An Adventure in Hyde Park

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It was after a long day shopping that he suggested we get a picnic and head to Hyde park, I had been shopping fro clothes all day, and the majority of our time was spent in sex shops buying new underwear and toys, and I knew Jason was horny as hell, a few times whilst shopping he had stood behind me and rubbed his hard cock against the cheeks of my arse.

I too was also gagging for it and thought the idea of a picnic sounded just fine,

The sun was beating down on us and I could feel the warmth exaggerating the heat between my legs.

We walked to the café and I suggested I go get some food while he popped into the pub to grab us a drink.

Jason was waiting for me when I got out with our picnic and he had a wicked grin on his face, a grin that only I knew meant he wanted sex, he wanted it now and it was going to be rough!

We made our way along the path by the river to find a secluded spot somewhere, it was blistering heat, so I took my top off, as I was wearing nothing underneath I got quite a few approving looks, and I knew this turned Jason on, I proudly carried myself and smiled to all the faces that where drawn to my beauty.

A nice spot behind a tree was where we finally set up camp, as I got the sandwiches out of the bag and laid out the other food I had brought I saw Jason getting out of his jeans, which left him in just a pair of black boxers, well why not, they could almost pass as shorts.

We ate and chatted and talked about the things we had brought that day and how much he wanted a modeling show when we got back home, I agreed readily and the wetness between my legs agreed with me too, I was dying to feel him slip his huge cock into me and take me roughly from behind.

I tried to shake off these thoughts as he started a more serious conversation about work, I groaned at him and told him I didn’t want to talk about it, I was having trouble finding new clients for my beauty products and business was bad, but this was our weekend and I was not going to drag work problems into it “honey cant we talk about something else, I’m fed up with work and I just need to relax” I saw his mouth curve up at the edges at the word “relax”

“Well if you want to relax, why don’t you lay down and just chill out babe,” I nodded and settled down in the cool grass; Jason moved over to me and lifted my head so it was resting in his lap. My mouth was so close to him it was driving me mad, and I think he knew it! I could smell him and it was making my juices run, but I couldn’t do anything about it, not now it would have to wait till we got home.

I closed my eyes and tried to think about ikitelli escort something else, Jason was propped up against the tree with my head in his lap and as hard as I tried I couldn’t think about anything else apart from sliding my lips over that huge cock that was laying inches from my mouth.

As I closed my eyes and started to relax I heard Jason spouting off some poetry, he’s really into that sort of stuff, he studied English literature at college and knew many pieces off by heart, I liked it when he read to me, and His voice was soothing and calmed me.

I must have fallen asleep because as I woke it was slightly cooler and the air felt good over my naked breasts, my nipples where standing erect and I felt slightly embarrassed, wondering who had seen Jason and I like this.

I looked up and saw that Jason too was asleep, the light was fading and I guessed it was about 9 pm I looked over at his watch and found it to be 9.50 pm, no wonder it was cooler now, there was no one around, well not as far as I could see anyway.

Jason woke up with a start and looked around dazed, I smiled up at him and gave him a cheeky look as I could feel the now rock hard tool pressed into my shoulder, he took a quick glance around and pointed out that we were on our own in the park now, “maybe we scared them all off with our snoring” I chuckled, Jason snores very loudly and I know anyone walking by must have heard him.

He stretched his arms above his head and looked down to see my perfect erect nipples

Standing proud, I closed my eyes threw my arms above my head as if to surrender to him and stuck my firm round breasts towards him, enticing him to touch me, kiss me just make contact with me! I was so hot for him and the hard bulge in his shorts was proof he was hot for me too. I must have been so into what I was doing as I wasn’t even worried about people seeing us if they were to walk past, all I cared about was Jason playing with my hard nipples, it would be at least 30 minutes to get home and I knew I couldn’t wait that long.

He must have read my mind, he ran his fingers along my body, up from my belly button and across the flesh under my breasts, circling them lightly, the feelings are intense and I small gasp comes from me, he quickly moves his attention to my nipples, running his fingers over them, then pinching them roughly, the shock of that sends waves of pleasure to my pussy and the heat down there is amazing.

I groan as his fond lings become rougher and Jason bends down over me to take one of my nipples into his mouth, he flicks his tongue kadıköy escort over my left nipple as my hand moves to his hot cock that is buried in his shorts wanting release, begging to be touched, I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh and his legs parted for me to easily slip my hand under his shorts to fondle the monster that needed so much attention, I pulled it out, and Jason looked about, worried that summon would see us, I assured him that no one was around and as he nodded in agreement I kissed the tip of his rod, he started paying attention to my right nipple now but I pushed his hand down, he played with the tight form skin on my stomach, and ran his hands over my thighs and down my legs, Jason was a dreadful tease, but I loved it, it made me even hotter.

I kissed every inch of his meat before gently and slowly sliding him into my mouth, he felt enormous and his veins where standing out, I was surprised he hadn’t cum already, he felt like he was about to explode, I sucked him deep and slow making sure I covered every part of him with my tongue, licking and sucking on his balls, gently scraping my nails across his back, as I took him back into my mouth I felt his fingers parting my pussy lips, I felt the wetness there gush out and he let out a small moan as he slid his fingers inside me without any resistance, I thrust my hips up to allow him to get deep inside me, suddenly feeling very nervous that summon was watching I glanced around and was shocked and deeply surprised at what I saw peering out from behind a tree, it seemed as we were getting busy pleasuring each other, someone else was busy pleasuring themselves as they watched us!

For some strange reason this didn’t shock me, I was so turned on I actually found it quite erotic that he found us sexy, I turned back to Jason quickly so as not to let the stranger know I had seen him, he was harmless after all and all I could think abut was getting Jason’s huge cock inside me. I kissed Jason passionately and knelt up before him, I played with my firm breasts and proceeded to work my pussy the way he had been doing just moments before, He motioned me closer to him with one finger and as I stood up, I made sure our friend behind the tree got a good look at my breasts and my neatly shaved pussy. I moved so that I was inches from Jason’s face and he grabbed my hips and moved me into him, he slid his tongue around my pussy and started furiously licking at my clit, the feelings off my first orgasm where building and I thrust my face closer to him all the while I was pinching my nipples, and running my hands over kartal escort my body, I hoped that the guy behind the tree was enjoying it and maybe a part of me hoped that I would get caught and that’s why I was putting on such a show.

As the feelings of my orgasm overtook me I let out a cry and clenched my lovers head between my legs holding onto the tree for support.

As my moaning died down, Jason stood up and pushed me up against the tree, I lent forward and steadied myself, making sure that we were in perfect view of our watcher.

I felt the head of his cock at my hot pussy and pushed back against him so that the head of his cock slid into me, I was so wet I felt a rush of juice dribble down my thigh, Jason clasped my hips and drove his cock hard into me, almost knocking me off my feet! I half cry of pleasure half scream of pain was emitted from my lips, he took hold of me and started to pump furiously into my hot swollen sex, I knew Jason was horny, but never had he been this rough before, I liked it, it was almost as if he wanted me so badly he had to be rough to prove his manhood.

I managed to stay upright by gripping the tree, and if it hadn’t of been for his hands around my waist I would have ended up on the floor. he started talking dirty to me, loudly! And I was worried that the guy watching would hear him calling me his little tart and how he wanted me to model the underwear, and show him how to use all the toys I had brought, I moaned as I felt another orgasm building and clenched my pussy muscles around his hard cock, this sent him over the edge and he started moaning and groaning, I knew he wouldn’t be long before he came and I couldn’t wait to be filled up with his creamy load.

Jason pumped into me a few more times and uttered a loud cry as he flooded me with his seed, just as he pumped out his juicy load I had another enormous orgasm that actually brought me to my knees. He was slumped over me panting heavily in my ear, as I recovered I remembered the guy! I quickly looked up to see him shoving his limp cock into his pants while rushing down the path away from us, he looked back to see if he had been caught, and I gave him a huge smile, he knew he had been rumbled and looked dreadfully embarrassed, Jason turned round and saw the guy jogging down the path, He stood up and pulled on his boxers and jeans, he knew I had seen him too so I hurriedly said “look! He must have been watching us”…” I know” replied Jason “I saw him there before we even started, I think he was admiring your tits”

I smiled up at him, ran my hands over my breasts “yeah they are nice aren’t they!”

Too right they are, you should have seen all the people looking at you while you where asleep, even had a few offers for a threesome!

The smile on his face told me that he wasn’t joking, Shame I had fallen asleep really, who knows the guy behind the tree might have been lucky enough to participate and not just watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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