Ah, Oops! Pt. 02 – The journey continues.

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The rest of that day passed in a blur for Mark. The girls had gone out for the day, Janice was at work and Mark was left to ponder the events of the last few days.

Days which had seen him change from a sad, unappreciated and unloved husband, deprived of intimacy and considering an affair…to a proud and horny man, who had just spent several days exposing himself to his teen stepdaughter, pushing boundaries at every turn and culminating in the best blowjob, and probably the most erotic experience of his life. …….so far!

What Mark knew for sure was that he wanted more, and based on the look on Jenny’s face that morning, he knew he could take more whenever he wanted. Surprise, surprise, the thought made him horny again and he slipped his cock out and started to play with himself.

He worked from home, and knew he was alone so could relax without any fear. Having said that, over the last few days he had rather lost any fear of exposing himself- actually, quite the reverse as he had ‘accidentally’ exposed himself to his stepdaughter several times, leading to that morning’s fun.

Just then his laptop computer started to beep, and he realised he had an incoming video call. It was from the home office, and was from Mia, the new young intern about whom Mark had been fantasising just before he was ‘caught’ by Jenny.

Without thinking, Mark leant forward and clicked to accept the call. Mia’s pretty face filled the screen and she smiled happily at Mark.

“Hi Boss!” she said, “How’s it going?”

“Pretty well, Mia!” replied Mark with a grin, “How about you?”

There followed the usual office pleasantries before Mia got down to the business of the call, and as she did so, Mark realised that he was still sitting there with his big hard cock sticking out the front of his trousers.

Panicking, Mark looked at the minimised picture of himself on the videocall screen- to his relief, only his head and shoulders were visible.

Looking at the young black intern, with her gorgeous skin, brown eyes and perfect teeth, Mark once again began to stroke himself below the camera line.

He was having great fun, until suddenly Mia’s latest question sunk in.

“Mark, are you ok? You look rather flushed!” She asked, a look of concern on her face.

Flustered, Mark looked down at his hand, filled with hard cock, and back up to the screen.

“Oh, I’m fine,” he replied, “It’s just a little warm in my home study today!” Mark thought he had dodged a bullet there, until a knowing look started to appear on Mia’s face.

She smiled, and leant towards the screen, as if trying to peek out and down towards his lap. Mark knew it was impossible, but he felt as if Mia could see everything, and instead of killing his passion, he realised it was actually making him harder.

“I think I know why you are looking so hot casino şirketleri and bothered Mark,” said Mia, “and I’m really rather flattered! Don’t stop on my account,” as she smiled into the camera.

Mark had no intention of stopping, as instead he leant back into his chair, and began to pump his hard cock.

Mia couldn’t see a thing, but she knew what was going on.

“Fuck!” She cried, “I’m in a public office here, or I’d be able to have a much better look, and perhaps return the compliment!”. She licked her lips, and a look of lust showed in her eyes.

“I’ve no idea what you mean?” said Mark smiling, as he jacked off below her line of sight.

“The hell you don’t!” cried Mia, staring at the screen. Suddenly she looked up at something out of sight.

“Damn, I’ve got to go! I’ll call you back tomorrow, same time, but I’ll be working from home instead of the office” she said, winking as she broke the connection.

The thoughts going through Marks mind about the potential for next day quickly tipped him over the edge, and he started to cum hard, with spunk jetting in great spurts from his cock. The second load of the day, and almost as big as the first, with the possibility of more to come.

Marks life was definitely on the up!

Some hours later, mark heard the front door open, and the sound of footsteps on the wooden floor of the hallway.

He stood up from his workstation and stepped into the hall where he met Jenny, laden with shopping bags and heading towards her room.

“Hi” said Mark. “Just you? Where’s Millie this evening?”

“Hi Mark,” said Jenny, “she’s popped over to Hannah’s for the evening, I think she’s planning on having supper there and coming home later”

Hannah was Millie’s best friend, and lived a short walk down the street. The girls had grown up together and were forever in each other’s houses, staying for meals, sleepovers and generally being inseparable teenage girls.

“Ah well,” said Mark, “ looks like it’s just us this evening. Your Mum has been asked to stay late and doesn’t know when she’ll be back. She said she’d call when she was leaving the office”

“You look like you’ve had a long day Jenny,” he said, “Why don’t you take a nice long bath in my en suite, instead of a shower this evening? Enjoy a nice long………….soak.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely!” She said, “Give me 2 mins?”

Mark walked through to his bathroom to run a bath and a moment or two later he heard first his bedroom door and then the bathroom door open. Looking up, he saw Jenny come into the room, wearing a red, silk bathrobe and a wide grin!

Mark put the toilet seat cover down, and sat down, never taking his eyes off the gorgeous creature before him.

She undid the tie, opened the robe and slipped it off her body, revealing her petite frame, pert ass and magnificent casino firmaları tits.

Stepping into the bath, she sat down, turned to Mark and asked, “Joining me?”

“Not tonight baby girl, but I might just help soap you down”

“Ooh,” she giggled, and lay back in the water.

Turning her head, Jenny watched closely as Mark stood, pulled his t-shirt over his head and slipped off his shorts to once again reveal his huge, swinging dick.

He knelt down beside the bath, picked up the sponge and started working up a lather, which then started to spread over his teenage, stepdaughter’s firm young body. She gasped as he brushed the sponge over her breasts, her nipples standing out as he ran the warm soapy water and soft sponge across them.

Mark bathed her for several minutes, as much for his own pleasure as for hers. Eventually, he leaned back, away from the bath side and stood up.

“Why don’t you step out the bath and I’ll dry you off?” he asked Jenny.

She sighed, not wanting the luxurious bath to end, but stood up anyway and stepped out of the bath.

Mark took a fluffy bath towel off the rail and started to dry her off. He was meticulous and covered every inch of her delightful young body. For some reason, her breasts seemed particularly wet and needed extra rubbing with the warm towel.

When Jenny was fully dry, Mark suggested she step through into the bedroom and get herself comfortable and he would join her in a moment or two.

Off she went and Mark took a moment to drain the bath, fold the towel and look at himself in the mirror.

Smiling, he gave himself a nod and a wink, then went through to the bedroom.

Jenny had indeed made herself comfortable, as she was kneeling on the bedroom floor with a pillow under her knees to cushion her. She clearly expected a repeat of yesterday’s performance where Mark had taught her how to suck his enormous dick and pleasure him. But Mark had other plans, because tonight was a Jenny’s turn.

Taking her hand, he helped her upright, guided her to the bed and laid her back on the bed.

He then knelt over her and, beginning at her neck and shoulders began to stroke and kiss his way slowly down her body, shifting position as needed to progress the treatment.

Jenny was in heaven as he licked, kissed and stroked his way down her body, once again paying special attention to her magnificent teenage tits.

By now, Jenny was moaning and writhing on the bed beneath Mark, as his touch took her to places and sensations she had never experienced before.

He continued his journey down, over her midriff and her tummy, before shifting his position to place himself at the foot of the bed, leaning forward over her legs and trailing his tongue down her belly towards her most intimate area.

With his hand, he gently pushed her legs güvenilir casino apart and continued his relentless journey.by now, Jenny was lifting herself up to his mouth, trying to get his mouth onto her hot young pussy. Eventually, Mark had finished the journey and Jenny raised her head just enough to watch Mark eat her pussy.

He slipped his tongue out between his lips and lowered his head. But instead of her pussy, at the last minute he turned his head and ran his tongue down the inside of her thigh. Jenny gasped with frustration, and once again as Mark did the same on her other thigh. Gently, Mark swirled circles with his tongue on her thighs, edging closer each time and teasing Jenny to a peak until eventually he allowed his tongue to slowly run down her pussy lips.

Jenny gasped and writhed beneath him as he started to work on her wet cunt.

Running his tongue up and down, finding her sweet spot and nuzzling it, nibbling and licking and continually pushing Jenny higher and higher. Each time as Jenny neared her climax, he moved his head aside, returning to her inner thighs and starting the process again.

After the fourth time, Jenny was begging him to let her come, and reaching down to push his head against her.

This time, he relented and allowed his tongue to continue its exploration of this sweet young thing, bringing her to an overwhelming orgasm as she screamed with ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

Every nerve in her body was tingling, and her entire being was focussed on her pussy as Mark continued to eat her out, slipping first one, and then two fingers into her cunt he began to finger fuck her, while still nibbling her clit.

More orgasms and moans, as Mark made her surf the wave of pleasure coursing through her petite frame.

After a few minutes, Mark eased off and allowed her to begin to come down from her sexual high gradually. Soon Mark withdrew his fingers from her cunt, smiling at the extra gasp this move extracted from the young girl. Once again he began his journey of kissing and stroking, this time starting at her pussy and working back up her body towards her head.

Again, special attention was paid to the tits, Mark was only human after all, and by the time he reached her mouth to kiss her gently on the lips, she lay there on the bed like a rag doll, unable to move as her body seemed drained of energy.

One final, loving kiss on the lips as Mark pulled the duvet over her, kissed her gently on the forehead and left the room.

As he left, she lay there gathering her thoughts and asking herself, “What the fuck did he just do to me? I never knew anything could feel so good! I need to rest, and God, I hope he does that to me again,……soon!”

She felt herself drift off to sleep before jerking awake with a start. “Oh my God!” she thought. “He still hasn’t even fucked me! That was just foreplay? What will it feel like if he starts to use his monster cock on me?”

She was nervous and afraid of the thought, but knew that, in her heart of hearts, she couldn’t wait to find out.

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