Advice from Mrs. Lewis

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Growing up I always liked to be around Mrs. Lewis, I mean she was old but she sure didn’t look old like my mom and she didn’t act like an old lady either. I knew she was divorced but I just couldn’t understand how her husband could have ever left her; I knew I never would if I’d been married to her. Although mom told me not to pester her, she didn’t seem to mind my being around, and I used the excuse of helping her with yard work so I could hang at her house. There was never anything sexual or anything like that but somehow I knew I was in the presence of a woman and it gave me a thrill.

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, my girl Erma broke up with me and her excuse was that I was too immature. The next Saturday I was at Mrs. Lewis’ house to cut her lawn and we were sitting around her kitchen table as she drank her coffee and I had a glass of milk and some cookies she had. She was in her robe, that meant she had her nightgown on underneath and sometimes if I was lucky the robe would come open just enough that I could see her boobs through her gown. I was daydreaming about looking at her boobs and I guess I didn’t hear her speak to me.

“Bobby, Earth to Bobby are you in there?”

I liked the way she teased me like casino şirketleri that, she went on,

“I asked how you and your new girl are getting along.”

I told her how we broke up and that I’d never be able to understand women.

“If you spent more time listening to what they said and less time trying to look at their breasts you might understand better.”

I know my face went beet red as I could feel the embarrassment burning in my cheeks. How did she know I was trying to peek, it was so humiliating to be caught like that and by an adult.

“You need not be embarrassed, it is perfectly natural for a man to desire to gaze on a woman’s body, it is a thing of beauty. However, you should do it with the honor and respect she deserves.”

What happened next will forever be itched in my memory; she stood up and untied the ties to her robe. I stared open mouthed as she took her robe off; her areolas large and dark were plainly visible through the thin gauze of her nightgown.

“Bobby I like you and I think you are a good boy so I am going to allow you to looks at my breasts. Would you like that?”

My throat was so dry I couldn’t speak so all I managed was a nod of my head. I watched as she slipped casino firmaları a strap down off first one shoulder and then the other. She held the gown up with an arm stretched across her breasts. Then slowly she lowered the gown until her breasts were exposed to me. Now that I’m older and have had other naked breasts to compare, I realize as a mature lady hers sagged down and covered with stretch marks would never make the pages of a ladies magazine. Yet on that day, they were the sexiest sight I’d ever seen.

In a daze, I watched as she stood and walked over close to me. She held one out to me with her hand and invited me to touch. She scolded me for grabbing and then taught me how to massage them gently and then how to tease her nipple into erection. Then in a move I’d never have imagined, she lifted her erect nipple to my lips as she allowed me to kiss it. She instructed me to put my lips around it to hold it in place and then to tease it with my tongue. She then took my hands to replace hers and then she held my head as I mouthed her breast to both of our pleasure. After a few moments, she stopped me but only to replace this breast with the other, saying we mustn’t just please one.

My erection was throbbing in my pants güvenilir casino and she noticed it when I grabbed it. She instructed me to stand and then to show her my hard on. She would not touch it but told me she wanted to watch me rub myself. When I told her I was too close to an accident to do that, she said it was all right and that I should shoot off on her boobs. She then held her boobs under my dick as I shot my stuff all over them. Then in a complete shock to me, she began to massage my spunk into her boobs, saying that it was good for the skin. She then pulled up her gown and then put her robe back on.

As for me, I went outside and cut her lawn. Later that day I called Erma, I apologized for being such a jerk, and asked if I could see her again. We went to a movie that night and then we went to make out park. As we were kissing, I asked her if she would show me her breasts and she actually pulled up her sweater and then her bra. I told her they were beautiful, and they were but they were sure a lot smaller than Mrs. Lewis’ were. I then asked her if she minded if I kissed them and she just nodded. I remembered what Mrs. Lewis had taught me as I gently kissed her tiny nipples.

When I took her home, she kissed me and said that I had excited her back in make out park then she hopped out of the car to run in. So OK maybe I’d only got to first base with Erma but to me it felt like a home run. I couldn’t wait to go back to Mrs. Lewis I needed more lessons.

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