An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

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I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I began to think back over the events that had led me to where I was now. Trying to catch my breath as I lay next to my naked 18-year-old daughter.

To give a little background: My name is John and I’m 44 years old. I live in a suburb of Chicago with my wife Sue and our daughter Kristy, who just celebrated her 18th birthday a month ago and is in her senior year of high school. We live a comfortable life in a quiet upper middle-class neighborhood.

Sue and I were both happy that Kristy had turned out to be a very well-behaved and well-adjusted kid. She worked very hard in school and got excellent grades and she helped around the house without having to be asked or told. To my delight she didn’t turn out to be a partier and she chose not to drink alcohol. She preferred to pass weekend nights watching movies at home or with friends that also didn’t party.

She never had dated much, which came as a surprise. She said that the 1st two guys she dated were horny pigs that treated her like crap and really just wanted in her pants (not that I could blame them). She decided to swear off guys until they had matured and so she remained a virgin.

The reason her lifestyle and dating habits were a surprise is that she is an absolute knockout. And it usually seems like the pretty girls like to party and fuck every guy in sight. Now I know many people often over exaggerate how hot girls are, but this is no exaggeration. First off let me say that Kristy’s looks must be from her mom. It’s no secret that I married someone who is too beautiful for me, but we make it work and we love each other.

Anyways, back to Kristy. To call her a blonde bombshell doesn’t do her justice. She is stunning. I mean absolute playboy centerfold or pornstar looks and a body to match and it is all 100% natural. She is about 5′ 5″ tall and has a slender frame. She has gorgeous, shiny blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders and curls under just slightly. Her hair frames the most stunning and angelic face you can imagine, which is highlighted by her full lips and piercing blue eyes. I like to think of her as an 18 year old Jenna Jameson but with more of a girl next door look to her.

My description would end there had I not accidentally walked in on her in her bedroom one night. I had found a favorite necklace of hers that she thought she had lost forever so I decided to take it to her. Evidently, Kristy sleeps in the nude, which I was unaware of. So thinking she was in bed already I started to enter her room. As I opened the door and walked in there she was, my baby girl in all her glory. She must not have heard me enter because it took her a few seconds to realize I was standing there. She had been facing away from me and she quickly turned and shrieked, “Daddy!” I had already seen the view from behind and in turning around she gave me a full on view of the front.

She grabbed the cover off of her bed and held it in front of her naked body. I said, “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t know you were naked.”

“It’s okay dad. It’s my fault for not telling you that I sleep naked so that you would know not to come in while I’m getting ready for bed.” All I could do was tell her goodnight and leave the necklace.

Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. Her olive skin was set perfectly against the light in her room showing the subtle tan lines left from her bikini. Her breasts were not really big but were not small either. They were each about the size of a big orange. Each one was just enough to fill one hand. My guess would be that casino şirketleri they were a large B cup. They rode high on her chest and stuck straight out, the very picture of youth. The areolas were about the size of half dollars and they had beautiful rigid nipples at their centers.

Her stomach was tight and flat and led seamlessly to the completely shaven skin of her crotch. The thought of the smooth, bare skin above her pussy lips caused a familiar stirring in my loins. The area of greatest interest and the strongest cause of my arousal was the view from the back.

Her long slender legs led up to the most magnificent ass I have ever seen. After 44 years of personal experience with sex and looking at porn on the internet I have seen a lot of asses, but none can hold candle to my daughter’s. It was perfectly round and stuck out just enough that you could cup it in your hands. The skin was smooth and tight. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying that someone could “crack walnuts with their ass,” but Kristy could have bent steel with hers.

I had never considered myself much of an “ass man” before that night, but the sight of my daughter’s transformed me. From then on I couldn’t help but stare at Kristy’s body when I would see her around the house. I would especially watch how her ass would jiggle ever so slightly as she carried out her daily activities. I found myself many times jacking off with images of my daughter’s body in my thoughts. I’d even occasionally get hard-ons around the house whenever Kristy was dressed in something more revealing than usual.

Then this morning (Saturday) while my wife was in the shower I was sitting on the edge of our bed furiously stroking my stiff dick when Kristy knocked on our bedroom door. I barely got my pants up before she opened the door and came in She was home from a sleepover at a friend’s house and she wanted to let us know that she was home. She was standing facing me only a few feet away. My throbbing erection was trapped in my pants flat against my stomach and threatening to poke out above the waistband of my shorts, as I’m a little larger than average. I nervously asked her how her night had been hoping she wouldn’t notice my hard dick. It must have been concealed because she didn’t seem to notice it as she told me about her night. Among other things she mentioned they hadn’t slept much.

As she continued talking she moved closer and sat down on my lap and put an arm around my neck. I put my arms around her stomach just below her breasts and relished the sight of my gorgeous daughter sitting on my lap. I had momentarily forgotten about my raging hard-on and didn’t realize how close to cumming I was due to the pressure she was applying to my crotch. The light grinding of her ass against my balls was almost too much, but just as I was about to explode she stood up and left.

She never knew how close she came to making me cum. Just as Kristy reached the door I reached for my dick to finish the job, but I heard my wife enter the room behind me so I had to stop.

The rest of the morning my dick stayed semi erect and my balls were heavier and larger than usual as a result of not being relieved.

Later in the afternoon my wife had gone to the neighbor’s house for a minute and I gathered up the laundry that she had done earlier. There was a whole basket of Kristy’s things so I decided to take them up to her room. I knocked on her bedroom door but got no answer so I let myself in and set the laundry basket down. As I looked up I saw a beautiful sight, my daughter’s ass.

Kristy was on casino firmaları her bed lying face down on top of her covers that were pulled part of the way back. She must have been so worn out from her sleepover that she had fallen asleep before she could even get under the covers. I just stared at her bare ass sticking up in the air as if she was offering it to me. I felt my cock twitch and slowly start to rise obviously angry with me for not finishing earlier. As I stood there I decided I couldn’t just leave her naked body exposed like that.

So, naturally, I did what any loving father would do.

I made sure her bedroom door was closed, and then called her name a couple of times to make sure she was asleep. Then, I dropped my pants and climbed on the bed and straddled her so each of my knees was on either side of her body, and I was positioned above her ass. One thing about Kristy is that she is the heaviest sleeper I know. She could sleep through a train crash. Add to that how tired she was from last night and she was definitely out for a while. I took in the sight again. Me straddling my beautiful 18-year-old daughter’s naked body. I knew I was risking my marriage, my relationship with Kristy, my job and just about everything else I had, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I wasn’t going to fuck her. As I said before I am a little larger than average, actually, just a bit over 8 inches. There is no way no matter how heavy she sleeps that she wouldn’t wake up if she had an 8-inch rod shoved into her body. Instead, I decided to do something that I had fantasized about many times. I was going to slide my dick between her ass cheeks, kind of like titty fucking but with her ass instead.

I needed some lube so I grabbed some lotion from her nightstand. I squirted some on my right hand and put the bottle back. I stroked my rigid cock a couple of times to get it slick and then I smeared the rest on and between her warm cheeks. My dick was the hardest it had ever been and I couldn’t wait any longer. I leaned forward until I felt my shaft make contact with her soft, warm skin. I made sure to hold myself up in a way that I could see what I was doing. I began rubbing my dick along her crack. After a minute or so of this I decided I was ready for the real fun.

I pressed down on to Kristy harder until my stiff member had spread her tight cheeks. The sight of my penis nestled between the beautiful tanned globes of her ass was almost enough to make me cum. Now that my dick was where I wanted it I began thrusting forward and back over and over. Each time I would pull my hips back to the point that my cock almost completely slipped from the bottom of her ass and then I would thrust back forward again until my purple head was sticking out from between the tops of her ass cheeks. Because of the lotion, with each forward thrust I made, my balls made a wet slapping sound as they slammed into the bottom of her ass.

As Kristy slept the cheeks of her ass seemed to involuntarily flex and grip my cock as it slid back and forth in the beautiful fleshy canyon of her ass. Between the sound of my balls slapping against her skin and the squeezing sensation around my dick I was in heaven. As I reached a good tempo of thrusting my gaze lifted upward. I noticed that the way she was laying her left breast was sticking out from under her body just a bit. I couldn’t resist so I shifted my weight to my right hand and took hold of her breast in my left.

As I caressed the soft flesh of my daughter’s breast I glanced at the clock and realized I had been humping her ass for güvenilir casino 10 minutes now. My thoughts momentarily shot to my wife and I worried that she would be home by now and wondering where I was. As my fingers found Kristy’s soft nipple my concerns melted. I began lightly twisting and pinching it, and it soon responded to my touch with a rapid hardening. While I tweaked her nipple I studied her face intently. She looked so innocent and peaceful, and completely unaware of the flurry of activity that was occuring below her waist.

My eyes shifted downward and I again watched as my daughter’s tight ass cheeks enveloped my penis. I was still playing with her tit and I realized I could feel a tingling in my balls. It wouldn’t be long now until I came all over my daughter. As I made my last few thrusts I released Kristy’s breast so that I could better brace myself and have a better view of the action. Taking in the full sight of my daughter’s incredible body sprawled out on her bed as I thrust above her was all that I could take and cum surged up from my balls and exploded like a bursting fire hydrant.

The first few spurts were so powerful that they hit her in the back of the head and quickly made a mess in her hair. Several more thick shots of semen landed at various spots on her back, a few ended up on the left cheek of her ass and the rest ran down between her cheeks. All in all I had gotten my baby girl pretty well covered.

Completely spent and out of breath I flopped over on my back next to Kristy. I laid there a few minutes in sort of a trance as I recovered from the effort that I had just put forth. So that is how I came to be where I am now. Laying next to my daughter’s naked body. I thought over what I had just done and I didn’t regret it at all. I had loved every bit of it. Nobody had gotten hurt in any way and actually Kristy would never even know that anything at all had happened. Just then I heard the backdoor open and close and I knew it was my wife back from the neighbor’s.

I quickly got up and pulled my pants on. I looked at Kristy and realized I couldn’t leave the room with her looking like that.

There was a brief panic as I realized that I had never considered the mess I had made. Kristy was still soaked in my cum and if her mom didn’t look in on her and see it, Kristy would definitely notice it at some point. I grabbed some tissues from Kristy’s nightstand and wiped up the white goo that was all over her back and ass. Her hair was a mess with my cum so I just made sure that there were no big globs left and decided the rest would dry before she woke up. I pulled her cover up to about her mid back so that her left breast was still visible, which was just for my benefit.

I exited Kristy’s room just as my wife was headed down the hallway towards me. “What’s she up to?” she asked. “She’s sleeping. Must be pretty tired from last night. I was just taking her the basket of her laundry.”

Then she asked, “You up for a little fun while she’s asleep?” I knew that if my wife saw my dick up close in its current state she would smell the sweat and cum and there would be a lot of questions to answer. Especially since I had just come from our daughter’s room.

“How about you meet me in the shower in a couple of minutes?” I asked, knowing if I got in before her that I could wash away the evidence of my encounter with our daughter.

The sex was incredible. I went after my wife harder than I ever had before as I imagined that it was actually our daughter that I was ravaging instead of my wife. I lasted much longer than usual since I had just cum all over Kristy just minutes before. My wife and I both orgasmed multiple times before we were finished. I hoped the sex would always be this good from now on but knew that I couldn’t keep imagining she was Kristy forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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