An Anniversary To Remember

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Sarah and I have been going out for a year now. She’s a great girl and we are really happy together. Sarah’s cute and sexy with long curly blonde hair and toned petite figure. She is about 5’5 and has the most beautiful big blue eyes I have ever seen. We first met at the gym where I was working as a personal trainer. I saw her one day in the aerobics class working her little butt off. She looked so sexy I just couldn’t help approaching her. Now a year later we are hardly ever apart. I must admit we look pretty good together; I’m nearly 6ft, dark hair, and dark skin with broad muscular shoulders.

To celebrate our first anniversary this year we decided to take a hiking holiday deep within Queensland’s tropical rainforests. The weather was hot and humid, and after the first few hours we were desperate to cool off. We saw on the map that a waterfall and gorge was just a few hundred metres away. In anticipation we ran towards the sound of crashing waters. It was beautiful and secluded. Not another human was within miles of the area. The waterfall was big but calm, as it poured out into a serene swimming hole.

By this time we were stripping off the layers as the heat was unbearable. I watched Sarah as she unbuttoned her shirt revealing firm rounded breasts. She slipped off her panties standing before me stark naked. After all these months I still go wild when I see Sarah in the nude.

“Come on, I’ll race you in,” said Sarah and with that she sprinted into the water. I watched her little toned ass as she dived under. I couldn’t help thinking about her cool smooth skin gliding through the water. I stripped off my last şirinevler escort layer and ran in after her.

We splashed around for a while before gravitating towards each other in a warm embrace. I could feel her hard wet nipples pushing into my chest as we kissed a passionate kiss. Rubbing against each others bodies I couldn’t help becoming aroused and by the look of Sarah I could tell she was feeling the same way.

We swam across to a group of smooth rocks, water trickling over them from the flowing waterfall. We continued to hug and kiss while I caressed every inch of her smooth skin.

As the water trickled over our bodies I kissed her neck slowly, then moved down to her nipples. I took the right one into my mouth and flicked over it with my tongue. Sarah loves it when I do this as it always makes her horny. Moving over to the left nipple I took it into my mouth sucking over it with my moist lips.

Moving down I left a trail of little wet kisses all the way to her inner thighs. I pondered there for a moment knowing the suspense was building up for her. Just before it got too much to bear I pushed my tongue inside her hot vagina, moist from her increasing arousal. She moaned quietly. Flicking over her swollen clit I took in the taste of her sweet juices on my lips. I sucked her clit faster as she moved her hips in time with my tongue flicks.

Her moans became louder and quicker as I sucked and flicked her harder. She raised her hips closer to my mouth as her climax drew nearer. I pushed my tongue into her pushing on her G-spot. Sarah grasped my şerifali escort hair, pushing me in deeper inside her extremely hot wet pussy. She groaned loudly with pleasure while her orgasm took over her whole body and her sweet cum poured out of her.

I moved back up to her beautiful lips and kissed her sweetly while holding her body so tightly. We breathed deeply as she took in the taste of her cum on my lips. While in our embrace, Sarah slided her hand down my body to meet my hard throbbing cock, knowing I was in desperate need of some attention down there. Clasping it in her hand she rubbed slowly pulling the foreskin right back from the head. By this time we were sitting opposite each other. She lowered her head planting little kisses along my neck and chest. Then she descended to my foreskin lightly licking and kissing it.

I couldn’t wait to be inside her mouth. She took me into her sucking on the head of my penis. It felt so good with the two areas being worked at once, the foreskin on her tongue and the shaft in her hand. Tightening her grip she thrusted faster while sucking harder and flicking my foreskin with her tongue. I could tell she loved giving this to me, knowing how much I enjoyed it. I breathed deeply and quietly moaned as I stroked her soft wavy hair, guiding her head over my pumping hard cock. The sensations were getting stronger and she was going harder than ever before. I reached my climax, ejaculating deep inside her mouth while she sucked up every last drop of my cum.

I sighed with relaxation as she withdrew me from her and moved up into my şişli escort arms. We looked into each others eyes for a moment, loving each other so much. She whispered, “Jack I’m still horny.”

Acting on that I moved my hand down to her pubic hair, massaging her clean trimmed bush. Then I slid my middle finger over her clit, rubbing it in small quick circles, the wetness still flowing from her vagina. I rubbed her gently as she leaned back, groaning with want for more. I felt my dick becoming aroused again as she displayed her enjoyment and I knew she wanted me in her as much as I did.

I moved on top of her hot little body and lowered my hard cock into her throbbing pussy. She grabbed my ass cheeks with so much strength, helping guide me into her smooth passage. The feeling of being inside her was amazing. I pushed the full length of my cock deep inside her. She was really into it. Still holding my but she pushed my hips towards her, causing my dick to thrust harder with every stroke. It felt so good and I knew she was loving it too. Sarah was moaning loudly now, “Fuck me harder Jack,” she whispered into my ear. As I kept on pumping her I felt the walls of her cunt tightening, her breathing growing heavier. It felt like we were emerged as one as we held each other so tightly, anticipating climax.

The build up inside me was getting so strong I knew I was going to explode. Sarah let out a loud cry as she squeezed her vagina tighter, pushing me into ecstasy. I pounded her hard sending her over the edge. Sarah screamed with sheer pleasure and our juices poured out together like lava erupting from a volcano. The feeling was so strong words just can’t describe it enough.

We stayed there for a minute or two, just holding each other and catching our breath after the exhausting work out. I kissed her forehead and she smiled back at me.

“Let’s go for a swim,” she said as I thought to myself what we will do for next year’s anniversary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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