Albert’s Family Ch. 02

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The day was still young, but the heat and humidity of summer had already taken hold, making things all but unbearable outside. Even so, a teenager was trudging back and forth across the front yard, pushing a battered old lawn mower.

Quite careful to keep herself inside the air conditioned safety of her suburban home, Penelope Watts was perched sideways on her living room couch so that she could gaze out at the youth sympathetically through the big picture window. Though she could not help but wince at the way the sweat was pouring off that young man, she still could not find it in herself to go rushing out there and try to lend him a helping hand.

After all, had she been able to cope with the furnace like conditions out there, that young man wouldn’t have been cutting her grass in the first place.

Not that any of this was in any way her fault. Oh, no, she’d long since concluded that her husband Albert was too blame for how that teenager was suffering now. As the man of the house, it was his responsibility to see that chores like lawn mowing got done, but apparently the steamy heat outdoors was too much for him as well.

With the grass growing taller and taller – so much so that she had begun to wonder if she would soon be needing a machete to get to the mailbox out by the curb – she had been forced to look elsewhere to see that the grass got cut.

It was obvious that her first choice should be Tom, her brother’s eldest.

Her nephew was a strong and handsome young man who had always been particularly attentive towards her, lavishing her with endless compliments and being quick to offer his services whenever she needed any kind of help whatsoever. When she’d called him up and begged him to mow both her front and her back yards, Tom had not hesitated for a moment to help her out, even brushing off her offer to pay him for his labor.

Here again though, Albert posed a problem.

Her husband was absolutely convinced that this eighteen year old boy was not being so nice to Penelope because he just happened to be a kind and generous person, but because he had a major crush on her and was hoping to find a way into her pants. Penelope had always laughed that notion off, pointing out that he was accusing their nephew of plotting to commit incest! Albert would not be dissuaded from his opinion however and she could just imagine how he would hit the roof if he ever found out she had called him over to do her this favor when he wasn’t there to scowl threateningly at the boy.

To avoid having to placate a jealous and irrational husband, she had been compelled to employ a little craftiness. First, she had been careful to instruct Tom on exactly when to come over, making him wait until after her husband had gone to work. Second, she had sent her young son off to spend a couple of days visiting with her parents since school was out for the summer. Joey had not yet learned the finer points of discretion and so she’d been convinced that he would never have been able to keep his mouth shut to his Daddy about who had come over that day. Third, when her husband came home to find his lawn cut and asked her who had done it, her plan was to simply tell him that she’d hired one of the neighbor kids when they came over asking to do it in exchange for some pocket money.

She hated the idea of lying to her husband like this, but it seemed the only way if she wanted that grass to actually get mowed.

Penelope had never been a very good liar and there was a time when she would never have been able to keep even a little white lie like this one from Albert, but she had recently gotten a very unexpected lesson herself in the value of discretion. After what happened during her mother-in-law Jasmine’s recent visit, she knew that nothing in her life would be quite the same again.

It was hard enough to believe that she’d cheated on the man she loved with all of her heart, but what made it all the more unbelievable was that she had betrayed him with his own mother!

Penelope’s thoughts were derailed then, her attention refocused, as Tom suddenly stopped the lawn mower and took a step back from it. Doing such hard work in such difficult circumstances was obviously taking it’s toll on him as he needed a moment to catch his breath.

The young housewife had been thinking of how best to reward her nephew for everything he was doing for her today if he wasn’t going to accept her money, figuring that there just had to be something special that he wanted. Seeing him using his hands to wipe away the sweat that was running down his face and stinging his eyes, she had to believe that what that young man wanted most in the whole world right now was probably an ice cold drink.

She had just started to rise from the couch to run and fetch him one when she was brought crashing back by what she saw her young benefactor do next.

Grabbing hold of a shirt already sodden with his sweat, Tom peeled it off so that he could use it to try to wipe his face dry. Soaked through bahis firmaları as it was, the shirt could not possibly have been of too much help really, but it apparently did a good enough job that he felt he could get back to work. Draping the shirt around the back of his neck where it would be convenient for the next time he needed to do that, he reached for the lawn mower once again.

Penelope just kept right on staring out that window like before, but now she was drooling just a bit.

The beautiful young housewife was not at all immune to the appeal of a little beefcake and was soon lost for several long minutes enjoying the sight of that firm young body bathed in sweat and packed with strong, rippling muscles. God, was he gorgeous! As sweet and kind as he was and armed with a body like that, she imagined that he must have to beat the love-struck girls off with a stick!

She was helpless to keep her eyes from dipping. This boy was seemingly so perfect in every other way that she had to wonder if he was the total package . . .

To her great annoyance, Tom was wearing an old and battered pair of jeans that were simply not tight enough to let her make even an educated guess at what he might be packing.

She felt more than a little depraved, sitting there admiring her nephew’s physique and fantasizing about the size of his manhood, but took some comfort in the knowledge that no one would ever know of it – not even her nephew himself. She decided to lay the blame on Albert for putting ridiculous thoughts of incest into her head, and on Jasmine for showing her that the impossible is sometimes possible.

Besides, what was the harm, really?

Even though she knew full well that she was all alone in that house, Penelope still felt the need to cast a quick and cautious glance around the room to make absolutely sure she was unobserved before once more devoting her full attention to the boy outside.

Though it had been her intention to merely sit there and enjoy the view, it was not long at all though before her gaze of admiration would ignite a hot little fantasy.

In her mind, Tom just happened to glance over at the house as he reached the end of his latest pass across the yard, discovering her gazing out at him so raptly. She could just imagine how she would start guiltily from getting caught like that, but her fantasy nephew would easily disarm her with an easy, playful smile. As he would surely keep his eyes on her, she fantasized that they would share a silent conversation that would be heard loud and clear nonetheless, making Penelope duck her head as her cheeks flushed hotly. Finishing his work on the yard would be immediately forgotten at that point and her nephew would stride determinedly up to the house.

Back in the real world, without any conscious direction from her, one of Penelope’s hands rose now to gently caress the full swell of her bosom, teasing the already firm peaks until they rose to full attention.

Meanwhile, the imaginary Tom had come barging into the house, in such a rush to get to his aunt that he’d left the mower running out in the yard and her front door standing wide open. She would have known why he was coming of course and yet she pictured herself not stirring from the couch, not thinking for a moment of the husband and the marriage she was betraying. It could not possibly take Tom but a moment to reach her there in the living room and she could just imagine him standing over her in all his shirtless, sweaty, grimy muscle-bound glory. She knew full well what kind of person she was, that she was just not the type who would take the initiative in something like this, and so there was no question in her mind that she would have just gazed up at her handsome nephew submissively, waiting for him.

The real Penelope was breathing much harder by now and her cunt was waking up, urgently demanding some of her attention. Without thinking about it, she shifted to a more comfortable position on that couch, one that just happened to leave her legs spread wide open. The hand that wasn’t already busy playing her breasts somehow found it’s way down there and, when it found that there was a skirt in the way, Penelope absently gave it permission to pull it up and out of the way.

In her continuing fantasy, there would be no words spoken between her and her nephew, but then none were needed. She imagined that he would reach down to grab hold of her by the upper arms, griping her so tightly that he left bruises even as he effortlessly lifted her up and onto her feet.

With her pussy sending the kind of signals that just could not be ignored, the real Penelope did not need to tell her probing hand what to do and it slipped easily under the waistband of her panties.

The fantasy Tom would pull her in close, she was sure, crushing her body against his. She would sigh as she looked up into his eyes, her full lips parting invitingly. Leaning in, her nephew would take her up on that invitation without hesitation, his kaçak iddaa lips descending on her’s.

Down below, a very real finger suddenly slid all the way into Penelope’s churning, boiling cunt.

With a loud gasp of shock, the beautiful young housewife all but levitated off that couch as the sudden intrusion suddenly jerked her back into reality.

Deeply and profoundly startled by where her imagination had just taken her, she hurried to stop touching herself, fixing her clothes hastily. Her eyes darted all over the room in the meantime, once more making absolutely sure that no one had been there to see how she had almost masturbated over her own nephew. She saw that she was still all alone in the house, but wasn’t reassured until she saw that Tom apparently hadn’t noticed anything either and was still plodding back and forth across the yard.

Though she resisted the idea, clenching her hands into white-knuckled fists at her side, Penelope felt the need to slap herself, to whack those crazy and incestuous thoughts right out of her head.

Oh, that Albert was going to pay for making her think weird things like that, she vowed to herself fiercely.

She risked another glance out the window and noticed worriedly that Tom had stopped working and she could no longer hear the chugging of the lawn mower’s engine. As she watched, the knot in her stomach growing tighter and tighter, he even started walking up towards the house! For a heart-stopping instant, she thought he somehow knew that she had been dreaming about him and was coming inside to confront her about it.

Penelope only started breathing again when she saw that he was only coming to get the big trash bag that he’d left on her porch, realizing that all he was doing was emptying out the mower’s grass catcher.

Heaving a huge sigh of relief, the housewife sagged back to the couch, her legs suddenly too unsteady to support her.

The nervousness was quick to return though when she realized that Tom was emptying out the grass catcher not merely because it was full, but because he had finished the front yard. That still left the back yard to do of course and she might have been able to force herself to relax again had he only gone around there and gotten started immediately, but that was not what happened. To her horror he just set the bagful of grass clippings by the curb and started making his way up towards the house.

A pathetic whimper slipped past Penelope’s lips.

The last thing she wanted to do right then was face her nephew, sure as she was that her guilty secret must be written all over her face, but there just was no avoiding it.

Frantically, she worked to compose herself – once again making sure that all of her clothes were where they were supposed to be and putting an expression on her face that she hoped would look innocent – or at the very least neutral.

Despite all of her efforts to project an air of normalcy though, she could not help but let out a little squeak of alarm when she heard her front door swing open to admit the teen.

Coming into the living room, Tom walked over to the couch, somehow managing to have a smile on his face despite the hell he had just endured, and wondered why his aunt was giving him that wide-eyed, nervous look.

“Halfway done,” he reported, unable to keep the weariness out of his voice. “I just wanted to come in for a moment and get something to drink, if you don’t mind.”

As she gazed up almost wonderingly at the undeniably handsome young man who was standing in the middle of her living room, his very masculine and half naked body gleaming with sweat, Penelope did not answer him at first. As a matter of fact, it seemed at first as if she hadn’t even heard what he’d said, but really it just took a couple of moments for the words to sink through the layers of worry and alarm.

It took her so much time to remember how to talk though that Tom felt the need to look her over quickly to make sure she was all right. He found himself faced with a woman whose cheeks were flushed rosily, whose eyes were wide, whose mouth was hanging open, and who seemed a little breathless.

He thought he could guess what all of that meant – he had seen it on innumerable female faces before, after all – but wanted more evidence before jumping to any conclusions. He let his eyes dip and, sure enough, found exactly what he thought he’d find. At the peak of each of her firm breasts was an obvious bump that could only be an erect nipple.

Though he schooled his features so that they did not show it, on the inside Tom was exultant.

His babe of an aunt was hot for him! Yes! If he played his cards right, this could get very, very interesting.

In the meantime, Penelope had finally found at least some of her voice. “A drink?” she croaked, pausing to clear her throat in the hopes of being able to find the rest of her voice. “Um, you want a drink? Sure, eh, help yourself.”

With an easy smile and an agreeable nod, the teenager kaçak bahis turned away and made his way to the kitchen.

As his back was now to her and he knew that she would not be able to see it, he allowed a devious grin to put in an appearance on his face. He would have to play this very carefully, he knew, as his uncle was always infuriatingly underfoot, but he was absolutely certain that he would eventually be sharing a bed with his aunt Penelope.

Penelope let out a long sigh as she watched her nephew leave the room.

She had been so on edge the whole time Tom had been standing there! Yes, her husband was going to have so much to answer for after making her think of her poor, innocent nephew like this. If that boy knew that she had been dreaming of a romantic encounter between them only a few moments before, she was sure that he would never have anything more to do with his perverted aunt.

Leaning to one side and bracing herself against the arm of the couch, she peeked into the kitchen to watch as he filled a glass with ice and then some water from the tap.

Again, carefully hiding his smile as he caught his aunt peeping at him out the corner of his eye, Tom made a point of doing a little flexing to show off that well developed body and rolled the glass slowly across his forehead. He knew full well that this woman could be somewhat naive and just hoped that she would think this was all perfectly innocent, that he was just trying to cool off after putting in some hard work on her behalf.

Penelope licked her lips as she spied on her brother’s son, wondering what she was going to have to do to stop thinking of him like she was.

It was not simply that she was afraid that he would somehow figure out that she had just been about to pleasure herself while fantasizing about him, either. As she looked the handsome young man over carefully now, she was realizing that the desire that had overcome her during her mother-in-law’s visit was starting to surge again. Oh, she tried as hard as she could to banish these incestuous desires, make no mistake, but it was all in vain.

God, he was so gorgeous, so incredibly sweet! What woman could possibly resist such a wonderful young man?

She retreated quickly, cutting off her view of her nephew.

She desperately needed to stop thinking like this or she was putting herself at risk of committing another huge indiscretion like she had with Jasmine.

This one would be different though as it would not be merely with someone she was only related to through marriage, it would be someone she was related to by blood! What would happen if she was to lose control and make some kind of move on poor Tom? Only one thing was sure, it would not be pretty.

Penelope simply could not imagine that her nephew would much appreciate being the subject of such perverse and incestuous passions. Would he keep it to himself, or would he let his parents know what a depraved person she really was? How could she live if her whole family shied away from her, thought her some kind of sick weirdo? Would her husband leave her? Would she ever be able to see her son again? Would the authorities be called in?

She jumped in alarm when her nephew returned to the living room then, that ever present smile still on his face. “Thanks for the drink, aunt Penelope” he told her, pausing briefly. “I’d better get back to work now before it gets any worse out there.” He proceeded on his way without waiting for her answer, going back out into the steamy heat of the front yard to grab the lawn mower and wheel it around to the back yard.

She sagged weakly as soon as he was gone, whimpering to herself as she trembled. There had to be something she could do to get these awful thoughts out of her head before she did something she would regret, but what? It was as if the more she tried not to think about it, the more it was the only thing she could think about.

She needed a distraction.

Pushing herself back to her feet, she took a few deep and calming breaths and then headed off for the kitchen. If she remembered right, what with getting everything ready for her nephew when he came over this morning, she had not yet taken care of the dishes from breakfast. Right now, that mundane little chore sounded like just what she needed to get her to refocus her attention on something, anything other than Tom.

Stepping up to the sink, she was to discover that there was a flaw in her plan.

The kitchen was built onto the side of her home and so she could clearly hear the throb of the mower’s engine from here, never letting her forget who was right outside. Even worse though was the fact that there was an inconvenient window to one side and she knew full well that all she had to do now was turn her head and she would be able to spend a little more time watching him!

She found herself wondering if that wicked part of her, the one that had put her into bed with her own mother-in-law, had brought her in here as part of some sort of plan to get her into trouble with that boy.

She turned away quickly, retreating from the kitchen. Perhaps some TV would be just what she needed to distract her from these forbidden, carnal thoughts . . .

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