Adventures with Penny Ch. 09

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Chapter 09 – Unemployment

After Monday night’s adventure, I worked diligently on that presentation on Tuesday. I stayed late and was back at it early on Wednesday morning. It was a good thing too, because first thing Wednesday, my boss called me into his office for a meeting. I knew it was about the presentation and I was glad I was ready for him. As I sat down in front of him, I was surprised that he got up and closed the door behind me.

“What’s up,” I asked him casually.

“Do you know why I called you in,” he asked me.

“I assume it has to do with that presentation I have been working on,” I admitted.

“I wish that was it,” he relayed. “Unfortunately, that is not why you are here. Something has been brought to my attention.”

“What is it,” I asked, confused.

“It seems you had a visitor on Monday night,” he revealed. “A female visitor.”

NO! My eyes widened and my face went blank. How did he get wind of that? I had an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was not going to be good.

“I will take your silence as confirmation,” he continued. “That kind of activity just doesn’t have any place here. You have been a model employee with great performance reviews and I wish there was something I could do. I know you have had it rough since the divorce but we just cannot ignore this incident. The knowledge of it has gone too far up the line.”

I was floored. I had a feeling I knew what was coming but I asked anyway.

“What are you saying,” I pressed him.

“We are going to have to let you go,” he confirmed. “Please clean out your desk and turn in your id badge before leaving.”

I hung my head in shame. It took all my strength to lift my ass of out that chair. I returned to my desk and collected my personal effects while my now former boss stood over me, watching. He escorted me to the front door where I gave my id badge to the security guard at the main desk before exiting the building. This was a career and personal low.

I headed home and left my box of crap in the car. I went directly to my room and closed the door. I was disgusted with myself and needed some time alone to think and reflect. It was early enough in the day where no one would be home for a while. I crashed onto my bed and thought about the mess I had made of my life. No wife, no job and I was basically a permanent guest in a house someone else owned. This was not where I pictured I would be at this point in my life. This sucked. At some point during my wallowing, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke to Vivian shaking me violently.

“Are you ok,” she asked me frantically.

“Yes, why,” I asked.

“You shouldn’t be home,” she gasped. “It’s only 2pm. Why aren’t you at work?”

“I got fired,” I admitted bluntly, not wanting to postpone or hide the awful news.

“What,” Vivian asked in a shocked tone. “What the hell for?”

“Penny paid me a visit at the office the other night,” I revealed. “Somehow my boss found out about it.”

Vivian did not say a word. She pulled out her cell and began dialing. She stepped out of the room to talk and I sat up on my bed. I cleared my eyes and began to undress, needing more comfortable cloths. I heard parts of Vivian’s conversation as she got rather loud in a spot or two. I was about to put my jeans on when Vivian returned.

“Don’t do that,” she ordered me. “Take a shower and get ready.”

“Ready for what,” I inquired.

“You have an interview at 5,” Vivian informed me.

“Really, where,” I wondered aloud.

“Don’t worry,” she urged me, “I will drive you. Now get in the shower and suit up.”

I did as I was told and hopped in the shower. I cleaned myself up and tried to prepare for the interview. I was not sure what the company was or the position, but I needed a job, so I was going to put my best foot forward. I finished up and got in my suit. I threw on my best power tie and arranged myself as best I could. I headed downstairs where Vivian was waiting.

She didn’t say anything; she simply nodded and led me out the door. We got in her car and Vivian drove me to my interview. She smiled the entire time we were in the car and when we reached our destination I understood why. She pulled into the parking lot of Leslie and Emma’s office. My heart sank as Vivian drove towards the front door. I had a feeling I knew what was about to happen and I did not like it. I knew I had to see this through, even though the game was about to end for me.

“You know where to go,” Vivian said as she dropped me at the front door of the building. “They are expecting you.”

I exited the car and entered the building, my fate apparently already sealed. I headed right for the office suite I knew, loved and would miss. I walked in and Nikki was seated at her desk. I marched right up to her and she smiled at me pleasantly. It seemed like they were trying to go easy on me.

“How was the honeymoon,” I asked politely.

“It was wonderful,” she admitted with an almost shy grin. “They have been bağcılar escort expecting you.”

She pointed to the conference room. I wasted no time making my way into the glass room with the large oval oak table. The table seemed very different this time. Emma, Leslie and Penny were seated at one end and I seated myself very quietly at the other. The game had been reborn in this room several times, so it seemed only fitting that this is where it should die.

“Heard you had a bad day,” Emma stated.

“You could say that,” I agreed.

“She did say that, what would you say,” Leslie snapped at me.

“I would say today was not my finest hour,” I admitted, still surprised at her tone.

“How much use do you think you are to this game without a job,” Penny asked harshly.

“I’m really not sure,” I answered honestly, my confidence cracked. “I actually have no idea.”

“Are you nervous,” Emma asked me.

“Honestly, yes I am,” I revealed. “And I am also sad.”

“Why,” Leslie pressed, now noticeably softer.

“I lost my marriage but had this game,” I started. “I lost my house but had this game. I lost pieces of me but had this game. Now I have lost my job. I hoped to fall back on the game and to not have it will be a tough adjustment.”

The three ladies put there heads together and exchanged whispers. I noticed Penny giggle during there conversation. That stung a little. Penny, my Penny, laughing at my dismissal from the game seemed a bit cruel. They finished their little sidebar and refocused their attention on me.

“Why do you think you will not have the game to fall back on,” Penny asked me, trying to fight off the giggles.

“You said it yourself, I am no use to the game without a job,” I reminded her.

“Actually, I didn’t say that at all,” she corrected me. “I asked what you thought your worth to the game was without a job. I never told you what I thought your worth to the game was.”

I found that last statement peculiar in several ways. Why wouldn’t she just say what was on her mind? This was getting tedious and aggravating. I just wanted my walking papers and to be on my way. I said nothing. I just simply stared at the three women.

The silence filled the large conference room and the tension seemed to linger on the table between myself and the ladies. The three women were fixated on me and my eyes shifted between them, not wanting to give any of them the satisfaction of looking away. It seemed to be a silent standoff.

“Aren’t you going to ask about the position we have available here,” Leslie posed, breaking the silence.

“Excuse me,” I said, not sure I had heard her correctly.

“You were told that this is a job interview,” Emma reminded me. “We have a position to fill.”

“By all means, tell me more,” I encouraged her, not really sure where this was headed.

“We need a consultant,” Leslie disclosed. “Someone versatile, for all types of work. It could be anything from research to investigation to errands to protection. We need someone flexible and intelligent.”

“You need a gopher,” I snapped, seeing through her spin.

“Gopher or not, it pays 50% more than your previous salary,” Penny advised me.

“How do you know my previous salary,” I inquired.

Money was something that was rarely discussed within this game. I was not sure where their information had come from, but I wanted to find out.

“We have our sources,” Leslie indicated. “What we are offering you is the opportunity to become one of those sources.”

This last statement intrigued me greatly. Being a source of information rather than the last to know, that was an upgrade for me. I could handle that. I was still surprised that they were considering this as a course of action, though. I didn’t understand what the benefit was to them in hiring me.

“So the game really isn’t over,” I questioned cautiously, not wanting to get my hopes up and then have everything cave in on me.

“Not even close,” Penny chimed in. “I am just hitting my stride.”

I looked at her curiously for a long moment. She was smiling and giggling.

“I have to admit, I am surprised and somewhat relieved,” I explained to them.

“I can’t believe you were so worried,” Penny chuckled.

“Let me ask you something,” Emma interrupted, “who told your former manager about your office encounter with Penny?”

I turned my head and stared directly at her. I thought back to this morning and the dialogue he and I had shared. He did not mention that in our final meeting, the one that resulted in my release. He only said “it had come to his attention.” What was Emma playing at?

“I am not sure,” I admitted, trying to put the pieces together in my head as I spoke. “It could have been the cleaning folks, I guess. Or security.”

“Think about it real hard,” Emma said to me sharply as she smiled crookedly at me from across the large table.

The picture became clear. My firing bahçelievler escort was not my fault; it was part of their master plan. This job they were offering was there way of keeping me close during the day and using whatever skills they thought I had to their advantage. I truly was going to be their gopher, but all of the sudden, I didn’t mind. My perspective on this job had suddenly changed for the better and my confidence returned in vibrant force. I even became a bit cocky at that moment.

“So this job is mine if I want it,” I postured.

“It’s not that simple,” Leslie clarified. “There is a second interview. We need to know your dedication to the firm and your ability to go the extra mile.”

“I see,” I responded. “When is the second interview then?”

“Tonight,” Penny revealed. “I will drive you there when we are done here.”

“Ok then,” I played along. “What else can I answer for you ladies? Is there anything you want to ask me that might influence your decision here?”

“Will you answer anything,” Leslie asked. “I mean absolutely anything? With 100% honesty and disclosure?”

“Yes, I will, but, in order to keep it fair, you can each only ask one question,” I countered, now getting completely playful with them. “Agreed?”

They each nodded their head and huddled in another side bar, I assumed to determine who was going to go first.

“Ok,” Emma began, “I have a question. Do you still want me?”

I looked at her and weighed my words very carefully before responding. How to best phrase an appropriate response to that question? I wanted to convey that I wanted her but I respected her decision to abstain.

“You are smart, sexy and the originator of this game,” I reminded her. “Physically we had a tremendous chemistry that I will never forget. If you could handle getting back into this game, I would welcome it. And I would fuck your brains out the minute I got the chance.”

Penny smiled while Emma blushed and let out a small gasp. I don’t think she was expecting me to be so forthcoming. Leslie was quite unresponsive, as if she had expected nothing less than the exact answer I gave.

“My turn,” Leslie announced. “Are you in love with my sister Brooke?”

I half expected this question from Leslie. I knew it had been on her mind from the night of Nikki’s bachelorette party. She asked me that night, but let it go before I answered. She also noticed how Brooke kissed me during the lesson that they had recently taught their niece Mindy. I was pretty sure this was going to be her question and I was prepared to answer it.

“Yes, I most certainly am.”

Penny knew this to be true, so her reaction was nothing. Emma, still recovering from the blunt force of my first answer, looked at me in great shock. Leslie sat back in her chair, seemingly satisfied that I openly and honestly put it out there. Only one question left.

“Now for me,” Penny chimed in. “I have been thinking about this one a lot lately. How do you think this game will end?”

WOW. Talk about a great question and a very tough question to answer. I had not spent too much time thinking about that because each time that I did, I did not get very far. How could this game end? I had to think on my feet and come with an answer for Penny that was logical and acceptable. I did not have that answer in my bag of tricks. I needed to honest.

“I think, based on the effort of the players that this game will end in a positive way” I theorized. “I am not saying that the event that eventually causes the end of the game won’t cause some rough roads, but when all is said and done, I think we can all have a good outcome from our time together. I think we can have the harmony and friendship that Bill and Emma have from their game.”

Penny nodded in response, apparently satisfied. The women took their time looking at each other and occasionally checking on me and then putting their heads together for yet another sidebar discussion. I waited patiently while they plotted their next course of action.

Finally there little meeting disbanded and Penny stood from her chair. She walked to the end of the table where I was seated and indicated for me to follow her. I stood slowly and followed her to the door of the conference room. Before leaving I turned to look at Emma and Leslie one last time.

“Thank you for you time, ladies,” I said to them smugly.

“Being a smartass won’t get you too far,” Emma shot back at me.

“It’s gotten me this far,” I indicated. “And I like where I am at right now.”

I stepped through the door and caught up to Penny, who had not stopped here the small exchange that had just occurred. I followed her out of the office suite and down the hall. We took the elevator down to the lobby and proceeded out to Penny’s car. Since I had no idea where we were headed, I climbed in the passenger seat, content to let Penny drive.

Penny had a large grin on her face as she drove. I watched her struggle bahçeşehir escort to not look at me and keep her eyes on the road. She did a very good job keeping her focus where it needed to be and we reached our destination in what seemed like no time. I was floored when she pulled into the driveway of our home. I did a double-take to ensure that was where we were. This had been a hell of a day, but this latest twist made no sense to me.

I got out of the car and followed Penny into the house. Vivian was not home so it appeared to just be the two of us. As I followed her into the living, she sat down and turned on the television. She had still yet to look at me.

“So should I take this as a sign that I have the job and the second interview wasn’t necessary,” I prodded her after minutes of silence.

She looked up at me, finally and shook her head.

“The second interview is still on,” Penny indicated.

“Is it tonight,” I asked impatiently.

“You’ll see,” she replied in a very coy manner, which only pushed my buttons further.

I turned away from her, rather than say something out of frustration or anger, and headed upstairs. I stormed into my room and shut the door. I wanted to relax. I took off my suit jacket and began to focus on removing my tie.

“That’s it, take it off for me,” I heard a familiar feminine voice say in a most playful manner.

I jumped back, very startled. I looked up and noticed that Nikki was sitting on my bed laughing at me. I had not noticed that she was not at the office when we left. This was getting interesting again.

“Did I scare you,” Nikki asked me with plastic concern.

“Surprised me is more like it,” I corrected her, attempting to save some portion of my manhood. “What can I do for you?”

I looked at her regretfully, knowing it had been too long since I had taken the time to appreciate was a gorgeous creature she truly was. She sat there, legs crossed like a lady, smiling at me. She looked wonderful. Her blonde hair was pin straight and fell past her shoulders. She had on a grey jacket, covering a black blouse. She had on a matching grey tennis skirt that was very short and black pumps that were at least 5 inches. She was a picture of beauty.

“Well, we have to complete your interview,” Nikki said to me.

“You are my second interview,” I questioned.

“Yes, I am,” she confirmed. “You were my second interview when I wanted a job. Remember? Now I get to return the favor. It’s beautifully symmetric, don’t you think?”

Beautiful symmetry. That was not a thought that had occurred to me until Nikki had said it. This game had a way of coming back around and keeping me on my toes. I was exhausted, aggravated and confused. Today had been a rollercoaster of emotion and I was worn out from the ride. Nikki smiled at me as I moved across my room towards where she was seated.

I stood over Nikki as she sat on the edge of my bed. I put my hand on her face and stroked her cheek lightly with my thumb. She stared up at me, seemingly confused.

“That very intimate,” she remarked.

“Does it make you uncomfortable,” I asked.

“Not really,” she shrugged. “Though it really isn’t the point of our exercise here today.”

I knew what she getting at, so I gingerly pressed my nose to hers but refrained from kissing her. I lowered my hand from her cheek to her thigh. I caressed her leg and moved my hands past her calf, to her foot. I lowered my head and kissed the top of her foot. Her skin was very soft and she shivered at the kiss. I left my cheek in contact with her skin and moved up her leg. I stopped and kissed her milky white calf in two places. Nikki giggled at this.

I moved further up her leg and just past her knee I stopped again. I kissed the inside of her thigh softly. I continued to plant small kisses on her thigh, about a ¼ inch apart as I worked my way upward. Nikki opened her legs wide for me as I continued to kiss her thigh gently. She sighed as I hit the very high hem of her skirt. I lifted it easily and continued until I reached her yellow lace panties. They were noticeably wet and inviting.

I looked up at Nikki and smiled an evil smile. I aggressively ripped her panties aside and began nibbling on her clit. Her pussy was shaved bald and soaking wet when my lips met her skin. I teased her clit with my teeth and tongue. I bit it gently and held it between my teeth lightly, causing Nikki to squirm slightly. She opened her legs wider as she lay back on the bed. I held her panties to the side with my left hand and held her pussy lips open with my right hand.

Finally, I dove into her opening. I injected my tongue into her hole which was positively flooded. I fucked her with my tongue for several moments before withdrawing it and tracing her pussy lips with it. Nikki moaned softly as I did so. She had opened her jacket and was playing with her tits under her blouse as I munched on her box.

Nikki gasped slightly as I reinserted my tongue into her sweet pussy. She tasted like honey and I was enjoying this way too much. I pulled my tongue out again and began lapping at her engorged clit with it. While I attacked her clit with my tongue, I slid my right index finger inside of her. She growled and purred slightly when I did that. I pressed my tongue down firmly on top of her clit, pinning it to her body. She squirmed again.

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