Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 06: The Game Continues

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains lesbian group sex including spanking, masturbation, cunnilingus, and more. If this is not your type of smut, please find another story.


Round 4

Erin’s attitude didn’t improve much, but she was ignoring Aggie instead of attacking her, “Pick a nude player and sexually stimulate them for 30 seconds. If no players are nude, take something off,” Erin pulls off her sock.

Shay went next and read, “You must strip one item of your clothing but you can make another player take something off,” Shay looks around the group and her eyes stop on Christina, “Christina take something off,” she says standing up and reaching under her skirt and pulling her granny panties off.

Christina stands up and shimmies out of her boy shorts revealing a pair of tangas underneath. Once again the judge’s voice pauses the action, “Player three, you were told to wear eight items of clothing, It appears you are in violation of that rule.”

Christina looks out at the stage lights. “I’m not wearing a bra,” she says.

“Player three is not in violation of the rules. The game may continue.”

Christina sits down and pulls a card, “Seduce another player for 30 seconds,” she jumps up practically running over to Aggie. Christina reaches out and touches Aggie’s arm and they are locked in a passionate kiss, both girls’ hands are caressing and fondling each other. They fall to the floor rolling around, trying to touch everything at once. Hannah calls time but the girls are oblivious as they are swallowing each other’s tongues.

“Vee, can you give me a hand, please,” Hannah asks as she tries to separate the lust-filled ladies. Both are breathing heavy, looking at each other with animal hunger, their hair mussed makeup smeared. Hannah clears her throat bringing them somewhat back to the present. They both take their seats continuing to look at each other forgetting about the game.

“I get to lick someone, again,” Vee says after reading her challenge. She heads straight for Aggie, licking her from the knee to the edge of her skort. Aggie closes her eyes to imagine it was Christina licking her.

Vee sits down and May takes a card, “Pick any player and personally strip them of one item of clothing,” May stands up and walks over to Erin. “Stand up,” she orders the sullen girl. Erin stands up and May yanks down the ankle-length skirt Erin was wearing exposing her bikini briefs to everyone. Erin drops into her seat holding her hand out for the skirt. May holds it up and twirls it over her head in victory as the spectators cheer. When May is done she throws it right into Erin’s face before sitting down.

“I got the same thing as May,” Aggie says looking over the group. She decides to strip off Vee’s black leather capris, leaving her in her miniskirt. Aggie reaches under Vee’s skirt and unfastens the pants sliding them down her thick powerful legs and off her body. Once Aggie removes them she hands the pants to Vee and returns to her seat.

“Seduce another player for 30 seconds,” Erin reads as soon as Aggie sat down. Erin stands up and walks over to Christina and begins to whisper into her ear. Christina giggles as Erin continues to whisper and starts to give Christina a back rub. Christina begins to moan in pleasure. All the while, Erin is looking at Aggie, smiling trying to make her adversary jealous. When time is called Erin leans in and kisses the sexy Latina, pissing off Aggie.

Shay pulls out her card. “Oh No, not this,” she says, “You can choose to remove one item of clothing or all the other players can tickle you for 30 seconds. So I either expose myself or get tickled which I hate. I guess I’m the first one to show her boobies.”

Every eye was on the curvaceous strawberry blonde as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip off her shoulders and fluttered to the floor, exposing her well-formed perky breasts to everyone. She sat down holding her hands over her breasts waiting for the next girl’s turn to pull all the attention away from her.

All the players got serious now. They realized that the game could and probably would end with most if not all of them naked, in front of a group of strangers. Christina tentatively reached for her challenge, “Stimulate a nude player. Since no one’s nude, I gotta take something off.” Christina looked at her options and looked at Shay, “I guess your girls aren’t going to be the only ones on display,” and pulled off her tube top.

There was more cheering as Christina sat down, and silently Aggie joined in seeing what she thought were the most perfect breasts to ever exist kartal escort on the planet.

“Strip or be tickled,” Some choice Vee mutters. I’ll either be the third set of tits flopping around or let 5 people tickle me. Aww hell. Y’all saw my nips already anyway,” she said undoing her bra and letting her large tits hang out. There were more cheers as the crowd started to get a bit rowdy.

May was happy she was still wearing five pieces of clothing and hoped she wasn’t exposed to items left and hoped that she wasn’t going to be exposed anytime soon. Taking a card, she read, “Roll the die and lick that player on any uncovered skin.” May dropped the die and it came up 2. May crawled over to Shay and began to lick Shay on the nipples making them all wet. She alternated left and right and every time the cool air hit the wet nipple, it got a little harder. By the time she was done. Shay nipples were pointing out to the crowd. They all clapped at how far they were protruding from her. May took a little bow and sat down.

Aggie once again got to strip someone of something they were wearing. She decided on May since she was wearing the most. Aggie asked May to stand up and pulled off her polo shirt. May kissed Aggie as she pulled the shirt up and off the slender Japanese girl’s body.

Hannah was getting aroused by the action around her, and in between her duties as emcee, she was absentmindedly rubbing herself, through her clothes. She suddenly realized what she was doing while she watched Aggie and May kiss. She jerked her hand away from her body and quickly walking over to Erin she held out the tureen. Erin drew her card and read, “I get to strip someone if I strip something. Since May is wearing the most, I guess she can take off her last sock,” as she worked loose the buttons on her blouse, and slide it off her body.

Shay pulled out her card muttering just loud enough for those closest to her to hear, “Please don’t be strip, please don’t be strip,” and she paused while reading her dare. “Aww fuck,” She cursed, “Have someone strip something but you must do so as well. Well, I guess someone had to be naked first,” as she stood up and dropped her mini skirt to the floor showing her extremely hairy bush which covered her pussy entirely.

“Damn she looks like a 1970’s porn star,” someone yelled seeing the forest of hair between Shay’s legs. Shay blushed while the crowd cheered for the naked girl. Shay sat down and crossed her legs hiding most of her bush from view.

Shay looked around at the other players, “Well I could make Christina naked so I won’t be the only one, but she’ll probably be naked soon anyway. Instead, I think I’ll choose Vee.”

Vee flipped Shay off as she stood up, reached under her skirt and slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off. As Vee sat down. Christina read her card, When she was done, she froze for a second. “She looked at each player and seemed to be counting. After giving each player the once over she looked at Hannah and said, “I have a very interesting card here. It says, “Pick any clothed player and have them strip completely naked.”

The whole room froze looking at Christina. Everyone began to count the clothes on the remaining players. Aggie was the first to realize she was the most dressed and got a sinking feeling she was about to be the second player naked.

Christina made eye contact with Aggie saying, “I figure the fairest thing to do is to pick the person with the most clothes. That’s you Aggie baby. So get naked.”

Aggie stood up by rote. Every molecule in her body was as red as a well-cooked lobster dinner. She was scared, angry, and just a little aroused. She decided the only way she would be able to strip in front of all these people was to do it quickly and not think about it. She undid her skorts and let them fall to the ground. Next, she quickly pulled off her top, dropping it on top of her skorts. She reached behind her back to the clasp of her bra and let the straps slide down her shoulders and let it fall onto the growing pile of clothes at her feet.

Aggie froze, unable to take the last step. After waiting, Hannah came over and had a whispered conversation with Aggie. Hannah knelt in front of the slender girl and slowly slid her panties off her long lean legs, exposing her cleanly shaved mons. Hannah worked the panties off Aggie’s body and moved away from the naked girl. She stood motionless before all present in nothing more than what she was born with until someone in the crowd started cheering and the rest joined in. Aggie was still red but for some reason she felt happy, her eyes shining as she sat down. She felt Christina’s eyes boring into her, and she looked over. Christina mouthed “forgive me” to her and Aggie gave her a quick nod and wink.

Christina smiled in relief and heard Vee read, “Make another player remove one item, but you must remove one as well. Well naked chick number 3,” she said while kurtköy escort shimming out of her mini skirt. Once it had fallen to the floor, there was an explosion of laughter as everyone noticed that her pubic hair was shaved into a skull and crossbones. Vee pointed at May and said, “time to lose something.” May stood up and unfastened her khaki’s and slid them down. Showing she was wearing plain white cotton panties to match her bra.

The easy banter was gone now as the tension mounted. Only three girls still had clothes and then not much. They all expected to be naked soon. They had no idea what would happen but they knew they still had the rest of this round and three more to go.

May sat down and drew a card. Personally strip a player of something they are wearing. She smiled and looked at the only two other dressed players. “Well Christina since you got Aggie to be naked it’s only fair you join her,” May stood up and walked over to the Olive skinned girl. Once Christina stood up, May dropped to her knees and buried her face in Christina’s crotch.

The audience laughed, and there were some wolf whistles and May slowly lowered Christina’s French cut panties down her legs using only her mouth. Once the Latina was naked, May stood up keeping the panties in her mouth and shook her head like a dog with a chew toy. There were a lot of appreciative noises from the audience. May drooped the panties in Christina’s lap and sauntered back to her seat.

Hannah spoke up before Aggie could get her card. “Once again we have reached the last card of the round.”

Aggie sighed and took out her card. She held it to her chest, both covering her small perky breasts and working up the courage to read it. She held the card out and read slowly and clearly, “Roll the die, and fondle that person lustfully for thirty seconds.”

The room grew very quiet as everyone realized that the game had reached another milestone. Hannah handed Aggie the die and she shook it hard and threw it down. The die bounced and spun across the stage, stopping against the back wall. Hannah walked over, looked down, smiled and picked up the die.

Someone who was getting impatient called out, “What’s the number?”

Hannah looked at Aggie and said just loud enough for everyone to hear “It was a six, you need to roll again.”

Aggie took the die and tossed it again. This time it stopped in the middle of the players. Everyone laughed when they saw it was six. Hannah picked it up and handed it to Aggie again. “Third times the charm,” Aggie said as she rolled again.

This time it landed at Vee’s feet who looked down and told everyone “Three.”

The crowd went wild remembering the last time Aggie and Christina had to kiss. Christina smiled broadly as she launched herself from her seat and practically ran over to Aggie as they locked their lips together falling to the floor. This time nothing was off-limits, as they sucked on breasts, rubbing clits, exploring each other’s bodies unashamedly. All too soon Hannah called time and it took Vee, Hannah, and Shay to separate the lust-crazed women. Once Hannah had her players under control, she announced the 10-minute break.


Round 5

Everyone was back in their seats several minutes before the break was officially over. The round started almost immediately with Erin reading, “Roll the die. That player may personally strip you of something you are wearing. If you are already naked, You may strip one item from the player of your choice. Well, I’m not naked, so where’s the die?”

Hannah handed the die to Erin, who just dropped it down and it landed on 6. Aggie jumped up and ran over to Erin. She made Erin stand up and face the audience. Aggie moved behind her nemesis and started to mess with her bra strap, ‘accidentally’ letting it snap onto her back.

“You bitch,” she hissed at Aggie. I’ll get you back for that. Aggie roughly pulled off her bra, without unfastening it, making Erin grimace in pain. There were giggles at Erin’s discomfort and no one reprimanded Aggie for what she did. Aggie strolled back to her seat with Erin’s bra still in her hand. Before Erin could demand it back Aggie stretched it out and flung it into the audience to the cheers of the crowd. The players could just make out someone waving it in victory.

Erin said nothing sitting down but she glared at Aggie plotting her revenge. Hannah was smirking from enjoyment watching Aggie get revenge on the bully. She held out the tureen to Shay. Shay without looking pulled a card. She read it out loud, “Pick a topless player and massage their breasts for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to put an ice cube in each hand.” There were more than a few gasps of delight in response.

Shay looked at her fellow players, pouting when she saw the person she wanted to use, May, still had a bra on. So she looked at the other players, and without telling anyone, she took the ice bucket Hannah maltepe escort was holding and walked over to Vee. Taking two handfuls of ice, she pressed them against Vee’s nipples, “Fuck! Ice is fucking cold!” Vee exclaimed. To the amusement of the audience, as Shay rubbed the ice all over the Goth girls ample breasts until Hannah called time. When Shay pulled her hands away, Vee’s tits looked like a sheet of Braille because of all the goosebumps she had. Her nipples were sticking out over an inch.

“I’ll warm you up baby,” a male voice shouted,” eliciting laughter from everyone.

Shay sat down curling her legs under her and putting her hands underneath her to warm them up. “Holy shit, she’s rubbing her cunt,” some guy yelled.

A female voice responded, “Shithead her hands are cold, she’s using her body heat to get warm.”

“That is one hot body” another guy tossed in. Hannah cleared her throat glaring at the audience who were interrupting the game.

Once the unruly observers settled down, Christina took out her next challenge. “Damn does anyone shuffle these cards. I got the same thing as Shay, and since Shay has cold hands, let’s give her some cold tits too.”

Christina took the Ice Hannah was holding, and walked over to Shay who was pouting playfully at Christina. Shay threw out her small breasts, and Christina started flicking her nipples with the edges of the ice cubes. Everyone could hear Shay gasp when the ice made contact with her warm flesh. Her nipples quickly hardened with the stimulation. Shay started to shiver, not just from the cold, as Christina drew lines of melting ice all over Shay’s breasts. Time Hannah called, and Christina dropped the ice into an empty glass and sat down, rubbing her hands together to warm them.

Vee grabbed for a card and read it silently, she looked up at Hannah in shock. Hannah silently prompted her to read the card, Vee shrugged, “I guess there is an advantage to being naked in this game,” she announced, “Place an ice cube in your panties and leave it there until you complete your next turn. If it melts, replace it. If you do not have panties on then you must masturbate for 30 seconds.”

Aggie’s eyes shot open when she heard this dare. She was amazed she had been sitting in front of dozens of strangers naked for almost an hour, and now she might have to masturbate too. There was no way she could bring herself to do anything like that. She was about to tell Hannah she was out, but her eyes met Christina and drew strength from her new friend and decided to stay. There was an unspoken agreement that they would support each other until the end, no matter how embarrassing the dares get. Aggie glanced at Erin who was smirking at her. Aggie knew Erin was thinking that the shy timid girl would back out, but this wasn’t the old Aggie, with Christina’s support, there was nothing short of a gang bang that would make her leave.

Aggie turned her attention back to Vee who had 2 fingers in her pussy and was violently thrusting them in and out. Meanwhile, her thumb was rubbing her clit and the other hand was crushing her tits and pushing them up so she could lick and suck on her own nipples. The players gazed upon this spectacle with awe and lust while the audience cheered her on.

“Time,” came Hannah’s voice despite the protests from the observers.

Vee reluctantly withdrew her fingers, licking her sweet nectar from them. Her face was flush and she was breathing heavily. “Damn, that was getting good,” as she sat back and chugged her drink.

May drew a card, read it and said, “Vee you look a bit hot, time to cool those titties down with some ice.” There was laughter as Hannah handed May some ice and instead of taking just 2 cubes, May took the ice bucket and headed toward Vee. May lifted Vee’s plentiful pair. She lifted one at a time and put an ice cube under each one. May then took a handful of ice in each hand and shoved the icebergs in her hands into Vee’s rack.

“Now I know why they’re called chesticles,” Vee said as she started to get goosebumps all over her body. May continued to rub the ice into the Goth globes. As the Ice melted, May started to lick the rivulets of water as they ran down Vee’s flesh sending shivers deep into both their bodies.

“Time,” called Hannah and May took her hands away, and those closest to Vee could see that her flesh had started to turn bright red and Vee was rubbing her breasts to warm them, as May sat down looking towards Aggie.

Aggie gave Erin an evil look with a smug smile knowing she was going to get to rub ice on Erin. She drew her card, and read, “Remove one item of clothing. If you are already naked, then roll the die and that player will give you a light spanking of three swats.”

Aggie’s face blanched and she felt more nauseous than she ever had in her life. Her parents had never used any physical punishments on her, ever. Lars had asked once or twice about spanking her, and she adamantly refused. Now someone who was practically a stranger was going to spank her in front of a large group of strangers. She wanted to run and hide. This was worse than her encounter with the bimbo squad. She looked at Christina who looked at her reassuringly. Keeping her eyes locked on Christina, Aggie took the die from Hannah and dropped it to the floor.

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