All About Family Ch. 02

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Stacey was thankful it was the weekend. She enjoyed working at the pool as it allowed her to get a well balanced tan. Stacey, like her mother, was a cheerleader in high school. Unlike her mother, though, she did not get pregnant and decided to attend university. In high school Stacey was often considered to be the perfect girl; she was the cheerleader to be with. She stood 5′ 6″ and was trim and fit like both her parents, and her siblings. She had her mother’s straight hair but was a few shades more blond than Jenny’s. She also had her mother’s breasts and was a shapely B. Stacey had both brains and beauty.

Stacey had many boyfriends in high school but refused to have sex with any of them. She would give them hand jobs or the one’s she liked more, blow jobs but she never took her pants off. She would occasionally show the boys her tits and let them play with them, but she never let them finger her. At the time she thought she would save herself for marriage. However, when she got to college, things changed. She made new friends who had similar lifestyle in high school, being popular cheerleading types but not snobby, just like Stacey, who was quite humble considering she had everything going for her in high school as well as her family’s wealth.

Anyway, one night early in the school year, Stacey and her friends were sitting in her dorm room, swapping stories, and having a few drinks that, had they been caught, would have gotten them placed on probation. Lucky for them, their R.A. was a friend, in the room with them, and they carried on with their evening. In the early morning hours the girls were rather tipsy and were now watching a movie. Of the six girls in the room at the evening’s start, now only 3 remained awake. 2 of the girls had passed out and were sleeping on the floor, and another, who lived down the hall, went back to her room because she had a test in the morning.

As the movie dragged on into the morning, one of Stacey’s friends, Ashley, and her dorm R.A., began to talk about her sex life. The whole conversation started when a scene in the movie had two close girl friends start kissing each other.

“Like that ever happens in real life,” said Stacey, in a slurry voice. This was her first time drinking and she was surprised how well she was handling herself. She only stumbled the one time she got up to go to the bathroom. Aside from that she sat on the futon beneath her bed the rest of the time. She was certain she would feel it when she got up later in the day but could care less right now.

“I remember this one time, when I was a freshman, I was at a frat party with some friends of mine. I had a few drinks and this frat guy came up to me and asked if me and my friends would play him and his buddy in a game of beer pong,” said Ashley. “So Janet and I, Janet was my friend, agreed. ‘Great’, he said, ‘let’s make it interesting. Winner gets to asks the losing team for a favor’. I was innocent, and drunk, so I didn’t question it. In fact, I had never even played beer pong before. As expected, we lost. My mind thought, ‘so what, these guys want us to do their laundry’. Then he told us to follow him to his frat room, that he wanted to show us what he wanted.” The 3 girls giggled, knowing where this was going. “I asked if he wanted to clean his room or something and he smiled. He told me and Janet to make out. Janet was drunker than I and she began to kiss me. I was shocked. I had kissed girls before at sleep overs and stuff but this was different. Janet held my head with both her hand and kissed me passionately, as if we were lovers. What I was so shocked at was that I never suspected Janet as being a lesbian. Later she told me the she had only experimented before. Before long, Janet and I, on our own, removed or tops and were feeling each other up as we kissed on the guy’s bed. We kissed more and more and before long Janet ended up straddling me as I laid on my back. I still had on my bra and pants but Janet was down to her bra a thong panties. Then the other guy closed the door and told us to remove all our clothes. I was hesitant and removed only my pants and asked if I could just remove my bra.”

Then Stacey’s other friend, Kate, spoke up, “oh yeah, just your bra?” The three laughed.

“I casino şirketleri should have known better and soon enough Janet, who stripped without question, was again on top kissing me with on hand bracing her self on the head board as her other hand went between her legs and soon was between mine. I was running my fingers through her hair and feeling her big, soft breasts. Then Janet scooted down and began fingering me intensely. Oh, it felt so good. Then I felt even better and looked down to see her eating my shaved pussy. Let me tell you, there is nothing hotter than seeing one of your best friends eating your pussy and seeing your juices all over her face. Then one of the guys told us to switch. I was nervous, I had never so much as touched another girl other than a small kiss, let alone eat another girl. I began by sticking a finger in her and used techniques that I used on myself when I masturbate.”

Stacey interjected, “you masturbate?”

“Of course,” continued Ashley, “she started moaning and telling me how good it felt. Then I grew bolder and thought that I was good at this and wanted to be better so I stuck my tongue out hesitantly.”

Stacey was very interested in Ashley’s story and began to get turned on, “how did it taste?”

“Oh, it was great. My boyfriends always thought I tasted good but I thought they were just saying that so I would suck their cock. But I knew then that pussy tasted great. Soon, Janet came and coated my face. Behind me I heard a grunt and I felt a warm splashing on my back. I turned and took a shot of the guy’s cum to the face. Here I was, keeling between my best friends legs, she had passed out from coming and the drinking, I had her pussy juice all over my face, cum running down my back and a string across my face. What a whore I turned into.”

Stacey was hotter than ever, “so, are you still friends with Janet?”

“Of course, I’ll introduce you to her sometime. We still get together on occasion and have some girly time together.”

Kate, whom Stacey had known had had been with two guys at once, asked, “what about the guys?”

“One was a senior and graduated last year, the other was a freshman too. His name was Rich.”

Kate said, “Rich? Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, he’s since come on my back again, and my face, and my tits, ass, pussy, mouth.”

Ashley and Kate laughed but Stacey was in a daze. Ashley looked at Stacey and realized something, “you’ve never been with a girl have you? And based on your reaction to masturbation, you’ve never even been with a man, have you?”

Stacey shot back, “I’ve swallowed a guy’s ejaculate before.”

“First off, it’s cum, sweetie,” said Kate. Kate and Ashley laughed which made Stacey blush.

“You want to lose your virginity? Well, at least have an orgasm? Can’t quite loose your virginity as no one here has a cock,” said Ashley.

Stacey wanted to be respected and knew she had to grow so with no hesitation, “yes, please.”

“There ya go big girl,” hooted Kate.

“Alright, then, hottie, take them tight ass jeans off,” ordered Ashley. Stacey took a deep breath and undid her pants. Soon she was trembling as she was about to slip off her pink, silk panties.

“Trust me,” said Ashley, “there’s no need to feel nervous. This will feel good, I promise. And we both promise not tell anyone. Soon you’ll be trembling as pleasure sweeps through you.”

Stacey smiled and took her panties off. Ashley knelt down in front of Stacey and said, “Stace, you might want to keep your eyes open for this, believe me, its hot.”

Stacey opened her eyes just as Ashley probed her pussy with her fingers. Ashley was right, she had never felt such a release in all her life and the feeling was great. She was tingling all over. Then, Ashley began licking and tonguing Stacey clit and swollen lips. Stacey was feeling nothing but bliss as she began to experience an orgasm. She knew that she would have to have real sex and soon, and would also get to know her hand very well until a man came along. No longer could she wait for marriage, she thought.

Kate, who had her pants down and was working her own pussy, said, “Stacey, you look like your enjoying it. You know something? You look casino firmaları like Jessica Alba. How hot is that, Jessica Alba fingering herself and having another hot piece of ass eat her out.” Kate’s own outburst set her off and she came. When she finished she brought her hand to her mouth and liked her juices.

Stacey saw Kate liking her own juices, “Kate, that’s disgusting. How could you taste yourself like that?”

Kate laughed, “its not gross, its economical. Why let something that taste so good go to waste? Here, try.”

Kate fingered herself again and brought her fingers to Stacey’s mouth. “Okay, I’ll taste you but never myself,” said Stacey.

Ashley stopped licking Stacey and said, “you’ll think different if you ever taste yourself. You taste so good. And plus, nothing is hotter than taking a cock in your mouth after it just fucked your pussy raw.”

Stacey took Kate’s fingers in her mouth and loved the taste. “Do I taste like Kate?” she asked.

Kate stood in front of Ashley as Ashley gave her pussy a few licks. “I don’t know, you both taste great. I think if anything Stacey is a little sweeter.”

“Really? Alright, I’ll try,” said Stacey as she pushed Ashley’s wet face away and inserted a couple of fingers into her sopping pussy. She brought her fingers to her face. The smell was intoxicating and Stacey instantly popped her fingers into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked on her fingers. She loved it and couldn’t wait for her new sex life to fully begin.

That was almost a year ago, during the school year. Now, summer was here and Stacey was even more grateful that it was not only the weekend but there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Stacey made her way down stairs to get some breakfast. In the kitchen her brother, Nate, was eating breakfast at the table. Normally Stacey was up well before her brother so either she had slept in or something was wrong, either way it was out of the ordinary. Stacey was wearing a tight cheerleading shirt from high school and pair of very small track shorts. Stacey slept in her under wear in the summer time, but threw on an outfit that her grandparents would call underwear when she got up.

“Hey, Nate,” said Stacey as she looked at the clock which read ‘8:03’. So she woke up on time, but why was Nate up early, she wondered. Nate sat wide eyed, and unresponsive as he chewed his cereal. “Why are you up so early, Nate?”

“I came all over mom,” Nate mumbled, still in a dazed state.

“What, Natie,” inquired Stacey.

“I said,” started Nate, but this time with force and meaning in his voice as he came to, but his mother walked in right then, “I’ll tell you later.”

“Good morning, you two. Why are you up so early, Nate?”

“Good morning, mom. I don’t know, just had a good night sleep, I guess,” replied Nate. Stacey sat down with her bowl of cereal as Nate stood up. Jenny was across the kitchen getting a cup of coffee.

Nate whispered to Stacey, “I need to talk to you after breakfast,” and then walked away.

Stacey finished breakfast and found Nate in his room playing Xbox. Nate noticed and uncharacteristically turned off his game and TV. He stood up and closed the door. “Stace, listen,” said Nate, “I think I had a dream last night. I was really erotic and kinda disturbing, too.”

“What, what was it? You can tell me.”

“Okay, but you’re the only that can know this, and I sort of think it wasn’t a dream.”

“Fine, just tell me already.”

Nate told Stacey his encounter last night with his mother in all its detail. Stacey stared at Nate then laughed that awkward kind of life, “Nate, that’s kind of a disturbing dream. You came on Mom?”

“Yeah, she took me in her mouth and swallowed me.”

“Nate, that’s pretty serious. You sure it was mom?”

“Yes, and what’s worse is it seemed so real. I mean, my room smelled of sex this morning and I fell asleep nude with cum stains on my sheets.”

“So you had a wet dream.”


“Well, you said you were watching a porno? What scene was it?”

“Like I said, we were watching this titty fuck scene, which is where she got the idea.”

“It all seems too coincidental and fanciful. However, why don’t you just put it on again. güvenilir casino If the DVD resumes at that scene then it’s a pretty good indication it was real.”

“Good idea,” said Nate and before Stacey could leave the room he had porno up and running, and it did start right at the end of said titty fucking scene. Stacey turned and saw the money shot of the scene. Then she turned and saw Nate crying.

She walked over and sat on the bed beside him. Nate leaned into his loving sister and she put her arms around him and began to console him.

“Oh Nate, I’m so sorry,” she didn’t know what to say. Who would?

“I’m not, that’s the problem. I knew it was real, and I enjoyed it, I really did. I just didn’t want to believe it because stuff like that isn’t suppose to happen,” sobbed Nate.

“Well, you are right. Things like that aren’t suppose to happen. But mom seemed fine at breakfast, so maybe she doesn’t remember, or something. And at worst is it happened once, just don’t make a habit of it,” said Stacey, trying to console Nate with a little satire.

“But that’s the problem, I’d be perfectly happy if she came in and did that every night. In fact, I want that to happen again, every night. I mean, the whole thing just talking about it is turning me on.”

Stacey’s eyes drifted down to Nate’s lap. Nate was wearing a pair of Nike athletic shorts the came to a rather large point as a result of his stiff cock. Miss perfect Stacey would have been disgusted and walked out at the sight, moreover the conversation. But she had been replaced months ago by Sex Slut Stacey, and as of late, she hadn’t been gettin’ any and her mind began to drift. Stacey sat there with her mouth slightly open with some drool forming as she began to mentally undress her brother.

“Stacey?” said Nate

“So big… ” mumbled Stacey.


Stacey came to, “Oh sorry, what’s that? My mind drifted.”

“Yeah, I know… Oh god, not you too. What kind of family do I live in?” yelled Nate.

“Shush, Nate, mom will hear you. Ok, so you caught me thinking about sucking you off…”

“That’s what you were thinking about? Oh god! I need to get out of here, now,” said Jake, leaping off his bed.

“No, no stop, Nate,” said Stacey, leaping up after him and grabbing his left arm with both hands, “don’t go. Sit down. Listen, I know this sounds really bad but you came in mom’s mouth so I think its not so bad, but if mom won’t do what she did again then maybe I could?”

“Oh God, stop. Listen to yourself, Stacey! This is wrong!”

“No, come on, hear me out. You want mom, no you NEED mom to do that again for you but she probably won’t and I’ve been without a good cock for awhile now. So we’d be helping each other out,” said Stacey, as she slipped to her knees before Nate, still sitting on the bed.

“Get up, sis, this is crazy. What if mom comes in?”

“Like she’d have room to talk.”

“Oh God, please forgive me, I need this so bad,” said Nate and without hesitation unzipped his fly. Stacey took care of the rest and soon had her hands on Nate’s cock and balls.

“Wait, you said you haven’t had a good cock in a while?” asked Nate as Stacey performed a quality hand job, “I thought you were a goody too shoo and were going to wait till marriage?”

“Yeah, well, college has a way of making a girl realize things… and explore and learn new things.” With that she dove onto his prick, taking it down into her throat in one motion.

“Oh my God…” Nate began to see stars, nothing ever so great or exciting has ever happened to him in all his life by comparison to what his sister was doing. “The only way this could even possibly get any better was if you were to swallow my load… Wait, you don’t do you?” Stacey tried to answer but was a little hard for her as she repeatedly bobbed her head on his dick. “Right… Squeeze my nuts if that’s a yes, or slap my thigh if it’s a no.” Nate expected a no, but instead felt a beautiful hand delicately squeezing his nuts. It was all too much, his sister offering herself daily, finding out she’s a nympho, first a hand job, then a deepthroating blow job, and to top it off she was going to swallow him? He couldn’t hold back and he began to fire. Stacey swallowed the first shot. Then the door to Nate’s bedroom opened and there stood his mother, calmly, in the door way as she watched her son shoot his load into her little girl’s stomach.

To be continued…

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