Alexa and Me Ch. 02

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The summer months passed in a blur. The days were spent cleaning, packing, and getting the house ready. Alexa and I had decided to sell our parents’ house and rent an apartment in a different city, close to where we were going to college. We also spent the summer exploring each other, not as brother and sister but as lovers.

One evening, as Alexa was standing in front of the stove making supper, I came up benlhind her and wrapped my arms around her, filling my hands with her ample C-cup tits. She sighed and leaned back against me as I played with her nipples.

She sighed, “Mmmm, Ben. That feels so good.”

“I’m glad,” I replied as I pulled my hands out from under her shirt. “But I’ve got something better in mind.”

I pushed her forward so she was leaning against the stove and I flipped her skirt up over her waist, baring her naked pussy. I freed my cock and lined it up with one hand while caressing her smooth, flat stomach with the other. Her stomach gave no sign of the baby that was growing inside of her, my baby. I slid my cock into her pussy and then returned both hands to her tits. I paused there, enjoying the feeling of my twin sister’s pussy surrounding my cock, as well as the slightly naughty and taboo feeling that always accompanied our union. I pulled out then used her tits to pull her back onto me.

Alexa gasped, then said, “Ben, what about the food?”

“Screw the food, I want to fuck you,” I growled.

Alexa giggled at my choice of words, but her giggling quickly changed to moans as my strokes sped up and then cries as she came around my cock. I fucked her through her orgasm, then she pulled herself off my cock, spun around and dropped to her knees. She immediately started giving me her signature blowjob, applying strong suction as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Before long I warned her that I was going to cum. Instead of taking my load in her mouth like usual, she pulled me out and started stroking me until I shot my load all over her face. Seeing her cum-splattered face was a pretty big turn-on.

“How was that?” I asked her as she wiped some cum off her face and licked it off her fingers.

“Hot,” she replied. “But kind of messy. It’s much cleaner if I just swollow it.” She giggled. Just then, the smell of smoke reminded us of the food that was now burning. We quickly took care of it, the Alexa sighed, “How does pizza sound?”

I laughed and said, “I’ll order it, you go take a shower.”

We eventually sold our house and were getting packed to move. We were both looking forward to and simultaneously dreading moving. I would occasionally find Alexa sitting somewhere with tears streaming down her face. She would eventually recover and blame it on hormones.

I too was having emotional trouble. Some days I couldn’t wait until we moved away from our hometown and could finally act like a couple in public. Other days, it felt like leaving was a betrayal of our parents. I was also worried about our baby. Everyone has heard the stories of deformed incest children, and the worry kept me up at night.

Finally, moving day arrived. We loaded up the trailer attached to our new SUV and, leaving the keys with the realtor, we drove off hand in hand.

It was a five hour drive to our new home, and we were determined to enjoy it. About an hour into the trip, Alexa’s hand (which had been bahis firmaları resting on my thigh) found its way onto the crotch of my jeans. I shot her a curious look, but she pretended to ignore me and gazed out the window. I decided that two could play that game and tried to ignore her hand. My cock had other ideas, though, and pretty soon it was fully hard. Alexa unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, exposing it to the open air. Then she started stroking it in earnest. She was still playing her little game, though, otherwise ignoring me.

Playing along with her, I said, “It’s getting a little late. Are you getting hungry?”

She replied, “Yes,” and with that leaned over and started giving me head. I almost lost control of the vehicle with that. Alexa sensed my surprise and I could feel her giggling as she sucked my cock. I started to pull off the road, but she stopped giving head long enough to say, “No, keep driving!”

Powerless to resist her, I continued driving down the interstate with my incredibly beautiful sister’s head in my lap, giving me a blowjob. The entire situation was so crazy that I came quickly. After I recovered, I noticed that our speed had slackened to 40 MPH. Seeing her self-satisfied smirk, I gave her a mock glare as I accelerated.

“Warn me next time so I can turn on the cruise control,” I complained.

“You liked it,” she countered in a playful voice and I had to nod. “To be honest, though,” she continued, “I am pretty hungry.”

“Me too,” I replied as I exited the interstate. “Let’s stop here and get some fast food.”

“Mmmm, sounds good to me.”

Now, looking at my sister, you might think she’s a fitness freak. At 5′ tall she weighs a petite 115 lbs. She has a flat stomach and a tiny ass, both of which she enjoyed showing off. She told me that she might as well show her stomach now before it started to swell. But despite her petite frame, Alexa loved junk food. She and I were both blessed with metabolisms that let us eat whatever we wanted without gaining weight.

We stopped at a McDonald’s and got out of the vehicle. As we walked to the entrance, my right hand gripped her left. I marveled at the feeling of openly holding her hand without anyone knowing we were twins. I also liked the feel of her new ring that she wore on her finger. A diamond engagement ring and a wedding band. I had a matching band on my left hand.

We walked into the restaurant and I saw every male’s eyes rivet on Alexa. It made me proud that my sister could attract such attention and that she chose to be with me. She was definitely dressed to attract, with the same pale blue spaghetti-strap top she wore when she first sucked my cock, a pink push-up bra that showed off her ample cleavage, and jean shorts cut off so high that quite a bit of her front pockets stuck out the bottom. She was oblivious to the looks she was getting while we ordered our food.

As we sat down, she noticed my grin and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“You,” I replied around a mouthful of burger. I swollowed and then continued, “Since we walked in here, every guy and some girls have had their eyes glued to you and you’re completely clueless.”

She glowered at me but I could see her love in the expression. “Seriously? Every guy?”

I nodded, “Every one.”

She gave me a big smile and said, “Let ’em look!”

We got back on kaçak iddaa the road, and pretty soon it was dark out. Alexa turned on her cabin light and started to read, but I could tell that she was horny from the way her fingers were absently caressing her tits and crotch.

“Horny, hun?” I asked her.

She jumped a little bit and then said, “To be honest, yes I am. Giving you a blowjob while driving was so hot, and being ogled in the restaurant like that was too.”

“Go ahead and take care of it, then,” I told her. “I don’t mind and in fact I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

She smiled and said, “Ok, then.” With that she pulled off her top, then reached around behind her and unhooked her bra, freeing her ample tits. Then she took one in each hand and started squeezing them and rubbing them. After doing that for a bit, she moved on to her nipples, pinching and tugging on them. She caught her lower lip between her teeth as she moaned low in her throat, then she slid her hands down her stomach and unbuttoned her shorts. She slid them off her smooth legs and dropped them onto the floor of the SUV, then she propped her feet on the dashboard and spread them wide apart.

The cabin light shone down on her like a spotlight as she started rubbing the outside of her pussy. Then she spread her lips with her left hand and started rubbing her clit with her right.

As she was doing that, we passed a semi truck. As we pulled ahead of it, the driver showed his appreciation of my sister by honking his horn. The sound startled her a little bit, but she got back into the rhythm quickly.

I was getting very hard as I split my attention between the road and watching my sister as she slid the ring and middle fingers of her right hand inside herself up to the third knuckle. Her left hand moved back to her tits as she finger fucked herself. We passed another three trucks before she came and each one gave us approval by honking their horn or flashing their lights.

After she came, my sister turned off the cabin light and curled up on the seat, still naked.

We finally arrived at our new apartment building. I pulled into our assigned parking spot and turned off the car. I grabbed a small suitcase, leaving everything else for the morning. Alexa got out of the car after putting on a jacket just long enough to cover her bare ass. I grabbed her hand and we ran to the building entrance and up the stairs. There was a need in our movements as we stopped in front of our door. In my rush I fumbled with the keys, and Alexa wasn’t helping by unzipping my shorts and playing with my hard cock.

I felt her hot breath on my ear as she whispered, “Hurry!”. The lock clicked and we piled inside then I pushed her up against the closing door and kissed her urgently. She responded to my kiss as she shrugged her shoulders and let the coat fall to the floor. My shirt and shorts soon joined it there as we groped and kissed each other. I kissed my way down her neck and to her tits. I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and alternated working it with my tongue and sucking it deep into my mouth. Alexa moaned and held my head to her tits. We moved from the combination kitchen/dining room into the living room, with my mouth latched to her left nipple, giving it the same treatment as her other one.

Alexa dropped onto her hands and knees and looked at me over her shoulder. Lust kaçak bahis clouded her expression and voice as she said, “Fuck me, brother dear!”

I got on my knees behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy, then slid it in hard. We both moaned as my pelvis came to rest against her ass. We paused there savoring the contact, then I grabbed her hips and started fucking in and out of her.

I picked up the pace as I said, “Lexi, your pussy is so tight and wet!”

All she said in reply was a moan as she rammed back into me, matching me thrust for thrust. I slapped her ass, then took my index finger, slick with pussy juice from playing with her clit, and pushed it into her asshole. She gasped at this unexpected penetration, and pushed back against me hard. This allowed me to push my finger into her two inches. I played with her clit with my other hand as I kept pistoning my cock in her pussy. With all the stimulation, Alexa couldn’t last long and she stiffened and cried out as she came. Her asshole gripped my finger tightly and her pussy clenched my cock, triggering my own orgasm. I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside her. After our orgasms subsided, we collapsed on the floor. Alexa snuggled up against me with my arm around her and we both immediately fell asleep.

I woke up alone and naked on the living room floor. As I sat up, I heard the shower turn off and then Alexa stepped out of the bathroom in a robe toweling off her hair.

Seeing me, she smiled, “Good morning, sleepyhead.” She bent down to kiss me. I kissed her back and slid a hand inside her robe and squeezed a tit. She laughed and playfully swatted at my hand, “We don’t have time for that right now. You have to get ready and drive me to the clinic for my doctor’s appointment, remember? And then we have to unpack and maybe go shopping for furniture.”

I sighed, but got up and walked to the bathroom, but not befoelre pinching Alexa on the ass. Her squeal of delight was music to my ears as I stepped into the shower. I thought about masturbating in the shower, but decided to save it for Alexa. I was looking forward to the appointment, but I was also dreading it since Alexa and I were twins. Despite her cheerful attitude, I knew she shared my concerns. I finished showering, quickly dried off and got dressed, then we headed down to the SUV and drove to the clinic.

As we walked in, Alexa held my hand in a death grip, betraying her nervousness to me. We checked in, then waited until the nurse called Alexa’s name. We suffered through the usual check-up drill, then waited anxiously for the doctor.

He finally arrived and said, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Sampson,” as he shook each of our hands. I didn’t catch his name as my mind was reeling from being called Mr. and Mrs. It was the first time I had ever heard it spoken aloud, and I found I liked the sound of it.

We were having an ultrasound done, and he set it up and pretty soon he was moving the wand around on Alexa’s stomach. I stood by her head and held her hand the entire time.

Finally he said, “Everything seems to be good. You’re in your second month, and they’re progressing normally.”

We smiled at each other, then one important word made its way into my consciousness. “They’re?” I stammered. “You said ‘they’?”

“Yes,” he replied. “You’re having twins.”

I felt my mouth hanging open as I turned to Alexa and saw that her expression mirrored mine. Slowly, we both got smiles on our faces.

“Twins…” I said to Alexa, squeezing her hand.

“Twins,” she said, squeezing mine back.

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