Admission Pt. 03: Morning

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Big Tits

I awoke feeing like a new woman, deeply satisfied from the previous night of fucking and discovering the sheer carnal joy of Mike’s big cock and the sweet warm gooey reward it produced. Suite 111 was filling with light and the bed beside me where Mike had slept was tousled and empty but I heard the sound of the shower running. I stretched like a cat on the big luxurious bed, then rolled off the side and walked into the steam filled bathroom.

I thought I might just slip into the shower but Mike heard me enter the room and called out.

“Molly? Hey.. is that you?” His wet head popped out of the shower door. “Hey! Morning! He smiled, taking a quick look up and down my naked body. “Man.. you look amazing!” He bit his lip a bit.. “Listen, I ordered us some room service.. would you mind letting them in? Should be here any moment…”

“Sure.. I suppose.. Sure you don’t want me to jump in there with you…?” I pouted seductively.

“Oh, I do., I do! But I am starving after last night and they’ll be here any second. And then we have a couple more hours together still.” He grinned.

“Mmmmm.. well I like that!” I spun on my toes and grabbed a hotel robe off the hanger and walked out as I wrapped it tightly around me.

Sure enough, room service arrived shortly and the waiter arranged the food on the suites living room, on a side table by the windows… a pot of coffee, a pastry basket, a bowl of oatmeal, eggs benedict and a fruit plate with artfully arranged slices of a variety of melon, pineapple, some strawberries. I had to admit I was starving as well and it looked good as I plucked a berry off the plate.

Mike emerged from the bedroom wearing a matching hotel robe. He signed the check and ushered the bellman out as I sat down and poured two cups of coffee.

“This looks lovely.” I said as he picked up the coffee I had poured and took a croissant from the basket. He was standing at the table in front of me. From my seated position my face was exactly at his waist height and I could see the outline of his meaty cock hanging inside the loose robe. My pussy was a little sore but it still pulsed remembering the amazing sensation of his huge cock stretching it the night before. My mouth began to water as well as I remembered how the feeling of his hot cum exploding into my mouth, the warm sweetness of it filling me, had driven me to have one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

I slid my hand in to his robe finding his soft, warm clean cock hanging heavily inside as my other hand tugged loose the belt with one quick tug.

“Hmm.. you don’t give a guy a break do you?” Mike sighed with a big bite of croissant filling his mouth.

“Unh-uh.” I shook my head smiling at him as my fingers wrapped around his delicious softness. I leaned close into him, letting him feel my hot breath on him. I wanted to let him eat something but I was also overcome with my own hunger for him as his cock was just inches from my face. I knew what I wanted for breakfast and I brought my lips to his cockhead and kissed it lightly.

“Mmmm.. all right.. all right,” Mike said pushing my head back a little bit. “If we’re going to do this now we’re going to do it right.” He said as he slipped his robe off his shoulders and stood naked in front of me. “Now, yours, take it off.”

I stood up and let the robe fall to the floor and stepped to him, wrapping my arms around his neck as his went around my waist. The feeling of our warm bodies pressing together was electric and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I began to gently roll my hips against the soft bulge of his cock and I felt it begin to stiffen as the heat of our embrace escalated. Suddenly, Mike pulled back, breaking our embrace and squeezing my chin firmly but gently in his strong right hand.

“Mmm you feel good baby.. but if you want me, if you want my cum this morning, you’re going to have to follow my directions.” He released my face with a slight push, “Get down on your knees.” Eagerly I fell to my knees. “Tell me you want it… “

“Oh yes, please… I want it baby!” I begged as he stood in front of me looking down at my yearning face. His hand began slowly stroking his beautiful cock.

“What do you want? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you… I want to suck your cock again.”

“Why do you want to suck it?”

“I… I… I want to feel you in my mouth.. I want to taste you and make you feel good.” I stammered, unsure of what he wanted me to say. “Oh please baby, I’ve never wanted to suck a cock the way I want yours.” I whimpered.

He maintained his concentration slowly working his almost fully erect cock with his fist. Clearly he was enjoying hearing me tell him how much I wanted him and I was a bit yenibosna escort shocked to hear myself talking like I was but I didn’t care, my lust for him overwhelmed my inhibitions. He knew I needed his fat cock and cum and he wasn’t shy about making me beg for it.

“But why do you really want to suck it?” he asked quietly, staring into my eyes intently, his brazenness and intense focus on me was turning me on and my pussy began to moisten.

God, how I wanted to feel his warm hardness pulsing in my mouth again! “I want to make you cum… I need to feel your hard cock shooting in my mouth.” I licked my lips slowly at the thought.

“Mmmm.. that’s nice baby.. that’s nice…” He murmured dreamily as he brought the tip of his cock closer to my lips “Lick it a little for me. Just your tongue, I want to watch you.”

Slowly, delicately I brought my tongue to his now straining cockhead and let it slide over the head, then all around it in a wet circle. My tongue and pussy felt electric at the warm sensuous taste of his skin and the hint of precum already oozing from the tip.

“That’s it baby, love that cock, worship it with your mouth.” He sighed as I licked and nibbled sensuously all over his cock, letting him feel my lips, tongue and hot breath play on his sensitive skin. “Yes, yesss.. that’s it. I’m just going to watch you… I’m going to let you suck my cock and just watch you love it.”

Knowing he was watching me so intently as I knelt before him worshipping his cock in the soft morning light turned me on in a whole new way. I wanted to put on a show for him as I tried to give him the sexiest, best blowjob I possibly could.

There are a few reasons a woman can suck a man’s cock. One is foreplay, just to get him hard. Another is to do him a favor, sucking him off because he did something nice for you, or it’s a special occasion. Or when your young and don’t know better, you kind of explore everything so suck your boyfriends penis for a bit. Even if you liked, loved it even, in those early years it was still just young exploration.

This though was a new way, to me at least. For the first time in my life I truly wanted to suck cock for the sheer joy of it. To feel it’s strong, hard, masculine warmth in my mouth, working it lovingly with the sole intention of making it release all its magnificent tension into me, pumping all its precious creamy reward into my happy yearning mouth.

The very thought of his allowing me to suck him again now made me breathless as I brought my hands to his cock, my left wrapping around the base and my right cupping his heavy balls. Mike released his grip on himself and I lifted his heavy cock up and ran my wet tongue in a slow, wet luxurious lick from base to head, lingering there to lick the underside of his glans then pressed my face against the shaft, rubbing the smooth, soft warmth wetness of it all over my blissful face.

Slowly, I repeated the long lick from base to tip several times, each time my mouth getting wetter as saliva gushed in eager anticipation what was to come.

Finally when neither Mike nor I could take the tension anymore, I licked all the way up on last time and slipped my wet lips over the head, letting just the tip push its way in, then a little more until my lips stretched one final impossible little bit and popped over the thick ridge of his cockhead.

Mike and I groaned together in deep satisfaction. Fuck it felt amazing! My lips had had to stretch so much it felt like trying to stuff a whole plum into my mouth but the reward of the warm, silky smooth cock head gently pulsing in my mouth was worth the effort. I left it there in my mouth just feeling it nestled snuggly there, tasting the warm maleness of it mixed with a hint of slippery precum. I twisted my head a little from side to side slowly, letting Mike feel the soft friction of my lips.

Slowly I pushed my way down his shaft swallowing as much as I could until his head pressed up against the back of my throat and I slid back up to the tip. My hand came up to meet my lips and slide on his shaft in the slick saliva my mouth had left coating his cock. I breathed deep and slid back down his shaft, straining my lips to get a another inch in.

“Yes, Molly take that cock for me. Take it… you feel so good, so good.”

I began to suck him in earnest now, my hand stroking and twisting up and down the shaft as I swallowed the swollen apple head, my lips stretching over the ridge and down until it plowed into my throat. God I wished I could fit more in my mouth but it was impossible. I had certainly heard of deep throating but I could not even begin to imagine that with this huge cock, that yeşilköy escort was something I might have to work on I thought excitedly as I began to suck faster and harder.

“God I love watching you suck my cock Molly. I can’t believe it… You’re so sexy.. so sexy.” He pulled back suddenly, pulling his cock from my mouth, strands of saliva clinging to my lips.

“Here, come with me.” He commanded, offering me his hand as he led me naked into the bedroom but instead of throwing me across the bed this time he led me into the large adjoining dressing room, stopping in front of the huge full length mirror that covered one wall.

“Here,” He gave me a gentle nudge down and tilted his hips forward slightly offering his wet cock to me again. “I want to watch you, really watch you…”

I dropped to my knees in front of him and happily took him back into my mouth. My wet spit on his dick had cooled making it feel cold as it slid back into the warm depths. Mike’s gaze fixed on me in the mirror as I worked down his shaft and out of the corner of my eye I could see myself straining to stuff his big cock into my hungry, wet mouth. I had to admit it looked incredibly sexy. I had never seen myself suck cock before but the reflection of me naked, on my knees with my lips stretched tightly around Mikes enormous rod looked incredible.

Being able to watch myself made me really focus and get to work on his cock using every trick I knew, reveling in putting on a show. Sucking him as deep as I could then resting, licking and teasing his head as I stoked it, sometimes sucking just the head, then releasing it, breathing heavily on it as I stroked it, then sucked him all the way down till his head probed at my throat again.

“Yes.. look at all that cock in your mouth. Do you like how it looks? Do you like how you look sucking me?” Mike was clearly getting off on being able to see me like this and my watching myself. I had to admit I did look really fucking sexy kneeling naked there before him worshipping his majestic cock.

“Yes baby, I love it! I love seeing your big cock filling my mouth… I love having you watch me.. I want to make you cum.. I want to watch you cum in my mouth for me!” I plunged my mouth down over his cock again. My pussy was on fire and I couldn’t ignore it anymore as my right hand left his balls and slipped down to my soft wet cunt, rubbing and teasing my swollen clit.

“Yes, that’s it, play with that wet pussy… I want you to cum with my load filling your mouth.” His slight thrusting of his cock became more insistent, slamming his thick cock head against the back of my throat.

My mouth was watering so much I could see my wet drool running down my chin and onto the floor as the thick cocksucking saliva from my throat leaked out around his shaft. My hand slid up and down, stroking the at least six inches of his shaft that I couldn’t manage to stuff into my mouth even as my lips stretched and my throat strained to take even just a little more.

Mike pulled his cock from my throat and began to stroke it as I turned to look at myself in the mirror. My face was slick with saliva and my eyes were watering but I had never looked or felt sexier.

“You look amazing,” Mike said, noticing me checking my reflection. “I can’t wait to cum for you and watch it all…”

“Mmmmm… me neither baby!” I licked my lips slowly and smiled up into the mirror at him. “I want it so badly.” I pouted, my eyes imploring him.

Mike groaned a little in concentration as he stroked his cock slowly, holding back his orgasm.

“Where do you want it baby? Tell me where you want me to cum.”

“Oh! All in my mouth! Oh God I want to taste you again! Please!” I moaned and began to suck on my finger as I looked up into his face imploring him to give me my reward.

Mike thrust his cock forward again, shoving himself back into my mouth. I watched in the mirror as it slid into my mouth forcing my jaw open as my lips stretched into a perfect tight “O” around his thick shaft. I watched wide eyed as he pressed forward shoving his cock into me until it pressed against the very back of my throat. Mike held himself there, firmly holding my head as I struggled to breathe even as I loved being stuffed full of his cock. As it pulsed there against my throat I could tell he was close to cumming, his breathing growing ragged and tense as he strained to hold me down on his thick rod.

Sensing his orgasm building drove me wild in anticipation of receiving his load again and my fingers quickened their pace on my clit. Mike released my head now and I gasped for air before plunging back down, bobbing up and down hungrily, my hand stroking zeytinburnu escort his length.

As I said before, there is something different about sucking cock when you are 100% intent on making your man cum. There’s no holding back when you’re sole focus is on getting your luscious, creamy reward and at that moment I wanted it more than anything as my hands, mouth lips and tongue all worked together with focused, lustful determination!

I didn’t recognize the woman I saw reflected in the mirror as she ravenously worked the big cock in her mouth. Drool covered her face and tits, her hair was damp with sweat and there was a wild, animal look in her eyes as she choked and gagged on the fat cock stretching her lips, but my God she looked hot!

“Ooohhh… I’m gonna cum!” Mike groaned, “Oh God yes baby… just like that, don’t stop!” as I bobbed up and down his shaft.

Mike grabbed the base of his cock and pulled it from my mouth stroking it rapidly as I strove to get the head back between my lips. “Open your fucking mouth, tip your head back!” Mike directed me urgently.

“Oh yes baby! Give it to me… shoot if for me!” I begged, looking up into his eyes longingly.

With a shuddering groan and one final stroke Mike’s cock erupted, a gorgeous thick white stream of cum exploding from the tip splashing hot and wet across my yearning tongue. A second, and then a third, hot stream blasted into my willing, begging, open mouth filling it with it’s warm, sweet saltiness before Mike turned his hips slightly and shot two more thick streams across the mirror in front of me.

Feeling the hot cream in my mouth and seeing my cum smeared reflection drove my pussy wild as I rode my rubbing fingers to my own orgasm. My body shook and quivered as I gasped for air while trying to hold my luscious reward in my mouth.

Finally the convulsions of my orgasm subsided and I was able to come back into the moment. Mike had collapsed weakly against the wall still clutching his cock in his fist as my eyes came back into focus and I took in the glorious scene reflected in the mirror before me.

My naked body was trembling. Drool and cum dripped down running between my breasts but the most amazing things was my face; I was a cum smeared mess! Thick strands clung to my lips and cheeks, mingling there with the wet sheen of my own cocksucking juices and my hair was tangled and sweaty, yet, through all of that there was a profound look of happy satisfaction on my face.

I moved closer to the mirror to admire myself. I opened my mouth marveling at all the cum accumulated there. I twirled my tongue in the warm, milky white pool, it’s soft pinkness cavorting in Mike’s sweet load. God, it looked amazing! To be able to see myself like this was the sexiest thing I could imagine. I looked and felt so utterly feminine that I didn’t ever want to stop admiring myself but finally, after one last, long, appraising look at the happy cum slut in the mirror, I opened my mouth wide, letting all the warm jizz pool around my tongue, then swallowed slowly feeling it slide down my throat and into my hungry belly.

Mike had snapped free from his own post orgiastic reverie and had been watching me as I admired my reflection and played lovingly with the sweet cum he had shared with me. As I sighed a satisfied post-swallow sigh, he pushed the back of my head gently but firmly towards the my reflection and the two streams of cum dripping slowly down the cool glass.

“Lick it up.. lick it all up.” He instructed me and without hesitation my tongue darted out and lapped at the slick glass. A couple of long streams dripped down the mirror and I dropped low, licking slowly all the way up as I watched myself carefully gathering every drop happily into my mouth.

“Yes Molly, lick it all up.” I thought to myself “Lick it all up like a a good girl. You deserve it. That’s right, get it all like the cum slut you are!” I had never before seen the look I now saw in my own eyes as I cleaned that mirror; a profound sense of deep satisfaction gleaming there as I licked the last few drops from the glass.

I turned my reflection up to Mike and opened my mouth to show him the last of his cum on my tongue then, staring him in the eye I swallowed again, focusing on the sublime feeling as the last of his sweet cum slid down my throat.

“Mmmmmmmm…” I sighed as I sat back on my heels and smiled up at Mike in thanks as he looked down at me with a look of loving amazement.

“Oh my God, Molly! That was unbelievable!” He started to laugh a little, “Oh my God.. Oh my…” laughing more now he hugged my head to his waist.. “We have GOT to get your son into school!”

By now I had almost completely forgotten our arrangement, that Mike would help get my son in to his University if I spent the night with him. My newfound lust had eclipsed the importance of that but I realized now even as our deal was complete that I needed Mike’s help not only for my son’s future but for my own now, as I looked forward to visiting Boston as often as possible in the years ahead!

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