Alex and Penelope Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: This is an erotic novel in many chapters. If you enjoy this chapter, I highly suggest checking my profile and starting from the beginning. This is my first time submitting to, and I appreciate you taking the time to read what I so enjoyed writing. Thank you.


“So, in eighteen years, you really haven’t done any of this?”

It was Saturday, and while he’d planned on doing by more by now, he was trying to get her used to just this. He knew the night in the hot tub had been a lot for her to take; she’d as much as told him so. He’d also learned it was the first time she’d ever had an orgasm.

He’d loved this, and he wanted to drag it out a bit longer since it was still so new to her. It was exciting playing with her for this reason, making it feel new to him as well. Her beautiful face told him everything as it would twitch and scrunch and relax. Her plump little mouth would vary from open to closed to her lower lip planted firmly in her teeth as she whimpered. And those sounds . . .

Thursday, he’d set out a picnic for her and they drank champagne under a tree on a blanket. After finishing their sandwiches, they’d laid out and kissed in the shade while he teased her body. Friday he’d only ever brushed her the whole day just to watch her reactions; see the hunger. See how far he could tease before she began to beg. She hadn’t, but that could be taught, as well.

Aside from wearing the occasional shorts, there hadn’t been one day yet that she hadn’t been in a new bikini for him to take in, and today her top was a white tube with strings attached to a metal ring between her tits that wrapped around her neck. The bottoms matched, metal rings on each side.

“No,” she said, sitting across from him in the cave. Their feet played with each other in the water. Penelope was still in a state of disbelief. It was hard to think that there was anyone else on the planet. It felt like just this house, the land, the pool . . . and she was lost in it.

Yesterday there had been a few playful moments, but they’d mostly relaxed. Penelope had wondered when something would happen, but that night he’d lain on the couch with her as they watched a movie just holding her, and when she’d retired to her bedroom, she realized that even that had been nice. Sure she wanted to do everything, but she was happy just being in his arms. Happy with what had happened thus far, even if it never happened again.

Though that wasn’t entirely the truth. Still at night she feared Monday, when he’d return to work and have little time for her. She feared Claire’s return from Fiji. He hadn’t talked about her once, but when he’d shut her down the first time she asked, she knew he wasn’t happy with her. If he was, they wouldn’t be doing what they were doing. It was easy during the day to forget that Claire existed, but at night she had to swallow the guilt.

Because she knew she was falling in love with him.

“I’m sorry,” Alex said through a laugh. “It’s just too shocking to me! So, again, nothing.”

“Just up here,” Claire said, gesturing with her hands across her chest. She liked that above all else, their ease around each other hadn’t changed. Even when he wasn’t touching her, she still enjoyed his company immensely.

Alex swam across and hooked his thumbs into the metal rings at her hips, pulling her body against him. He still couldn’t get over how small she felt in his arms. She was so different than the women he’d been with over his life. While the sizes varied, one constant had always remained; they were usually curvy with fake tits. All the women in his world had bought upgrades, either themselves to be noticed by rich men, or by boyfriends or husbands. Most looked like playboy models—hell, at least a quarter of them had been in some adult industry.

Penelope’s body was soft and completely natural. But what really did it for her was she had no clue just how sexy she was. Her trepidation was entirely erotic; her eyes wide and wanting each time he’d brush her skin, each time like he’d never touched her before.

“And you?” he asked, yanking on the rings until her pelvis was against his, her legs sliding around his back. “What have you done to the boys?” he sang teasingly.

“Still nothing,” she sang, her eyes up in innocence. She sighed. “If you haven’t noticed, I don’t know what I’m doing. Every time I thought about it, I’d get so scared I thought I’d be sick.”

“Scared of a cock?”

His blunt, crass word shocked Penelope, and she blushed in turn. “No . . . I mean, maybe a little,” she stammered. That had been a part of it; she’d only ever seen pictures. Mostly she hadn’t known how to initiate, or what to do when it actually happened. “I’m not afraid of . . . it, really.” She found she couldn’t even say the word. “More afraid that I’d screw something up.”

Alex laughed. “Trust me. You couldn’t screw anything up,” he assured her. It was astounding avrupa yakası escort to him that she was so inexperienced, and while he wondered a little if he was taking advantage of it, he cared about her more than he could admit to himself now. While he wanted to train her; play with her in every way he could possibly imagine and mold her into his personal little sex goddess, he had to take things slow or what they’d built would be lost.

Leading her with those little hoops, he pulled her back until she straddled him in a seat. His grotto was perfect for exploration; its intended use. Reluctantly, he released his fingers from the rings, wishing all her bikinis had handles like this. He kissed her while unhooking her right arm from around his neck and held it against his chest. He needed a few moments to mentally prepare himself so he’d be hard against her hand. He hadn’t masturbated last night, so it wouldn’t take too much.

He thought about all the things he wanted to teach her to do; how he wanted to teach her to obey his every wish and command, as he knew she would. The idea of molding her into a hungry slut, available at his beck and call whenever he wanted, sent the blood into his cock. He’d had hungry sluts do whatever he ordered, but this was different. The other women had just been sluts. Penelope would be his slut.

Slowly, he brought her hand down until it rested on his erection over his swim trunks. She stopped the kiss and pulled back from his mouth, her little lips parted, eyes wide. Pressing her hand down firmly, he held it there, keeping his eyes in hers. “Just feel it,” he urged. When he was sure she would, he removed his hand and hooked his finger back through the ring at her hip.

Penelope felt it, all right, hard against her hand. It took her a second to move, but when she did, she felt its length and girth, finding it was bigger than she’d expected. How stupid, she thought. With nothing to compare it to, she’d never known what to expect. But it sure felt large. She didn’t know what to do; she didn’t even want to look at Alex while she did it, but had nowhere else to look. When she glanced down, she could see her hand on his trunks through the water. She thought maybe it would be easier if she could see what she was doing, but she had to deal with it. This was where they were.

Alex was enjoying her trepidation immensely, serving as a constant reminder that she was inexperienced. She met his eyes, clearly wondering what she should do, which was fine. Alex liked taking the lead.

“Slide your hand in,” he urged, wanting her to do it herself. Half the fun was making her do it. He was glad she wasn’t an initiator. It gave him complete control of her.

Penelope brought her hand up and dipped her fingers in the elastic. Her hand slid down his length, fingers feeling his shaft until she met the base. His penis was longer than her hand from middle finger to wrist, she knew that much. She continued down until she could cup his sack, and took it in her hand. She looked up at Alex for approval.

His eyes were hooded, his mouth turned in a small grin, so she must be doing something right. This gave her the encouragement she needed to feel around. She let her fingers wiggle, feeling the two distinct balls.

Alex was pleased. It wasn’t so much what she was doing, as it was that she was doing it. Her hand was awkward, but it was her hand. Her tiny fingers feeling their way around. He’d been aching for them all week.

Penelope brought her hand back up and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Without squeezing, her thumb didn’t even meet her middle finger, and his girth scared her. She’d fantasized about her first time with him, but now she had no clue how something this large would ever fit. With a squeeze though, she could make contact, and Alex breathed a low ah as she did this. So a squeeze was a good thing.

It was a little awkward doing this while sitting on his knees; no matter how she tried, she couldn’t seem to get a good angle. She rubbed up, then back down, as she felt she should do. After a few repetitions, her fingers met the base of his head. She wanted to feel it, and found it smooth and round.

Alex noticed how her brows furrowed as she looked down at the water. Her frustration was charming, but she was right. A hand job in the cool water wouldn’t cut it; it took far more stimulation and excitement for him to fuck in the grotto than just this. Not that he was going to fuck her; not today.

He reached down and pulled her hand from his trunks.

“I’m not doing it right,” she said in disappointment.

Perhaps this hadn’t been the best place to start. It would take a bit more to get her started again now that she felt she’d done something wrong.

He pulled her against him and kissed her passionately. “You’re doing it exactly right,” he assured her. “I just think this might be easier out of the bakırköy escort water.”

Penelope was relieved, but still felt inadequate. He lifted her with him as he stood in the shallow water, then carried her out into the sunlight.

When they climbed out of the pool, he took her hand so she’d follow him. This was far from over. He led her to the lounge chair, then sat down on it. As he lay back, he patted the side and she dutifully sat down. He pulled the top of his trunks down, releasing his hard cock, then looked at her.

Penelope’s eyes were wide as she stared at it, which made him smile. He’d received similar reactions and been complimented on his size. He knew he didn’t have the biggest cock on the planet, but it was bigger than average. When she finally looked up at him, he put his eyes on his dick with a gesture from his head that said, get to it.

Penelope trailed the tips of her fingers along its length, feeling the textures. The head was soft as silk to her touch. The shaft was still soft, but had veins that protruded, creating little speed bumps all the way down. She wrapped her fingers around the base and slid them up. Back down, then up again.

Alex watched her face as she studied her work, her lower lip firmly between her teeth. Her concentration was endearing. It felt good, but again it was more that she was doing it that made him excited. It was abundantly obvious that she’d been honest in saying she’d never done this before, but it still felt wonderful, as anything would. Eventually she’d be a rock star.

Penelope tried very hard to listen for signals; anything to clue her in. She’d rub, then squeeze, then move slow, then fast. But as hard as she concentrated, Alex gave her nothing. She was starting to feel discouraged.

While enjoying her hand, Alex watched her mouth, and he wanted in. Hands felt great, but mouths felt better, and knowing her mouth had never had a cock in it was thrilling. He could think of nothing else while her hand kept him hard. Nothing but teaching her how to suck him. He imagined splashing her face with his seed, and knew he could put it of no longer.

Alex abruptly sat up, surprising Penelope. She removed her hand and lowered her chin as she watched him reach over across to the other lounge chair. He pulled one of the cushions from it and flung it down on the patio between the chairs.

“Let’s make this a little easier,” he told her, then grabbed her hips. He helped her move down onto the cushion, then draped his legs over the side of the chair. “Get on your knees.”

Penelope’s heart was pounding in her chest as she brought her knees under herself, then realized that was the purpose of the cushion. She sat on her feet as she watched Alex stand and drop his trunks to the ground. He stepped out of them, naked before her, then stood directly in front of her.

Oh, the way she looked up at him. Her eyes, so wide in wonder. He couldn’t help but smile down at her, his cock a foot away from that mouth he craved. He gripped it, stroking it with his thumb, watching as her eyes darted up, then back down.

He took a small step forward and ran his fingers through her wet hair with his free hand. He smiled. “Open your mouth,” he said softly.

She froze, then slowly lowered her jaw, her eyes locked in his.

It was perfect. She was perfect, doing exactly as he asked. He guided his cock to her open lips and ran the tip across her lower one. She stayed perfectly still, maybe from shock or fear; he couldn’t say why. But he liked it.

Alex’s cock traced her lips as he guided it with his hand. It was surprising to Penelope that she was actually eager for this, however scared. She had no idea what to do, so it was good that he was doing it so far, so she stayed still and felt the smooth skin against her parted lips.

Her mouth was barely open as he fed the head of his cock into her mouth, as slowly as possible. The feel of her lips as they parted further, opening little by little, was better than he’d thought. Again, it was probably just because it was her. Once his cockhead had disappeared into her mouth, her lips instinctively closed around his shaft. As he saw her cheeks hollow with suction, he grinned. What a good little cocksucker.

While still rubbing his thumb mindlessly over his shaft, he relished in the warmth of her wet mouth, then felt her tongue move. It ran a circle over the top, which surprised him. He hadn’t expected her to do much this first time. Petting her head, he pulled out, watching her lick her lips once free.

Penelope looked at his penis, shiny across the tip. It hadn’t been unpleasant at all. It had actually been nice. There had been a slight salty taste, but it had been soft in her mouth, however large. She kept her eyes on it, watching as he stroked himself and taking mental note of what he was doing for later. Most of the word was done with his thumb, and it beşiktaş escort was rougher than she’d thought she could get away with. She figured she didn’t have to be gentle after all. She’d know that for next time.

When he guided it toward her mouth again, she opened for him freely before it ever made contact with her lips, feeling like she now knew what do to. Once it was inside, she closed her mouth and sucked, this time a little harder than before. She was too afraid to look up at him now, so she lightly closed her eyes and focused on what she thought she should do. It was awkward to say the least, but she moved her tongue around.

It was then that she noticed there were signals other than noises. When her tongue was still, his hand simply rested in her hair. As she’d circle it, he’d grip the roots between his fingers, which had to be a good thing. It sure felt good. She wanted to be grabbed and moved and pushed and pulled. Touched everywhere. She wanted to be what he wanted; to do what he asked, and do it well.

A few seconds later, she felt her mouth filling as his penis pushed further in. It tickled, not quite at the back of her throat, thank god, but close. Her hair was gripped as he pulled an inch out, then pushed back in, a little harder, a little deeper.

Alex was extremely careful with her, only because he knew that someday, in the near future, he wouldn’t be. He wanted to make this first experience pleasant so he could work with her later, and she’d be eager to please. This was just the beginning.

Barely moving an inch in and out, he let her suck as she explored with her tongue, even though it would never make him cum. It felt great, no doubt, but it would take a lot more than this to achieve a release. And fuck, he wanted to release. He was extremely hard, which was a major part of it, but mostly he wanted to cum with her. On her. In her.

After a while, he finally decided that they’d done enough for now, and pulled himself from her mouth.

She looked up at him expectantly, waiting for whatever was next. But he bent down and grabbed his trunks, stepping into them. Her brows furrowed as she watched him cover himself, then sit down. She knew enough to know that he should have cum.

“I’m not that good,” she said out loud, defeated.

Alex froze in surprise, then felt terrible. He hadn’t meant to make her feel bad. He’d been trying to be careful. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t all that great; she would be eventually. He bent down and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her up until he could lay back on the chair with her against him.

“You’re amazing,” he assured her, kissing her forehead. “It takes practice, and I guarantee you, we will practice.”


That evening after dinner, Alex decided to skip the hot tub and suggested they head in for a movie. He’d thought this through all afternoon now, and was sure of his decision. He’d still enjoy himself with her without any of this, but he couldn’t help but want to mold her into his plaything. And so far, she’d been absolutely willing. He knew she wanted everything, even though he didn’t think she could truly comprehend what everything meant yet.

So after mixing up two large drinks, he brought her into the living room. Penelope sat down on the couch and grabbed the blanket, still in her bikini, though it was dry, as was her hair now. She took a large gulp of her gin and tonic, thinking about how much of a drinker she’d become, watching as Alex opened a cabinet built into the wall. It was full of DVD’s, and he pulled one out and popped the case.

He put the disc into the player, then sat down with the remote on the far end of the couch. He took a large swig of his drink as he flipped the TV on, then started the disc.

Penelope’s eyes widened as she took in the menu. Girls speckled the screen with options as she watched the cursor highlight to chapters. When he settled on one, it was clicked, and as the image appeared on the screen, it was immediately paused.

She felt his hand rest on her knee and looked over at him.

“I thought this might be fun for a few minutes,” he said. He thought maybe it would give her a little courage, show her what to do. Judging by her expression, she was nervous, but open to it. He’d known she would be; she was putty in his hands.

He pushed play.

Penelope watched a bleached blond open her mouth, her eyes wide at the camera. A penis appeared just in front of her mouth as a man stepped into view. She stroked it roughly before taking it into her mouth, still working her hand on the shaft as she sucked and bobbed her head. The volume was loud, and her moans nearly shook the room. The man’s hands wove in her hair, gripping the roots while she worked him vigorously.

Alex glanced over at Penelope and was pleased to find he’d been right. She was studying it closely, her brows slightly furrowed in concentration. She was trying to learn. It was exactly what he’d wanted. He’d teach her a lot of things, but this was something he didn’t want to have to order. It was easier for her to learn by seeing it. After they’d finally had sex, she’d get used to him telling her what to do, but this was breaking her in gently.

“What do you think?” Alex asked.

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