An Ideal Man

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A little over 11 PM was what the time was when Samar finally decided to retire to his bedroom. He was watching TV after having his dinner. It was a Friday night. Unlike most of his friends who would be out in a bar and return to their homes late at night or early next morning depending on circumstances, Samar preferred staying at home and cooking himself a dinner and reading a book. Samar was a six-feet tall Hindu man from India who had moved to the US after completing his masters degree in engineering in software development. Owing to his great grades, he had received an offer from a huge MNC to work in the US. And so it was that 3-years back, he packed his bags and moved to LA.

He had just finished reading and switched off his light to go to sleep and that was exactly when he heard a knock on his door. He got up and moved towards his door wearing his loose shirt and pyjamas. He knew who it would be and when he opened the door, he found out he was correct, only surprised that the person would knock at this hour. It was Rebecca.

Rebecca was a 27-year old chef who worked in a nearby Italian restaurant. She cooked great Italian food, Samar knew and had tasted her food. Rebecca was originally from Tennessee and had lived and grown up there before moving to LA over 4 years ago. A year later, Samar moved in, in the apartment right in front of hers. Over the years, they had become great friends. Samar was happy being her friend but surely wanted more. When he first saw her, on the first day he moved into his new apartment, he surely was charmed by her beauty. Rebecca was 5’10”. She had deep blue eyes and beautiful chestnut hair. Her hair were long enough to reach her waist. He tanned white skin made her look ravishing. Not to mention, her southern accent that he found sweet and sexy at the same time and her lean physique. She embodied the perfect American woman in his mind. Rebecca on the other hand, found Samar cute. He had sharp facial features and beautiful jet-black hair. He wore glasses on his dark brown eyes. The bespectacled look kind of made him look nerdy but cuter too.

That night, when Rebecca was standing at his door, he saw tears in her eyes. He knew she was sad.

“Becky, what happened?” he asked her softly with his north Indian accent and deep voice.

Rebecca looked at him for a couple of seconds. She was leaning on the door frame and was wearing a knee-length skirt.

“Eric and I broke up.” Replied Rebecca.

“Oh!” said Samar, not knowing what to say to her.

“Come in… Sit down.” He told her.

Rebecca entered his house and sat on the couch.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

She nodded before asking, “Could I get some Chai tea?”

“Oh, yeah… sure” replied Samar and moved towards the kitchen.

Normally, he would always correct her by telling, “It’s not Chai tea… it’s just chai. Coz Chai means tea in Hindi”. But this time, he didn’t.

Rebecca loved chai that Samar made. She had had chai in Starbucks quite a few times, but only when Samar made the authentic masala chai in his kitchen that she knew what the real thing was and had loved it ever since. Every weekend, he would prepare chai for both of them in the morning and invite her over after which she would cook breakfast for both of them. Needless to say, that being a chef she cooked excellent food. Her speciality was Italian food which is why she opted to work in an Italian restaurant. Samar loved her cooking too.

“Here you go!” said Samar as he handed her a cup of Chai.

“Thanks!” said Rebecca.

Rebecca took the cup and sipped the heavenly chai that Samar made. It felt warm and comforting. Samar was sipping his chai too.

“Becky, you okay?” asked Samar.

Rebecca just nodded. The sadness, he could see, was there in her eyes.

“You know, I thought Eric was gonna be it.” said Rebecca after some time.

“I felt so connected to him. It was the best relationship I’d ever been in. I really wanted to be with him.” said Rebecca while Samar just nodded along.

“Don’t worry… you’ll find someone else.” said Samar.

“No, it’s not just that, Samar. I am 27 right now. I had made a plan for my life but that just seems to be falling apart.” said Rebecca.

“What plan?” asked Samar.

“I don’t wanna tell much. But by 27, I should have been married. I am not. I should have been a head chef at a restaurant or started my own café. I am nowhere close to either. I should have had a child and be a mommy… and I had made up my mind that Eric would be the one I would marry and have children with. But now…” Rebecca wasn’t able to complete the sentence.

Samar placed a hand on her shoulder and gently rubbed her upper arm.

“It’s gonna be okay, Becky.” assured Samar.

Rebecca just looked at him and smiled faintly. Samar smiled back.

Both of them kept sipping their chai before Rebecca asked, “Can I sleep here tonight? I don’t wanna be alone right now.”

“Sure… do you wanna take my room?… I’ll sleep here on the couch. You can have the bed.” said Samar.

“Thanks… that’s really sweet but I’ll sleep on the couch” said Rebecca.

“Okay… well… good night!” said Samar.

“Night!” said Rebecca.

She lay on the couch and covered casino şirketleri herself with a sheet that Samar gave her while Samar slept off in his bed.

Rebecca woke up to the smell of chai that Samar was making.

“Morning.” said Samar.

“Morning!” said Rebecca while yawning at the same time.

Samar handed her the chai mug before asking her, “Did you sleep well?”

“It was good.” Said Rebecca while sipping the chai.

They both sat at the couch as they had their morning coffee.

“Hey.. I’m making egg sandwiches for breakfast!” said Rebecca.

“Great. What do you want for dinner?” asked Samar

“Umm… I’d love palak paneer!” said Rebecca.

“Sure!” said Samar.

They used to have breakfast and dinner at each other’s place on Saturday. Usually, she’d cook breakfast for them while he would cook some Indian dish for dinner. Palak Paneer was Rebecca’s favourite.

He noticed that Rebecca was quieter than usual. He blamed her break-up and let her be. They finished drinking their coffee and Rebecca went back to her apartment. She cooked some breakfast for both of them and they ate together. She didn’t talk much as they ate.

Rebecca, then, went to the restaurant to work. Unlike Samar, Saturdays weren’t free for her. Samar went back to his apartment and started preparing a list of ingredients that he would need to prepare palak paneer.

Rebecca returned home late in the evening around 8 PM. She took a shower. By the time she came out, a delicious dinner, Palak Panner with Naan, awaited her in her kitchen. They both had each other’s apartment keys so Samar had no problem entering her apartment. She was happy to see it and then, they both had dinner. Once they were done, Samar finally asked her, “Hey, Becky.”


“You are awfully quiet today. Are you okay?… I mean I know you went through a break-up but…” she cut him off in the middle of the sentence.

“Oh No… it’s not the break-up. That is behind me since this morning. It just wasn’t meant to be.” Said Rebecca.

“Then what? …if you wanna tell me…” said Samar.

“Oh… I’d definitely want to tell you of all people.” said Rebecca with a shy smile.

“What is it?” asked Samar.

“Um… Ok… I..” Samar saw Rebecca feeling tensed.

“Becky… it’s okay… tell me” assured Samar as he held her hand.

Rebecca took a deep breath.

“Samar… you know how I told you last night that I had an aim that by 27, I’d be married, have a child and start my own café…” said Rebecca.

“Yeah…” said Samar.

“Well… I don’t know when I’ll find a decent husband and I don’t know when I’ll have enough money to start my own café… But one thing that I can surely do is… have a baby and… become a mother.” said Rebecca looking straight into Samar’s eyes.

“Um… okay…” said Samar.

“So… I was thinking… maybe… you could father one with me.” said Rebecca feeling extremely shy.

“What?” said Samar, shocked.

“Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking… since morning.” told Rebecca.

Samar spent the next several seconds just trying to contemplate what Rebecca just said.

“Rebecca… you’re kidding… right?” said Samar.

“No… I’m serious… I want to have a child and I want you to be its father.” said Rebecca.

“But… this is all so sudden…” said Samar.

“It’s not, actually… I’ve been thinking of having a child for quite a while… just that it was Eric who was the father in my head but that is not gonna happen now… Also, I’m tired of relationships and I don’t know when will I find ‘the one’ for me… I don’t wanna waste time anymore.”

Samar thought for a while before asking her, “Why me?”

“What do you mean?” asked Rebecca.

“Why me of all people?… there are better guys out there… and I’m not even…” he trailed off.

“Not even what?” asked Rebecca.

“white…” said Samar.

“Oh come on… as if I care about your race… and no, there are no better guys than you that I know of… you are smart, intelligent and a good person of all things… not to mention, quite handsome.” Said Rebecca.

“Well, once you have the baby, where will I be in all of this?” asked Samar.

“I give you full freedom in it. You can be involved in our child’s life as much as you want. Come on now… do you want me to beg you?” asked Rebecca.

Samar took a deep breath in before finally saying, “Okay!”

“Really?” asked Rebecca.

“Yeah… if that’s what you want.” Said Samar.

“Great!” said an elated Rebecca.

“So, do you know a doctor?” asked Samar.

“What doctor?” asked Rebecca.

“Like a fertility doctor?” asked Samar.

“Well, I know a Dr. Lopez who is a fertility doctor. She is a regular customer in my restaurant. Why do you want to meet her?” asked Rebecca.

“For the IVF to get you pregnant.” Replied Samar.

Rebecca just adored the innocence with which he said that.

She chuckled.

“You think I have the kind of money to have an IVF?” asked Rebecca.

“Well, then how?” asked Samar.

Rebecca frowned at him before saying, “I thought you were an engineer. How come you’re so dumb in real life?”

Samar waited for casino firmaları her to say more.

“Samar, I want you to impregnate me naturally…” she said it slowly.

“and by that I mean I want you to have sex with me and release your sperm inside me so that I could get pregnant coz I’m very fertile today.” told Rebecca.

Samar’s heart was beating like a drum. Hearing what Rebecca just said stirred up his loins and his cock throbbed a couple of times in his underwear. His throat went dry and he gulped.

Rebecca very well understood his situation and knew he won’t be able to make the first move. So she took his hand and asked him sweetly to get up. They both got up and then she led him to the room while holding his hand.

Once inside the room, she initiated by starting to take off her clothes. She removed her blouse and then took off her jeans, all this while looking at Samar. Being shy, he just moved his eyes away as Rebecca began taking off her clothes and started looking here and there. Rebecca found it really cute. She then unclasped her bra and then took off her panties before lying down on bed all naked.

“Come on Samar, take off your clothes now.” asked Rebecca.

Feeling extremely shy, he just turned around and started taking off his clothes. Once he was naked, Rebecca just looked at his flawless dark-brown body. His tall body felt so manly. She looked at his back as she moved her gaze down which rested on his ass. She bit her lip looking at that. His thighs looked rock solid as if they could carry a thousand pounds easily and the fact that his thighs and ass were covered in black hair made him even sexier.

“Rebecca, could you please cover yourself in a sheet?” asked Samar.

Rebecca obliged before asking him, “Turn around now!”

He turned around and Rebecca noticed that he was covering his cock and balls with his hands. The fact that he was feeling shy being totally naked around her felt cute to her. Samar approached her and lifted her sheet with one hand making sure not to take a peek of Rebecca’s nude body. However, Rebecca got a minute glimpse of his erect cock as he tried to cover his cock and balls with just one hand.

As he laid on top of her, he adjusted his hips such that his cock lined perfectly with her vagina. Rebecca helped him in taking off his glasses and kept them aside. Samar then realised that their naked bodies were touching each other. He then buried his face in her shoulder only to realise that her breasts were being crushed under his broad chest. She got her arms around his back and roamed her hands around his manly back. This was when she realised his cockhead was giving pecks to her vagina.

“No foreplay at all!” she thought as he pushed his cock in.

He found it difficult for his cock to enter her vagina. He then realised his cock was not lubricated at all. The feeling of having her naked body so close to him made him forget everything. He spat in his hand and applied a copious amount of his saliva on his cock. Once it was lubricated enough, he entered her. Rebecca gasped as he did. Samar just kept pushing it in until he was buried to the hilt. He then rested for a few seconds before he began pumping her in and out. Rebecca’s vagina started lubricating itself as he pumped her. She roamed her hand around his back for some time and then took them down to his ass and placing them on his ass.

Rebecca had just started to enjoy it before Samar announced, “I’m sorry, Rebecca… I can’t do this.”

Samar got up and rolled over beside her. Rebecca was surprised.

“Samar… what is it?”

“I’m sorry, Rebecca… this is just too difficult for me.”

“Why?… Do you think I’m not worthy?”

“No… you’re definitely worthy of becoming a mother. I have seen the way you interact with little kids and babies.” Samar didn’t even think about it. He told her what had seen her.

“Then… what is it?” asked Rebecca.

“I…” Samar trailed off as he panted heavily.

Rebecca offered him some water and he took a few sips.

“Samar… tell me what is it?”

Samar looked at her and said “Becky… this is not how I imagined it would be.”

Rebecca waited for him to say more.

“I want to be intimate with the mother of my child. I want to kiss her… feel her body… I want to make love to her…not just put my penis inside her and release my sperm.” Said Samar.

Rebecca just looked at him.

“Samar… when did I say that we could not be intimate while we have sex?”

Samar listened to her.

“I want it to be the same way as you do… I don’t want some kind of sperm donation that happens in the fucking Amish community where a random man just fucks a random Amish girl with absolutely no feelings for her… I want us to be close… I want to be kissed and I want to be made love to.” Told Rebecca.

Samar looked at her, not sure what to do next.

Instead, Rebecca moved forward and kissed him with tenderness. Samar loved her soft lips kissing him. When she broke the kiss, they both looked at each other. Just moments later, Samar moved forward and placed his hand on her cheek and gently moved it forward till he reached her hair and gently combed them with his fingers while he encircled her güvenilir casino body with his other hand. He, then, kissed her lips gently and then kissed some more. Pretty soon, he was smooching her. Their eyes were closed as their kiss got more intimate and wet. He slowly got his hands down till they were placed on her ass. He gently squeezed her buttocks which was followed by a quiet giggle from her. So, he squeezed them some more. Finally, he lifted her up a little by lifting her buttocks and placed her in his lap. The gap between their bodies reduced to zero. She placed both her hands on his face as they made out.

They hungrily kissed each other. They both felt the passion that both of them had for each other. Soon enough, Rebecca pushed her tongue inside his mouth and gently licked his tongue. He loved what she was doing to him. A little while later, he started mimicking the actions of her tongue with his tongue. She was loving it. While all this happened, Samar’s erect cock was throbbing against Rebecca’s beautiful belly. She could feel the throbbing cock gently hitting her belly. She ignored it for the time being as they licked each other’s tongue. They exchanged what felt to them like gallons of saliva and they enjoyed every moment of it. They felt connected to each other. Samar’s cock, by this time had started drooling pre-cum. The throbs that his uncut cock was experiencing was causing his drooling cock to smear the pre-cum on Rebecca’s belly. Samar broke the kiss and moved down to lick and salivate Rebecca’s erect nipples. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and gently sucked them for several minutes before moving to the other and sucking it for several minutes too. All this while, he was fondling her other breast. Rebecca’s breasts weren’t huge. They were a generous handful and all natural. Rebecca had her head thrown back. She cradled his head lovingly as her feverishly licked and sucked her nipples. When he was tired, he placed his head against her heart and listened to her beautiful heartbeat as she kept cradling his head. They both rested like that more several seconds. They both, then, looked at each other and kissed.

“Get on the floor and keep standing.” Said Rebecca who herself got up first, stood on the floor and then, got down on her knees. Samar got up too and did what Rebecca told him to, except that he was holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.

“Both hands behind your back, Mister!” ordered Rebecca.

He followed her order and revealed his cock and balls to her.

“OMG!” exclaimed Rebecca.

However, it was not for his cock that she did. Samar’s cock was a good six and a half inches long and had a good thickness. It was intensely dark and was veiny as fuck, giving it an angry, manly look. However, what shocked her were his balls. They were totally disproportionate to the size of his cock. They were unusually huge.

“Samar… your balls… they’re…”

“Huge… yeah, I know… a lot of women have told me that” smiled Samar.

“Not just Huge… the correct word is… colossal… & so manly” said Rebecca as she smelled his balls. She weighed them in her hands and she knew they were heavier than any other man’s balls she’d ever been with.

With hands behind his back, a healthy body, muscular rock-solid thighs, an erect cock and colossal balls, he looked like the epitome of human masculinity to Rebecca. She just couldn’t take his eyes off him. She wrapped her hands around his six-and-a-half inches, proud phallus and lifted it up. Samar knew she was just fascinated with his balls and their manliness and he was right.

Rebecca gently cupped his balls with the palm of her other hand and awed at its manliness and its beauty. She totally forgot that the same colossal balls were churning huge amounts of cum that she’d need to get pregnant. She gave it a few licks and loved it before completely bathing them in her saliva. She, then, took one of the testicles in her mouth and gently sucked it while the other one was being gently massaged with her hand. Samar was standing there, with his hands behind his back and letting his balls be sucked. He was groaning with pleasure. Rebecca kept sucking his balls until he pushed her head back to remove her lips in contact with his balls because now, they were egging him to cum. She looked at him with her lovely eyes and he gestured her to open her mouth. She knew what he wanted.

Rebecca opened her mouth and Samar pushed his cock in. She wrapped her lips around it and started giving him head. She loved the taste and smell of it. She had sucked bigger cocks than that but the fact that this one will make her pregnant added made that cock something totally different to her. She sucked it with total devotion and passion. It felt as if she was thanking his cock in advance for getting her pregnant. She kept sucking it for the next several minutes but Samar did not show any signs of cumming. In fact, he started moving his hips and started fucking Rebecca’s mouth. He loved the occasional gurgling sounds that Rebecca made while sucking him. While he fucked her mouth, she could feel his colossal balls slapping her chin. Pretty soon, she got tired of sucking. She took his cock out and saw it was covered in her saliva. She, then, did something that she’d always do to a guy that would make him weak in the knees, no matter how strong he was. She got her tongue out and started flicking and licking his pee-hole. Samar was no different. He groaned loudly as if he was roaring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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