Alisha Ch. 02

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The next morning I woke up feeling exhilarated. Flashes of previous day ran through my mind. I closed my eyes and was soaking up the memory when I heard the front door close. I knew it must have been my aunt since she works in a women’s charity organisation of some sort.

They give clothes, some essentials to the needy women. She does a good work. I was feeling nervous knowing me and Alisha were home alone. I was wondering whether she was having second thoughts, was she disgusted with me, would she speak to me. All these thoughts were running through my mind when suddenly Alisha came into the room and jumps on the bed to wake me up.

Seeing me awake she said “Good morning,” and smiled her sweet smile which melted my heart in a trance. She brought me back to reality from my trance saying,

“Hey are you all right? I wished you a good morning.”

I replied,

“Yeah I heard, I’m sorry I was day dreaming. Good morning to you too.”

I realised with a start she was as nervous as I was, I wanted to confirm my suspicions whether she was all right with everything that happened the previous day.

Nevertheless, Alisha beat me to it and asked;

“Are you all right with us and everything we did yesterday?”

I wanted to jump up and dance in joy but I replied and relieved her as well as my insecurity with a kiss which exceeded all the feelings I felt previously. We closed our eyes and enjoyed the closeness we were feeling with each other. After what seemed a life time which was just two minutes, we broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes. I said,

“I was afraid that you would be disgusted or angry with me, but I am so happy you feel the same way. I have had a crush on you since I was 14.”

Locking her gaze with me Alisha replied;

“Me too, but since I did not notice any of your interest in me like some of the other girls you were with I hid my feelings. I too had the doubts whether it was just hormones speaking or was it just a crush and so I distanced myself from you and noticed you doing the same thing.”

We were both silent, while both of us were having thoughts which needed to be analysed. We had just bared our hearts to each other and we did not know what to do next. How do we proceed with everything I mean in my culture we are allowed to marry our cousins but were we ready for such a type of commitment? We were only eighteen.

I noticed Alisha was deep in thought and the way the sunlight was coming through the window and some of the rays were reflecting on her, Alisha looked angelic. I knew she was pretty, from my earlier gazes, but at that moment I found her absolutely ravishing.

The way her wavy hair moved, and the way her skin had a golden tinge in the sunlight and her smile which was so dazzling. I was so lost in her sensual beauty, that i did not notice Alisha looking at me with a curious smile. She clicked her fingers at me and asked,

“Out with whatever you are thinking with?”

Since all of the awkward phase was left behind I replied without hesitation.

“I was just lost in your beauty. I mean I know you were attractive but I was so wrong. Everything about you is heart warming.”

I know it sounds corny but that was the truth. She blushed and flashed me her pretty smile and said,

“Let’s go and get refreshed,” and knowing how a boy’s mind and that too a horny one works she replied “I mean alone.”

I was disappointed. I wanted to see Alisha completely. But I loved her too and so squashing my lust and disappointment I flashed Alisha a smile casino şirketleri and said,

“Lets go.”

So we got up and went to our separate bathrooms and freshened. As I stepped out of the bathroom Alisha came out of the guest bathroom wrapped in only a towel. I was stumped and shocked. I mean I have seen naked women in porn (who hasn’t?) and I have seen boobs of my past girlfriend, but other than that nothing.

This was nowhere outrageous since all her lady parts were covered but it was the fact that I could now imagine what she looked like underneath the towel set my heart racing. It was deliciously naughty. Alisha smiled and said,

“This is your present,” (I was confused. Present? Why?) but Alisha continued;

“I could see your disappointment but you accepted it without question ignoring your desire. I hope you enjoyed it.”

With that she walked past me and entered her room closing the door behind her. I noticed my hardon and it was bulging under the towel and I realised that Alisha must have seen it too. Pulling myself out of the trance I went to my room and this time locked my door and wanked furiously to the image of Alisha in the towel and within seconds came; spurting a huge load on my towel.

After cleaning myself I donned on a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt and went downstairs to eat some cereal.

I settled down on a chair and started eating my favourite cornflakes with milk. Just then Alisha came down. She too had donned a similar attire since it was hot and anyways we did not have any plans to go out. Alisha poured herself a glass of milk and sat down beside me. I decided to break the silence and asked her,

“What shall we do today? We can laze around in our rooms or we can watch some movies.”

Alisha replied,

“Let’s watch T.V and then we will see. I don’t plan to do anything this weekend and I hope you don’t either.”

Finishing up the breakfast I put my bowl in the sink and told Alisha to do the same. We went in the living room and I switched on the T.V. Since I didn’t find anything interesting I chose one of my favourite movie and inserted the dvd in the player. I have seen the movie many times and I know Alisha liked it too.

We snuggled up on the couch and started watching. Halfway into the movie I asked her if she would like a cold drink and she replied,


So I got up and brought two cokes from the fridge and hit play. We finished our drinks and since my left hand had lost some of its feeling, as I had cuddled her for a while; I adjusted my pose with Alisha. Alisha rested her head on my chest and I wrapped my hand around her waist.

This new position brought us much closer and I could feel the side of her boob squashed on my chest. My hand was around her stomach and I was stroking it. Her stomach was so flat and firm and her skin was soft to the touch. Sensing that she was watching me I looked down and leaned down for a kiss.

I wanted to touch her so desperately but didn’t know how she would react. This was pure torture. I was thankful I did not wear any underpants. My dick was so hard it hurt. I knew she could feel it. We broke the kiss and just looked into each others eyes but then I could feel her hand moving upwards on my leg.

It was on my thigh and any higher she would touch it. I tensed myself and seeing this Alisha reached and kissed me on my neck. Her kisses were soft and slow like butterfly kisses. But the sensations I was feeling was amazing! I have seen in the movies and whenever I heard the moans during the scenes which casino firmaları involved kissing a neck I thought they might be fake, since my neck wasn’t sensitive at all.

Boy was I wrong! A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Alisha heard it and whispered,

“Does it feel nice?”

I could only nod in agreement. I was putty in her hands. She then licked my ear and damn my dick grew harder if that was possible. The sensations she was giving me were so good and I decided to reciprocate. I too licked and kissed the spot on her neck making Alisha shiver.

I could see goose bumps forming on her skin. I now recalled some porn techniques so I wanted to try something on her. I nibbled her skin slightly and now it was Alisha who was moaning and giving me access to her neck. After planting butterfly kisses all over her neck I reached her ear and blew some air in it.

I was hoping I didn’t overdo it. But she rewarded me with a bigger moan. I nibbled her earlobes in a similar fashion. Alisha’s eyes flew open and I could see my hunger mirrored in her eyes. She straddled me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me close for a kiss. This was pure unadulterated lust.

The kiss was an expression of the feral hunger. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and so I placed them on her hips and pulled her even more closer to me. We were kissing and moaning like crazy with no other things to worry about. But we had to break it for some much needed air. Leaning towards each other with our foreheads she noticed my dilemma and was gyrating her hips to further arouse me.

I stopped her in time or else there would have been a bigger mess to clean. Looking in her eyes for any rebuke I inched my hand upwards towards her chest and then I reached her sides where I could feel her boobs. Alisha just smiled and nodded.

That was all I needed and within a second my hands were all over boobs. I was amazed, they were soft and pliant but firm at the same time. I could see the indents of her aroused nipples poking through her shirt and squeezed them lightly with my fingers.

Alisha moaned so loudly that I thought I had hurt her and so I pulled back my hands and asked her,

“Are you all right? I am sorry I hurt you.”

She just ground her hips to rejuvenate my fading erection and put my hands on her breasts saying,

“No I am all right. I wanted to feel your hands and when they did the touch was electrifying.”

I leaned in and kissed her passionately conveying everything to her in that kiss. Simultaneously I was kneading, pulling and hefting her boobs and I was sure she knew how fascinating they were to me. I was happy.

This was my cousin, the one I had a crush on and I was touching and kissing her with so much intimacy. It was a dream come true. I played with her boobs to my hearts content and was sure she had an orgasm too. That was an ego boost. I had been hard for over an hour and I needed release.

Alisha must have noticed something because she knelt down and touched my erection lightly. I was ecstatic and just closed my eyes enjoying the sensation coursing through my body. Alisha tugged slightly on my shorts and I flipped my eyes open. Will she like my dick? Will she make fun of it?

My panic must have been etched on my face because Alisha soothed me saying she wanted to see it and take care of me. I looked into her eyes and saw she was being earnest and so I raised my hips and let her pull my shorts down. The smile she flashed was worth it.

She tugged my shorts slowly but firmly and güvenilir casino when the head of my cock appeared she gasped in shock. I covered my face with my hands feeling embarrassed. But Alisha pulled my hands apart and said what surely is an ego boost for us males.

“It is big.”

I knew that neither was I pornstar big nor was I tiny. In fact I believed I was slightly bigger than average. Alisha tugged my shorts down all the way and grasped my cock in both hands. I gasped in excitement since I was on the verge of bursting a nut.

Even though she had both her hands wrapped around my dick I could see there was still space remaining and she couldn’t wrap her fingers completely around. Feeling nervous I asked her,

“What do you think?”

She replied;

“I have seen it in porn but yours is as big or close to them.”

I realised my cousin, my sweet innocent cousin watched porn. After realising what she had divulged, Alisha spoke sternly,

“If you tell anyone and I will kill you.”

I assured her I wouldn’t and that I was just surprised. Slowly she started stroking my cock and was watching my reaction. She was as fascinated with my cock as I was with her boobs. She explored every inch of my cock even my balls. I was afraid she would press them too hard but she handled them gently.

On the verge of climaxing I warned her I was going to shoot and she asked me where she could catch it. I removed my shirt and handed it to her indicating she could clean up the mess with it. Alisha started stroking me earnestly. It was my first handjob and I was enjoying all the sensations running through my body.

I tensed and warned her I was going to shoot when I felt I was nearing my climax. She was fascinated as I was shooting cum rope after rope. After 8-9 shots I stopped and just leaned back on the couch enjoying the after-effects. I felt drained. I did not even notice what Alisha was upto.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes and we both spoke at the same time.

“That was awesome.”

We both laughed and she cleaned my stomach with the shirt and then she noticed some of my semen stuck on her hand. Instead of wiping it right away she examined it closely. She brought it to her nose and sniffed it. Alisha then shocked me when she put her tongue out and licked a small drop. I waited with tense breath when she smiled and said,

“It is sweet. I love it.”

She then proceeded to lick the remaining cum off her hand and when she was done; she said,

“All clean.”

I smiled and pulled her for a kiss. After we had finished kissing she said,

“Don’t you mind your cum in my mouth? I mean I have heard from my friends that boys don’t like that.”

I replied;

“If you can then, even I can” and kissed her.

She readily kissed me back but broke apart with a confusing stare and so I explained it to her that I had read somewhere when a male drinks pineapple juice regularly their semen could taste sweet. And being of the curious type I confessed to having tasted my semen during one of my sessions.

We were pretty tired and decided to take a nap. We knew it was risky if we were caught by our aunt sleeping together and so we kissed one last time and went to our separate rooms. As soon as I laid down I was asleep with a shit eating grin on my face.

Dinner was not a huge affair. We dined and after rinsing the plates I wished my aunt and Alisha good night and went upstairs. Since my aunt was at home I didn’t dare risk being with Alisha.

I fired off a text to her wishing she could be with me since tomorrow was Sunday and we wouldn’t have any time to be alone. Her text came instantly saying she too was upset about tomorrow but we had to behave. And so I wished her a good night and shut my phone and slept.

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