she asked, “Do you ever think about that New Year’s Eve, in my basement?”

Smiling, I told her, “Yeah, I do.”

“Do you ever wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t moved away?” she asked.

Looking at her while I waited for a red light, I told her, “Actually, I don’t have to wonder too much. I think that if you had stayed there much longer, we would have been each other’s first.”

“Really?”she responded.

“Yeah, I do,” I told her. “What I do wonder, though, is why nothing ever happened in the time we had left, if I can be totally honest.”

Kathy hesitated, and then said, “Truthfully, I wanted more to happen that night, but I was scared. After that, I just never had the guts, or the chance to get you completely alone. I was too scared to do anything with my parents home, and with the move coming up, they were always home.”

“I understand,” I told her.

She slid closer to me, and placed her hand on my leg, just above my knee, and we drove in silence.

When we got to the hotel, Kathy looked at me and said, “Will you escort me to my room?”

Smiling, I told her that I would be happy to, and gave the keys to the valet, as Kathy told him her room number.

As the elevator doors closed, Kathy looked at me and reached out. As I stepped in to her, she pulled me in tight and kissed me. Wrapping her arms around me, she held me tight and kissed me with a passion that both surprised and enticed me.

All too soon, the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. As we walked down the hall, she hooked her arm in mine and we walked leaning against each other.

When we approached her room, Kathy reached into her purse and handed me her key card, allowing me to open the door.

Being a gentleman, I opened the door and waved her in. She giggled and walked in, wiggling her hips as she passed me.

I walked in behind her and locked the door. She turned to face me and pushed me up against the wall.

As she pressed her body against mine, Kathy kissed me. It started as a soft, tentative kiss, but soon turned very hot and passionate.

She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight, and gave me a long, wet, deep kiss, moaning into my mouth as our tongues wrestled.

Our hands soon started sliding all over each other’s bodies, and it wasn’t long before I had my hands on her firm ass and was pulling it in tight to me.

As I was squeezing her ass with one hand, I reached up with the other and grabbed a handful of her long, silky hair.

Kathy gasped as I pulled back on her hair, and moaned loudly as I started nibbling and sucking on her neck, just below her ear.

“Oh my god!” she whispered, as she rubbed her hips against me and slid her hands across my back casino firmaları while I kissed and nibbled my way around her long, sleek neck.

It wasn’t long before I was kissing my way down along the neckline of her blouse, unbuttoning it bit by bit, while I started sliding her skirt up with my other hand.

As soon as I had my hands on her panty-covered ass, my fingertips gliding across the lace like I was reading Braille, Kathy placed her hands on my shoulders, and with a low, sexy growl, pushed back against me, pinning me up against the wall.

“Stand right there,” she ordered me, as she looked me in the eye.

I did as I was told while I watched as Kathy pulled her blouse out of her skirt. Maintaining her eye contact with me, she finished unbuttoning her blouse, shrugged it off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I stood there smiling and started rubbing my hardening cock through my pants as she reached behind her back and slowly lowered the zipper to her skirt. That movement thrust her lace-covered breasts out at me, and I guessed them to be a large “B” or small “C” cup.

“Why don’t you leave that for me,” she said softly as her skirt pooled around her ankles.

My jaw dropped as I looked over her body, now clad in only an off-white lace bra and a matching thong. Her body may have filled out since she I had seen it last, but she still looked amazing. Her long, thin, lean body did not look a day over twenty-five, and certainly did not look like she could have had three kids.

Her lacy, cream-colored bra and panties were a beautiful match with her pale skin tone, and as she turned for me, showing off her body, her heels made her firm legs seem even longer.

“You like?” she asked, as she stepped back towards me.

“Incredible!” I managed to whisper, as she brought her lips to mine.

“Thank you,” she replied softly, as she reached around to her back. As I saw her pull back on her bra strap, I reached out my hands and wrapped my fingers around her forearm.

“Why don’t you leave that for me,” I said, repeating her words from a few minutes before.

Smiling, Kathy said softly, “Ok,” and stepped back towards me again.

Pressing her body against mine, keeping me pinned up against the wall, she softly placed her lips on mine. As she gently kissed me, applying the slightest amount of pressure with both her lips and her body, I started to slide my hands up along her sides.

When my thumbs lightly passed over the sides of her lace-covered breasts, I felt her body shake, and she gasped lightly. Reaching up with her small hands, she wrapped her fingers around my wrists and lowered them to my sides.

Wordlessly, she held my arms down, and slowly started to kiss her way along my neck, and down my chest.

Mimicking what I had done earlier, Kathy started to unbutton my shirt as she kissed her way down my chest. When she had my shirt undone, she kissed her way back up towards my neck and slid my shirt off of my shoulders.

As my shirt dropped to the floor, she started kissing her way back down my chest, going wider this time.

“It looks like somebody has been staying in shape,” she said softly as she flicked her tongue across my nipple.

“I try,” I gasped as I felt the lace of her bra sliding down my body as she continued to kiss her way down over my belly.

As she knelt in front of me, Kathy started to open my pants. “I can’t wait to see how well you’ve kept this guy in shape,” she said, as she lowered my zipper.

All I could do was moan in delight as her soft lips crossed over my belly across the top of my boxers as she lowered my pants to the floor.

“Mmmm,” I heard her moan as she kissed the bulge in my shorts while she helped me step out of my pants.

Kathy then started to tease me by kissing my inner thighs, the bulge on my boxers, and flicking her tongue in and out of the gap in the fly caused by my hard cock. I moaned as I felt the tip of her wet tongue make contact with my shaft, and I sank further back into the wall.

Finally, after minutes of torturing me like that, Kathy reached up and slipped her fingers into the elastic waistband of my shorts. She dragged her fingernails along my thighs as she started sliding my boxers down my legs, and I moaned in pleasure.

When her progress was slowed by the waistband getting stuck on my stiff rod, Kathy moved her hands to the bottoms of the leg holes.

Looking up at me with a smile, she gave a quick yank on my shorts, and they dropped down over my bulge and slid further down my legs.

As my hard cock sprung free, it almost slapped Kathy in the nose, and her eyes went wide. “It looks like I’m not the only one who filled out a bit with age,” she said as she softly wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft. “This is even bigger than I remember it.”

She started to slowly stroke me as she helped me step out of my shorts, which were wrapped around my ankles.

“Oh my god!” she whispered just before she slowly started to wrap her lips güvenilir casino around the head of my cock.

“Oh my god!” I repeated as I felt her soft, wet lips slowly slide down the length of my hard shaft.

Kathy slowly bobbed her head up and down on my pole for a short minute, and then pulled back slightly, letting the head slip from her mouth.

“This is so big!” she said softly as she stroked my cock. Pushing the head back against me belly, she slowly dragged her tongue along the length of my shaft, starting from my balls, and then flicking her tongue quickly along the rim of my cockhead, going all the way around it.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned. “That feels so good!”

As I looked down at her, Kathy wrapped her lips around my cockhead and looked up at me. While she maintained eye contact, she slowly slid her full, luscious lips all the way down the length of my shaft, until I was as deep as she could take me. Her lips were stretched wide as they held me in her mouth, and she looked like she was smiling up at me.

Never taking her eyes off of mine, she again started to bob her head up and down, and then plunged all the way down again.

As I gasped louder, Kathy reached up and took my hands in hers. While I watched, she brought my hands to the back of her head. As I placed one hand on top of her head, holding her in tight, with the other, I grabbed a hand-full of her strawberry blonde hair.

When she felt me pulling tight on her hair, Kathy started to moan around my cock, and tried to take me deeper down her throat.

She held me deep for a second, and then started to bob her head again. As I held tight to her hair, I began pulling her head back and forth, moving her faster, and Kathy moaned again, louder.

After a couple of minutes, I dropped her hair and flattened my hands against the wall, for support.

“Oh my god, baby,” I gasped. “If you keep that up, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Kathy plunged her head forward, until I could feel the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat. As she shook her head back and forth, I reached back down and laced my fingers into her hair again.

She pulled her head back again, and smiled up at me. “As much as I’d like to taste your cum again, after all these years, I want to feel you inside me first,” she said, standing up.

As I leaned against the wall trying to regain my senses, Kathy grabbed a hold of my hand and led me towards the bed.

She stepped in towards me, and we wrapped our arms around each other as we kissed again. My hard cock, still wet with her saliva, was pressed against her lace-covered mound, and I could feel the heat radiating off of her.

Opening my eyes briefly, I saw a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall at the side of the bed. As I pulled my lips from hers, I turned her towards the mirror, slid my hands down her arms, and wrapped my fingers around her slim wrists.

I lifted her arms and leaned her forward, placing her hands on the mirror. Pressing my body against hers, I took a handful of her hair and pulled back on it, causing Kathy to gasp loudly.

“I want you to keep your eyes open, and your hands on the mirror,” I whispered to her, as I started to kiss and nibble on her exposed neck.

Kathy moaned and slowly wiggled her hips against me, and watched in the mirror as I worked on her neck. I wrapped my free hand across her chest and started to softly squeeze her breasts, and she began to hump her ass up and down against my stiff cock.

I bit softly on her neck, just behind her ear lobe, as I pulled back harder on her hair and slid my fingertips inside her bra, teasing her stiff nipple. Kathy moaned loudly and arched her back, pressing it against my chest.

As I looked at her in the mirror, I noticed that her eyes were shut, so I quickly pinched her nipple. She gasped, and her eyes flew open, looking at my reflection.

“I want you to keep those beautiful eyes open,” I said softly, as I kissed her neck again.

Kathy whimpered her agreement and kept her eyes on mine.

I released her hair and slid my fingers out her bra and brought both hands to her back. As she watched my movements in the mirror, I slowly unhooked her bra and let it hang loosely from her shoulders.

I stepped back into her and wrapped both of my arms around her body. I felt her sigh as I placed one hand on her chest and the other on her belly and slowly slid them across her front.

Finally, after teasing her for a few seconds, I slid both hands underneath her bra and cupped her breasts in my hands.

Kathy moaned and started to close her eyes as I softly squeezed her breasts. She popped her eyes open as soon as she felt me start to pinch her hard nipples, so I gently rolled them between my fingers instead.

I was surprised at how firm her breasts felt, and I could feel her stiff nipples poking into my hands as I squeezed them. While I continued to do this, I was pressing my hard cock in between her firm asscheeks, and Kathy’s breathing started getting heavier.

Kathy moaned as I slid my hands further up her chest, and I started sliding her straps down her arms.

Sliding her hands down the mirror, we both watched as her bra slid down her arms and fell to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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