Aidan’s Punishment

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This story contains graphical depictions of non-consensual sexual acts including spanking, rape, anal sex, toying, teasing, and detailed acts of
sexually induced pain.

Additionally, the plot revolves around 2 male characters.

If this isn’t your interest, please read no further.

Update: 2/9/2017 –> Altered Ending. General grammatical fixes.

This wasn’t right…

Aidan, like any other middle school boy, had a peculiar sense of when something was…

He felt it moments before the car crash as a child, seconds prior to the fire his brother
set on the family stove, and minutes before walking in the dentist to find his first
cavity needed pulling.

At the Twin Fountain country club, he felt it again.

It was the last thing Aidan felt before finding himself alone, pinned face-first
against a wall in a locked private bathroom, feebly grasping his bleeding nose.

The boy holding him from behind his back wasn’t particularly strong, or even much older…
Aidan was just much too scrawny and weak to put up much of a fight.

“Wha- What the fuck is wrong with you!” he stammered.

Moments later, recognition
dawned across Aidan’s mind as he realized he’d seen that face before at this school.
“It’s you…”

“Shut up boy. Think you own everyone..Fuck you! I’m tired of always seeing how you
and your friends think your un-fucking-touchable. Like you own the world,” the stranger

The enraged attitude and blatant words stunned Aidan. He always seemed like such a nice kid…

The stranger, immune to Aidan’s thoughts, pressed the dark-haired, pale-skinned kid face-first into the tile wall even harder. “Right now, its my turn. At
this moment, this room is my kingdom. I own this world and all the people in it!” he ranted seamlessly.

“Now let’s get someth- ARGHH,” he began but grunted in surprise as Aidan elbowed his stomach.

“I don’t know what the FUC–” Aidan attempted to yell back, now only to find his scream turned to muffles as a wash
towel was shoved firmly in his mouth, followed by a wave of new energy put into the pin holding him.

Frustrated, Aidan glanced behind him, looking at his situation. It was, indeed, the family
bathroom in the back of the country club, fit with anything a family might need to wash up..
including the damned towel in his mouth.

“I can’t bear to hear your voice…not yet…not until you understand what it feels like to be
owned by someone,” responded the boy as he continued to easily snuff Aidan into the wall.

“You recognize my face don’t you. Hmph. You never bothered to learn my name. Its Joey,” the kid continued.

To the boy’s delight, Aidan let out an involuntary whimper. He was scared, no, terrified. He heard rumors
that this Joey character was –

Before he could think any further, the boy pulled down Aidan’s gym-shorts, letting them
drop to his ankles. He let his left palm press up against Aidan’s tiny
butt, making the helpless & feminine-like middleschooler blush and struggle uncontrollably.

The captive bit his jaw together as his butt was gripped harder. “Your going to pay like the
spoiled little boy I know you are,” said the student as he clawed down Aidan’s underwear.

While the black apparel fell in a heap with the shorts on the floor, Joey took his time, relishing his prisoner’s burning cheeks of embarrassment.
His exposed bottom, the tip of Aidan’s boyish member forced against the wall, and his face pressed cheek-first in front of him. It was perfect.

“Please…I’m sorry” Aidan muffled, his arms outstretched along the hard wall, hands
open-palm above his head. Unable to say anything more through the towel, the boy bit down harder on the cloth.

Completley ignoring bahis firmaları him, the enraged student used his body to continue forcing his prey against the wall’s surface
while he allowed his hands to freely roam the now naked ass before him. He gripped the outside
of it, adoring the boys plush skin. He then slowly pushed his opposite palm over the small of Aidan’s back, hence forcing Aidan’s groin harder into the cold stone
tiles in front of him.

“You know, I always thought of myself as a neat kid, but I can’t help but wondering if I should start using clippers
instead of scissors to cut my nails…” Joey mused carelessly aloud.

“He’s fucking lost his mind…He’s probably insane, going on about his damn fingers, feeling my butt” Aidan thought fearfully to himself. “If he’s this crazy, it should
be over soon. I’ll tell the cops, get this boy put in an insane asylum and -”

Wanting to ensue as much intensity as he could,
the other boy forcefully inserted his index finger into Aidan’s puckered pink hole.

His finger immediately felt the warm, soft skin left un-touched within the virgin’s ass.

The penetrated child let out a girly sounding moan, cutting it short as soon as he could regain

“What was that for?! Punch me, kick me, beat me..What the hell is this freak doing?!” he screamed in his head.

He couldn’t let himself be humiliated…not to that extent…but moments later
submitted to letting himself cry out in pain as Joey ripped out his finger, only to
fully push it back in.

“AHHHHHH!!?!” the teen muffled through his gagged mouth in struggled surprise as he was mercilessly
fingered. The pain only increased as Aidan continued to involuntarily clench his butt
against the intrusion, only making it hurt more and more with each penetration.

As the fingering continued, Aidan became less
resistant, realizing how futile it was. Tears began streaming down his paled cheeks. “It wasn’t right. I’m a boy, but he’s treating me like a girl.
My butt’s being fingered like a girls should be…I have to get help, make him stop, I have to..
to what..What can I do?” he argued to himself.

Aidan was half aware of the enraged boy yelling something when he realized just how sensitive his butt really was…One finger caused so much pain!!

“This is just the start. It’ll get much worse
before it gets better. Use this time to think about your place in my world, and what
its taught you,” the stronger boy stated as he pushed now two fingers inside Aidan.

Aidan nearly choked on the towel lodged in his mouth as he let out a freshly pained moan of agony…

His knees began to shake more than they did in the middle of a winter day… He couldn’t stop it. His hole was being stretched like nothing…

Joey continued the penetration with 2 fingers as he relishingly noticed Aidan’s skinny legs
wobbling back and forth.

“pl – sdfjk – eas – e – sf – sto – stop ” Aidan incoherently begged through his groaning.

The kid was helpless. He couldn’t fight the strength of his captor. As his energy continued to run out, his hips began
to sway more and more with each stroke of his captor’s fingers.

To his further embarrassment, his penis even began rubbing along the rough tile surface he was pinned upon.

Thus, the wall became a relentless grinding board, making each movement more and more painful
in an indescribably sexual way. Moments later, Aidan’s pained dick began to harden.

“I cant..I cant..” he stammered.

Glancing frantically to his side, Aidan glimpsed at his own bottom… His cheeks flushed a brighter shade of red. Seeing Joey’s fingers still ravaging him was more humiliating than being
spanked by his school teacher…But he was even more desperate to hide his ensuing erection.

‘Too – Late’ he realized, as he noticed Joey’s eyes glimpse at his cock.

“Stop fucking looking at it!” the prisoner muffled barely clear enough through the cloth to be understood.

Joey laughed. “What? Your afraid of me seeing your little friend?” he chided.

Not wanting to say another word, the middle schooler pressed his head face-first into the wall with a disheartened groan, continuing to moan through the punishment. kaçak iddaa

Drawing out his finger, Joey paused for a moment. An immediate shrug of relief washed over Aidan’s body as he finally relaxed his butt, panting tiredly.

Meanwhile, Joey noticed the knocked over plastic drink cup Aidan had dropped minutes ago. The droplets of condensation still grasping to the outside of the beverage
signified the cold temperature it seemed to be maintaining.

He grasped the cup in his free hand and trailed the ice-cold surface across Aidan’s unsuspecting back.

He squealed in surprise, curling his skinny body in a feeble attempt to escape the cold. As the cup reached Aidan’s butt,
a sleek trail of condensed liquid was left snaking down the sorry prisoner’s back.

Despite his ample whimpers at the freezing coat of water along his body, the stronger student continued moving the ice cold cup further downwards, until it resided between the teen’s butt cheeks.
With a firm shove, the object eventually came in contact with Aidan’s terrified anus.

Aidan suddenly screamed through his gag at the sensitive area being exposed to such a temperature, getting another
sly smile from the other student.

Deciding this wasn’t fun enough, Joey removed the drink from his body, and then selected a piece of ice
from the cup. Shinning an evil grin, he applied more pressure to Aidan’s back with his other palm to ensure he couldn’t budge, and pushed the piece
of ice against Aidan’s butt, watching as the dominated anus pinched itself close to prevent the intrusion. However, with a little more pressure applied, Aidan’s ring sucked in the freezing object.

“SDFKLK SDKS KSDL” Aidan burst out muffling nonsense as he realized what had happened. An icey dagger of pain shot through
his insides, screaming at both the freezing cold and the rough shape of the ice. On instinct, Aidan began to try
and press it out.

“Oh no you don’t…This stays in until it melts.” the student replied happily as he used two fingers
to hold the quivering hole closed.

Aidan’s hands gripped at the wall in front of him, letting his nails bite into the tile. There was nothing he could do
but try and endure the punishment. He simply stood there, pinned against the wall, his butt feeling as though it was going
to explode from the icey pain.

Afte merely 10 seconds, the older boy toy-fully removed his fingers for a moment. Aidan, seeing this as an opportunity, began to try and expel
the ice cube – but found it shooting deeper inside his rectum as the older boy spanked Aidan open palmed right over his butthole.

“SMACK – SMACK – SMACK,” sounded out at the blow rained down, each spank pushing the ice deeper.

“I told you its staying in!” Joey retorted.

Glancing back down, the student resumed pinching Aidan’s butthole closed, while beginning to grope and feel the boy’s groin as it was
pressed against the wall in front of him.

Within minutes, the ice melted noticeably within Aidan, spilling out water from his bottom and dripping to the floor, mimicking the tears still slipping from
Aidan’s pained eyes.

Carefully, Joey stopped pinning him to the wall, causing the kid to slope and collapse to the ground.
Letting Aidan lay there, towel still ground into his mouth, the stronger kid went to the wall and unfolded the mounted diaper
changing station usually used for babies. With a audible ‘click’, the platform dropped in place, making a 3 foot suspended floor above the ground.
Going back, he roughly cradled the naked and trembling middle-schooler into his arms, and carried him
to the changing platform.

When Joey glanced down, he almost thought the boy in his arms gave off an innocent and adorable aura. Shaking himself, he looked down at the lust-filled eyes staring back at him.

Aidan, continuing to shake, sweat, cry, and whimper nearly looked the part of a baby anyway the student realized. “That’s all. He was still a fucking brat,” he thought to himself.

Setting Aidan down on his butt upon the changing platform, Joey strapped the black velcro belt usually used to secure infants tightly over Aidan’s belly button, and allowed his legs
to dangle down from the suspended platform as it was barely big enough kaçak bahis to hold the upper half of the captive’s body.

Then, he gripped both of the boy’s tiny ankles in his hands and lifted them up near his own chest so Aidan was in a diaper position. He looked down
at the reddened hole before him, and slipped off his own pants and underwear.

Glancing up, Aidan nervously recognized what was about to happen.

Aidan tested his restraints, but the pressure of the hands on his ankles and the belt was too much
to overcome even if he wanted too. Panicking for a movement, he frantically moved his limbs in an erotic fashion.

The way he was strapped in laying on his back made him look straight up at his captor..Aidan couldn’t bare it!

Giving no notice to the emotional struggles of the student, Joey laid his long-since erect dick near the abused butt under him.

Continuing to raise Aidan’s ankles above him, the boy’s hole further exposed itself as his ass forcefully spread apart more.

The crys turned to squeals, and then to helpless pleas and muffled apologies barely audible through the towel in his mouth.

Not able to wait any longer, Joey forced himself into Aidan.

The boy shrieked like a fitting toddler. His asshole, so constricted and tiny, felt as if it was tearing apart!
As the stronger student pushed himself fully inside Aidan, the resulting moans only grew louder and more panicked as the painful sensation grew in intensity.

Aidan couldn’t even fathom how this dick was fitting inside of himself…But he could feel his insides screaming at him for letting it happen!

When Joey began to move himself out, and the slowly back in, the tiny entrance before
him gripped at his every movement.

Aidan’s butt kept trying to slow and prevent the dick from penetrating him, but each push of his was met with such a powerful and punishing response from that
of Joey’s! There was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Stop clinching me so much…!” the boy shouted, fighting the struggled movement of Aidan’s hole.

With each thrust of the student’s hips, Aidan responded by crying out and splaying his ankles wider apart, continuing his useless but unstoppable battle against him.

However, this only inadvertently allowed the angry man’s
dick to go deeper within him. As his wrists then re-gained control of Aidan’s squabbling ankles, he used them to leverage himself more and more inside the boy.

Begging for forgiveness and mercy as his rectum was stretched relentlessly, Aidan’s own dick became fully erect before Joey’s eyes…The
embarrassment of what was happening was too much for Aidan to contain. Moments later, the tears he finally held back from earlier burst our in streams again.

Leaning forward, the student forced Aidan’s legs to press closer to his own chest, enjoying the humiliation of forcing Aidan into a tightly knit ball that could only
draw into him as they both neared a climax.

Using his teeth, the boy ripped the towel from Aidan’s mouth and assertively dove his tongue inside it, effectively keeping him from crying out
while further ravaging the child before him.

Meanwhile, the sweat, blood, and precum inside Aidan’s ass had began to provide some sort of a lubricant, but to Aidan, all this seemed to do was allow Joey to insert himself faster
and faster inside of him with the same humiliating pain!

Finally, moment later, Aidan’ began to fill the vibrations from his bully’s fucking to tease and please his own dick…’If this goes on much longer…No..I’m gonna-‘

Staring into the frightened and punished boy’s eyes, Joey began to orgasm like a raging volcano, cumming inside Aidan as the victim’s own white stream erupted out from his bouncing penis,
icing his tummy in a lava-like coat of warm liquids.

Aidan let out a moan of submissive pleasure, closing his eyes as the diminishing intensity and adrenaline left him unwillingly to see the mess and humiliation that lay before him.

Finally, after hearing the sink water rushing and being cut off (Probably Joey cleaning his hands) Aidan cracked open his eyes.

A new wave of cherry flushed to his face as he glimpsed the dominant boy watching him intently as he unpacked a skirt, pair of panties, and other feminine accessories from his bag.
Joey had already gotten dressed. He was the only one not wearing clothes…

-The End-

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