Allie Grows Up Ch. 03

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I slept in the next morning, a Sunday, and woke up with my usual morning wood. On most mornings, I’d either masturbate or ignore it until it went away, but this morning my erect cock had a curious young admirer. I looked over to see Allie already awake, sitting up and rubbing her pussy next to me while staring at the tent my cock was making in the sheets. When she saw that I was waking up, she quickly stopped playing with herself and tried to play it off as though she was just waking up, but she wasn’t fooling me.

“Sweetie, were you being a little pervert and looking at Daddy’s cock while he was asleep?” I asked with a wry smile.

“I… No Daddy, I just…” she stammered nervously, but I cut her off.

“It’s ok Allie,” I said as I began to stroke my cock under the sheets with one hand and reached over to her warm pussy with the other “I never want you to be embarrassed about doing anything sexual, Daddy wants you to be the nastiest, dirtiest girl in the world.”

She blushed and I felt a surge of warmth and wetness go to her already damp pussy. “Start rubbing your little pussy again babygirl, Daddy wants to watch you.”

I gave her engorged clit a couple rubs before removing my hand as she hesitantly and gently placed her own back on her wet, pink pussy lips. She started kneading her pussy awkwardly, it would be clear to anyone she hadn’t done it much in the past, but she seemed to be enjoying herself anyway. She tilted her head back and let out an almost imperceptible moan as she increased her speed.

I slowly stroked myself watching her, “That’s a good girl, were you close to cumming before Daddy woke up babydoll?”

“I think so Daddy,” she said, her voice cracking in between moans “I started to get that funny feeling like I did yesterday when you were, uh, licking me… down there.” She started to get flushed, nearing her climax. I was honestly surprised that she hadn’t made herself cum on accident at some point in her life given how easily orgasms seemed to come to her.

I pinched her nipple and she let out an “uhhhhh….” before biting her lip. It occurred to me that this was the first time she had ever actually masturbated, so I decided to give her some encouragement.

“I want to you cum for Daddy princess, Daddy wants his little Allie to feel so good.” I leaned in to bite her nipple which elicited another soft moan, when I let go, I came up to her ear and whispered “If you finish yourself off like a good slut, Daddy will let you suck his cock.”

She grunted at my words and reached her release, “Ahhhh, Daddyyyyyy!” she yelled “Daddyyyy, I’m cumming!”

She panted and moaned through her first self induced orgasm, and as she came down I started to rub her tummy and kiss her neck “That’s a girl, that’s Daddy’s sweet little girl, you made yourself cum, I’m so proud of you baby,” I cooed in her ear while her chest heaved and a little sweat rolled down her cheek.

After a short silence she said “Daddy, I made a mess,” looking down at the puddle on the sheets between her legs.

“It’s alright honey, Daddy will never be made at you for getting your pussy juice on anything, in fact, if Daddy had his way, everything in this house would smell like that sweet little cunt between your legs,” I said giving her sensitive pussy a little tickle.

She smiled shyly, casino şirketleri clearly having something on her mind, and as she glanced curiously down at my hand still moving up and down my dick under the sheets, I had an idea what she wanted.

“Whatcha thinkin about little girl?” I asked, looking her right in the eye and stroking my cock even faster.

Her breathing got heavier and faster again, she looked to my eyes, down my chest, and then longingly at the bulge under the sheets. She licked her lips and ran her hands up and down her thighs, my precious girl was becoming a needy little slut right before my eyes.

I reached out and pushed her hair behind her right ear and looked lovingly at her, “Tell Daddy what you want babygirl.”

“Can I see your big cock Daddy?” she asked in her smallest, sweetest little girl voice as she tilted her head down and looked up at me.

“You’re a little cockslut for your Daddy aren’t you princess?” I said, still stroking her hair.

“I think so Daddy,” she said with a giggle as she started to tug impatiently at the sheet covering the treat awaiting her in my lap.

I considered playing with her a bit, making her wait for my cock that she wanted so badly, but what could I say, I had always been a pushover with my little angel, giving her whatever she wanted, and if she wanted to pleasure my hard dick, what kind of a father would I be to refuse her? So I let her pull down the sheet, I watched her reaction, her chest swelled and then she let out a little contented sigh.

My little slutgirl loved my cock, maybe she loved all cocks, she had already become so eager and slutty with me I wouldn’t put it past her. Honestly, with a little more confidence, social skills, and provocative clothing allowing her true nature to surface earlier, I imagine she would have become the kind of girl every boy got a turn with. God that thought turned me on, a different version of my sweet little princess, one who, instead of staying home and watching tv with Daddy in her pajamas, got drunk at parties, sucked cock, and let guys fuck her without a condom. Oh she’d have been so popular, just a ditzy, dumb slut who’d give all the boys what they wanted.

As aroused as I was by my daydream, I was happy to have the more innocent Allie in bed next to me, and more importantly, have her all to myself, without any dumb high school boys taking what was mine, even though the thought of them selfishly fucking and taking advantage of my daughter turned me on.

Allie had begun sliding her hand up and down my shaft and must have noticed I was a bit lost in reverie because she asked “What is it Daddy?”

“Oh nothing sweetie, I was just thinking of what a good girl you are.”

She looked down to my lap and flashed a proud little smirk, clearly happy to know she was doing a good job of pleasing her Daddy. But she looked back up with a more inquisitive expression “Daddy? You know how you said you’d show me how to do that thing…” she trailed off.

“How to suck Daddy’s cock?” I asked, remembering my promise from the previous day to teach her how to suck cum out of my dick all on her own, not to mention the fact that I made the same promise a few minutes ago on the condition that she cum for me, which she did, because she’s my perfect little girl.

“Yeah, that,” she casino firmaları said looking down, then back up, meeting my light brown eyes with her nearly black ones.

“Well baby, it’s exactly like it sounds, you just put your lips around Daddy’s cock and suck it like a popsicle, just don’t use your teeth, that would hurt Daddy.”

She looked down apprehensivly, now just fiddling my cockhead around with her thumb.

“You’re nervous aren’t you honey?”

“Yeah Daddy, it’s just that your cock is really thick, I’m afraid it’ll touch my teeth and you’ll be mad at me.”

“Babygirl, this is your first time, Daddy will give you some leeway.”

She was still uncertain “I’ll tell you what sweetheart, I’ll tell you exactly what to do this first time so you can make Daddy feel as good as possible, that’s what you want right babydoll?, for Daddy to feel good?”

“Of course Daddy, I just don’t want to hurt your cock,” she said with adorable insecurity.

“You won’t princess, because you’re a good, slutty girl, and slutty girls are good at giving head, you’ll be a natural. Now, start by just licking and kissing Daddy’s balls,” I said as I pulled my 8 inches up to my belly button, exposing my sac to my daughter.

Without another word of self doubt, Allie buried her face in my lap as I petted her with one hand and rubbed precum around my cockhead with the other.

Like everything else we had done in the last 12 hours, my sweet daughter didn’t lack enthusiasm in servicing my balls, but I needed to get to the main event sooner rather than later because I was having difficulty containing myself around my Allie. “Alright babygirl, time to move on to Daddy’s shaft, do the same thing, just use your lips on Daddy’s dick, don’t put it in your mouth just yet.”

She gave a submissive nod then started planting sweet, dainty little kisses all along the bottom of my dick, smiling and brushing her hair behind her ears in between each one.

“Now just suck on the head a little bit, that’s where Daddy is the most sensitive…” I trailed off as she obeyed my instructions before I could hardly finish giving them. She just put her lips around the tip of my cock and looked adorably up at me, I had to pull her off of me to avoid cumming.

She pouted at me, thinking she had done something wrong. “Sorry sweetie,” I said “Daddy just got a little too excited, I didn’t want to cum so quickly.”

“But Daddy, I want to make you cum, I thought you wanted me to make you cum.”

“Of course babygirl, making Daddy cum is very important, but sometimes Daddy has to keep from cumming so that you can pleasure Daddy for longer, do you understand?”

“Not really” she said with a pout.

“Well babydoll, when you cum, you can cum again right away, but when a man cums he usually needs some time to get horny again before he can get hard and cum again, does that make sense?”

“Yes Daddy, how long do we need to wait though?” she asked anxiously.

“You can start again sweetie,” I said nudging her back towards my cock.

She eagerly resumed kissing and sucking my head, I knew I needed her to go deeper because I wouldn’t last long with such a sweet little mouth wrapped around my member.

“Ok babydoll, now take as much of Daddy’s cock into your mouth as you can and use your tongue around the güvenilir casino head, Daddy’s gonna cum very soon.”

She took me down about 3 inches or so before gagging. She came up and said “Daddy I can’t go that far.”

“That’s ok Allie,” I said with my eyes closed and my head back as I impatiently pushed her head back down, “Daddy’s about to cum, just do what you can and get ready for Daddy’s cream.”

She did so, and not 30 seconds later I was nearing release, “Daddy’s about to cum in your pretty little slut mouth princess, get ready.”

My cock throbbed and pulsed and I came what felt like buckets into my daughters waiting mouth wrapped around my cockhead.

“Oh Allie, oh slutty Allie…” I muttered as I pumped my seed into the cute little mouth that couldn’t fit even half of my cock.

As I came down and opened my eyes I was pleased to see my little princess hadn’t wasted any of my seed. She had her lips suctioned around my cock and all my cum in her mouth. she slid her mouth up off my dick, holding on to all the treat that I had just given her.

“Don’t swallow it babygirl,” I said before she could take it down her throat like she wanted.

“Show it to Daddy, show Daddy what a good cocksucker you are.”

She opened her mouth a bit shyly, showing me the load that had just spewed from my cock. “Do you like the way Daddy’s treat tastes?” I asked and she nodded.

“Ok babydoll, go ahead and swallow it.”

She didn’t hesitate at all to gulp down my cream like the little cumslut she was becoming. She sat back on her heels and smiled at me.

I leaned over and flipped her on her back with authority, making her yelp a little and straddled her, my cock hovering over her and dripping a little remaining cum onto her tummy. I looked down at her sweetly, she wasn’t taken aback by my sudden aggression, she had nothing but lust and need in her dark eyes. She was so sexy, her black hair in a messy puddle under her head against the white pillow and big black eyes underlined with freckles spattering her cheeks, I was the luckiest man in the world.

I leaned down and kissed her passionately and possessively, coming away in time to see her needingly trying to prolong the kiss and slowly opening her eyes up at me upon realizing that it was over.

I kissed down her body and ate her sopping pussy to her second orgasm of the morning before curling up and holding her tightly and possessively in my lap, she was mine, she belonged to me and we both knew it.

After a short silence, I asked “Babygirl, do you know what would make Daddy very happy? If we went shopping and bought you some sexy new clothes.”

She looked up at me happily from her position with her head resting on my chest, “Really Daddy!?” she said excitedly.

“Yeah babygirl, you’re the sexiest girl in the world, I think it’s time you dressed the part.”

She smiled, I loved making my little angel smile.

I was going to have fun dressing up my little girl in slutty, sexy outfits to wear around the house for me. She’d give me blowjobs wearing frilly underwear or a slutty schoolgirl outfit, I’d have to buy her something specifically for when I took her virginity as well. But I was getting ahead of myself, so many things to come were rushing through my head, I was getting hard again.

My little Allie would have to take care of that before our shopping trip.


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