Alyssa’s sexperiment.

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Alyssa was walking home from work. It was late and the lighting was not great. A van pulled up next to her and the side door opened as she turned towards it. She felt the bite of a dart hit her side and everything went black. When she woke up she found herself spread eagled and naked on a medical bed. A voice said she is awake doctor.good we can start a voice replied. A man in a white lab coat and mask stepped to her side. He held out his hand and requested a syringe.

Another hand gave him a needle filled with a liquid. He slid the needle deep into her breast through her nipple. She screamed as the liquid spread fire through her breast. Then he repeated the process on her other breast. She whimpered as he was handed a third syringe that entered her vagina through her clit. Then he inserted a fourth syringe into her anus. Her whole body burned as she screamed in agony but thankfully it did not last long. She watched as he pinched each nipple and it squirted milk.

Then he rubbed her clit and her whole body thrummed with her orgasm which repeated when he stroked her asshole. There you are ready now you whole body will respond sexually when certain body parts are touched. He released her and she found as she dressed she could not wear bras or panties. Only skirts and loose silk blouses. Her nipples were permanently hard with arousal and leaked güvenilir bahis a lot. Now forced to dress like a slut she went to work the next morning. Walking to her classroom the students whistled at her new attire.

Today she wore black high heeled dress shoes , thigh high dark silky stockings , a short silky skirt with a slit up one side , her sheer white silk sleeveless collarless loose blouse. As she walked into her classroom she saw many of her students looking at her breasts through the large arm holes of her shirt. She started class and had her students working on their end of term projects. She noticed a lot of students asking for her help.

When she stood next to a student she leaned down to help them which exposed her bare pussy to those behind her and the looseness of her shirt exposed her breasts which also made her blouse wet over each nipple. Finally not able to stand it any more she was grabbed by her students as the lunch bell rang. They gagged her a d clearing her desk laid her across it binding her spread eagled to it after stripping her nude.

Alyssa sobbed as the first of twenty eight male students moved between her legs and pushed his penis into her pussy. At the same time a young man latched onto each of her nipples sucking greedily to get her delicious milk. A young woman climbed up on the desk straddling her head she türkçe bahis pushed her bare pussy down on Alyssa’s mouth and told her tto start licking or the guys would bite her nipples off.

Alyssa began eating her students beautiful silky clean shaven pussy. When her student orgasmed she sucked up every drop. Then she orgasmed as the guy fucking her ejaculated and moved aside and a fresh student took his place. Each of her male students fucked her once then they flipped her over andd each took her anally. Exhausted she lay face down on her desk when she felt herself being tied to her desk.

Her ankles were bound to the desks legs spreading hers wide. Her arms were tied to the back corners of her desk. Now spread eagled she watched as her students left her bound helpless and gagged to her desk and a sign attached to her door. After they left other students , teachers , and faculty came in and fucked her. When the last bell rang she had either been fucked or had eaten every person at her school.

Many people took advantage of her position and spanked her ass turning her ass cheeks bright red and tender. Many also rubbed her ass cheeks finding them nicely rounded and perfect.

The principal was the last and he told her that from now on she should dress as she was that morning and to be ready to service anyone at their request. Otherwise the pictures güvenilir bahis siteleri and video would find their way to the internet. She was now the school slut enjoy the position. Alyssa cried a lot from that day on as she spent her days not teaching but being fucked every day. Forty to fifty people fucked her daily it spread from her students , fellow teachers , staff to parents. Alyssa was a beautiful young woman.

This was her first teaching assignment out of school. Twenty one she graduated early. She was petite at five foot two inches and eighty five pounds. She was a Latina with beautiful silky light coppery skin. Long firm trim legs , and a flat four pack abdomen. Firm breasts topped by pencil eraser sized hard nipples. Besides her beautiful face with full lips her crowning glory was her silky , thick , full head of reddish-brown hair that hung down past her ass cheeks. Every night she went home sore and exhausted but she was also very satisfied sexually.

She was able to experience every type of cock and sexual position daily. Not to mention she brought many virgins into the adult sex force and many older people who had thought their days of enjoying sex were over. The one thing that she blushed over was her students milked her breasts and used her milkto make cupcakes which they sold at the annual food fair , they were very popular and many requested the recipe. Her students instead took orders and milked her daily to bake sweet treats like cupcakes , cookies , brownies , and pudding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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