Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 20

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After a while Sarah took a deep breath and said, “Thanks, girls. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Our pleasure,” said Amy.

“Everyone ready for home now?” I asked.

“We’d better dress first,” grinned Amy. “Think we’d attract too much attention, even in the car, if we stayed like this.”

We pulled on our clothes, and got back in the car. When we arrived home, Sarah said, “Tim, I could do with a chat.”

“We’ll go for a swim,” said Amy, taking the hint. The girls disappeared, and I sat down with Sarah at the kitchen table.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I’m just thinking,” said Sarah. “We’re having the most amazing time — I never expected the girls to be as, mm, creative as they were today.”

She paused, her eyes a little dreamy as she recalled just how creative they’d been. “But things are different in India. I know we could probably get our own place and have as much privacy as we want, but if we get close to the people out there, we might have to settle for being a bit more, well, conventional.”

“It had occurred to me,” I admitted. “I suppose I’d always had the thought in the back of my mind that eventually the girls will each want to find someone of their own.”

Sarah grinned. “They might find that works a little differently in India too.”

My face must have betrayed my shock. “You mean, arranged marriages?”

“It’s not exactly like that any more,” Sarah laughed. “But yes, over there who you marry is much more a family decision, even a community one. They don’t have our obsession with individuality, personal choice, certainly not romantic love, unless you count what Bollywood tries to tell them. They didn’t even have the Middle Ages, remember.”

I thought about her words. “I see what you mean. But ultimately it’d be up to Amy and Laura, and you and I would have to be very sure about anyone too.”

Sarah nodded. “There’ll be other things we need to talk about — culture shock is more significant than you might think, if we decide to really make our lives with the people over there.”

“I promise I’ll listen very carefully,” I said. “Now, how about we join the girls in the pool?”

“Sounds great. I’ll go and get our stuff.”

I watched Sarah as she walked up the stairs. I reflected that there was more to this beautiful, well-travelled woman than I’d imagined.

She returned with her bikini and my trunks, and we walked over to the pool. The girls were splashing around playfully as usual, and Sarah and I quickly changed and slipped into the water at the shallow end.

Amy swam over to us. “Everything OK?” she asked.

“Fine,” I said. “Sarah was just helping me to understand some of the differences in culture we might encounter in India.”

“I took a module in outsourcing this year,” said Amy. “They covered some of the different attitudes and business practices we might encounter.”

“Seems perhaps Laura and I are at a disadvantage,” I grinned.

Any shrugged. “I bet when we get out there you’ll pick it up, you’ll forget it ever seemed strange.”

Laura joined us. “Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starting to feel hungry again — the picnic was lovely, but it’d be nice to have something a bit more filling this evening.”

“OK,” I said. “Sarah and I will swim for a while longer, then we can meet up in the kitchen and decide what we want.”

The girls went off to get dressed, and Sarah and I did a few lengths, then got out. I watched her as she towelled herself dry and got dressed, then pulled on my own clothes.

We walked back over to the house and went into the kitchen. The girls had got down some of the cookery books and were flicking through, trying to decide what they could make for dinner.

“This looks nice,” said Laura, pointing at a page in the cookbook.

“Toad in the hole,” I read. “Hmm, I think we got some sausages last time we shopped — why don’t you give it a try? Once it’s in the oven, come through to the living room and we’ll have a drink.”

The girls started to prepare the meal, and Sarah and I went into the living room. I poured us each a glass of wine, and we settled down in one of the sofas, facing the garden. Sarah swung her legs up onto my lap, and we watched the casino şirketleri sun setting behind the trees.

“Do you think we’ll miss this when we’re out in India?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Sarah mused. “We can always come back for holidays when we feel like it — we can choose what season, so we can avoid all the dull grey days and the rain.”

I stroked her hair thoughtfully. “It really is a big change, isn’t it.”

She sipped her wine. “I think we can have the best of both worlds.”

Amy and Laura came through. “Dinner should be about half an hour,” Laura said. “The batter needs to be nice and brown on top.”

“Hope there’s gravy, too,” I said.

“Definitely,” smiled Amy.

They sat down on the other sofa, Laura leaning against Amy.

“So, Sarah,” I said. “Tell us more about the place in India where you’re based.”

“It’s in the north-east,” she began, “not far from the border with Bhutan. The company has an arrangement with the Indian Air Force to use hangar facilities and the airstrip at one of their fighter bases. It does no harm at all that I used to be a military pilot, and I do the occasional bit of training for their pilots — even though their planes are less sophisticated than ours, I can still show them a trick or two.”

I recalled the uniform Sarah had worn to Pam’s funeral, and the strip of medal ribbons across her lapel. “You really are a hot-shot, aren’t you.”

She grinned. “Anyway, when I’m not flying, or at Satpura, I have a flat in the officers’ compound. Quite nice, actually. But I don’t spend much time there — I like to get out and about. There’s a village not far from the base, and the local town isn’t much further.”

“What sort of things are there to do?” Amy asked.

“Well, I cook for myself sometimes, so I go to the local markets to buy food. I like to look round the clothes shops, and there are lots of places that sell jewellery and bits and pieces.”

“What about the people?” said Laura.

“I’ve come to know the locals quite well, actually,” said Sarah. “Some of the families are very hospitable, and occasionally I’ll take them a chicken or something when I visit.”

“Are they mostly Hindus?” I asked.

“Surprisingly, no.” Sarah replied. “Most of them are animists — they worship the spirits in the trees and stones — and there are a lot of Christians too.”

“That’ll be interesting, then,” I said. “You seem to have picked up the language pretty well.”

Sarah nodded. “They’re so pleased when you make the effort — and it’s not as difficult as it sounds.”

“So when we go over,” I said, “what’s the best way to go about finding somewhere to live? I’m guessing there aren’t just places to rent, like there would be over here.”

Sarah grinned. “We can stay in my flat to start with — it’s pretty big, although the facilities are quite basic. Then I can talk to some of my friends in the village — land ownership is quite complicated over there, but we’ll be able to come to some kind of arrangement. Getting somewhere built is the easy bit — building materials are cheap, and there are always people looking for some extra work.”

I looked thoughtful. “So we could design something to suit ourselves?”

“Definitely, though I don’t think we could have everything we have here. There’s a pool and tennis courts in the officers’ compound, anyway.”

Suddenly Amy looked up. “I’d better check the oven.”

“I’ll come and make the gravy,” said Laura.

They disappeared into the kitchen together. Sarah snuggled closer to me. “So when are we planning to fly out?”

“Well, I can leave all the arrangements over here — the house and so on — to my solicitor. So as soon as we can pack what we need to take, and get flights, we can go.”

The girls returned, bringing the food, and we sat down at the table to eat.

“We haven’t talked about exactly what you two will do when we get out there,” I said to Amy and Laura. “I know it’s rather messed up your college courses.”

“Not a problem for me,” said Laura. “My last year was going to be a studio year anyway, just producing different pieces of work for the final exam. As long as I can get somewhere to work, I can carry on. casino firmaları And I bet I’ll find some amazing subjects out there.”

“I’ve already got enough credits to graduate,” said Amy. “But there’s probably a college somewhere nearby that I can do some courses — studying business from an Indian perspective will be really interesting.”

“Great,” said Sarah. “You can take your time thinking about what you want to do longer term.”

We carried on talking while we finished our food, the girls enthusiastically making plans for all the places they wanted to visit when we got to India.

“That was great, thanks, girls,” I said, putting down my knife and fork.

“Think we have some of that chocolate ice cream left,” said Sarah. “I’ll go and get us some, shall I?”

She got up and went out to the kitchen, returning with heaped bowls.

“I’ll go online in the morning and check out flights,” I said. “Sarah, you didn’t book a return flight, did you?”

She shook her head.

“Good,” I continued. “The girls will tell you that we like to fly, well, comfortably.”

Sarah smiled. “Doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I’m in the air. You should see some of the crates I’ve flown in — and flown!”

She yawned. “Gosh, I’m tired. Is everyone ready for bed?”

Amy started to yawn too. “Seems to be catching. Let’s go up.”

We went up the stairs. Sarah slipped out of her clothes and put on her cotton nightdress.

“That’s really lovely,” said Amy. “Do they grow the cotton out there?”

“That’s right,” replied Sarah. “And the area where we’re going is famous for weaving.”

She opened a drawer and pulled out another nightdress. “Here, try this one on.”

Amy quickly undressed, and slipped the nightdress over her head. “Mm, it feels really good,” she said.

“I’ll get some more when we arrive in India,” said Sarah. “They’re really cool to sleep in when the nights get warmer.”

“Don’t think you’ll ever convince me to wear anything while I’m sleeping,” grinned Laura. She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it over the back of a chair, then slipped out of her skirt. She reached behind her to unhook her bra, and removed her panties. She stood for a moment, seeming to enjoy my eyes on her body.

Sarah and Amy went over to the bed and got in, pulling one side of the covers over them. Sarah put her head on the pillow, closing her eyes, while Amy watched us drowsily.

Laura got into the other side of the bed, sitting up. “Come on, Tim,” she said. “You’re the only one who’s not ready for bed now.”

I undressed, and slid in beside Laura, giving her a playful push. She shoved me back, giggling, and I put my arms round her, pulling her closer. She pretended to struggle, then suddenly stilled, looking up at me. I bent towards her, and touched her lips lightly with mine. I moved my head back a little to look at her, and she followed my movement, her lips reaching for mine. I kissed her again more firmly, and she yielded to me, closing her eyes and pulling me to her.

I looked over Laura’s shoulder and caught Amy’s eye. She smiled and nodded, then laid down; I couldn’t tell whether she was still watching through half-closed eyelids, or was drifting off to sleep.

Laura bit my lip lightly to bring my attention back to her. I smiled and broke the kiss, looking into her face. Her expression was oddly serious. She said slowly, “It seems strange, just the two of us here, now. I really enjoy what we all do together, and Sarah joining us is really special, but it’s nice having you to myself.”

I reflected on her words, and on the discussion Sarah and I had had about the girls finding partners of their own after we were in India.

“So now you’ve got me, is there anything particular you had in mind?” I said, a mildly teasing note in my voice.

“Let’s just see how it goes,” she grinned.

I leaned over and kissed her earlobe, then gently pushed the tip of my tongue into her ear. Laura drew in her breath, almost a gasp, and tightened her arms around me. I planted small kisses in a line across her cheek, pausing to touch her lips with my tongue. She caught the tip of my tongue almost hungrily, then my lips passed on to her other güvenilir casino cheek. I reached her other ear and tongued again. This time Laura moaned quietly, and pulled my mouth back against hers, pushing her tongue between my lips.

Our kiss deepened, our tongues twining, and her hands began to move over my back and shoulders. I stroked her hair, then reached out tentatively to one breast, caressing her skin with the tips of my fingers.

She pulled her lips away from mine and put her head back, exposing her throat to me and lifting her breasts. I kissed down her neck and onto her chest, then ran my tongue down her cleavage. I began to kiss her breasts gently, moving from one to the other but avoiding her nipples at first.

Her breathing quickened — her breasts rose and fell with each breath — and she put her hand behind my head, holding me and turning her body so that her nipple was facing my lips. I exhaled slowly, my warm breath on her nipple. “Please…” she whispered. At last I gently touched her nipple with my lips, then ran the tip of my tongue over it.

She moaned, and groped for my hand, bringing it to her other breast. I carefully took her other nipple between the tips of my fingers, stroking gently.

“Mmm,” she said. She shifted position, parting her legs slightly. I slid my other hand up the inside of her thigh, but stopped before I reached her opening. Instead I stroked the blond fur covering her mound with the back of my hand, continuing to suckle her nipple gently.

Laura put her hand on mine and pushed it insistently down towards her opening. My fingers slid between her legs and I felt the wetness there, my fingertips exploring her entrance. She move her legs further apart and I slipped my index finger into her. I released her nipple from my mouth and started to kiss down her stomach. I slid the tip of my tongue into her navel for a moment, then continued kissing downwards. I noticed for the first time that below her navel, she had fine blonde hairs in a line which met the fur on her mound.

My mouth reached the wetness at the top of her slit, and I ran my tongue down it, quickly finding the hardness of her clitoris. I slid my index finger into her further, and began to gently lap her with the tip of my tongue.

She raised her hips slightly, and I slid my other hand under her, raising her a little. She moved her hands to her own breasts, touching her nipples. She began to flex her hips, moving against my mouth in time with my tongue and finger. She began to give tiny moans, then her cries became louder. She covered her mouth with a hand, trying to muffle her voice, then gave up, crying out as her body finally yielded to my attention and her orgasm took over. I continued to use my tongue on her as she shook under my mouth and tensed around my fingers inside her.

Finally she sank back, panting. I moved up and wrapped my arms round her, pulling her close, as though to make her body one with my own.

She looked up at me, her eyes shining. “Thank you, Tim. That was great.”

Then she smiled. “Now it’s your turn. How do you want to take me?”

I moved back slightly, and gently rolled her onto her side, facing away from me. She bent her leg, giving me access to her from behind, and I pressed the tip of my erection against her still-wet entrance. She made a quiet sound of satisfaction and pleasure as I slid inside her.

I began to move in her, my hands caressing her back and shoulders. Then I used one hand to stroke the fine hair between her navel and her mound with my fingertips. She shivered, and said, “That’s nice, but a little ticklish.”

I moved my hand downward and cupped her mound in my hand, then pressed gently down with my palm as I moved more insistently inside her.

“Still ticklish?” I asked. She shook her head dumbly, closing her eyes.

I felt myself approaching my climax, and slowed a little to let her catch up. “Mm, no, just go for it,” Laura breathed, “I’m OK.”

I moved more quickly again, sliding into her as deeply as I could, then felt my orgasm overwhelm me. As she felt my warm fluid inside her, Laura’s second climax took her. Instead of the almost violent response of her first time, I felt her body slowly tense, and she pressed her hand on top of mine, the muscles of her stomach tightening as she gave a quiet “Ahhhh.”

I wrapped my arms around her, and again held her very close. She relaxed, and after a few minutes I heard her breathing slow as she slept.

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