Alicia’s New Patron

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Terry scanned the lithe petite young body contorting in front of him. He drank in the contours of what he would have called a perfect ass, curvaceous hips and somewhere in the supple form in front he imagined small pert breasts. He pulled down the bar to his chest as he took a deep breath and the inevitable sound of the weights lifting up then clunking down barely noticeable as the young beauty in front of him going through a stretching routine mesmerized him. It was visions like this that made this gym membership worth the fortune he paid. Countless trophy wives, models and TV personalities worked out here. It was one of the perks looking at them while he sweated he told himself. As the pretty blonde bent forward he fantasized about what it would be like to be behind her when she was like that. She was young, perhaps 24 or so and with that petite figure that made her have an adolescent appeal, she was firm and supple and pretty in that wholesome healthy way. Flawless skin and sweet round and cute facial features highlighted by large blue glistening eyes. He noticed them peering through her legs as their eyes met. He thought he saw a smile. He pretended to pull his weights down to his chest with a renewed force. He was fit for 48. His personal trainer had made sure of that.

The ogling and fantasizing over young women had become the extent of his sex life. His wife had divorced him finally six months ago and apart from a hurried and unsatisfying liaison with a prostitute in Hong Kong he hadn’t had sex for almost a year. He had suffered impotence and then his wife’s affairs had left him bitter and disappointed and his confidence was way down, that was why he swore to get fit and renew his physical prowess perhaps. In the business world he was outrageously successful and even his wife’s attack on his bank account and assets had barely dented his wealth status and power in business. The yoga position the blonde had moved into emphasized her small pert perfect globe breasts. Terry loved small breasts. They reminded him of clumsy adolescent making out where he had successfully fondled girls boobs in the back seats of cars. The pretty blonde was like that fantasy coming back to him. He had lost count on his chest pull weights and was conscious of the stirring within his shorts and adjusted himself discreetly as he let the bar swing back to rest. The blonde stood up and he took in the full vision of her sweet form. Dressed in tight lycra pink halter-top and tiny matching shorts she was divine. He had seen glimpses of her sexy little panties peering through the legs of the shorts as she contorted in front of him. Now she stood in front of him drinking gulps of water from her bottle he found himself audibly moaning. She smiled as she walked past him towards the water fountain. Terry had the sudden urge to refill his own bottle.

Alicia’s awareness of the affect she had on men had become obvious by the time she was 19. It was particularly older men who seemed to want to take care of her like a father for a daughter. After a few disappointing relationships with men her own age she met an unbelievably wealthy man in his late forties and had the most torrid and sexually exciting relationship of her life. He had fallen so heavily in love and lust with her that he had set her up in a fashionable apartment, showered her in gifts of lingerie, jewelry and anything else she wanted. Alicia was not a demanding woman. In fact she had struggled early on to maintain her independence and show her appreciation for her man enthusiastically and with genuine devotion. At 25 she still had the apartment but the lover had moved overseas and only saw her in short passionate bursts. It had been he that paid for the gym and health club. She didn’t realize how one episode of having a sugar daddy would translate into the habit she now had of attracting wealthy men. She knew Terry was looking at her. Every move she made had been expertly designed to draw his attention to her. She knew he would follow him to the water fountain. They always did.

She smiled her sweet innocent smile at him as he approached. Finishing refilling her water bottle she pulled her shoulders back and adjusted her posture so he would glance at her sweet cleavage.

‘ I must have been giving you quite a show from where you were sitting.’ She purred cheekily.

‘Mmmmm quite an inspiration to an old fella like me it was. Sorry to ogle you but you are incredibly pretty.’ Terry stumbled over his words but felt a compliment would at least help.

‘Oh that’s alright, you’re very sweet saying that. I’m Alicia Honeyton.’ She held out her small hand, which he took and shook. He couldn’t take his eyes off her smile or help himself running them up and down her curvaceous form.

‘Terry Blamey, I have more compliments if it will help.’ Something about her seemed to provoke this kind of flirting.

They moved to the treadmills and both began the walks that led to runs and for half an hour levent escort they ran alongside each other glancing at each other and smiling frequently until a dance tune emanated from her gym bag. She stopped the machine and reached down and took out her cell phone. Terry strained to listen in on her conversation and to look at her sweet body glistening with perspiration from her run.

Alicia planned her liaisons well. The phone call was meant to be her boyfriend ringing to say he couldn’t give her a lift home from the gym.

‘Oh damn! I haven’t got a ride home. My lift has been called away interstate.’

She looked sad and a little angry. She never said the word boyfriend but Terry suspected it was by the look of disappointment on her face.

‘ I’d be happy to give you a lift if you don’t mind riding with an old perv like me.’

‘ Your not an old perv, your sweet and I’d love to ride with you.’ I’m going to hit the shower now shall I meet you outside?’

Terry noticed the outline of her nipple through the sweaty halter-top. Alicia always thrilled at how easy it was to seduce these guys. It gave her a real rush to know this guy was drooling over her every move. She walked with her sweet sexy sway toward the change rooms letting Terry drink in every hot curve of her body. Terry rushed to his change room with a growing erection in his shorts and thanked heaven for the private room he had to shower in. Nursing an erection in a room full of guys in a shared room would have dire consequences. By the time he had used too much soap on his cock he pulled himself back to reality and dressed hurriedly in a white sports top and tracksuit.

Alicia had masturbated in the shower. Seduction always made her horny. She dried herself and dressed in a sweet hot pink halter dress with no bra and slid on pink silk bikini panties and high heel shoes. When she emerged from the change rooms she knew Terry ‘s pulse would race. She knew that sitting in the car her tight skirt would rise up high showing off her shapely thighs. She knew he would glance at her hem in hope of catching a glimpse of her panties. She knew he was already hard for her.

The conversation in the car was consistently flirty and led easily to her invitation to join her for a drink. They walked to the Art Nouveau apartment block smiling and giggling like lovers on a first date. Terry didn’t realize how quickly the sequence of entering the apartment getting the drink and flirting had led to kissing. Nor how much he would want her when they did. Somehow though it had and he did want her desperately. When he moved a hand to her small supple breasts and cupped them she moaned encouragingly. He pinched her nipples through the thin tightly stretched fabric of her halter and gloried in the erect response and the sweetness of her kiss.

‘ You can touch me if you want. Do you want to? Only I’m getting excited here.’

‘Oh yeah, I want to touch you all over little girl. I could die happy just doing this forever too.’

He slid a hand to her thigh and felt the silken touch of her warm skin. He stroked her and felt her part her legs a little so that he could find the triangle of silk that covered her hot young pussy.

‘ Can you feel how wet I am sugar. ‘ She whispered sexily through her continuous kisses.

His fingers found the wetness she promised soaking into the diaphanous panties. He reveled at how sweet her panties were, how wet they were how warm and inviting she was. His cock had not been this hard in years and she hadn’t yet touched him. He caressed her folds through her panties until she began to moan beneath his explorations. He rubbed and caressed her as she began to thrust forward and moan sexily.

‘Mmmmmmm make me cum. I’m so horny for you.’

He found her clit and concentrated his experienced fingers on bringing her off. He wanted to make her scream. Wanted to make her squirt. Wanted to make her impossibly ready for the cock he had boiling in his pants.

‘ Oh God, I’m cumming!’ She moaned. Her first orgasm melted her body into his insistent fingers and she squealed and moaned into his mouth as they kissed more and more excitedly. The second and third orgasms followed swiftly and were accompanied by spurts of wetness and urgent kisses.

‘ Do you want me?’ She panted. As she said it she reached down to the lump in his tracksuit pants and clasped it in her tiny hand.

‘Oh my you are big for me.’ She squeezed his cock through the cotton feeling it throb with excitement then tracing an outline with her fingernails around the quivering shape. She stood up and encouraged him to remove his pants. She kissed him sweetly and slid her hand into his shorts and touched his flesh. Some men came within moments of being touched by Alicia, others just got bigger and harder. Thankfully terry was one of the latter but he worried about how long he would last if the intensity of this foreplay continued. maltepe escort He had been prone to pre mature ejaculation. He hoped the specialist visits had cured that.

In one smooth movement Alicia slid to her knees taking his shorts and tracksuit bottom down. One hand untied the string of her halter to expose her sweet breasts, the other circled his cock. She looked up at him and smiled as she stroked his cock and he took in the naked beauty of her B cup tits. Perfect globes supported by firm pectoral muscles, sweet aureole circling hard little nipples all making his breath deepen and his pulse race. She moved her moist mouth to the tip of his cock and blew air over it through her moist lips. Terry shuddered and closed his eyes momentarily as the impending feeling of her lips on him became a dream come true.

Alicia had sucked cocks long before she had been penetrated. She had learned to tease her partners to orgasm perhaps to postpone penetration. Her long slender fingers caressed Terry’s shaft circling the stretched flesh, teasing and tickling him with her long painted fingernails. Grazing his balls with them tenderly. She combined her expert hand manipulations with her articulate tongue, which flickered across every inch of flesh relenting only to slide her moist lips across aching cocks and then taking him into her mouth deep. She could swallow impossibly large cocks and suck men dry in a few minutes. Terry was moaning uncontrollably as she swallowed him

. His cock throbbed he was moments away from cumming in her mouth. Six months of stored sexual tension was about to be all over this beautiful vision in six minutes of fondling from her divine fingers and mouth. Alicia knew what to do. She felt the throbs and the loud moans. Slid her mouth off his cock and pinched the tip of his cock. Masters and Johnson technique worked if done correctly. Terry’s cock spurted one shot of cum between Alicia’s hot little titties. He rolled his eyes back into his head as the orgasm overtook him in waves. The ejaculation though had been halted. He shivered in unbelievable pleasure. As he opened his eyes and stared down at her he saw the small thick white honey dribbling between her breasts and then watched as she licked the tip of his cock gently. He needed a rest from her mouth and she knew it. When the insistent throbs subsided she let his cock go and stood up pausing a moment to scoop his cum up and lick her fingers, then kiss him with her cum soaked lips.

‘ Come with me.’ She purred.

She led him to the bedroom and helped him remove his sports shirt and the rest of his clothing and watched her peel off her dress. He stared down at her sweet sexy string bikini panties. The front triangle was soaked with her juices and the outline of her folds clung to them like a second skin. He wanted desperately to kiss her sweet pussy lips and reach down to help her out of her cum soaked panties. She smiled and resisted his attempts to hook them down.

‘ Leave them on. It gets me very, very hot having sex in my panties. And I know you want me to be hot for you don’t you? Besides when we are done I’ll give them to you as a souvenir.’

Everything she did, everything she said made him so hot he could barely think. She led him to the bed and he kissed he kissed her slowly and deliberately trying to let his over ripe cock recover from the near explosion she had deftly diffused. He would concentrate on her pleasure, her long and sweet kisses. He kissed her neck and nuzzled her ear lobes for an eternity. Fondled her luscious cum soaked breasts and then slowly traced his tongue around each nipple until; he knew she was aroused. He bit them so she winced and then covered them in kisses. Following a smooth vertical line with his tongue across her flat sensuous stomach. He kissed the perimeters of her panties then inhaled her sweet hot scent as he buried his face in the silk triangle that clung to her swollen pussy. He kissed her sweet pussy lips through the wet fabric until her moans became regular and intense, then pulled the panty aside so his lips met the hot wet vulva like a thirsty man. He pushed a finger towards her vagina and let it slide into the opening, then two. He was unprepared for the tightness of the entry. She was petite everywhere and he fantasized at how good these straining muscles would feel as a cock entered it for the first time. She moaned and he began lapping at her clit and sucking at the abundant juices. Intoxicated by the scent of her, overcome with desire to pleasure her until she begged for him to be inside her.

Alicia knew part of her appeal was that she orgasmed easily and often. Men felt empowered when women came because of their touch or their cock. Within moments of his tongue on her swollen clit and the fingers wiggling inside her she came. Her hips thrust forward to meet his insistent tongue and trusting fingers. She clutched his head against her and writhed and mecidiyeköy escort ground against him as she squealed, her hot pussy dripping as she orgasmed. Terry wanted to pin her to the bed and play those moans like a concert musician. Build the tension, the shivers and the pants, Lunge the fingers in deep, swirl the lips and tongue over her folds, suck her clit until she squealed, cup her curvaceous buns in his hand as he lapped at her plentiful juices and then pull away and feel the squirts find his face and the intoxicating scent fill his eager nostrils. For half an hour maybe more he elicited orgasm after orgasm from her until she finally pulled his head away from her swollen pussy and motioned for him to return to kissing her face.

The kisses were sensual and gentle, long and sweet. They touched each other with a sensuous gentleness that made each of them quiver with pleasure. Terry ran his fingers and hands across her delightful curves relishing in her silken skin, delighting in her scent and taste that filled his senses and drove them to overload.

‘ I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me! I want your big hard cock in my hot tight little pussy. Do you want to fuck me sugar?’

He rolled on top of her and she parted her legs. She took his cock in her hand once more and pulled it towards her sopping panties. He pressed forward and she guided his tip to the wet triangle of smooth shiny diaphanous silk that clung to her labia. She slid it up and down across the silk until she began to shiver. He felt the plentiful wetness contact his sensitive skin, then she reached her other hand down and slid her panties aside so his cock touched her sex flesh for the first time. Terry gasped.

“Oh God I never wanted anything so much as I want to be inside you. I want to fuck you so bad it hurts.’

He pressed forward and her tight lips parted to take his distorted cock tip. She held him at the entrance momentarily and kissed him sweetly as the trickles of her juices began to run down his shaft. Then he lunged forward to fill her as deep as he could and felt the tightness that had enveloped his fingers earlier. It was even better than he had imagined. Better even than his first time. Better than his wife had managed in seven years of courting and marriage. Better than the most expensive call girl he had been with. He held his cock deep inside her and they kissed longingly.

‘Oooooooh so big for me. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum with that big hard cock.’ She panted into his mouth then wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to slide in and out of her, building in intensity. He was guided by her moans until his pile driver pace elicited first one then multiple orgasms from her. Her screams muffled by her insistent hungry kisses. Her fingernails clawed at his back like a wild animal and she bit his neck and sucked at his ear lobes like a greedy child with candy. After each climax he repositioned her and pushed her supple legs around like a rag doll, fucking her to successive orgasm in multiple positions. The flexibility he had witnessed at the gym being applied to every wild fucking position he could twist her into. He adored her from behind, doggy style, bending over the bed, pinned against the bed head, standing, pressed on her back on the bed with her legs hard against her breasts and his cock pounding her into orgasm upon orgasm. He was surprised how long he had lasted and how often she climaxed. He never tired of hearing her moan and seeing her shiver.

‘You need a rest sugar. Leeshi’s gonna ride that cock for you.’ She let him lay back and straddled him, reaching down and sliding her panties aside once more and guiding his cock inside her. She tightened her pelvic floor muscles around his swollen cock and rose up so that her juices drizzled down his shaft. Then slid down hard and ground against him. She was impossibly tight and Terry felt the throbs return to his cock. Each movement of her body on his cock made it more and more impossible to hold off. Her hot titties bounced with each movement and he clasped them lovingly.

‘ Its ok sugar, do you want to cum in my pussy? I’d love it if you came inside me.’

She leaned forward cowgirl style and kissed him as he thrust insistently upwards to greet her pussy. She began to moan and the familiar sound of impending orgasm filled his ears and drove him to a frenzy of pounding hip movements. When her orgasm hit her pussy clenched his cock like an over firm handshake crushing his throbbing cock and streaming her juices over it in warm spurts. She kissed his lips as she came and moaned into his mouth. He burst inside her in long hot shots that seemed to rapid fire into her. Waves of endorphins filled his mind and body. He held his cock deep inside her and they both shivered and moaned relentlessly.

There was no doubt how much he wanted her. His frequent visits long weekends away. He showered her with gifts and she exhausted him in bed time after time. He was totally addicted to her. He didn’t know whether it was addictive lust or unbelievable lust or both. He knew he didn’t want to let her go. He would be her patron. Alicia knew how to draw men into her. She knew how to be his dream come true. She knew he would be her new patron.

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