After The Convention

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Although this is a continuation of Sex at the Convention, by Adele Darkstar, it is also a complete story in itself.


The door closed behind Howard and he dropped the latch before following Linda into her lounge. He placed the small overnight bag; that he had retrieved from his Jaguar onto the floor and moved into the roomy kitchen where Linda had retreated to prepare some coffee.

“I take it your husband Tony is still in Paris?”

Linda turned from the cupboard where she had retrieved the coffee cups and smiled.

“You naughty boy Howard. You know he is away for several nights. Take your jacket off and watch the percolator hon while I go and freshen up. The loo is through there if you need it.”

Howard removed his jacket and returned to the hallway to hang it up. Back in the kitchen he sat on a tall stool and looked around at the various gadgets that can be found in most, average, kitchens. A manuscript lay on the side of a table and he picked it up and read the title. ‘The Mail Man by SweetLinda.’ He smiled to himself as he remembered reading the fictional story on Literotica; the website that had first drawn him to Linda. It was from their e mailing over the stories they had both submitted that they had coincidently met back at the Writer’s Convention. Erotic memories of the previous night, in Linda’s bedroom at the hotel; with her and her writer friend Adele Darkstar, came flooding back to him and he noted his cock was beginning to harden. Looking around the kitchen he smiled to himself as he saw the area that had featured in the very sexy tale of The Mailman; the copy of which he began to read again.

By the time he had reached the scene where the Mail Man was on his knees between Linda’s open legs Howard’s cock was as stiff as a board. He dropped one hand down and began to rub the front of his trousers as he continued with the story. Linda was on her knees with the Mail Man’s cock pumping her throat when the flesh and blood Linda returned from freshening up. Howard failed to hear her enter the kitchen and she stood and smiled at him as she watched his hand moving up and down the material that covered his hard erection. She could see what he was reading and, smiling, she eventually made her presence known by letting out a low chuckle.

“You like my mail Man story don’t you baby?” She giggled as she moved into Howard’s vision. Startled he pulled his hand from the bulge and looked up at her.

“You know I do you sexy little minx. I was picturing you sat on this stool with the Mail Man sucking at your pussy.” He smiled back at her as she approached him. Her hand slid out and touched the bulge that he had just been rubbing.

“Having the desired effect I see Howard.”

Her sexy smile, along with the touch of her hand, sent his hard cock jerking slightly inside his trousers. He smiled back at her as she turned to pour the coffee into the china mugs. His groin began to ache as he saw that she had changed into a very thin, very low cut and very short dress that only just reached to the tops of the white stockings that were hugging her sexy legs. As she bent to the fridge for the milk he caught a glimpse of the thin, white, straps of her suspender belt and again his cock jerked. Howard’s etiler escort mind returned to the story he still held in his hand and remembered the scene where she had bent down to the same fridge to allow the Mail Man a view of her yellow panties.

He had read the story so many times, and jerked off so much cum while doing so, that the details were embedded in his mind. He decided he would fuck her there and then, over the stool and over the kitchen table. As Linda turned her back to him to pour the milk into the coffee he silently stood up and crossed the room to her. His arms went around her hips and he planted a soft kiss on the nape of her neck. She moaned lightly at his touch and moved her body backwards to meet his. His hard cock pressed against her arse and she began to gyrate her hips, like a slutty lap dancer, and her arse rubbed firmly over the bulge as he continued to plant tiny kisses on her neck. His hands suddenly left her hips and encircled her body to cup themselves around her firm breasts. He gripped them tightly as she pressed herself back even harder onto his manhood; letting out soft, low moans of pleasure. She, too, made the connection between her fantasy Mail Man fucking her senseless and what was happening to her now. Her pussy moistened beneath her dress as her sexual movements forced Howard’s bulging cock tight against her arse.

Howard continued to kiss Linda’s neck as his hands moulded her firm breasts beneath the material of the dress and his hips pressed hard against her buttocks and forced her into the side of the kitchen worktop. She was moaning loudly now and he let a go of her breasts in order to slide the thin shoulder straps down her arms and over her hands. Again his arms encircled her hot body and this time they pulled the covering down to expose her naked breasts to the touch of his palms. He squeezed tightly and her hips drove back into him again as her moaning increased in intensity as well as volume. Her head tilted to join her red hair that hung down one side and left the other side of her neck exposed to his kisses. He began to suck gently on the soft flesh before planting more, sensual kisses on her neck. He was careful not to mark her skin as she began to writhe against him. His hands began to alternate between moulding her breasts and pinching her erect nipples gently but firmly.

Linda was gone. Her mind and body were his now as she squirmed against him. Suddenly he withdrew one hand from a breast and slid it between his waist and hers. Deftly he released the buckle of his belt; followed by the button of his trousers and then the zipper. Once the metal zip had reached the bottom of its journey his trousers dropped to his ankles. With one quick movement his blue, satin boxers joined them and he stepped out and kicked them to the side. His cock sprang free like a pouncing panther and his hand slid under her short dress to seek out the crutch of her panties. Howard gasped as his fingers failed to find the silk material that she usually wore; instead his hands touched naked flesh and he felt the wetness from her pussy as the juices trickled onto his hand. Still kissing her neck and fondling her breast he began to torment her by satisfying his fatih escort own desires to feel the silky stocking tops and to deny her pussy the touch that she craved.

Linda was almost screaming as Howard’s hand began to pinch harder at the erect nipples of her breasts. His naked cock was pressed tight to the gossamer material of her dress and almost sent it cramming into the crack of her arse. His hand slid up and down the silk stocking tops and up between her legs to her pussy; touched it briefly and then dropped down to her stockings again. Linda moaned at the top of her voice as she again pressed back into his crutch and she delighted in the feel of his hard cock as it poked her dress into the crack of her arse again.

Howard’s kisses to her neck were sending tingles down her entire spine as he kissed, sucked, and then kissed again. Light, sensual, kisses that made her quiver before him. A sudden, low scream emitted from her mouth as his fingers again pinched hard at an erect nipple. Again Howard slid his hand up under her dress; but this time it remained on the lips of her wet pussy as he began to slowly insert it into her. Her body stiffened and she sank down onto his probing hand in an effort to sink his finger deeper into her juicy wet slit. Howard pulled it out and pushed firmly on her tiny bud and again she screamed. A few rubs then back into her wetness. On and on Howard tormented the writhing girl before him as she squirmed, desperately in an effort to drive his finger harder against her clit or deeper into her pussy.

Keeping his finger at her slit he removed his other hand from her breasts and pulled it to the back of her. He deftly slid it between himself and Linda as he pulled his hips backwards. He grasped the hem of her dress and raised it up to her hips to expose her naked pussy and her white suspender belt to his gaze. The sight of her sexy suspenders, white stockings and her naked arse sent Howard’s cock jerking again and he pressed forward, at the same time bending Linda’s waist forward so that her face moved down towards the work top. Quickly he slid his finger into his own mouth and wetted it; then he moved it down behind her and slid it gently into the tight, tiny hole of her arse.

Linda screamed. She screamed in pure pleasure as she felt his digit enter her. At the same time his other hand rammed forward and sank deeply into the depths of her soaking wet pussy. A few pushes in and out of her arse with his finger and he knew she was ready for him. With his finger still inside her wet slit he inched his cock forward to touch the entrance to her arse. The bulbous tip slid inside and she jerked back against him. He had intended to arse fuck her slowly; but her sudden jerk backwards sent his cock deep into her tight arse. Linda moved herself, and Howard, backwards a little so that she could bend further forwards and allow better access for his thrusting cock. With her hands outstretched she gripped the edge of the work top and began to buck backwards onto Howard’s thrusting cock. Linda’s dress was around her waist, her white stockings clung sexily to her legs; held up by her sexy white suspenders; and her breasts swung freely beneath her as Howard began a slow, fındıkzade escort rhythmic thrusting into the depths of her arse. He found he was having trouble reaching around her to finger fuck her pussy and Linda moved her own hand down between her legs and pulled his hand away. She quickly replaced his finger with her own and, as he grabbed hold of her hips with both hands and lunged deeply into her tight arse, she finger fucked herself and rubbed her erect clit with her thumb.

Linda’s moans were now almost constant screams as her tight arse was reamed to its depths by Howard’s powerful cock. In and out he rammed her as she rubbed and fucked at her wet slit. Howard felt the droplets of perspiration forming on forehead and begin to trickle down his face. He knew he could not last much longer; but the tightness of Linda’s arse was bringing him such fantastic pleasure that he never wanted to leave it. He moved one hand from her hip and tore at the buttons on his shirt as he ripped it from his sweating body. His hand returned to her hip and he pounded into her with even greater force as she screamed beneath him. He sensed that she was about to orgasm and pulled his cock from her arse, held the tip at the entrance, and then plunged back in just as Linda slammed two fingers deep into her pussy and came.

Her body jerked and shook as the orgasm ripped through her and her screams of “Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh My Sweet God. Oh yes. Oh Yes. Howard! H O W A R D! FUCK MEEEEEEE.” Echoed around the kitchen and reverberated off the tiled walls.

Howard delighted at the massive orgasm he had given Linda and as she shook beneath him he knew he could let himself go. As he thrust his pulsating cock deep into the depths of her arse he could feel her muscles tighten around his dick in an effort to squeeze the spunk out of him.

Howard yelled at the top of his voice as he unloaded himself into her. She felt the hot globules of spunk spurt inside her waiting arse as wave after wave of sperm hit into her depths. His cock coated in his own cum he continued to fuck in and out of the wet hole until the last drops of spunk spurted from his cock. Linda moaned softly as he slowly pulled his still throbbing member out of her and released the cum that filled her to see it slide from her arse and trickle slowly down the back of her leg.

Howard suddenly dropped to his knees and rammed his tongue deep into her wet arse and began to suck and lick at his own sperm. Finally, his mouth almost full, he stood up, gripped Linda’s shoulders, turned her around and kissed her full on the mouth. The taste of his spunk as he slid it into her sent waves of delight through her body and she sucked greedily at his mouth and swallowed.

Finally, exhausted and trembling she turned and filled the coffee mugs. Handing one to Howard she turned and led him back into the lounge. With her dress still around her waist, and her long, stocking covered legs stretched out in front of her, she motioned Howard to sit beside her. His naked body slid down close beside her and his arm encircled her shoulders. They placed the coffee mugs on the small table and Linda sank back into the comfort of Howard’s shoulder.

“Are you ok sweetheart?” Howard whispered softly as he slid his hand down onto her stockings and gently ran his fingers over her legs.

Linda smiled as she sank deeper into his shoulder.

“Oh Yes lover. I’m fine. Fucked but fine. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.”

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