All I Want for Christmas

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Author’s note: This is a purely work of fiction, or of my messed up creativity. As my first Lit submission, I would like to thank my editor Michchick, my Lit friends who have encouraged me to do this Seth, Meg and the other roomies, and the one I picture in all my writings J.T. (sexy man).

Jamie looked around at all the noisy brats in line to see Santa and cringed. Why in the hell did she take this bet from her friends? As the line moved forward she realized she last.

As the last brat left, Jamie was shocked when the little elf copped a feel of her tit as he pushed her towards Santa.

“Ho ho ho! What do you want for Christmas little lady?” Santa asked as he pulled Jamie into his lap.

Flustered, Jamie realized Santa was very happy to see her. Looking around nervously she realized that everyone had disappeared and the lights had been dimmed in preparation for closing. What was she getting herself in to?

“I asked what you wanted for Christmas,” Santa said as his hand moved and covered her tit.

The movement caused Jamie’s red v-neck to lower. She saw Santa smile as he looked down her sweater and felt him get even happier to see her.

All of a sudden the feel of Santa’s cock throbbing beneath her made Jamie’s pussy start to burn. The little devil on Jamie’s shoulder made her wiggle her lap and whisper, “All I want for Christmas is you, Santa.”

Jamie gasped. Where had that come from? Not being able to control herself, she reached down and fondled Santa. She felt him lurch. Knowing he was aroused, she slipped to her knees in front of him. Smiling up at him, she released the tie string on his pants and moaned at the site that greeted her.

Huge hairless balls and a throbbing piece of manhood begging to be sucked stood straight up from his lap. She lowered her mouth and started to suck on Santa’s balls. Jamie licked and sucked and moaned as she transferred her mouth to his cock. Her head bobbed up and down frantically as he panted above her.

As Santa came into her mouth, Jamie could have sworn she smelled Christmas cookies. As she removed her mouth from his now limp cock, she felt her hands being pulled behind her. As she turned her head, the little elf who had copped a feel earlier had her hands tied behind her.

Before she could say anything Santa grinned and said, “Garret, take her bostancı escort to the sleigh, I’ll be there soon.”

With those words Santa disappeared into thin air. First the smell of Christmas cookies now this, either she was losing her mind or this was really Santa?

As the little elf dragged her through the store to a big red sleigh, Jamie had a moment of pure terror. Was she being kidnapped? Would her family and friends ever see her again?

The next thing Jamie knew she was inside a sleigh and Santa was back beside her and she was wearing a skimpy red dress with fur on the edges. She blinked and shook her head. She looked at Santa with a wild questioning look and he let out a loud “HO HO HO” and the sleigh took off.

The next thing Jamie knew she was inside a room all by herself. The room didn’t have any windows or furniture. Cold and scared in her skimpy dress, Jamie startled when the door opened and three female elves walked in. They were carrying a large box between them.

Scared, Jamie tried to get out the door when it closed and disappeared. “Where am I?” she asked the elves.

“You are in winter castle of his Excellency St Nicholas the XXXXXXVI”, murmured the youngest looking elf. As they advanced towards her, Jamie’s dress disappeared and she tried to cover herself.

When they had gotten within three feet of her, the elves sat the box down and it opened. Jamie gasped because before her eyes, a red haze escaped out of the box. It came towards her and she was unable to move. The swirl surrounded and wrapped around her. It covered her nipples and she felt them harden.

Jamie’s senses were in overdrive as she closed her eyes and let them swell over her. She could feel the swirl moving over her body like there were hundreds of fingers touching her everywhere. Jamie moaned as she felt her pussy get wet from the sensations.

When the feelings stopped, Jamie opened her eyes and found that she was alone in the room dressed in only a velvet ribbon wrapped around her. Perplexed and still in a daze from the ribbon magic, Jamie was just standing in the middle of the floor as Santa walked in.

She looked up in surprise to see a different Santa. He was dressed in a red dressing gown. His beard was shorter and he was remarkably fit. Jamie gasped as she realized Santa ataşehir escort was hot.

“Yes Jamie, I’m only the chubby jolly guy when I want to be. On Christmas Eve I twinkle my nose and become what every person perceives me to be. As you have experienced, I have very unique and strong powers. My name is Nicholas; I’m Santa Claus the XXXXXXVI. For the past ten years every Christmas season, I come to your realm and search for the next Mrs. Claus.

“I am running out of time to find her. You were my pick to try out this year. We are going to spend the next week until Christmas Eve seeing if we are compatible. If you are not her, it will be about having some fun. I guarantee that. If you’re not the one you will not remember anything that has happened.”

Uncomfortable, Jamie started to shy away from the middle of the room. All of a sudden she was lifted up into the air and deposited right in front of Santa. “Don’t try to get away. As I said I’m very powerful. I can tell what you are thinking. I know you think I’m hot and that you’re getting wet beneath that ribbon.” As Jamie turned red, Santa let out a booming “ho ho ho.”

“Now let us commence.”

With a snap of a finger a bed appeared in the middle of the room. Reaching out and touching her tit, Santa smiled and leaned in to kiss her. Unable to control her response to him, she moaned and kissed him back. As they kissed Santa started to unwrap her as if she were a fragile gift.

Before she knew it she was standing in front of Santa naked. His cock tenting his robe, he bellowed out, “Ho, Ho, Ho! Why my dear you must have some powers also. I haven’t been hard this fast in years.”

Unable to stop herself, Jamie reached up and touched Santa’s face and then started to untie his robe. He was smiling as she helped him out of it. Before Jamie knew it, they were on the bed in each other’s arms without ever having moved.

Being totally enraptured, they started to kiss and fondle each other passionately. As Santa entered her, he looked straight into her eyes and his ho ho ho turned into a deep passionate moan. Beyond the point of control, Santa pounded himself into her hard and fast. Moaning and clawing at him, Jamie whimpered and thrashed beneath him.

“Oh Santa!” Jamie screamed as she exploded around his cock. Next thing she knew çekmeköy escort she felt Santa explode inside her.

The smell of cinnamon and sugar cookies filled the air. As they lay there catching their breath Santa pulled her into his arms and magically a red velvet throw covered the couple.

“Rest little one. This is going to be one hell of a week,” Santa said as they fell into a deep sleep.

As Jamie awoke snuggled in Santa’s arms, warm under the layers of plush red velvet, she felt something getting bigger. Excited for another round, Jamie thought back on the past week.

Santa had kept her busy. They had barely left the big sleigh bed. Food and drink was delivered magically with just a thought. What surprised Jamie was as the week went along, it was her own thoughts that would conjure up the magic.

They had both been very creative in how and when and where in the room they’d had sex. Her favorites had been when Santa’s throne had appeared and she had ridden Santa’s cock while he sat in the chair trying to go over the naughty list.

There was also the time Garrett had joined the couple and Santa had fucked Jamie while she sucked on Garrett’s cock. Jamie was surprised that Santa would not let Garrett touch her, which excited her since it meant she could torture the little guy.

As she laid there and remembered, Jamie realized what was growing was not what she was hoping. It was Santa’s belly. As she gasped and looked up at him she realized he had transformed into the real Santa.

His eyes twinkling he laughed at her and said “It’s Christmas Eve sweetie. I have to be jolly and fat tonight. The jolly you have guaranteed. Now I’m transforming into the belly full of jelly. Do you mind?”

Jamie thought a moment and said, “No Santa, I don’t mind,” and to prove it to him she leaned down and licked and kissed his tummy that quivered like the bowl of jelly it was.

Santa’s cock grew hard and Jamie climbed on board for a last ride. When the couple had exploded she fell on top of him and he grinned.

“When I come back our time will have either come to an end or you will have become Mrs. Claus. I do not know what will happen. It’s not up to me. The spirits make the decision and usually this room is empty when I return.

“I hope this year it won’t be and that your Christmas wish will have come true. Until then, whatever you want is yours. I am excited that you have developed the magic and that has never happened. I hope all your dreams come true.”

And with that Santa Claus disappeared from the room in a waft of smoke. Jamie smiled. She had a feeling she would be seeing him again.

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