An Average Love Story Ch. 01

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Kelly Jackson watched from her living room window as the new family moved in across the street from her home. She watched as an average couple, probably in their mid forties carried boxes, while the moving men carried all of the heavier items in. The couple had one son who just pulled up in a large pick up truck, and the kid had a local community college sweatshirt on.

He was heavy young man, maybe thirty or forty pounds over weight, yet he had boyishly handsome features in his chubby face. He began to unload the back of his truck, obviously filled with his own personal belongings.

Kelly was very lonely since her divorce from her husband of ten years, but she fought with him over the last couple years of their marriage. He argued with her over how to raise their three kids, money, her lost figure from having two kids to even her hairstyle. She and her ex never got to know any of the other neighbors, so she figured maybe she would introduce herself to this new family. She gathered up her two kids little Tommy who had just turned three and his big sister Carla who is six. She loaded them into her mini van and drove to the mall to look for a welcome to the neighborhood gift for her new neighbors.

The family across the street is the Murphy’s, John and Margaret had been childhood sweethearts and have been married for more than twenty years. They only had one child, the heavy young man named Scott, who is starting his freshman year in the local community college.

John has a job with a large company and they gave him an opportunity to come to a new area to open a new manufacturing plant. Margaret has a green thumb and once settled in was going to look for work in the local plant nursery or a flower shop. Scott is planning on majoring in business and his father hoped he would follow in his footsteps someday.

Several hours later Kelly returned with a basket and several items she could put in it, along with decorations to make it looks pretty. She worked on it after the kids were to bed and was going to deliver it to the new family tomorrow morning.

She waited until around eleven the next morning, dressed her kids nicely, carried the basket over to her new neighbors. Kelly let Tommy her son Tommy ring the doorbell, Scott came and answered the door, the young man ushered her inside the house after she introduced herself.

“Mom, Dad!” He yelled aloud. “A neighbor lady is here.”

“Hello there.” Said the very cheery Margaret. “I’m Margaret Murphy and this is my husband John and our son Scott.”

“Hello I’m Kelly Jackson and these our my two little ones, my daughter Carla and my son Tommy.” She said. “We live across the street.”

“Nice to meet you Ms.” Said John taking the basket from her. “Take this to kitchen Scott.”

“Please you must stay for some brunch, I went out and picked up some really nice croissants from that bakery down the street.” Margaret asked.

As they sat around the kitchen table getting to know each other, the kids played on the floor with some old toys of Scott’s that his mother kept for such occasions. Kelly found she really liked this new family and she found Scott to be very charming for a young man.

“You know Kelly if you need anything done around the house, my boy is quite handy. He can mow your lawn or move heavy things around, he may be a little on the chunky side, but he is strong as an ox.” Said John much to his sons embarrassment as his cheeks grew red.

“Thank you, next weekend the kids have to go to their father’s, it would be a good opportunity for me to get some things done around the house.” She explained.

“It would work out well for us as well. We have to go back to our old hometown to finish up some business.” Said Margaret. “That way Scott will have someone he knows nearby.”

The week went by really quick, Scott’s parents left for the weekend and Kelly’s kids went to their fathers’. Kelly came over to the Murphy’s to see if Scott would be interested in going out to dinner with her. Scott eagerly accepted the offer and went upstairs to get ready, Kelly was surprised to see him in a nice dress shirt and some pants. I guess he thought he needed to dress nicely, as Kelly was still dressed in her office attire.

She took him to a nice Italian restaurant and they were able to get a table in a nice quiet corner. Kelly ordered and then Scott ordered a light meal, Kelly thought he was trying to impress her by either not eating a lot of food or maybe he figured he had to keep it cheap.

Scott hung onto every word; he heard Kelly speaks, casino şirketleri from her telling him all of the cool things to do in the area to how great the college was. Scott all through high school never had a girlfriend or let alone a date, and this was a new experience for him. He was amazed that A thirty five-year-olds, mothers of two were so eager to spend time with him.

Kelly was enjoying herself, she has not had a date since the divorce, nor had she had any offers, she figured men were either hung up by her having two kids, that she had not lost as much weight as she wanted too since Tommy was born.

“Scott would you like to come over to my house and watch a movie with me?” She asked him while giving the waitress her credit card to pay the check.

“Sure that sounds great Ms. Jackson.” He answered.

“Please Scott you can call me Kelly.” She said.

“Okay.” He replied with a smile.

The two of them went back to Kelly’s house, Scott made himself at home while Kelly went out to the kitchen and brought back a bottle of wine, some cheese and two glasses. Scott being only eighteen was surprised that this woman he had only known for a week was going to give him wine.

“Would like a glass of wine?” She asked. “I won’t tell your parents if you don’t.”

“That would be very nice Kelly.” He answered standing up to take the tray from her and setting it down on the coffee table.

They found a comedy to watch on one of the pay per view channels, yet they did very little watching of the movie. They talked about anything and everything that came to mind, Scott learned about Kelly’s failed marriage and realized they had a lot in common. Mostly the two of them lacked in the area of self confidence, yet he thought it to be amazing in Kelly’s case.

What he saw sitting on the couch was an attractive lady, he loved her green eyes, her short curly brown hair, even though she was dressed conservatively he thought she had a nice body as well. Kelly thought of the young man sitting next to her almost the same way, she saw a kid lacking confidence, yet was a good listener, she thought he is a handsome boy waiting to blossom into a man once he gained the confidence he needed.

Before they both knew it the time was two in the morning, Scott fell asleep on the couch, so Kelly took an afghan that she kept on the back of the couch and laid it over him. She got up turned the lights and t.v. off, then she went off to bed.

The next morning Scott was awoken by the sound of an exercise machine coming from the next room. Kelly had gotten up, put on her workout outfit, went down to ride five miles on her exercise bike. It was a two-piece black spandex outfit, the top was sleeveless and did not cover her mid riffs. The pants were like tight bicycle pants, it gave Scott a better idea of what her body looked like.

He legs were shapely with just a slight hint of extra fat on them, her ass looked to be well rounded in the shorts. Scott could tell from pictures on the wall from her younger days she used to have nice well-tanned legs and an ass to die for. Her breasts were what he would call perky, probably a 32c or maybe a 34b. He felt a twinge in his loins, and he could see her large erect nipples straining against the fabric. He watched for a few more moments and then he entered the other room.

“Oh you’re up.” She said as she stopped pedaling.

“Yes, but don’t worry you did not wake me.” He added.

“Well let get cleaned up, changed into my yard work clothes and I’ll make us some breakfast.” She said to wipe the sweat from her brow with a towel.

“Sounds good let me run home and do the same.” He said.

“Well when you are done, don’t bother knocking, just let yourself in.” She said to dismount the bike.

Once back home Scott stripped off his clothes and got in the shower, he washed up and as he did he pictured Kelly in his mind. Before he knew it, his hand was vigorously working his cock and soon he was shooting his cum all over the shower wall.

Meanwhile at the same time Kelly was gently massaging her breasts, tweaking her already erect nipples, one hand slowly caressing its way down her stomach to her moistening pussy. She frigged herself to an orgasm, thinking of how nice it would be to have a young lover eager to please her.

Scott finally came back to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen, and he liked what he saw standing next to the stove. Kelly stood in front of the stove, her hair still wet from the shower, no makeup on, a tight tank top and a tight casino firmaları pair of cotton shorts. Scott had also come back over dressed to work around her house, he had a pair of shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt. When Kelly turned around to ask him how he wanted his eggs she saw how large his arms were. They had a little fat on them, yet there was a lot of muscle as well, his father was right about him being as strong as an ox.

“How do you like your eggs?” She asked.

“However you are making yours.” He replied. “I have no preference.”

“Okay over easy it is.” She said turning back to crack the eggs into the waiting pan.

She divided the food up between two plates and they both sat down at the table to eat, she told him she wanted him to mow the lawn and then weed wacks around the house. She was going to work on weeding her flower beds and then the two of them were going clean out the garage.

The two of them finished eating and Kelly led him out to the garage showed him the mower and the weed whacker, she also showed him the gas can. He got the mower started with one pull and went toward the large backyard to begin mowing it. Kelly went to the front of the house and began to pull weeds from her flower beds.

About an hour later Scott had finished the backyard and did all the weed wacking as well, he was now ready for the front. When he came out front Kelly was on all fours pulling weeds, her shorts had crept up her ass, giving a really good view of her backside. Scott could feel his cock starting to stir in his shorts, then to save embarrassment he restarted the mower and began to mow the front. Kelly quickly got the weeds in a pile and then threw them into a garbage bag, while Scott mowed the front, she went and got a couple of iced teas for them.

They sat on the front porch for a while so they could drink the cool tea, then it was off to the garage. Kelly wanted several different piles, first pile was stuff her ex left behind, the next were stuff for good will, the next were stuff she wanted to keep, the last was for stuff she wanted him to put in the upstairs storage of the garage. Scott found out this was a small cramped area, yet if he neatly rearranged it, all of the stuff Kelly wanted to store would fit.

They were sorting for several hours when the sky began to cloud up with storm clouds, Scott was hoping she would quicken her pace of what she wanted and where. Then finally she had everything sorted out, they swept the garage out and then it started to pour. The two of them hurried back en forth carrying things and putting them away.

The two of them were getting drenched as the rain water pelted them again and again every time they journeyed out of the garage. Finally the last of the items was in and put away, so the two of them made a mad dash for Kelly’s house. They ran up onto the porch quickly, both of them breathing hard and excitedly. Instead of opening the door and going in, the two of them stood panting really hard, looking at the growing passion in each other eyes.

Suddenly a flash of lightning and the sound of thunder, caused Kelly to jump into his big strong arms. She could feel his strength as his arms wrapped around her, for the first time in a long time she felt safe and wanted. Scott looked down at her face and could see her lips were trembling as she shivered in the rain. Then without warning he leaned down and kissed her on the lips, at first it was soft and tender. When another flash of lightning and a clap of thunder the kiss erupted into something more passionate as the rain continued to fall.

Scott had never kissed a woman before and he moaned aloud when he felt Kelly’s tongue push inside his mouth. He held her tight with one arm and his other began to rub up and down her side, he could feel her reach up and wrap her arms around his neck. Then he reached up for the doorknob, turning it to let them in, she literally jumped up into his arms as they made it inside soaking wet.

The two of them continued kissing into the kitchen, Kelly’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Scott held her against a wall and she pulled her top off, he kissed her neck and the soft globes of her breasts. Then she unhooked it, and she pulled his hot face down to hard erect nipples, beckoning him to suck them. His animal instincts took over as he alternated between both of her breasts licking and sucking her nipples, making her moan aloud.

“Take me upstairs and make love to me.” She whispered into his ear.

Without saying anything he set her down onto both of güvenilir casino her feet, at first she was disappointed, but then overjoyed when he swept his arm under the back of her knees. He carried upstairs and she pointed to the room that was her bedroom.

He laid her gently down on her bed and then he stood up to pull his wet shirt off, he hoped she would not be turned off. Kelly was not turned off, she looked up at him with lust in her eyes, she wanted this big strong young man to make love to her. She pulled her shorts and her panties off, Scott gasped when he saw pubic hair, it was neatly trimmed and shaped. Now it was going to be Kelly’s turn to gasp, Scott pulled his shorts down to reveal the large erection he sported.

The young man had a very nice cock bobbing up and down in front of him, she thought to herself if the girls in his school knew about this he would have had a girlfriend or two during high school. She sat back up on the bed and pulled him close to her, she now had his cock face level with her as she reached up with both hands. She then leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, then she ran her tongue up and down it. Scott trembled at the newfound sensation he was experiencing, Kelly thought back to her only previous lover who was an average six inches when hard, she guessed Scott to be around nine inches, maybe ten, and it was thick too.

She took the head of it into her mouth and then she slowly sucked in a few more inches, Scott placed a hand gently on the back of her head. She knew what he wanted and she began to suck his cock at a steady pace. After a few minutes of this she wanted the young man to fuck her wet pussy now. So she laid back down on the bed taking him by the hand and pulling him down with her. Suddenly he shuddered and she could feel hot sprays of his thick young cum hit on the leg and belly. She grabbed some Kleenex and cleaned it off of her, but Scott started to sob as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“What’s wrong?” She asked crawling over to him.

“I came already and I did not, please you. I was just so excited to make love to a beautiful woman.” He said to fight back a tear.

She reached up and gently cupped his face in her hands, then she gave him a kiss on the mouth, she wanted him to feel reassured.

“Scott, let’s just kiss for a little bit, I assure you will still get to make love.” She said softly. “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh yes, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He said as she pulled him back down on the bed.

The two of them kissed passionately, with Scott taking every opportunity to explore her body with his hands. At first they trembled, then as he became more confident and learned to read what her body seemed to respond to, a miracle happened. Scott’s cock was now as hard as steel, Kelly felt this and she instinctively spread her legs. The young man got between them and guided his cock into the wet warmth of her pussy.

At first he could only get the first few inched into her, Kelly told him to be patient and take it slow. It had been a while since she has done it and she had never had a man who was endowed as he is. Finally her pussy accommodates his entire cock, her legs locked around his waist, he started to pump slow gentle thrusts into her. He loved to hear the soft moans of pleasure coming from her as he alternated his kisses from her mouth, to her neck, then to her breasts.

Soon she had her first orgasm and now she was ready for more, she dug her nails into his back, and told he to fuck her harder now. Scott increased the speed of his thrusts, pounding his very young cock in and out of her.

“OH, OH, oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me baby, oh god you are so big, fuck me, make me cum again.” Kelly moaned aloud.

Scott continued to fuck her until she had a few more orgasms, then she got him to roll over onto his back. She climbed on top of him, she bounced up and down while he fondled her tits and ass. She reached down and rubbed her clit, then she had another orgasm, suddenly Scott reached down and roughly grabbed her ass. Soon he was pushing her ass up and down as he started to a piston his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh my fucking god, fuck me, fuck me hard.” She screamed.

“AGGGGHH, FUCK!” He yelled as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled her vagina.

Kelly collapsed on top of him, the two of them laid together for several long moments, then he held her as they both fell asleep. They did not sleep all through the night, but Scott woke her up three more times, the last time around four in the morning. She thought that one was the best, it was just a long slow hour long fuck, that left her in an orgasmic bliss as she fell back to sleep into his strong arms.

To be continued…

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