Am I So Ill?

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Let me admit, I am a man with humble knowledge in English. I hope that readers would prop me up in the days to come with their words of wisdom.


It was a dream- come-true for me when I joined one of the largest chemical industries, that too just a six hour journey away from home. I still remember the enthusiasm with which I used to visit home every weekend and narrate my factory experiences to my parents as well as my friends. Just as I was beginning to gain confidence that my career has taken the right path, things crumbled within a matter of few days. On a very fateful day, as I was walking from the plant to the administrative office, I swooned on the way and was immediately rushed to the medical center. That was the beginning of my misery as I was recommended by our Chief Medical Officer to get a variety of investigations done for ruling out epilepsy. Although the EEG did not reveal anything substantial, the CT brain clearly indicated some abnormality in the temporal lobe which had triggered my collapse the other day and more dangerously had the potential to cause much more damages in the days to come. I was asked to proceed on medical leave with the assurance that I would be reinstated if found medically fit. I knew that it was the end of my road in the company and had to return home a very frustrated man.

I was advised by the doctors not to do things which normally a guy of my age would love to do. I had to remain at home taking complete rest for at least 6 months before my health could be reviewed. From being an active excitable guy that I used to be, I became a sort of a vegetable at home with nothing to do and nothing to be pleased about. The strong dosages of Ephtoin and Gardenal tablets only kept me sleeping most of the time and while awake I was wondering what went wrong. I could realize that my entire personality was undergoing a drastic change as my temperament started getting worse, making me vulnerable to even the slightest of the provocations.

Now, Eighteen years later, I can shout from the roof top about my sound health. I have discarded taking medicines 12 years ago and I own a 1000 cc bike which I use to reach my factory almost 40 miles away. Miraculous it may sound, but actually it was my mother who made me recoup from my ailment as well as from the inferiority complex I had when I was crestfallen due to epilepsy. I can still fondly remember that wonderful day which was gifted to me by my beloved mother.

It happened one day during the period while my ailment was tormenting me like a merciless ghost.

It was another worthless day sitting at home, while I knew that a very important cricket match was taking place in the nearby stadium. I was convinced that most of my friends would have already occupied their reserved seats hours before the match actually started. I had to shelve my passion for the game as at best I can watch the game on the TV. The game as expected was a cracker and just when it was nearing a turning point, my mother entered my room from nowhere to switch off the TV.

“You have seen enough.” My mother told me resolutely. “Now, better come down to finish your lunch. I don’t want you to skip your pills.”

I was furious about the way in which my mother switched off the TV as I could sense an element of rude authority in her voice, as if I wasn’t supposed to do what I liked most.

“Get the hell out of here,” I screamed at my mother. “Damn your bloody lunch and pills. Just leave me alone and let me die in peace!”

Before my mother could react to what I said, the remote control flew away from my hands through the window. Even now, I am startled to recollect what I exactly did within a matter of few casino şirketleri minutes as after regaining my senses, my room looked like a battle field and my TV had been already smashed. My mother was resting her back against the wall watching with shock all the damage I had done in my rage. I immediately felt immense pain on my forehead and ran towards the shelf which was housing my drugs. It took a few more minutes for me to settle down even after taking my pill as I kept gasping for breath after the sudden outburst of anger. I returned to my bed and without looking at my mother got into the cover of sleep. I can’t remember for how long I had been sleeping as when I woke up, the room looked clean and tidy as ever before but for the broken TV which was missing.

As I turned on my bed, I saw my mother sitting besides me. She smiled after seeing me awake, gently stroked my hair and caressed my forehead.

“You must be feeling better,” She spoke softly as her cold fingers continued to massage my forehead. I felt like closing my eyes and sleep again, this time around on my mother’s lap.

“Don’t sleep again! You haven’t taken your lunch yet,” My mother anxiously reminded me. She stood up, walked out of my room and returned with the lunch plate. I was hungry anyway and hence was in no mood to refuse eating. My mother kept watching me as I started eating like a desperate starved beggar. After I was through, my mother carried back the empty plate to the kitchen, only to return again this time with my pills and a cup of cold milk. I sheepishly swallowed the pills and drank the milk like I have never done before. It did not take long for me to become normal as I felt ashamed for having behaved so violently and breaking the TV in the process.

“I know you are feeling bad about what you did,” My mother spoke to me looking straight into my eyes.

“I am not,” I replied shrugging shoulders.” I don’t want to be treated like a bull dog. I need some entertainment. What is the point in being alive, if one doesn’t get to enjoy the even the simplest of pleasures?”

My mother kept smiling at me as I was talking.

“I know,” She said in a soothing voice. “But, you need to be under observation and medication for sometime. You have a long future ahead and I am sure you won’t kill yourself for the sake of these petty pleasures.”

“Petty pleasures, huh?” I grinned sarcastically. “I need to live the life of a saint to be alive for long.”

“Why don’t you understand?” My mother asked in a raised tone. “You are unable to withstand stress and you have to wait till you actually feel like taking up any physical or mental strain.”

I realized that both of us were stubborn in our respective points of view and decided not to drag this conversation any further, fearing another loss of nerves. I stretched myself on the bed and tried hard to sleep again. After a lapse of a few seconds, I could smell the scent of my mother’s talcum powder very close to my face. I opened my eyes to see my mother sitting close to me, so close that it was hard to remember when we were so close ever before. It gave me an opportunity to have a look at my mother in a different dimension.

She wasn’t gorgeous by any means with a sort of swollen cheeks and slightly split chin. She had superfluous flesh on her shoulders and arms. I have never been so close to her breasts which appeared to have gone out of shape over the years. It was only when my eyes were straying over her breasts that I realized that I already had a hard on. Suddenly my mother realized that I was just an inch away from her face and immediately the smile on her face froze. Even as she tried to move back to get down from the bed, casino firmaları I instinctively held her hands to pull her body towards me, to bang against my bare chest. My arms went around her in lightning speed to hug her passionately.

“What are you doing?”

My mother pushed me using all her strength, releasing her body from my clutches to stand and stare at me with disbelief, without realizing that the top portion of her saree had slipped down her shoulders to reveal her breasts covered under her tight blouse and a transparent bra. Before she could cover her breasts with her saree after realizing where my eyes were stationed, I pulled her saree with amazing ease to send her spinning like a top a few rounds before the entire length of her saree came into my hold. My mother looked like a sexy angel with just the blouse and petticoat on and I wasted no time in pouncing on her to bring her back on to the bed.

My mother did make a few attempts to free herself from me while I was pressing my lips to hers. After some initial resistance, I could sense my mother was slowly loosing. Now my hands got into the act to get hold of her floppy breasts to knead the nipples protruding through her bra and blouse. My mother was all the time trying to resist me physically without uttering even a single word. As I started chewing her lips like cattle chewing hay, her body started yielding to me and soon she was letting out gentle sexy moans. Her arms hesitantly strayed over my back before pulling me against her to let our bodies press against each other. With no patience to unbutton her blouse, I tore it apart to reveal her bulging breasts hardly held in her bra. After a little struggle to unhook her bra, I pushed it over her breasts to have a close look at my mother’s perky nipples. My hands held her breasts again to sense her nipples growing under my grip. While my firm hands were crushing her breasts, my fingers still managed to tweak her nipples making her moan even louder. Soon my lips found its way on to her nipples to start sucking them in turns. My mother took off her hands from behind my back to cover her face as I started sucking her nipples vigorously. As my lips jumped from right to left sucking one nipple after another, I managed to relieve my trouser off to let my hard cock search between my mother’s thighs. The moment my cock touched her vaginal mount beneath the thick petticoat, my mother pulled my face towards her and started kissing me like mad. My right hand was now heading downwards caressing through her stomach to finally touch the flesh summit. The long robe of her petticoat did not withstand my fury as in a matter of seconds my mother was nude to the hilt.

It was exciting to see and feel the naked body of my mother as my lips and hands started working together to explore her. I could feel the thick patch of hair on her sexy mount getting wet as my fingers kept searching hungrily all over her body. My mother occasionally whispered ‘No’ a few times but never looked like intending to stop me.

As she lay still on the bed, my face disembarked from her breasts, rushing through her silky stomach and landing right in between her huge thighs to smell the aroma of her moist pussy. My mother swung back and forth as my mouth started its rapid action on her podium by licking the clit as if it was soaked in honey. My mother pulled my hands up to reach her breasts yet again and I wasted no time in getting the clue. As my tongue wandered all around her pussy, my hands were holding her breasts in a firm grip while my thumbs kept kneading her lengthened nipples. My dick was pleading to get inside my mother as her moans became louder and sexier.

My mother was now holding güvenilir casino my head to her tits and her legs were wide open for letting my ferocious member to bang inside her. With her eyes closed and lips sporting a seductive smile, my mother looked like a sexy beast on the bed to further entice me into licking, sucking and pressing her body all the while.

I finally decided that I should do some justice to my penis as I positioned myself against my mother after letting her legs get around my waist. Her pussy was soaked with cum as my dick made its way inside her cunt. I took a long breath to enjoy the warmth inside my mother’s pussy and started making gentle strokes in and out of her slit. As my mother was chanting ‘Yes’, my dick started pumping her with more authority.

My mother was swaying her body to cope up with the momentum of my pumping. My dick kept going while my eyes lustfully watched my mother’s big breasts jumping like a pair of kitten. I was reaching down to her tits every now and then to have them inside my mouth alternating between each of them. I knew that my mother was absolutely under my control as she was flexing her body keeping pace with my hard pumping.

“I want you to see the impression of my teeth on your tits tomorrow when you bath,” I whispered into her ears. My mother’s fingers immediately pressed against my lips as if she wasn’t interested in hearing anything.

“How does it feel to have my hard dick inside your wet cunt?” I spoke into her ears while my dick was ramming my mother’s pussy like a hammer. Her face turned red listening to my erotic queries while her eyes closed even tighter.

I launched on to her lips yet again to chew them, this time getting her soft lips between my teeth. My mother’s hands reached behind my head to hold my hair with amazing vigor. My lips trailed over her cheeks, beneath her ears, over her neck to finally return to its favorite destination, her breasts. Her nipples have gone amazingly long and hard by now as my tongue started encircling each of them with lust. My mother’s body was arching like rubber while she was biting her lower lips in joy.

I pulled her face closer to mine and asked, “Tell me who is better; me or Dad?”

As she remained silent, I pounced on her tits once more to squeeze them really hard while my fierce thumbs pressed the top of her nipples. Her moan sounded almost like a scream as my dick had gathered incredible speed in hitting her vaginal cavity with ruthless force.

“Ohhhhh! It’s about to get over” My mother suddenly screamed aloud. I realized she was feeling her orgasm just about to explode. I kept pumping her like mad as my dick was working at an unbelievable pace. The tip of my dick felt so hot like a melting iron rod just for a split second before a huge load of my cum exploded into my mother’s pussy sending a chill through my spine. My mother’s body shook momentarily to stay still soon after. Within seconds I could feel that our bodies have become cold as if we were frozen. I kissed her gently on her lips before falling over on the bed and after gasping for air, I was fast asleep very soon.

It was only after sunset that I woke up again. After some cleaning, I reached the kitchen to find my mother engrossed in her preparations for the dinner. I was perplexed to talk to her after regaining my senses and thoroughly embarrassed to have fucked my own mother without even seeking her consent. As I kept wondering as to how to begin the talking with my mother, she turned around to see me standing at the kitchen door. She moved towards me with her face rigid as a rock, enough to scare me. I bowed my head down.

“I am hurt,” She spoke in a low voice. Even before I could reply she took my hands to lay them on her tits. I looked up to see that my mother was actually smiling mischievously.

“When is Dad expected back home?” I whispered while reciprocating my mother’s smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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