Acts of Kindness Reap Rewards

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Jesse left the construction site he was working on and headed into town to pay his gas bill at the local hardware store. After making the payment, he headed down Main Street, on his way home, which was in the country on the other side of town. He was approaching the stop light and saw a old blue ford car in the center lane with it’s turn signal on, waiting to pull into the lane he was driving in. He saw a cute face looking in his direction and waved his hand to the girl, signaling for her to go in front of him.

The girl’s face lingered in his mind a few seconds as he pulled up behind her and waited for the light to turn green. Jesse followed the car for a few blocks until she took a left turn and drove away from him. He headed through town then turned off to a road that lead into the country. A few minutes later, he pulled onto his dirt driveway that lead to his trailer.

There was a message blinking on the answering machine. Jesse pushed play and listened to the message from his friend, Buck. Buck was inviting Jesse to a cookout at his house Saturday around 4pm and mentioned that there would be food and lots of pretty women. Jesse laughed at the message and headed straight to his bathroom to clean all the dirt and mud off his body from work.

Sunday morning, Jesse headed to work at the crack of dawn with the thought of the cookout later in the day on his mind. He was looking forward to hanging out with his friends, enjoying a few drinks and eating some grub. Cookouts on Saturday were a normal event in his farm town.

Jesse pulled into his driveway around 1:30pm, took a cool shower and laid down for a quick nap. Jesse heard his alarm buzzing at 3:30, reached over and turned the alarm off then sat up in bed. He spent a few minutes dressing then headed to his friend’s house.

He drove down Buck’s long dirt driveway that lead to his old farm house, surrounded by 3 acres of grass. One acre was fenced off and had been used for a cow grazing area before Buck purchased the house. Jesse could hear country music blaring outside the house, coming from the pole barn.

Several cars were already parked just to the left and right of the long driveway. Jesse hopped out of his truck and walked up the driveway, meeting Buck, who was putting burgers and corn ears on the grill, next to the pole barn.

“What’s up Jesse? I am glad you made it. How was work today?” Buck asked as he shook Jesse’s hand.

Jesse responded, “Hot and tiring, but not too bad. Looks like you have a great turnout so far.”

“Yeah, I am going to make a ton of burgers and corn so I don’t have to stand here all day. Pete, Sandy, Holly, Sammy and Tinkle toes are in the barn already. Pete’s cousin came too and brought a big group of chicks with him. Some of them are pretty hot.”

“For real? That is good to hear. I wondered who some of the vehicles were hear. I didn’t recognize a few of them.”

“Yeah, a few of the girls drove because there were too many to fit in Pete’s truck. There is supposed to be a group of people coming from Huntersville too. It should be a hell of a party.” Buck commented.

“I am going to get a drink. Do you want anything?” Jesse asked.

Buck replied, “Nah. I already got a cold one.” He held up his beer with a can coolie on it.

Jesse headed inside the barn and chatted with a few of his friends while making his way to a large metal tub at the rear of the pole barn. The metal tub was filled with ice and beer, sitting next to the stereo pumping the music out.

As Jesse was grabbing a beer, he saw a group of people mingling toward the opposite rear corner of the barn. He saw one face he thought he recognized, but did not know the rest of the people. He stared at the face of the female he thought he recognized for a few seconds, trying to figure out where he had seen her before. After looking at her for a few seconds, while taking a drink of beer, the girl turned and glanced in Jesse’s direction.

She looked toward a guy who had is back to Jesse, who was talking, for a few seconds before looking back at Jesse. She could feel him looking at her. She looked back at him and their eyes met. He saw her give him warm smile and returned the smile. He took another drink of the beer, which tasted great, and scanned the barn, looking for a few of his friends. He did not realize that the woman he had been staring at was walking his way until she was standing next to him and started talking.

“Hey, where do I know you from? You look familiar.” the girl said to him.

Jesse quickly turned his head in the direction of the voice, momentarily startled. He saw who it was and replied, “You know, I am not sure, but I was thinking the same thing.”

“Do you drive an older, gray Chevy truck?” she asked.

“Yes. Yes I do actually.” he answered.

“I know. Weren’t you the guy that let me in at the red light on Main Street earlier in the week?”

“That is why your beautiful face looks so familiar.” Jesse answered. “Yes, I think that was you.”

The pendik escort two of them introduced themselves and get to know each other a little bit before going separate ways. Jesse walked over to his buddies while the girl, who introduced herself as Liz, went back to her group of friends.

Jesse thought Liz was really attractive. She sounded like a nice girl to him and he made a mental note to find her a little later and strike up a conversation again. After finishing the beer and grabbing another one, Jesse helped Buck carry a couple plates, piled with burgers and corn ears, into the garage. A line quickly formed in front of the food. Jesse had set two burger aside before bringing the food into the garage.

Jesse walked around the back of the pole barn and pissed away one of the beers then pulled up a lawn chair on the concrete pad on the side of the house, close to the grill. He sat next to Buck and started eating. A half way through his sandwich, Liz came around the corner of the barn and sat down next to Jesse.

“It is a little loud in there. You don’t mind if I join you two do you?” Liz said, breaking the silence.

Jesse quickly swallowed his bite of hamburger and replied, “Not at all.”

Buck noticed the way they were looking at each other. He stood up and said, “I will be right back. I gotta grab something from inside.”

Liz took a bite of her sandwich and Jesse asked, “So, do you have a boyfriend?”

She finished chewing then answered him. “Not anymore. I was dating a guy for a few months but I found out he was messing around with another girl so I broke up with him a few weeks ago. How about you? I good looking guy like you surely has a beautiful girlfriend, right?”

Jesse blushed at her compliment and replied, “No actually. I broke up with my girlfriend from high school a couple months ago. We just didn’t get along like we used to and decided to break it off.”

She gave him a frown and said, “Sorry to hear that.”

“No. It’s okay. I don’t know why a guy would cheat on you though. He must have been an idiot. You seem like a very nice girl and are very pretty.”

It was Liz’s turn to blush. “Well, thank you.”

Jesse saw Buck return from inside the house, carrying another plate of hamburgers. Buck placed several hamburgers on the grill then sat back down and started to finish eating his food. When he finished, he turned toward Jesse and Liz.

“So who is your friend here Jesse?”

“Buck, this is Liz. Liz, this is my best friend, Buck.”

“There you are.” a friend of Liz’s said as she turned the corner of the barn and walked toward the three of them. “I wondered where you went.”

“Hey Betsy! It got a little too loud for me in there with everyone talking so I stepped out for a minute.”

Betsy extended her hand to Liz and said, “Pete broke out a box of strawberry wine. Come on, you have got to try it. It tastes great.”

Liz took Betsy’s hand and stood up. She looked back at Jesse and said, “I will find you later.”

Jesse watched Liz as she walked away. He wondered to himself how she fit into the tight pair of blue jeans she was wearing, that hugged her body. The jeans were tucked into pink cowgirl boots at the bottom. She was wearing a black t-shirt that said, “Let’s get Bucked up” in pink letters across her chest. Below the letters, was the outline of a buck, also in pink.

When the girls disappeared around the corner of the pole barn, Buck said to Jesse, “Wow! She is hot! How do you know her?”

Jesse nodded his head in agreement and answered, “Yes she is! I let her in front of me at the red light on Main earlier this week, but today was the first day I met her.”

The crowd grew as the afternoon became long. People started disbursing throughout the property, some sitting on the tail gate of their trucks and others gathered in the grass where the cows once grazed. A large fire pit sat in the middle of the fenced in area. A cool breeze moved in as the sun started to set, making it a little chilly outside.

Buck decided it would be a good idea to start a bonfire so he gathered help to carry logs of wood and fallen twigs from the trees to the fire pit. About twenty people gathered around the fire. Jesse walked out to his truck, to find a private place to piss. He stood at the far corner of his truck and relieved himself. As he was finishing, he was startled by the sound of footsteps.

“Whatcha’ doin?” he heard a familiar voice say, coming from the dark.

“Um, nothing.” He said, looking to see if it was Liz’s voice.

He quickly zipped up his jeans and walked to the back of his truck. He was hard to see with his camouflage shirt on. Liz was at least fifteen feet away from his truck and walking in his direction. She saw him heading down the drive, while inside the barn, and decided to catch up with him.

“Where are you?” Liz asked as she came closer to the truck. “Are you leaving?”

Jesse dropped the gate of his truck silivri escort and hopped up on it. Liz walked to the back of the truck, saw him sitting on the gate and approached him. She walked in between his spread legs and set her red, plastic cup filled with strawberry wine on the tailgate next to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his stomach.

“Your body is warm. I am so cold.” she said, giving herself a reason to cuddle up to his body.

Jesse wrapped his arms around her head and held her close to him. He couldn’t believe he was holding this beautiful girl. The effects of the strawberry wine were making Liz feel tipsy. She liked him and wanted to spend some alone time with him.

He started rubbing his hands up and down her back. “I will warm you up.”

“Would you please?” she said, meaning it in more way than one.

Jesse tapped the tailgate with his hand and said, “Come sit up here and I will keep you warm.”

He helped Liz up on the tailgate then wrapped his arm around her, holding her body against his body. Liz turned her upper body toward him and wrapped her arms around his upper body, just under his out stretched arms. She could feel the firm muscles of his body holding her close and it made her feel secure.

He could feel her breasts pressed up against his chest and the bottom of his left arm. Having her body close to him, smelling her sweet perfume, was making him excited. He ran his hands up and down her back as he held her close.

“Are you feeling warmer now?” he whispered in her ear.

His soft voice sent a chill down her spine. Her body shuddered for a second before she answered, “Much better. I feel so warm in your arms. Hold me close for a little bit.”

The country music could be heard in the distance as they sat quietly on the tailgate, holding each other for a few minutes. Jesse would occasionally look down at Liz’s face, looking at her full lips, cute button nose and rosy cheeks. He wanted to kiss her lips so bad.

Liz looked up at him and said, “What are you thinking about?”

He chuckled a second before answering, “I was thinking about how I would like to kiss you.”

Liz stared into his eyes with a solemn look on her face and quickly replied, “That would be nice. You should.”

Jesse slowly leaned down and moved his right arm to the back of her head. His lips softly pressed against her lips. He could taste the strawberry wine on her lips as he kissed her full lips.

Her heart started fluttering as she kissed him back for a moment before he pulled away. The brief kiss made her wanting more. She arched her back toward him and kissed him one more time. Their lips embraced for a couple of seconds before he pulled away once more.

He tightened his arms around her and held her close. He didn’t know where this was going to lead but he was excited to find out. He pulled away from her kiss because he felt his groin start to stir and didn’t want to her to see a bulge between his legs.

“Would you like to get out of here? I know a great place where it is peaceful and quiet.” He asked her.

She nodded her head up and down. “Let me go get another glass of wine and I will tell my friends that you are taking me home. I will tell them I am drunk and ready for bed.”

“Do you want me to walk you up there?” he asked.


They walked down the dirt driveway, his arm around her shoulder. She found Betsy with a guy by the bonfire and told her the story she had rehearsed in her head while walking toward the barn. Jesse found Buck in the barn and told him what was going on. Buck and him shared a handshake, then he grabbed two beers and headed in the direction of his truck.

Liz filled her cup with wine then rushed to catch up with her new crush. She held her cup in her right hand and wrapped her left arm around his waist. Her head rested on his shoulder as they walked to the truck.

“So where are we headed?” she asked as they hopped up into the truck.

Jesse navigated his way out of his parking spot, turned the truck around and headed toward the road without answering her right away. As he took a left on the road, he answered, “I know a clearing by the woods out in the country. There is a fantastic view of the stars from there and I think you will love it.”

She moved closer to him on the seat and wrapped her arms around the top of his right arm, pressing her face against his shoulder once more. The country music station played softly on the radio as he drove down the winding, country roads. Liz did not know where they were or where they were going, but she didn’t care as long as she was able to be with him.

After about ten minutes, he drove the truck off the road and followed a well beaten path along the river, towards a wooded area. The path winded along the river making a few turns to the left and right. Once through the small area of trees, Jesse took a right into a grassy, open area şirinevler escort and parked the truck. He grabbed two blankets from the floor behind his seat and hopped out of the truck. Liz hopped out of her side of the truck and met him at the tailgate. He stood on her tippie toes and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He held her close for a moment, giving her several kisses in return.

He lowered the tailgate, laid one blanket down on the bed of the truck, then helped Liz climb up inside the truck bed. They lay down on their backs and pulled the second blanket over them. Liz placed her hand in his hand as they stared up at the sky. They could hear the sound of the river and crickets and swaying of tree branches in the background.

Liz briefly turned her head to glance at him before looking back at the sky and saying, “It is so beautiful out here. Thank you for bringing me here.”

He put his left hand under her neck and pulled her body closer to him. “You are welcome. Thank you for coming.” After a few seconds of silence, he continued, “Who would have thought that a simple act of kindness at a red light would lead to us being here tonight?”

“I agree. Wow! These stars are so bright and beautiful.”

Within minutes, their bodies were intertwined, their hands all over each other, their mouths locked in kisses. Jesse slid his hand up under her shirt and runs his fingers over her stomach.

“MMM” she moaned. “Your hands are so hot.”

He was already starting to breath heavier and feels her groin tingle in anticipation of where things were going. Her hands grasped his butt and pulled his hips up against her body. She kissed and sucked up and down on his neck.

His hand slid up under her bra, which slid up past her breasts, giving his hand full access to her chest. The tips of his fingers slid over her mounds, causing her to moan again. She closed her eyes and laid flat on her back, ready to enjoy the feelings of him on her body.

He started kneading her breasts, which felt soft and smooth in his hands. The cool air snuck in under the blanket and kissed her nipples, making them hard. Leaning in, he passionately kissed her as his hands pleasured her upper body. With out thinking, his hips ground against her body. She moaned in his mouth and pressed her hips back against his hips.

Liz gasped for air when she felt his hand slide down her body, past her stomach and dip inside her jeans. Because her jeans, were tight, he was not allotted full access so he used his free hand to unbutton and unzip her jeans. Liz lifted her hips and helped him wiggle her hips out of the jeans. His hand slid inside her underwear and started moving up and down her soft, swollen labia. Liz was very excited and looking forward to getting it on with this sexy, sweet man.

When his finger dipped inside her vagina, her hips shot up in the air, causing his finger to bury deep inside her. He felt her hot, wetness surround his finger.

“Oh my, you are really wet.” he whispered in her ear.

“You made me that way.” she answered.

Her moans were making him very excited. Her hips rose and fell with the movements of his finger, making her wetter and wetter.She felt a strong sensation jolt her body when Jesse ran his finger over her swollen, aching clit. He felt her hips buck against his hand.

Sliding a second finger inside her, he continued to prime her body for the main attraction. Needing to feel his body in her hands, Liz started peeling his shirt off his body. She was willing to sacrifice the removal of his hand from between her legs for a brief moment in order to feel his hard, naked chest in her hands.

She groaned loudly when two fingers slid back inside her soaking wet vagina. She didn’t know how much longer she could wait without having his hard rock in her hands. Her fingers were groping his hard chest and sliding over his firm stomach. She loved that he was well built, sexy and knew how to make her feel good.

Her hands moved to his jeans and quickly loosened them, dipping inside and wrapping around his hard dick. She started stroking him, loving the heat radiating off his member. His hips moving back and forth with her hand, made her visualize him inside her wet kitty. She stroked him for a minute or two while he continued to finger her before she could not wait any longer. Her body was burning up so she threw the blanket off their bodies, exposing them to the earth.

When they finished undressing, Liz pulled Jesse on top of her body and guided his hard member between her legs. He slowly slid his hard dick inside her inch by inch. Liz spread her legs wider, giving him full access to her vagina.

Her hot, warm, slick pussy felt wonderful as he slid deep inside her. They both moaned loudly when their hips met. He paused, letting her adjust and giving him a chance to adjust to the warmth and tight confines of her walls.

“Oh my God! You are bigger than I am used to.” she said, making him feel good about himself.

“You are so tight. You feel so good!” he replied.

Within moments, their hips were working in unison, dancing under the light of the moon. The cool air would hit their body from time to time. Liz would shudder in response to the gust of cool air hitting her body. He enjoyed the cool air, making his hair stand on end and keeping him from overheating.

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