All in the Name of Science Ch. 01

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And the winner for Excellence in the Category of Chemistry is awarded to Dr. Davis McKenzie from the United States. The crowd went wild and all my friends and family congratulated me as I moved forward to collect my prize. It was everything I had ever hoped and dreamed of, but then I woke up and realized that it had once again all been a wonderful but far off dream.

At one time, I could have earned the prize. I was smart enough and certainly had the talent for creative inventions and advancements. But my career took a different path. What I had invented and created was far superior to what won the awards each year. However, my inventions outside of a couple of pharmaceutical pills remained a secret and always would. It was hard to complain about my life and how my career had moved forward. Most people would have traded their life with mine in a heartbeat. This is my story and how my inventions and discoveries changed my life forever and how they could have changed our world…if they were ever known.


I was always a scientist inventing things and making objects. It was my passion and I was very good. Even as a kid I never looked at the object but how it was constructed and put together. By high school, I knew that I had a special talent for chemistry, human biology and for understanding how things worked and were put together. I began to understand how people worked, what they thought, what made them act as did and how they made decisions. As I got older, I started looking at what made people tick, why they did things and how they reacted.

I went to a large university on a full scholarship for one purpose only. I wanted access to the greatest equipment, the best minds, and the latest cutting edge development of chemical research and reactions

Early in college, I worked with a professor on a drug study. We studied different medicines and drug combinations. We looked at how the drug combinations affected people and how we could use that medicine to change people’s behaviors. Mostly we worked on a cure or course of treatment for ADDA and for children who had trouble focusing. The work also veered into bipolar and behavior modification through drugs. Yeah, not exactly exciting stuff but there is a great deal of money to be made from doping up little kids who are hyperactive.

Most people were surprised when they learned that I was a research chemist. I guess it was the way that I presented myself. My research and work screamed nerdy scientist with a white lab coat and thick glasses but I was not your typical scientist.

I was a pretty good looking guy. I was never left wanting for a girlfriend or lacked the attention of girls. I played football at the college. I was a walk-on, but I played a great deal and scored 4 touchdowns in one game. By my senior year, I was a team captain and starting at wide receiver. I also pledged a fraternity and enjoyed partying and hanging out with the guys and of course the readily available sorority sweethearts.

Despite the fun with the fraternity and the guys and the ladies, I was still in college to learn. I was very smart and soon my research started to develop new ideas for how to make formulas that would alter a person’s outlook on life. I was interested in affecting or modifying human behavior. As I mentioned, my initial research focused on looking for cures concerning ADDA and Bipolar in adolescents. We even went so far as to explore DNA alteration and chemical enhancements to change patient deformities in the mind and eventually the body. The work with DNA manipulations and alterations was groundbreaking and revolutionary work. I graduated with high honors and then finished my graduate work. Eventually a few years later, I had earned a Ph.D. from Cal-Berkeley and was a rising star among research chemists.

After school and finishing my Ph.D., I went to work for a research and pharmaceutical development company that pretty much left me alone in my lab. I developed a few drugs, mainly stuff to limit ADDA and things of that nature. I did not enjoy the work process in pharmaceutical development, nor the corporate clog or what my research was being used for. Nothing bad but I just was not happy.

When I was offered a research teaching position, I jumped at the opportunity. I accepted a position at State University back east and felt like I was headed home. The money was not that great but I held a few patents and product residuals and I was willing to live without fancy material things to be back in the world of academia.

State University was a perfect set up for me. I taught a few classes and labs each week and spent the rest of the time in my state of the art lab without distractions. There were no corporate bean counters on my ass about practical applications and the sorority girls were hotter than ever.

The one and only true distraction from my work were all the hot coeds at State University. With over 20,000 students and approximately 55% of them female, there were more than a few incredible hot göztepe escort young girls. I had always been a bit of player in college and liked the girls, particularly the young undergraduates. I had a more than a couple short relationships / affairs with a few female students. I guess there were at least 10 or 12 girls keeping my bed warm over the first 2 or 3 years. I was very fortunate not to be fired or brought up before the faculty senate. I was not always very discreet and there was always an abundance of young girls with daddy issues roaming around the halls at State University.

Putting me in a college environment with all those hot coeds with their tight bodies and beautiful young breasts was like bringing an alcoholic into a fully stocked bar and giving him the keys. I just could not help myself. I was very fortunate not to be fired, have my ass kicked by a boyfriend or brought up on charges. I guess today, no college would tolerate my behavior but somehow, I got away with banging numerous girls during the first 3 years at State U.

At the start of my 3rd year, I met the new English Literature teacher on campus. Allison Shaw was fresh out of an Ivy League University sporting a doctorate in English Literature and was the talk of the campus. She was the hot new teacher, beautiful, smart and sexy. She had the sexy librarian look working hard. Ally was from the deep South and had the look of a Carolina beach girl all the way down to the all-over tan. Her face was framed by long sandy blonde hair. She was breathtakingly cute with soft features and these incredible dark blue eyes. She was definitely a southern girl and looked the part.

Allison had a rough family life and had overcome many obstacles. Her parents were a mess and she grew up with a half-sister and her grandparents in some back-water town in South Carolina. Ally had worked hard and got the hell out of there as soon as possible. A full scholarship handed her a chance and she earned an English Lit degree from Columbia University. She never looked back and a few years later had finished her graduate work at Princeton earning her masters and doctorate. A couple years at a small liberal arts college had prepared her teaching credentials and now she was the new English Literature Lecturer at State University.

The first time I saw her, I was smitten and knew I had to meet her. I asked her out on a date, she accepted and I knew right away and so did she. I took her to bed on the night of our very first date and we were together every minute after that. 2 weeks later we professed our love to one another and were married less than 8 months later after the academic year ended.

The wedding at the campus chapel was overflowing with friends and colleagues. Neither of us was close with our families and they did not attend. The school president walked my bride down the aisle and it was perfect. A small reception was held back in my hometown for my parents and we never even saw her parents or grandparents. Only her younger half-sister, who served as a bridesmaid attended the wedding.

After the wedding and the start of the new academic year, we were the hot married couple on the campus. We were popular, students loved us, the school president invited us to dinner and enjoyed being around his favorite young teachers. The school loved showing us off like a trophy to potential investment people and wealthy alumni. Life was wonderful. We were both on track towards tenure, full professorships, published research and a life in the sacred and safe halls of Good Ole State U.


During that time, I made significant progress on a discovery. With unlimited time in a lab and no real boundaries, I started researching mind alterations and manipulations and reprogramming of DNA. It was by sheer luck that I stumbled down this road but I was certain in my mind that I was onto something groundbreaking that would change the way we saw human behavior.

My excuse now is that I was surrounded by all the sexy coeds and a hot wife at home and my obsession with sex at home became my obsession at work. Slowly most of my research centered around sex. How to make women want sex, how to change their appearance and how to make them want to screw around. My breakthrough came that fall as I discovered one of the major chemical keys to the human mind and human sexuality.

One night late in my lab, I hit the jackpot. The formula that I was staring at through a large screen on my computer had somehow been mismanaged and what I saw on my screen was incorrect. But it wasn’t. I stared at my screen and the test on the chemical composite I had mistaken created and knew I had something special. There was little doubt in my mind that it would be successful when practically created and applied. The eventual result was the development of a series of pills that would change and open a person’s mind to sex and sexual activities. Immediately I knew this was important and had far-reaching consequences. istanbul escort I decided to keep my discovery top secret since the ramifications were scary and officially the school would own the rights to my discovery.

Over the next 2 weeks, I developed a set of 4 different pills and decide to test them on my wife. Allison agreed with more than a slight laugh, thinking that I was trying to be funny and possibly even half crazy. I am not sure that either one of us had any true expectations that my experiment would work. At dinner one Friday night in late October, I told her the pills were ready and I wanted to do a controlled experimental test. Allison thought I was looking for an excuse to screw her and laughed at my proclamation that these pills would work.

“Why don’t you just go down to the grocery store and buy me a 12 pack of a good IPA. You know 3 or 4 beers gets me horny and you in my pants.”

I laughed with Allison who always had a witty sense of humor. Her willingness to get drunk and screw as the old song went, was always good for a laugh.

We had purchased a townhouse downtown along the main artery of campus. It was within walking distance of our campus offices and all the hot places downtown. My parents had helped us buy the home for cash as a wedding present and we loved the place. The best feature was a full basement without windows located under the first 2 levels. I turned the space into my lab / office. On that fateful Friday night, I had brought all the material home that we would need for our little experiment. I had decided the lab would be the perfect place for a true real world testing.

A little after 8 that evening, Allison and I had finished dinner and were nursing a couple of brews. Allison grabbed my arm and lead me down the stairs to the basement.

Allison said “let’s get this going because I really want to get laid tonight. The sooner we finish work, the sooner we can go to bed and I can rock your world.”

There was no doubt in that statement. Allison was great in bed and she knew it. Her body was tight and hot and even though she did not have the largest boobs, she was still well endowed and sexy. I always wondered how many of her male students got off thinking about my hot, sexy professor of a wife. It was my great fortune to be the one that had the privilege of plowing into her sexy body every night.

We walked down to the lab and Ally hopped up onto a stool.

“Ready when you are to be your human Guinea pig.” She said with more than a trace of sarcasm.

We both laughed and I sat the four bottles of pills on the counter. “Allison,” I began, “these pills seem to have an addictive quality. Not that they will make you crave one or become a pill addict. They seem to make the user unable to ever resist taking another pill when offered. Once you take one, if I offer you a second, you will always accept.”

Allison was cool with that and said “whatever. I am going upstairs and find my vibrator and start without you if we don’t finish this up soon.”

I had learned that the pills had a triggered an addictive property and would force the person to always accept and swallow a pill when offered after they had consumed the first pill. If I simply state “Open your mouth and take your pill, Swallow and close”. The subject would always follow those instructions. I wanted to make sure that Allison understood what the pill would do. I think in the back of her mind, she still doubted they would do a single thing. More than anything, Allison was humoring as I prepared the experiment.

I told Allison, 2 of the pills that I had developed were designed to change her body and 2 pills would change her mind and her actions. Allison laughed at me and called me an old pervert. She was sure now that the pills were a farce and that I had become a raving crazy Mad Scientist.

The first pill I had developed was designed to make a girl’s boobs grow. Yeah, I know, how pedestrian and predictable but this story had to start somewhere and this step seemed only logical. The pill I had developed was meant to correct or enhance a girl’s boobs, not create monster boobs. Thus, the pill was designed to only increase the original breast mass and size by 20%.

Allison was sexy beyond belief and her tight body was accented by a pair of smallish 32B sized boobs, sometimes a fuller B with a good bra. They were perfect on her and with Ally in peak physical shape and with her tight athletic body, her boobs fit her perfectly. I thought Allison was sexy and beautiful and loved her the way she was. But some of our late-night pillow talk after sex revolved around her always wishing for bigger tits and now that was going to happen.

I pulled out the first pill and handed the pill to my wife. She laughed again and thought the entire exercise was pointless. She made a big dramatic production out of taking the pill and then feigned a death scene after swallowing.

Allison then took off her tank top exposing kadıköy escort her cute perky tits and nice tight nipples.

“If you want to continue playing scientist and professor, I have a hot plaid school girl skirt I could wear and I could fuck you in exchange for an ‘A’ in your class.”

My wife knew how to excite me, but I knew my formula would work. Ally did all she could to flirt with me and start our evening but this time science won out and I waited to see the results while she tried to get me hard and ready to fuck her.

After 10 minutes, Allison’s flirting stopped abruptly. She looked up at me and said: “my chest is burning up and I feel a tightness in my boobs.”

We both stared at her boobs and frankly we were both shocked when we noticed a slight swelling. A few seconds later the swelling was more pronounced and without a doubt, Ally was now growing beyond her small cups.

“Holy shit” she screamed out as the growth continued.

For the next couple of minutes her boobs swelled up and now without a doubt, Ally was bigger and showing cleavage. She grabbed a tape measure and then announced that her 32 B were now at least 34 C if not bigger.

We were both amazed and very horny. I leaned over and took her enlarged nipple into my mouth and she moaned out loud.

“Wow, they are super sensitive also. If you start something now, then be ready to finish.”

I pulled away and immediately started testing my data knowing as soon as we finished, the faster I would be able to suck on Ally’s tits while I fucked my wife.

It was now time for the second pill and this time I told Allison to take off her shorts and thong. This time Ally did a nice little strip tease which almost made me forget about the experiment. The site of my wife was incredible and I decided to forget the experiment and screw my sexy young wife. I grabbed her and bent her over the lab table and was ready (and so was she) to fuck her doggy style. But somehow, I stopped and told her we would spend the rest of the night in bed but we needed to finish this up.

Ally pouted and said if you don’t take care of me soon, then Mr. Vibrator would be coming out. I smiled and told her patience and gave her the second pill. After the second pill was given to her, she stood there watching her body.

“What is this pill supposed to do?”

About that time, Ally looked down at her pussy and watched as all the hair on her slit simply disappeared. She had been sporting a little landing strip above her pussy and a couple days of pussy hair stubble around her lips. After taking the pill, Allison was now completely bare. I stepped over to her and ran my fingers around her cunt and felt the complete bareness of her snatch. Without a doubt, I knew then that all the pills would work.

Allison was shocked by the results. She looked unbelievable with a huge set of tits, upturned with erect nipples and a bare shaven pussy. Again, I was tempted to forget the rest of the experiment and simply screw my wife for as long as we both could last.

Now that the physical pills were proven to work, I was very anxious to see if my other 2 discoveries were also effective. I told Ally to take a pill and gave her the next one. This pill will give you an uncontrollable urge to suck my cock. Allison had never been a huge lover of sucking cock but has been more than happy to perform in order to please me. Now I was hoping to awaken her inner cock sucker and hoped this formula would work on her like it had worked in the lab

Allison took the pill and the effects started. She licked her lips and described being hot and wanting something to drink or maybe an ice cube to suck on and cool down. Then she realized it was not an ice cube she wanted but rather my cock she needed. Allison went crazy taking off my pants and went right to work. She fell to her knees and gave my cock a tongue bath for the next 10 minutes until I dropped a huge load in her mouth which she swallowed. I don’t think in our 18 months together; Allison had ever blown me and swallowed my load.

“That was totally unbelievable,” she remarked as we contemplated what had just happened. We talked about the effect and she told me there was no way to resist and that she had to have a cock in her mouth immediately.

“It was unmanageable. The pill made me want you and I had to have you in my mouth immediately. It just built up and the need for something in my mouth was overwhelming. I just had to suck your cock. There was no way to resist. I would have done anything to blow you.”

Allison sat back and then looked very concerned.

“When you think about it, the effect is kind of scary. What would have happened if I took the pill and you were not around? I am not sure that it is tied to you. The desire to suck cock is more than anyone could stand. Davis, there is no way anyone will be able to resist. If that pill fell into the wrong hands, then it could be bad. Imagine the formula being mass produced or slipped to unknowing girls. You have to control and protect this invention.”

I told Allison that I agreed with her and asked if she is willing to move forward and take the 4th pill. She looked at me and said “I guess that we need to finish what we started. I am assuming this is a version of a fuck me pill.”

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