All Square

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I can’t believe I’m doing this. In fact, I can’t believe I made this ridiculous bet in the first place. I’m flying across the country to perform fellatio and rim a man I’ve never seen, because he was able to beat me in a game of online poker. I must be out of my mind. Completely nuts.

The most bizarre part of this is that I could have backed out so easily. But I’ve never lied to you, and amongst everything else I am a woman of my word. Besides, deep down inside I am begging to meet you in person, so here we are.

I couldn’t tell anyone what I was up to. They’d have had me committed. The man next to me on the plane asks innocently, “Are you travelling for business?” Yeah, right, the filthiest business you could imagine.

Plane lands safely, and I grab a cab to the hotel. I wish I could take a shower. In addition to a terminal case of nerves, I’ve been in airports and planes for five hours, and I would really like to be clean when we finally do meet. Whatever possessed me to do this?

A deal’s a deal, however, and I’m here now. I go to the front desk.

“I believe you have a package for Claire?”

The clerk smiles and hands me a beautifully wrapped box from behind the counter. There’s an envelope attached. I move toward the elevators and open the envelope. Inside are 2 room keys and a note:

“I knew you would want to clean up. Use key

first. When you’re ready, use key

on the connecting door. Take your time. Wear the gift.”

What a man! He reads my mind. I go to the room, crawl out of my travel clothes and head for the shower. OH, wait – the box – what’s in the box? Ribbons and wrapping paper fly. Ohmigosh. It’s lovely. I’m so glad I will be clean when I put this on. It’s wonderful. I love it.

To the shower. Hot, hot water washing away all the travel. I tidy up the shaved places, wash my hair, get clean inside and out. I stand in the shower with the water running down my back, using a soothing body wash. Its herbal formula smells bahis firmaları wonderful, it’s so relaxing, and the texture is so smooth.

As I run the wash cloth under my breasts, I notice the white against my tan and think of your shirt. Of wearing your white shirt over nothing at all. And I think of what it will be like to have you in the shower with me, later. I finish the “cleaning” part of my shower and set the wash cloth aside.

I take more of the herbal wash straight onto my hands, close my eyes, and rub myself . Thinking of you – how close you are right now – just a connecting door away. Thinking how nice it will be to have you doing this for me, later. Thinking of your hands, wondering how they will feel.

Imagining you standing behind me, pressing against me under the hot water. Thinking of your stiff cock pressing against my slippery bottom. Imagining us playing under that hot stream of water. Having you fuck my ass like some kind of deranged animal, lost in lust. Soon, but not yet. First, there’s the bet to pay off.

My slick hands move down my body, touching myself. Teasing myself. Pinching my nipples. Rubbing myself. Sliding my fingers in and out. Feeling a different wetness. Getting ready for you.

Warm out of the shower, I dry my hair and pull it back softly. You’ll want it loose.

Light spray with the perfume. Touching my hair, the back of my neck, base of my throat, wrists, ankles, behind my knees, between my breasts, under my breasts, a dab at the base of my spine. I rub those places, to get the scent on my hands, and then stroke my pussy. Good thing we’ve determined that loves this stuff – if he were allergic, we’d have a big problem.

Breathe. Inhale…hold it…exhale…get grounded…get centered. This is it. This isn’t some nut case; I’ve got to know this man. Breathe. I put on his beautiful gift, step to the connecting door, and knock twice.

“Come in.”

My hand is shaking a bit as I slide the key into the lock, kaçak iddaa turn the knob, and open the door.

The room is dark. There’s a candle burning in the bathroom. I can see a bit of reflected light in the mirror.

“I’m over here. Did you have a nice shower?”

“Yes, thanks. It felt very good.”

“Time to pay up Claire.”

“Yes Sir. Where would you like me to begin?”

“I’ve been thinking about that. I think the magic spot. You’re written about it so well, I want to see whether you can really find it.”

He’s talking about his G Spot.

I follow your voice to the other side of the room. There’s just enough light to see the large pieces of furniture. You’re sitting in a big overstuffed chair, but I can’t make out your features. There’s a soft pillow on the floor between your legs.

“That’s nice. Thank you.”

I kneel on the pillow, untie the ribbon, shake my long hair loose and lean forward. Holding the arms of the chair, I look for you with my hair and my mouth, but not my hands. I sense your heat, I smell you. I feel my hair brush against something and follow with my mouth. It’s your thigh. Slowly I kiss my way closer, touching you only with my lips and the tip of my tongue. The hair on your leg tickles my nose. I pause.

You slide forward in the chair so that you’re more accessible. I press my nose against your balls and gently lick and kiss behind them, down that narrow line, up and down the magic road. I find the spot. You knew I would. Dancing tongue, drawing tiny circles, prodding gently. I can feel your muscles tighten.

I hear your breathing change. I feel movement against my forehead.

Moving away from the spot, I go south to that tight rosebud. We’ve written so many words about this, but you know I’ve never really done it. This is a first. Carefully, I taste each tiny ridge on the entry, then the tip of my tongue presses for admission. Slowly. Learning this whole new place. Licking just inside, pressing the kaçak bahis walls, feeling your muscle clamp around my tongue. Then moving further in.

Burying your hands in my hair, you press my face into you. I let go of the chair arms and fondle your balls. They’re so tight.

I press my head back against your hands to let you know I want to move. Nuzzle and lick my way back to your balls. Lick them, suck them. I hear you moan softly. You smell so good. I love that peppermint soap. Stroking your hot cock. Stroking it firmly… up, then softly over the thickened head, down; again and again, stroking up, across, and down. Firm and fast, while I gently suck your balls into my mouth.

Your cock is so thick, so stiff, so hot. It’s twitching, and slick at the tip. Time for me to finally meet your cock.

Teasing at first, playing little mouth games with the swollen head. Sucking it quickly in and out of my mouth, between tight lips. Tickling the tip with my tongue, probing gently at the slit.

Then diving to the root, sucking you to the back of my throat. My tongue running wild – up, down and around your stiff cock. Love feeling the pulse of your thick veins on my tongue.

“God, Claire, I didn’t know it could be like this.”

I slide one finger into your loosened asshole. I reach in, feeling the upper walls, tickling and finger fucking you as my mouth begins to inhale your cock deep into my throat simultaneously.

You naughty bastard. You love it. I love it.

You hold my head, rise from the chair, and lower me to the floor, never letting your cock leave my mouth or my finger exit your ass. On my back on the floor, you kneel above me and fuck my mouth. Hard. I’m almost choking, but I take it like the slut I truly am.

Faster. Harder. Deeper. Shooting into me. Cuming in waves down the back of my throat. Feeling my throat tighten around your cock as I swallow every bit of you. Your prostrate dances under my caress; I feel it pulse. Watching my hips buck off the floor as I cum from sucking you. You don’t have to fuck my pussy… fuck my mouth, and I’ll cum.

I lick my lips. “So, are we square?”

You smirk exactly the way I imagined you would.

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