An Experiment in Dating Ch. 04

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Anal Sex

Josh drummed his fingers on the steering wheel of the moving van as he waited for Kat to finish her final walkthrough. This was the third time, but she insisted that she was forgetting something the first two times. Now, Josh decided to sit in the truck and wait.

Kat ran down from the steps of her old home away from home and joined him in the cab of the truck. She wore a pair of miniscule jean shorts and white tank top, and Josh could already see himself veering off the road as he stole a glance at her freckled breasts.

“We’re all set!”

“Nothing missing?”

“We’re all good,” said Kat. “Let’s get this show on the road!”

Josh turned the key in the ignition and took a look out of his side mirror. Sara sat behind the wheel of Kat’s BMW. Kat had offered to drive and let Sara take shotgun in the truck, but Sara had wisely chosen the Beemer. The truck’s A/C wasn’t great, and it was going to be a long ride in uncomfortable seats.

They pulled out of the driveway and onto the street, and Kat took one last look at the house as they drove away.

“Goodbye house,” she called back to it with a note of sadness.

Josh could relate. He had a lot of good memories in that house, most of them with Kat, naked in her room. They’d made sure to say goodbye properly last night, fucking for several hours on the camping mat that sat where her bed used to be. His back was a little sore from all the exercise, but he imagined it was worse for Kat. He’d fucked her ass from behind for a while, and that had to be rough on her spine. The pictures she’d had him take were pretty good though. His cock looked enormous plunging into her ass, and she looked like a sex goddess as she rode him… which wasn’t far from the truth, honestly.

They took turns driving as they crossed over the line into Nebraska. Sara had ditched them an hour ago, preferring to floor it in Kat’s Beemer and get ahead of the bulky truck. She would probably reach the hotel before them, even if she stopped and gave herself a break from driving solo.

As predicted, it was hot in the truck. Josh had been sweating his face off from the moment they’d gotten on I-76, and by the time they reached I-80, he could feel himself melting. Luckily, Kat had packed a cooler with ice water and some salty snacks, so he didn’t worry about totally dehydrating, but he felt pretty gross by mid-afternoon. Kat wasn’t faring much better. Her skimpy shorts were pasted onto her thighs and her tank top was nearly translucent.

They’d been on the road for nearly ten hours, only stopping for fast food and bathrooms, but the hotel for the night was only about an hour away by then. Josh was relieved to see that they were finally in Iowa, something he never expected to be happy about.

“Almost there,” Kat said with an upbeat sigh. “Sara says she’s already checked in.”

“Good,” said Josh. “I was worried we’d have to interact with actual human beings while we looked like this.”

“Yes, now we can head straight for the shower,” she said.

Josh felt the blood rush down to his dick, but he tried not to pay it any attention. He needed to focus on driving; he could think about Kat’s dripping wet naked body once they were there.

Of course, only if Kat let him. With a wicked grin, she put her feet up on the dash. “I don’t know if I can wait that long to get out of these sweaty clothes, Josh.”

He coughed, trying not to look at her long, shapely legs.

“Do you think anyone would mind if I took my bra off? I mean, it’s not like the other cars are going to notice, right?”

“I…I guess that’s fine.”

At once, Kat stripped off her tank top and unhooked her bra. Her freckled tits came free, and it became increasingly hard for Josh to keep his eyes on the road.

“Oh man, that’s way better,” she said. “I think I might just leave the shirt off too. It’s too sweaty to put it back on.”

“That makes sense,” said Josh through gritted teeth. They’d be at the hotel soon, and he could bury his face in her cleavage then.

“It feels so good to be free of that tank top,” said Kat. “It’s not too distracting, me going topless like this?”

She rubbed her breasts suggestively, but Josh kept his eyes on the road…mostly. How do you avoid watching a smoking hot redhead feel herself up next to you?

“Good, then I guess you won’t mind if I get rid of the bottoms while I’m at it.”

Josh nearly choked. “Kat, you’re killing me here. I’ve got to stay focused.”

She grinned even broader this time. “Am I that irresistible?”

“They’ll put it on your tombstone,” he said, “and they’ll do it pretty soon if you don’t let me drive.”

Kat chuckled and kept quiet for a while, but as they reached their exit, she shucked off the rest of her clothes. Her soft, curvy hips were covered in sweat and the thin trail of red hair leading down to her pussy was matted to her skin.

“Aahhh, that’s so much better,” she sighed as she ran a long finger down to her slit.

Josh got to the first light off the exit and turned to really casino şirketleri get a good look at her. She had her feet up on the dash, with her knees cocked at an angle so he could see her pussy. She looked like some sex-crazed mirage, the kind of thing you dream up as you succumb to heatstroke out in the desert.

“Like what you see,” she asked with that beautiful, seductive smile.

Josh nodded.

“Well, then you better keep driving.”

He snapped out of his reverie. People were honking at him; the light was green. Embarrassed, he stepped on the gas and turned back to the road.

“Forget the shower,” he said. “I’m going to fuck the daylights out of you as soon as we get in that hotel room.”

“Mmm, sounds good,” Kat said. Her fingers were busy between her legs, but he couldn’t stop and look. “Is it just my body that’s got you so hot and bothered, or is it the fact that I’m completely naked and anyone around us might be able to look over and see me playing with myself?”

Another red light. Josh looked over, but the car next to them was a cozy little Toyota. “I think you’re pretty safe up here in the truck. Most of the other cars are so short, they can’t see anything but your hair.”

That wicked gleam came back in her eyes, and Josh realized what he’d just done. He might not be an exhibitionist, but clearly Kat was. How hadn’t he figured that out before?

She rolled down the window – with the manual crank, no less – and peeked over the door. She grinned back at him, then lifted herself up a bit so she could see over the side without totally exposing herself to the other car.

Josh saw the driver roll down his own window. He was a younger guy with a tangle of black hair, just out of high school probably.

“Hey, wanna see my tits?”

Josh nearly choked, and so did the other guy. Kat sat up the rest of the way, giving the kid full view of her gorgeous breasts.

“Holy shit!”

“I know, right?” Kat squeezed them together and bit her lip. “My boyfriend loves sucking on them. Anyway, the light’s going to change, and we have to get to our hotel so he can fuck the shit out of my pussy. I’m so goddamn horny right now!”

Josh could barely believe it, but the light did turn green and he had to keep going. Kat sat back and laughed like a hyena, fingering herself all the while. Josh was so hard, he felt like he might blow his load right there and then.

“That was insane!”

Kat kept on laughing, and Josh couldn’t help taking another glance at her bouncing tits. His mouth was suddenly watering with the desire to suck on them. He couldn’t stand all this teasing.

The hotel was up ahead. Josh took the turn a little too fast and jumped the curb as they pulled in, the slick sounds of Kat’s pussy play driving him wild. She grunted as they came over the bump, but they were finally here. Josh took them around back and parked next to the Beamer.

“Now,” he said, “what was that about me fucking the shit out of you?”

But Kat was in another world. Her freckled face and breasts were flushed red, and her fingers were flying in and out of her plump pussy lips. She turned to him and smiled weakly. “I-I’m going to-“

Her back arched – the image of her naked body lifting above the seat seared into his mind – and came with wracking jolts of pleasure. She was nearly screaming with every moan of cum-induced ecstasy that shot through her, and Josh was worried that someone might come running to see what was going on.

When she settled back on the seat, Kat was glistening with sweat and grinning from ear to ear. “I think I’d like that shower now.”

Josh laughed. “What, you don’t want me to pound you over the hood of your car? I thought you were getting hot on all this sex in public stuff.”

“Don’t tempt me,” she said. Her fingers came free of her pussy and she sucked them into her mouth. “I’m not even sure I could stand up long enough to enjoy that. My legs feel pretty shaky after that.”

He wasn’t sure if he should be relieved or disappointed that she didn’t want to continue with her exhibitionist displays, but he knew they could both use the shower. Besides, they’d never had shower sex before.

“Alright, wait here then. I’ll go and get the room key from Sara and be right back.”

She pouted mockingly. “You’re going to leave me here like this?”

Josh grinned. “If anyone comes by, well… take pictures?”

She smacked him, but she was still smiling. “Just hurry up, or I’m going to go back for seconds without your delicious cock.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he saluted.

He went around to the front of the building and got the room number from the front desk. Evidently, Sara had left them a key, which was convenient. Still, Josh took the elevator up to the fourth floor. He wanted to grab a coverup for Kat to throw on, and Sara was about the same size.

As he opened the door, Josh could hear the buzzing. He probably should have said something, but his curiosity won out. He entered the room and gaped at what he saw.

Sara casino firmaları was laying on her bed in what might have been a yoga pose…if not for the toys and her naked body. Her ass was pointed straight in the air with a large, white dildo going in and out of her puckered anus. Her other hand was managing a rather loud bullet vibe as it stimulated her clit. It was an incredible scene, and full confirmation for Josh that Sara’s ass was begging for a cock in it. Sara hadn’t noticed him, her attention focused on her pleasure and an image on her phone that Josh couldn’t quite see. Definitely some kind of porn though.

“Wow,” he said, not even thinking about it.

Sara squeaked and froze, her wild eyes whipping back to look at Josh. “Oh my god-“

Josh tried to back up, but he tripped on his own two feet and fell straight back onto the carpeted floor.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god-“

He was a little dazed, but the image of Sara’s ass still filled his mind and mingled with thoughts of Kat’s naked body arching above the seat. Sara was leaning over him now, grabbing his head and looking into his eyes.

“Are you okay? Hey, Josh, are you alright?”

He looked down. She was still naked, her left knee pressed against his crotch, but she seemed more worried than anything else. “I’m fine, I just tripped.”

He tried to sit up, but she pressed him flat. “Don’t get up just yet, you might have a concussion. Hang on.”

He got a good look at her lube smeared ass as she rushed back to the bed for her phone. She fumbled with the screen lock for a moment and nearly dropped her phone as she came back. Josh got a glimpse of the screen and saw what looked like his cock in what looked like Kat’s ass. Then the flash hit his eyes and he had to look away.

“Okay, you seem fine,” she said, backing up. “Just be careful sitting up.”

Josh did so, and felt alright. He might have a lump on his head for a few days, but he’d consider it a fair exchange for the scene he’d just witnessed.

“Hey, show me the text,” he said.

Sara froze, now trying to cover herself with her arms. “What?”

“Show me the text Kat sent you, and I’ll forget all about this.”

She looked at him dubiously. Josh pointed to his head and said, “Head injury.”

Sara reluctantly unlocked her phone and passed it to him. Sure enough, there were several photos from last night. Kat had sent them early this morning with a note that said: It feels great in the ass. You should try it sometime 😉 PS – my bag of tricks is in the trunk. The white one is pretty close to the real thing.

Josh’s eyes drifted towards the bed and the toys and lube that sat there. Sara was still sitting next to him, barely covered by her crossed arms and closed legs. She’d been fucking herself in the ass while looking at a picture of him. It seemed like the perfect occasion to toss her on the bed and take over for the silicone stand-in.

But that’s not what he’d agreed to, and Kat was still completely exposed out in the truck. He handed Sara her phone and said, “I need a cover-up for Kat. She’s…kind of naked down in the truck.”

Sara didn’t say anything. She just ran to her bed and grabbed the dress that she’d worn in the car. Her ass looked amazing as she moved, and Josh cursed himself for his scruples. Though, if that text was any indication, he might not have much of a say in his sex life. Not if Kat had something to say about it.

She handed off the dress, their fingers touching briefly, before she slipped into the bathroom. Josh got one final look at her beautiful, round behind and the barest glimpse of her bare pussy before she shut the door. He was dying to fuck her, but that wasn’t in the cards for right now. Sara’s body would have to remain a tantalizing memory for the moment.

Josh rushed down the rear stairs and hopped back into the cab of the truck. Kat was fingering herself again, one hand pinching a protruding nipple.

“I got bored waiting,” she said with a shy smile. “I’m up to three by now, and I’m still going. Wanna taste my fourth?”

Josh knew better than to pass on the chance to taste her sweet, Irish nectar, but he was still scrambled from his run-in with Sara. “I think we should probably head in.”

She looked down at the proffered dress then back up at him, somewhat puzzled. “Where did you get…isn’t that Sara’s?”

“I…I ran up to the room, to grab you something to wear inside.”

She could tell he wasn’t giving her the whole truth. She was always good at picking out his lies and half-truths. And Josh knew what she must have been thinking, once she started grinning at his growing blush.

“Was she still wearing it when she gave it to you, or was she wearing something else?”

Josh gulped and tried to look away, but her heaving tits kept his attention. She was really enjoying this. Of course she was.

“She…she changed,” he said half-heartedly.

“Into what?”

“Her pajamas, I guess?”

It was the wrong answer. Or maybe the right answer to the güvenilir casino wrong question, because Kat’s eyes lit up and she barked out a laugh.

“Now that’s the truth,” she said, biting her lip. “Sara sleeps in the nude! Was she just walking around or did you catch her in the act? Please tell me she had something in her ass! Did she let you fuck her? Is that why you took so long?”

So much for forgetting about the whole thing. Josh could tell that Kat was really just interested in cumming again, but this was really getting her hot. He probably shouldn’t encourage her, but…

He slid in close and leaned over the seat so his face was roughly in line with her pussy. Kat adjusted her legs to give him better access, pulling her fingers back so they were only massaging her clit. Josh got a full breath of sweaty, musky pussy before diving in tongue first.

“She was enjoying the picture you sent her this morning with the big, white dildo you suggested,” he said between licks. “I didn’t fuck her, but I did almost get a concussion, and I told her we would both pretend it never happened.”

“Did you want to fuck her?” Kat was getting close. The question was more of a sigh than anything else.

“I wanted to pound her ass till she begged me to cum inside her,” Josh said, hoping he’d guessed right.

“Yessss,” hissed Kat. “You should have! Go back up there and do it! I can stay down here, or maybe I should come and take pictures.”

Josh had switched to fingers so he could keep up with the banter. Her pussy felt like a vice around him. “Is that what you want, to watch me fuck your roommate?”

“Yes! Fuck her tight little ass!”

“You want to see me spray her back with hot cum while she trembles helplessly with an anal orgasm?”

That put Kat over the top. She cried out, her vaginal walls spasming and releasing with her jagged breaths. It was a good one, really powerful. Josh was amused to see the effect that his little story had on her. He couldn’t imagine how she might have reacted if he actually had fucked Sara in the ass.

Once Kat’s orgasm subsided, she took the dress that Josh was carrying and put it on. It looked good on her, though it showed off a lot more of Kat’s legs than it did of Sara’s. Josh wasn’t complaining. His cock was still straining against briefs, painfully reminding him that he hadn’t cum yet.

When they reached the room, Sara was gone. She left a note on the counter – Went swimming, be back @ 10 – but there was no trace of the anal exploration that he’d walked in on before.

Kat pouted. “And here I thought she’d be waiting for a threesome.”

“In your dreams,” said Josh. “We should probably shower now, while she’s out.”

She sighed, but it was theatrical and teasing. She was still worked up, despite…four orgasms? Josh was beginning to wonder if he was dating some kind of succubus. So long as they were both getting off, Josh didn’t mind.

Kat threw the dress over her head and headed for the bathroom. Josh followed suit, peeling himself free of his somewhat sticky clothes. His cock was rock hard, but he was looking forward to getting clean as much as he was to fucking Kat… almost. Standing in front of the rapidly heating shower, her profile drew him like a magnet. Her soft hips and gentle curves, strong legs, and red hair were kryptonite to him.

Kat smiled as she felt him press up against her back, then she stepped into the shower. Josh followed, trying not to block the stream as he clambered in behind her. Kat wasted no time going through her usual shower regimen, conditioning her hair first, then moving on to washing her body. Josh did so as well, but he felt inclined to assist Kat as she was sudsing up her torso.

He reached around her, water and steam rising, and took her hands in his. He brought her soapy hands up to her plump breasts, gently kneading them. The bar of soap transferred easily to his hands as Kat continued massaging her tits. Josh ran the soap down her skin in small circles, building up a lather. Then he dove lower, exploring the folds of her sex with soapy fingers.

“Aahh!” Kat bucked her hips against him. She was still sensitive from her earlier orgasms.

“You know, I’m starting to sense a theme with you,” said Josh as he played with her clit. “First, you send that picture to Leslie. Then, you send some more to Sara. It’s like you enjoy whoring me out to your roommates or something.”

“Mmmm…” Kat didn’t look back at him, thoroughly enjoying herself in his embrace. She pinched her nipples and moaned by way of reply.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t want to be surprised, but next time, you’re going to tell me before you send them a picture. If I had known Sara would be in such a compromising position, I might have been better prepared to pound her ass. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? For me to blow a huge load in Sara’s perfect backside?”

“Yessss,” she hissed. The combination of clit tickling and dirty talk was bringing her close to the edge again. There was no way she’d last long enough for him to cum inside her, not with her orgasm-shaky legs.

“Then from now on, we’re going to do this together. I’ll fuck my way through all of your roommates and anybody else you want to share me with, but only on my terms. Got it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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