An Ordinary Man

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Her heart started leaping in her chest as she turned into his driveway, the full throaty throb of the Ducati between her legs vibrating rhythmically as she let it roll up the gravel to the front of his house. As she shut the dark black machine down, she heard the sweet silence of her surroundings for the first time and took off her helmet to look around. Sitting easily on the bike, her curvaceous body encased in jeans and a black leather bike jacket, she looked sexy – independent and strong, without the need for any man. Her curls sprang into soft ringlets as she removed the helmet and let it rest on the fuel tank, and her large, green, child-like eyes roamed over the pretty farmland around her, as she took a few moments to let her stomach stop flipping.

His house was ordinary, like any other in the this area of horse stables and hobby farms, and she wondered again at the private lives of all those people, whether they too were into the dark erotic games that she and this man were. Her Daddy. Her new Master. As she swung her leg off the bike and unzipped her jacket, she heard the front door open and looked up to see him standing there in the doorway, waiting patiently for her to come to him.

Her heart leapt again, and she felt the bright sweat of nervousness prick her skin all over, blushing as his cool gaze swept over her, appraising her. She half-expected him to simply close the door on her, having judged her not worthy of him, but he didn’t. Instead his sensuous mouth curled into a warm smile and he held out his hand to her. “Hello Ella….my baby girl….come inside.”

She couldn’t help the broad grin from breaking out on her face and she found herself almost running to him in her eagerness. Their long communication by email had prepared her only a little, and her breath caught as she recognised the depth of emotion she felt welling inside her at the moment of meeting her Daddy for the first time…realising their fantasies, her fantasies, were coming true.

His strong warm arms enveloped her as she pressed herself to him, pulling her close to his body and holding her as she inhaled his scent, a smell she knew she would soon associate with the most wonderful things. Taking her hand, he led her inside and told her to undress, knowing she would be comfortable with him this way. He sat on a chair in the lounge room, settling back to watch his new sub, taking in her physicality with calm knowing eyes. Her smooth skin caught the sunlight as she stripped off her jacket, shirt and bra, those incredible breasts, so full but firm and ripe, large dark nipples perfectly proportioned. And her supple body, very feminine, round arse and muscular legs, her belly rounded in the most womanly way. As she straightened to face him, now naked for him, he caught the self-doubt and shame in her eyes, knowing she would be expecting him to dislike her curves, as she had admitted to him in their emails. But she couldn’t have been more wrong, and he said but one word to her as he held out his hand, beckoning her to him….”Beautiful.”

She walked across the room to him slowly, feeling her breasts bounce a little, her nipples hard now, her hairless cuntlips swollen from the anticipation of their meeting and the throb of the big Ducati between her thighs. He moaned softly, seeing the beginnings of glistening juices on the puffy labia, putting out his hands to position her in front of him, his face at her belly. ‘Kneel down, baby girl,” he commanded softly, and she did, her thighs spreading as she assumed the position at his feet, her gaze upon his face for the first time, her lust overtaking her shame and nervousness.

He traced his fingers over her face and lips, sliding a finger into her wanting mouth, feeling her eagerness as she sucked it instinctively, the heat in her eyes unmistakeable. She moaned, feeling her submission start to uncurl in her breast, her very soul being bared by this bahis firmaları man. This ordinary man.

He let her sit like this for some minutes. Suckling his finger as he stroked her hair. Murmuring a soft command to stay where she was, he got up and moved behind her, and she heard the unmistakeable sound of him undressing, the jangle of a belt undone, the sliding swish of clothes being removed. Her breathing quickened and she felt a rush of anticipation and anxiety, not knowing what he was doing or what he was about to do to her. Would he hurt her? Would she displease him by crying or begging him to stop? Would she fail him?

“Ella, I’m going to blindfold you now, baby girl.” His soft voice behind her as he reached forward and lay a padded leather blindfold over her eyes, his fingers pulling the strap tight on her head so she couldn’t see a thing. He noticed her breathing, her chest starting to heave a little, breasts jiggling and he knew she was struggling to maintain her composure. He smiled to himself and sat back down in the chair, facing her, his cock already hard, to his surprise. There was something about this woman, her innocence, her willingness, that aroused him very much.

“It’s OK, my darling, I won’t hurt you,” he murmured, reaching out to stroke her hair. He pulled her head to his thigh, laying her cheek on his inner thigh, close to his cock but not too close. He loved the feel of a sub’s warm breath on his cock and balls, and he caressed her as he felt her nervous pants starting to slow as he took his time with her.

He gripped her hair at the base of her neck and pulled her to his cock gently, letting her full wet lips just kiss the head of his cock, pushing his shaft down so the precum starting to dew at the tip painted her lips. He smiled as he heard her moan, and she quickly began to suckle the head of his cock, his grip on her hair preventing her from taking him deeper in her mouth. “That’s my good girl,” he groaned, marveling at her hot wet lips and tongue and her eagerness.

His precum continued to flow and he eventually had to pull her away so his arousal would not become too strong. Pushing her gently back onto her knees he once again told her to stay, and got up to fetch her bindings. He carefully appraised her on his return, noting the solidity of her nipples, the sweat under her arms and down the valley of her spine, and lastly the swollen dark appearance of her cunt. He ran a finger along her slit possessively, feeling the slippery smoothness of the juices starting to drip from her and his cock jumped. “You are such a good girl….with such a wanting cunt, aren’t you, Ella? You’re fertile now, aren’t you? In heat for Daddy?”

She nodded and moaned softly, loving the way he knew her, the way he always had known her, better than she knew herself. She felt her body relaxing a little more, and he took the opportunity to place the cuffs on her wrists snugly, the smooth leather fitting nicely around her. He pulled her to her feet with some words of encouragement, and led her to his bedroom where he placed her carefully on the bed, moving slowly, not wanting to frighten her. Positioning her on her belly, he first chained her wrists together above her head through the rings on her cuffs, then looped the chain to the bed-head, tying her securely so she was flat on her belly. She turned her head to the side as he tied her, trusting him now as he moved deliberately and slowly, so calm and controlled it gave her confidence.

The cuffs on her ankles felt as smooth and warm as those on her wrists and she only whimpered softly as he spread her legs wide open, her instinct to close her legs strong. “Ella. Open your legs wider for Daddy.” His tone was firm but warm. He watched her obey him for the first time, the first time she had to do as she was told against her want and wish. And he smiled as she obeyed, his cock pulsing as he watched her thighs quiver, kaçak iddaa her cunt so open to him now as he shackled her ankles to the spreader bar.

He stepped back, admiring his work. Her prone body was quite beautiful, spread and chained and he found himself stroking his cock slowly simply looking at her. Her cunt was unusual, dark like her nipples and anus, very swollen with big dark lips and an incredible propensity to drool. He had only seen a handful of subs this wet in his life and he felt compelled to touch her there.

Crawling forward onto the bed, he whispered to her how gorgeous she looked, how sexy he found her, how hard his cock was. And as he laid his hand on her ass he was rewarded with a soft low moan. Kneeling between her spread legs he reached down and dragged a finger up through her slit slowly, grunting in pleasure as his finger was coated in the pure clear honey of her cunt. She whimpered softly, trying to grind back on his finger as he continued up over her cunt hole to her anus, rubbing his sub’s juices on her tight pucker. He repeated this action over and over for a few minutes, succeeding in literally soaking her asshole in hot cunt juices, and she started to squirm and quiver under his touch.

Leaning forward he let the tip of his tongue taste her hot relaxed asshole, and she moaned aloud, his hands resting on either cheek and pulling her open as he let his tongue slide teasingly slowly into her anus. His hot breath caressing her most sensitive skin, he let her anus simply open under the gentle pressure of his tongue until she was gasping and moaning, her asshole starting to clench and release rhythmically. Pushing a finger into her cunt with a slurp, he began to suckle her asshole, tonguing her deep and gentle, letting her move under him and work against her chains, thighs quivering as she gradually submitted to her pleasure.

She had told him she had never orgasmed with another before, only on her own fingers, and she had been so concerned she could never cum for him, that she would disappoint him. He pulled away to look down on her now, his finger sliding out of her cunt to rub her impossibly swollen clit, letting her move against his finger, humping him as she panted and moaned. He just let her pleasure herself as his cock dripped on the bed and he took his own pleasure in watching his sub surrender to her needs.

He felt her getting closer, her moans and pants increasing in pace and volume, ass cheeks flexing and anus winking. Using her cunt juice he started working his finger in her anus slowly, letting her asshole suck him inside her as his other hand held steady under her so she could rub and grind. His reward was a high pitched moan as his finger sank up her ass, and he held still inside her, feeling her rectum suck like a lamb on his finger. He smiled in amazement at her pure sensuality, wondering how she could ever have gained any enjoyment from the amateur fumblings of the men who had used her before, who clearly never recognised her uniqueness.

Her whole body now shuddering, squirming, the chains rattling as she started to cry out softly. His fingers soaked in her juices as he leaned up closer to her face and whispered his command, “Cum, baby girl, cum for Daddy. I want you to cum now darling.” He felt her anus quiver at his words and knew she was trying to release for him, her cunt spasming and gushing. Her pants became whimpers as she bucked on his fingers, arching as her orgasm broke across her body hard. He could only sit back on his haunches and hold his finger deep in her tight asshole as she cried out and shook on his chains, sweat glistened on her body and her cunt throbbed and ached hard for her Daddy. Her mind blank, focused solely on her clit, her asshole, her cunt….wave after wave as her Daddy’s whispered commands to cum drove her on.

Slowly, she began to quieten. Her thighs still trembled for a little while as kaçak bahis he saw the tension drain from her. Her cunt was the wettest and hottest he had ever seen, truly an organ for erotic pleasures. He couldn’t stop caressing it gently as he stayed at her apex, hearing her breathing return to normal.

“Good baby girl. Thank you darling girl. You were such a good girl for Daddy,” he whispered to her, praising her for her trust and submission. He knew she would be consumed by the guilt those who had abused her before him had instilled in her. Guilt and shame for her eroticism and sensuality. They had called her a slut and used her as one. He shook his head as he watched her carefully, seeing the expression of her mouth change as her past began to invade the wonderful afterglow of her orgasm. “Ella, you are so beautiful….such a beautiful sub. You know Daddy loves you very much.” He timed his words precisely, knowing he needed to circumvent her spiral down. She humped a little as she heard his words, rubbing her swollen clit on the bed in pleasure at his praise. “Thank you Daddy,” she said simply, but he knew she meant so much by it.

Feeling her relaxation and submission to him, her ease with him, he knew it was time to bond with her properly. He moved his body forward and rubbed the head of his stiff wet cock on her open little anus, so wet with her cunt juice. “Ella, Daddy is going to mount you now. Would you like that?” He felt her quiver under him and her soft answer, “Yes, Daddy. Please…fuck your little girl.”

He moaned his excitement and pressed forward so slowly, once again letting the gentle pressure of his cock open her tight asshole for him. No pain, no anxiety as her anus simply stretched slowly over his cockhead, sucking him into her. He watched goosebumps rise on her skin as the intense feeling of his cock in her ass made her whimper, and he held still in her tightest of holes, letting her feel every part of her Daddy’s cock in her ass. The sheer intimacy of the moment overwhelming both of them.

Almost imperceptibly he began to move in her ass, his cock throbbing and threatening to cum, and it took all his discipline not to simply start pounding her ass. He grunted softly and made himself slowly and shallowly fuck her, his sub, his cock sliding wetly and smoothly in and out of her dark hole. Her whimpers rewarded him, her body trembling as he increased pace and depth, the wet thwack of his balls on her cunt starting to fill the room as he let himself start to really fuck her tight asshole.

“Baby girl, Daddy is going to cum in your ass,” he moaned, hearing her moan of pleasure answering him. His cock pumped harder, wet slurps echoing in the room as his body pounded his solid shaft up her ass deep and hard, her body shuddering with each thrust. His balls so hot and full, cock throbbing and swelling as he arched into her deeply and started to cum a hot creamy load. She could feel every pulsing squirt up her willing tight anus, the hot sperm filling her darkest place. Her delight in her Daddy’s pleasure coursed through her and her cunt gushed onto the bed.

“Mmmmm….yes Ella….yes, you hot little girl,” he gasped as the last squirt emptied from his cock into his sub’s wanton asshole. Holding in her for a few strokes, he pulled out slowly, and moaned as his cum drooled out her open anus. He let his cock rub over her fucked open anus for a few minutes, reveling in the mess he had made. She simply moaned softly, her ass muscles quivering in pure happiness and delight.

After, as she lay curled up in his arms, her head on his chest, she reflected on their first meeting with wonder. She had never felt this before. This deep love for a man who used her body sexually but loved her as well. She could feel his cum still dripping slowly from her ass. He had slid his hand down to finger it often as they lay together through the afternoon, talking and laughing, and she loved his pleasure and ownership of her. Loved him for his love of her. And as she rode away on her big bike, the picture of strength and independence once again, she knew her life had changed fundamentally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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