Adriana and the Fur Closet

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Final Revised Version



My name is Zack and at the beginning of my senior year in High School I met Adriana. She’s a recent Russian emigrant who lives with her Grandmother. Her Grandmother, Ma ma, came to the US decades ago at 19 the same age as Adriana. Ma ma is widowed from a wealthy Texas oil tycoon husband and has been very successful in business on top of that ever since.

Adriana has a younger sister, Ella, that came over with her. Apparently their parents had a very acrimonious divorce that alienated both girls from both parents so they left Russia to live with Ma ma. Emigrating put both girls a little behind in school.

For some reason, maybe a younger sister’s crush, Ella decided Adriana and I should be together. I was no one super special in a very large suburban school. I am in the top two percent of my class academically and though not a Geek, sports is something I am only marginally involved in with swimming. It’s good and enjoyable exercise that helped me recover from a childhood muscle disorder that put me behind.

The two girls and myself just knew each other peripherally at first. Ella was a Junior so I hardly ever saw her and knew her only as the slightly younger of the two new Russian girls. How she got on to me matching up with Adriana I only found out later.

Both girls are certainly very nice looking. Adriana is about five nine and on the slim side of medium with delicate features. She has brown eyes, thick, rich brown hair in a long page boy cut and nicely shaped modest breasts. She always wears T-neck sweaters and even when she wears jeans she is always tasteful and stunning. She regularly wears fur of some sort which has always been a turn on for me.

Adriana is always very focused and not at all frivolous. I think she is not so popular for those reasons. Ella is a slightly smaller, younger version of Adriana in almost every respect .. monkey see monkey do, but decidedly a bit of a Geek, Science Club, more into computers and the like.

In Science class there’s a team class assignment where we have to plot out the seasons of the year on the far side of the very large School Parking Lot, the truly old fashioned way. Day by day with marks and nails in the asphalt, watching and marking the sunrise and sunset. Adriana and me were assigned as a team of two. I found out later it was Ella’s doing.

The actual relationship starts off at the Fall Equinox. It becomes very poetic. We meet in the Parking Lot the night before to put out our first four marks in a very large cross by the stars that covers the entire parking lot. We are using only a pole and string with visual sightings of the stars. Everybody else makes smaller crosses since it’s a lot easier .. but not as accurate. Our first good joint decision.

I’m hoping she would wear a fur and I’m not disappointed.

It’s cold and Adriana is wearing a stunning fur parka that really takes me aback.

I had been masturbating to pictures of women in fur since I started puberty. For some unexplained reason, I find them much more exciting than just nude women. It makes no difference if they were nude in the fur or not, I get unbelievably excited, hardly needing to jerk on my tool. Actually seeing a woman in fur is exciting beyond belief and has me running for the nearest private place to take care of my boner. Once when I was thirteen I came in my shorts with just seeing the woman in fur.

Her fur is fantastic and she’s so beautiful. Adriana suddenly becomes my all consuming fur fantasy. I’m having the same ‘problem’ and I have an instant boner and I’m about to blow. It’s very difficulty hiding it. Her Parka is a beautiful longish brown hair fur outside (Fisher she tells me later) and also inside the hood with a big, thick (Crystal) Fox ruff around the hood.

I have to comment on it and say how nice she looks wearing it. She’s so angelic and blushes scarlet much to my surprise. Masturbation for me becomes a new more intense and immediate experience with her image in my mind especially with her blushing. It becomes very personal. Adriana is suddenly the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world to me.

To target in on the precise day and time of the Equinox we have to do this every day for over three weeks straddling the actual day, first thing in the morning at sunrise and at sunset in the evening, locating the sunrise and sunset locations. Knowing the actual day is not quite like being a Celt doing it 4,000 casino şirketleri years ago.

We find we worked well and almost intuitively together in the tasks and in the notes. I continue to compliment her, though briefly, each day as she continues to wear the Parka. After the first two sessions we begin to sit close together while compiling the notes. They are very through notes. After the third day she alternates with a very full hooded Red Fox vest and the Parka. She wears jeans and some of the finest cashmere T-neck sweaters, thicker ones with the vest, that I have ever seen throughout the sun tracking exercises. I’m brushed with her fur frequently as we linger in conversation sitting together.

The last evening she shows up wearing a very large and full hooded (Cross) Fox coat and she cuddles up to me much more than in the previous evenings. I’m nearly helpless and shaking as she brushes me with the fur.

I have started to touch her fur unsolicited after about the third day, stroking the fur as I complimented her. She doesn’t blush, frown nor pull away. I kept my boner kind of shoved to one side so it doesn’t show so much. I don’t try to totally hide it anymore. It’s impossible. If she’s disturbed by it she sure doesn’t let on.

I’m getting more of a fur fix than I could have ever imagined. I’m furiously masturbating to Adrian’s image in fur and the fur feelings in my mind every evening, every morning and increasingly in the middle of the night if I can wake up quick enough from my wet dreams of her. If not, I masturbate again.

The night before we finish up our solar plotting, without touching myself I ‘think’ myself into an ejaculation over my minds vision of Adriana in the Red Fox and the Fisher with her wonderful sweaters and what I might be doing with her or she to me. It’s the most wonderful fur/sex ejaculation of my life.

“Zack .. would you like to come over to my place to compile the report?”

“Yes” .. is all I can stammer out. I don’t bother to hide my enthusiasm I’m so sexed up.

As we walk to the car we hold hands and I put my arm around her running my hand through her thick fur. Adriana smiles sweetly as we talk about everything but school or the project. She begins to fill me in on Ma ma and how lucky she is to be living with her.

Adriana doesn’t exactly ignore my fondling her fur but she continues on, talking about whatever it is she has on her mind as I stroke her fur quite freely by then smiling all the time as we keep looking at each other.

I love hearing her talk with the softest and sexiest accent I think I’ve ever heard. She could make garbage collection sound sexy. Adriana had learned American English but her Russian accent colors it ever so nicely.

In contrast her sister sounds like she’s from Kansas. She had learned from American TV shows and movies. Monkey see monkey do.

I meet Ma ma as we go into the kitchen, a large roomy eat-in Kitchen and Family room. Ma ma is wearing a beautiful thick white Mink and suede leather vest with mandarin collar. Her gray hair is the most beautiful I had ever seen.

Adriana tells her we’re going to be doing the report. Ma ma insists we eat dinner since it’s still only a little after seven.

Sunset is around six this time of year so the evening is young. I call my parents to let them know I’ll be at Adriana’s doing our report.

Adriana changes into a big fluffy, hooded White Fox vest over her dark green T-neck sweater and a leather miniskirt for dinner. She has me drooling and stiff as a power pole. I’m going out of my mind with fur visions and stimulation. She knows I know she knows with her coy grin.

Ma ma is quite attractive for her age, maybe fifty or so and is very sexy looking in her vest with the Mink inside. She looks young enough to be their mother and wears it like a house coat. I’m not sure she has anything on under it?

Even Ella has on a very sexy little sort red/gray Fox bolero jacket over her dark brown T-neck sweater. I’m in fur heaven. Adriana gets me into a Mink vest. I’m going crazy wearing fur for the first time in my life.

All during dinner Ma ma has me engaged in conversation. Not at all the stilted inquisition type of conversations some girl’s parents have me in but daily events, what is school like, how do you like the science project, what kind of music do you like and so forth. Ma ma is an artful conversationalist. I give up much more than I thought I did or intended.

After eating Ma ma declares she is retiring for the evening and that we should enjoy ourselves. Adriana has a broad gleeful smile for some unexplained reason as she says good night to her.

As Adriana begins clearing the table with her sister and me helping she gives me a look I had not seen from her to now. It’s the sexiest most lecherous gaze I could ever imagine but ever so brief. My permanent boner gets even stiffer.

Ella disappears as we go into the Study to write up our report. There casino firmaları is a big Red Fox spread and pillows all over the big dark brown leather couch. I’m now out of control.

We sit at the big mahogany desk to write our report. Casually caressed with her Fox and the sweet scent of Adriana in the air. I have a .. hard .. time focusing on our work.

Our data recording and previous calculations are so complete it takes us no time at all to compile it all together and write a summary. Having the answer via the Internet and the Naval Observatory on hand we already know we are only a few minutes off with our rod and string method. We calculated that it would take a hundred years for that degree of error to be at all significant.

Adriana entices me over to the couch to sit and enjoy our success. It’s clear she wants me to more than look. My eyes are wandering all over her fox vest and Adriana moves very close to me as I wrap my hand and arm around her waist pulling her even closer. I pull up her hood around her face and as her face is buried in the fur it is brushing gently against my face as we kissed for the first time.

We’re both so eager and wanting, our lips lock in a passionate and deep tongue tangling kiss. I pull her to me as close as possible and she willingly yields with her arms around me pulling my face down into her fur and to her breasts. My hands come up to them under her soft sweater wrapping my hands around her smallish orbs. She has no bra and I gently begin to fondle them.

She begins to moan quietly in my ear whispering .. “I’m a virgin so we can’t go all the way for a while.”

“Just tell me how far is too far” I whisper back into her ear, taking her earlobe between my lips. She shudders and let with a bit louder moan.

“Not too far yet” she whispers as I’m lifting her sweater up. Soon my mouth is fully around her breast, a nice mouth full. As I suck and knead them in my mouth my tongue first flips over her nipple and then I pinch it between my lips, alternating from one breast to the other. A loud Ahh as Adriana pushes her breast to me harder and she begins breathing heavily getting a warm and ‘smoky’ look in her eyes.

We have both fallen back into the fur spread and pillows being buried in fur and I add fur fondling to her breasts increasing her moaning and squirming.

Her hand wandered down between my legs and I whispered .. “I have never been with a woman like with you either.”

My belt is quickly unbuckled as her hand wanders further into my pants. I’m already pulling her skirt down around her hips along with her panties. She makes sure of that. A mound of thick, soft brown hair soon reveals itself that covers the whole area between her thighs and I begin to shake uncontrollably. The warmth from her crotch with its sweet aroma wafts up to greet me. It’s the smell of an exotic perfume, her aroma, that has me in a spell and overcomes me.

Her hand is around my power pole softly stroking it. The fur is driving both of us crazy and the two parts want to get connected in the worst way. At this point I know she’s as driven as me. Good sense overcomes us just enough to prevent this from happening … now at least.

I might say that at this point in my life I had ‘made out’ with a number of girls from Freshman year on but not consummated or really even gotten much past a whole lot of ‘groping’.

Several girls had expressed their disappointment at my not going all the way with them. I was in no way artful or the least bit skilled. I wasn’t really ‘taken’ by any of them either. I quickly lost my inspiration as my hormone driven desires waned with the reality of not actually liking the girl that much.

It got out in school. Many of my friends made me the butt of their ‘he ain’t never had any’ jokes and puns but I just was not in a rush and intuitively knew that if I held out for the ‘right one’ I would not regret it.

I know now that Adriana is ‘the right one’ and I think she is thinking the same. At least she’s acting that way. I am certainly ‘taken’ by her in every way. No other girl was so wonderfully soft and sweet as Adriana .. and the furs .. oh my oh my. I am not disappointed that I waited.

Being with Adriana somehow gives me ideas I had never even thought of let-alone acted on. Even with my wanderings on the Internet. I was doing them with a skill that surprised me if not Adriana.

My head is down between her thighs and I’m nuzzling into her soft muff before I have any idea of what I’m going to actually do. It’s heavenly and Adriana has her hands behind my head encouraging me on to whatever is to be. She’s in motion in a way that we would both recognize from now on. My mouth is over her labia and I’m suctioning on her vagina almost instantly.

Adriana explodes with soft moaning in what we forever know as her orgasm. She’s been primed and ready for me. No other girl had ever done this with me before. It’s almost instant and surprises me güvenilir casino with its suddenness as her fluids freely flow. I didn’t know girls actually did that and I consume all of her sweet nectar.

She’s not about to release me nor am I interested in release. I’ve just discovered her clitoris with my tongue in her slit and I begin to squeeze it in my lips. Her humping and moaning increases considerably as I’m now ravaging her vagina like a pro with my tongue and fingers probing her inner warmth and softness.

Adriana is in another galaxy as she has several more orgasms. The furs are now all over my head, face and her crotch with my cock buried in the Fox spread. She’s getting off big time in our mutual sex-in-fur fantasies. I’m astonished and driven by her responses.

It’s then I know we’re made for each other. Fur is more than a warm coat to Adriana and she somehow divined my interests in fur.

There seems to be no end to her demand for orgasms. She finally relaxes and releases my head from her vice grip. I’m in no hurry to pull away much to her delight as I linger around her muff and vagina doing some different things and she obviously appreciates the fur fondling. I Fox her crotch and breasts if only to let her know I know. She smiles broadly. Before I know what’s happening next my cock is engulfed in the Fox in her hands and I’m being generously fondled.

I’m almost instantly about to explode when her lips encircle the head of my rigid post. She takes my cock fully into her mouth sucking down to my cock hair, back up and down as I had done for her .. return favor? I explode and I’m cuming with more juice than had ever left me. Not just once or twice. She takes it all as she pumps up and down on my shaft. I lose track as she takes me to another world of lust and desire for her. Her Fox is all around me as I ejaculate time after time. She ravages me and I’m so totally spent I don’t know where I am for a moment.

After being spent Adriana and me hug and hold each other in a soft embrace that is unlike any body to body contact ever in my life. We have our hands all over each other as if we had not explored each other enough for the night.

I’m marveling over her beauty.

While we’re fondling ..

“I started on the pill in anticipation of this. It’s all happened quicker than I had anticipated. I really appreciate your restraint.”

“I have some condoms in anticipation of this but they are untrustworthy.”

“I agree. We both know the facts about sex.”

“Talking with you while we make love somehow seems so natural. Hearing your voice draws me in closer to you. Why did you blush so bright when we first then no more?”

“You had such a big bulge in your pants and struggling so hard to hide it that when you complimented me on my parka I knew you were really turned on by my fur and the way you were looking at the rest of me and my eyes I figured you were on to ME. I was so wanting you already that the compliment took me over the edge. I nearly had an orgasm in the excitement.”

She grabs me by the hand ..”I have something to show you for when we are ready. Something you might think about and anticipate.”

We walk down a nice wide hallway on a series of very fine oriental rugs to an undistinguished door amongst other doors in the hallway. When she opens it my heart nearly leaves my chest. It’s a room sized walk-in closet so full with hanging furs you can only squeeze your way through them. They’re not compressed but it’s wall to wall, floor to ceiling fur. The walk in aisle has a hanging rod over it and is full of furs. There are fur hats, boas and other fur accessories filling the shelves. It’s a bit cooler than the rest of the house which is already on the cool side.

“It’s a bit chilly in here.”

“Climate controlled. Ma ma has been complaining that she needs a larger Closet for our furs but I think it is just right for our needs, don’t you?”

Adriana has a big smile and is bobbing up and down slightly in her eagerness as she looks at me with my cock sticking out like a Knight’s javelin. The rest of me has to catch up with my heart before I can speak.

“I think we can make do with this just fine if you think so.”

“Ella and me get to wear any of Ma ma’s furs we wish. What would you like me to wear?”

I reached in, almost at random until I felt a particularly soft thick fur and pulled out a big soft dark brown fur with longish hair and hand it to her.

“My you have good and expensive taste. This is my favorite too. It’s Russian Sable.”

She wraps it around herself inside out and I nearly fall to my knees. It’s very big on her, very thick, full and to the floor.

“Ma ma likes very large sized fur coats.”

She wraps her arms around me and mine around her fur swathed body. Our passionate kisses almost get us in trouble as I’m trying to stab her labia with the end of my javelin. We stop just in time but only after Adriana has softened my cock for me once again with more generous fondling in the Sable. I’m so weak I can barely walk.

“How long to go before you are ready” I ask.

“A few more weeks.”

She’s frowning with disappointment as she speaks.

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