Across the Rooftops Ch. 04

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Saturday morning and Ewan rose, as usual, to sit on his rooftop drinking tea. His penis rose, as well, to stand on its own as he thought about sexual things This had soon become his other habit in the mornings in Greece. It had not been his habit back in Scotland, not that he had had some private rooftop terrace there but, even so, the days would have been few when he could have comfortably sat outside naked in the early morning and pleasantly masturbated. The endless mornings of sunshine in a Greek summer lulled him into different things, the heat and the warmth of the sun on his penis seemed very much to encourage him and, despite the lack of female company, he was enjoying his sex life. Solo masturbation has no complications, no emotional entanglements or another person to satisfy and his thoughts could go anywhere and do anything.

He could imagine sex with a stunningly attractive film star, or being the only male at a girls’ school (the result of some ‘unfortunate’ administrative error), or the male supervisor of a group of late teenage girls at a holiday camp or on a hike. Ewan rather liked the idea of skinny dipping with the girls. They wanting a swim in a lake or river and, being in their hiking gear and not having swimming things, deciding to go in ‘naturally.’ Him approving the idea and standing there watching (and supervising) as they undressed. He liked the idea of them clamouring for him to do the same and then giggling at the sight of his ‘willy.’ Naturally, in his mind, this led to them tricking him into erection – not exactly difficult to do when they started stroking their multitude of breasts in a rather suggestive way. The shear excitement of imagining himself naked and hard with a group of girls was quite something. ‘Proudly erect’ – the male with his ‘horn.’

Nice to imagine rather less giggles and the girls looking much more serious as they took in the size of the thing (perhaps he imagined himself rather more endowed than he actually was); so nice to walk around the girls (supervising) as if there was nothing odd about being there naked with them and strongly erect. In his mind it had something of the pleasure he got from walking naked or being naked outside and erect – both with and without Ed. A pleasure in being manly – undoubtedly a sexual pleasure.

“Come on girls, into the water,” said whilst his erection moved from being inches from one young girl to close to another. Naked bodies all around him and him the only male.

Ewan stood up on his rooftop. Of course, his thoughts usually moved from the swim, the pleasant swim with the girls in the water, to them all coming out of the water and inevitable remarks about how small his penis had become in the, no doubt cold and un-Mediterranean water – how shrunken! Naturally he got them to do exercises and a bit of running to warm up. Young bouncing, unrestrained boobs in the sunshine being a joy to behold: a joy bound to encourage even the most cold, shrunken penis to warm and rise. Exercising with them naked and erect – wonderful. The delightful exposure – and the pleasure in seeing all eyes glued to his erection. Inevitably there would be questions, a desire to touch leading to sucking – all the girls naturally ‘wanting a go.’ And, of course, they would want to see him cum. Naturally they would!

Ewan looked out over the town, conscious of his naked maleness but with no-one on Ed’s roof or any other which overlooked him he was not perturbed. Lovely to be out in the sunshine. Lovely to stand there naked and erect. It felt just so good. He walked over to the water tank to see if the holidaying black girls were there. He had looked earlier when he first came on the roof but the roof had been deserted. It was still empty. A few pegs had been left on the line. Perhaps the girls and their men had already left, their holiday finished and were now no longer in Greece at all. Down in their holiday home the ‘maids’ might already have tidied, dusted, arranged the crockery neatly and changed the sheets ready for the next guests. The only thing showing the black girls had ever been there being the moved pegs on the washing line.

He stood looking over and thinking about the girls. About watching them on his own and with Ed. He would have liked to see them again. How nice to be able to watch them – ideally naked or best with their men doing things. To see them moving around with their lovely black shiny skin, wide hips, dark fur and not insubstantial breasts. Nice to imagine the men having gone home and they inviting him to join them – borrowing him for sex. Ewan had not dated a black girl. He liked the thought of seeing his pale skin against the dark and his pale erection sliding twixt black breasts and then between black thighs. He liked the thought of having the task of satisfying both sexually. Three in a bed or three on a rooftop. Plentiful sex. Perhaps taking them to one of his secluded coves. Naked sunbathing, naked swimming, perhaps the girls taking it in turn to suck his erection, all salty tasting from the sea. He merter escort was sure that would be nice – both for him and them.

But there was no one there to see. The door to the roof was closed and all was deserted. It had a strangely forlorn look to it. Ewan turned and stepped back out into the sunlight, once more forgetting to peek out to check no one – or more specifically, Xylophia – was there. It was unthinking and Xylophia was indeed there and this time her back was not turned. She saw him. She saw Ewan McStrawn in all his nakedness and, moreover, complete with a full ‘hard-on.’

Xylophia’s teeth flashed white in the sun as she saw him and nudged her husband in his ribs. Ed was there beside her. She was not alone. He raised his hand in greeting and despite his sudden predicament Ewan automatically did the same. To be fair, both Xylophia and Ed were as naked as he, no different from him except, of course, that erection. For the first time Ewan was seeing Xylophia unclothed. He had been sure her body was fine, had judged it through the thin wrap she had had on one morning and, indeed, through that pretty blue dress. The reality was not disappointing right down to the patch of dark hair between her thighs.

There seemed no shock on Xylophia’s part, no hand to mouth, turning away or running for the doorway. No attempt at hiding her sexual attributes either, no hand dropping to cover her pubic hair whilst the other hand and its arm covered her breasts . Instead she whispered something to Ed and then reached with her hand not to her own sex but his and began bouncing Ed’s cock up and down in the palm of her hand making its pink exposed end jump in the sunshine.

What had she said? Had she made some comment about his erection or perhaps suggested Ed should ‘salute’ his friend by erecting as well. Ewan had not thought Ed would but now rather wondered whether Ed had told her about their wanking sessions. Surely the ‘docking’ was not something he would have mentioned to his wife?

It was the hand on Ed’s cock, the bouncing up and down of his penis, which prevented Ewan hiding himself. He stood seemingly glued to the spot, his erection not abating one jot as his friend’s penis grew to match. It was a strange exposure. He and Ed had stood looking at each other before whilst naked, erect and wanking but this was different – there was a third person in the picture. Neither Ed nor he were touching their penises but Xylophia was, she was stroking Ed’s erection with her fingers. It was there all firm in the sunlight. Did it mean he should do the same?

Ewan reached down and pulled back his foreskin – an added exposure, to him anyway. Ed’s knob was permanently exposed – at least when not concealed within Ewan’s foreskin! Ed’s hands rose and touched Xylophia. His touch was sexual: to her breasts. Ewan swallowed realising he was about to see rather more than just Ed being wanked. It was obvious too that he was not meant to just peep: he was meant to stand fully exposed and watch.

From fondling breasts, Ewan watched Ed’s hand slide between Xylophia’s thighs. His fingers first on her bush and then a finger sliding into her divide. They were not that close to Ewan but he did not miss the detail. Would it be impolite to go and get the binoculars? Probably!

It was sexually charged, Ewan stayed rooted to the spot staring at Ed’s hand, watching it moving below that interesting dark patch of hair, imagining what he was feeling. Was she already wet? Were Ed’s fingers touching just soft warm flesh or were her lips already moist, slippery even, with that lovely lubrication girls produce? HIs penis felt like iron, the sight so sexually exciting, and he could not resist touching it again and sliding his foreskin in time, he realised, with Xylophia’s own fingers on Ed.

Xylophia moved, her fingers ceasing to stroke and her head lowered. It was obvious what she was going to do. With her free hand she held her hair out of the way, ensuring Ewan got a clear view of her mouth on Ed’s penis. She did not hurry. Perhaps she was really enjoying showing off. Had she ever before done such an exhibitionist act? Ewan swallowed as he saw her mouth open. She paused like that giving him a delightful profile view of Ed’s standing cock with Xylophia’s face and opened mouth inches away. A pause and then Xylophia turned and looked at him. Was she checking he was watching? It was a bit unlikely he would have lost interest! Was she really enjoying being watched and wanted to see the watching?

Lovely to see her then descend and her lips slip over the knob. Ewan could imagine the feeling: the lovely wet feeling as a soft mouth took in the penis. Perhaps it was the slowness of the act, perhaps it was a subconscious encouragement, but he realised his own mouth had opened as if to absorb the shiny knob just as her own had done. He closed it. He had never sucked cock himself but he rather thought it must be nice for the woman – it certainly was for the man being nişantaşı escort fellated!

Xylophia leant in towards Ed and down her throat went his cock. Backwards and forwards she rocked, her lips sliding up and down his shaft as Ewan followed the motion with his own foreskin perfectly in time.

Ed looked up from watching his wife and smiled across to Ewan. It was obvious to Ewan this had been planned. It was not an accident Xylophia and Ed were on the roof naked and intimate. Perhaps they wanted to be exhibitionist to a ‘safe’ audience, something they had talked about for a time but not yet had the opportunity to perform, or perhaps it was a present from Ed to Ewan: to let him watch and enjoy Xylophia not just naked but sexually engaged. They had both enjoyed watching the black couples and Ed knew Ewan liked to watch. Or perhaps, again, it was for Xylophia to see him naked and erect – perhaps also, as seemed likely to happen, to see his penis spurt.

Xylophia’s eyes turned to Ewan, watching him as she sucked, watching him as he wanked. Her mouth slowly slid up Ed’s shaft and right off the end, she turned her head fully towards Ewan and, her eyes on his, slowly licked her lips before parting them and making an ‘O’ shape. The implication obvious to Ewan – an ‘O’ shape for his cock. She leant forward as if taking him into her mouth. Ewan had to take his hand away from his penis otherwise he would have come there and then. The idea of Xylophia’s lips sliding down his penis, her tongue perhaps burrowing right into his long foreskin so exciting. It was months, perhaps a year, since he had experienced fellatio and his desire to be in Xylophia’s mouth was very, very strong.

Ewan desperately wanted to be invited over, to be beckoned over as before: not simply for coffee but for sex – fellatio and, perhaps, a fuck – the pleasurable idea not just of enjoying pretty Xylophia but sharing her with Ed, perhaps he in her mouth and Ed in her vagina and, there might be, a swopping around. Ed and he with their cocks up and proud just as they had walked on the beach and in the pine forest but walking around the woman, their cocks shining with saliva and lubrication, the girl to taste herself on Ed’s penis and he to enter her sex.

But it was not to be. There was no friendly beckoning from either Ed or Xylophia. Instead, Xylophia rose and the couple embraced, Ed’s erection squashed between them. It seemed it was now Xylophia’s turn to be orally pleasured. A lounger was moved and Xylophia reclined. Again, the action was deliberate, it was made with Ewan in mind; it was no co-incidence that, as Xylphia lay down and opened her thighs, Ewan had a view straight between them, the sunlight shining there showing him everything.

Ed looked across at him and paused. It came to Ewan that he was expected to get the binoculars, expected to examine Xylophia through them, expected to make a detailed examination – he went to get them. They had been left at his vantage point where Ed and he had watched the black girls and men. There was still no one there. The roof was deserted. But what if the black girls had been there? What would he have done? On one roof two black couples engaged perhaps in sex: on the other Xylophia with her legs open for him to view. It would have been so impolite – a strange impoliteness but impolite nonetheless to have stayed and watched the black couples copulate and not gone back to view Xylophia.

Remarkable to stand in full view of Ed and Xylophia to raise the binoculars, holding them in both hands as he stood naked and erect in their clear sight. Lovely to look so closely between Xylophia’s thighs and see the curly black hair sparkle with moisture. She looked both wet and succulent, thick labia major and un-parted labia minora all there for him to see. The closed labia minora sinuously running downwards, the line between the lips not straight but curving in and out. And then he saw fingers, feminine fingers on her sex, fingers opening her labia and showing him the entrance to her body. Ewan’s penis twitched as the whole rush of male desire hit him – he wanted to push into what he was seeing and release his semen. His penis hard and swollen wanted to come.

“Invite me over, invite me over,” he whispered imagining himself running down his stairs, out into the street naked and with his erection bobbing and then up and up their stairs to fling himself on top of her and inseminate. But there was no call, no beckoning hand. Probably he would have had the sense to pull on shirt and shorts before running outside!

In the binoculars Ewan saw Xylophia’s fingers push into herself and then toy with the visible button of her clitoris. It must be that she was enjoying showing herself off, enjoying the exhibitionism – perhaps as much as he was enjoying the voyeurism. It just did not seem something done merely to please her husband.

Into his field of view swung Ed’s penis and he just about saw it enter Xylophia before all he ortaköy escort could see was Ed’s rising and falling hairy bottom there in the glass of his binoculars, his anal opening seeming to wink at him as Ed’s buttocks opened and closed with his thrusts. Ewan put down the binoculars. Ed’s bottom held little interest for him. He liked Ed’s genitalia, liked seeing it in action, indeed had found he liked feeling it but the rest of him including his bottom was not terribly interesting. Xylophia’s bottom was somewhat of a different matter.

Had it been Ed on the lounger and Xylophia straddling him it might well be her anus winking at him and he knew very well he would have stared at that. Stared at his friend’s erection going in and out of her just a little below her anus, stared as his balls flapped up and down as he worked and, as he stared, he would have thought about being invited to join them – join their intercourse but in Xylophia’s bottom, eased himself past her sphincter and slipped up alongside his friend’s penis. Two organs side by side with just Xylophia’s vaginal and rectal wall between them. He and Ed had not rubbed cocks side by side, only head on, he rather suspected on another walk or even having early morning coffee they might just do that – hardness against hardness – it would be nice but better still double penetrating Xylophia.

It was good thinking of Ed and he sliding in their respective passages, their balls mashing together as they shared Xylophia but the reality was that he was on his roof and they on theirs. After a time the couple changed position. Xylophia on her hands and knees and Ed covering her – the position of the animals – allowing Ed to fondle and play with Xylophia’s lovely hanging breasts. Even with the traffic noise in the distance, the bird song and the sounds of a town waking, Ewan could hear a certain slapping sound of bare flesh against bare flesh. Could other neighbours hear it? There was no one else to see. Was some black clothed aged widow shaking her head in disapproval at the sounds, recognising them from her younger days when her late husband had played the fool. Was some young man, a lad newly awakened to what his penis did, lying naked and sweaty from the night’s sleep, furiously wanking as he heard what he suspected were the sounds of sexual intercourse. He would be wondering what sexual intercourse was like? What girls were like between their legs? When would he have a chance to…?

Ewan watched and freely wanked at the display.

Ed pulled out and Ewan saw the familiar stuff shooting from Ed’s penis, white and sparkling in the sunshine as it landed on Xylophia’s back and bottom. Was the penis removed as contraception – the Rhythm Method or was it for Ewan’s benefit – to see rather than imagine his friend’s climax

Their heads turned towards him, it was very deliberate, and Ewan realised it was going to be his turn. There was no escape. Up on his rooftop he was going to have to come and perform a public ejaculation just as Ed had done. He saw Xylophia reach behind her and touch Ed’s ejaculate and then bring her fingers to her lips. Ewan was already wanking with enthusiasm but that, the sight of Xylophia tasting Ed’s cum, was too much. Ewan’s head went back and he too began to spurt.

He came hard. He was very worked up. He wanted, and almost felt he was, showering them both with his cum. He wanted to show them what he could do. It certainly spurted in their direction but a man cannot project that far. Nonetheless through half closed, screwed up eyes, Ewan saw his cum really fly. Indeed, it flew so far that it disappeared over his parapet and vanished down towards the street below. He saw it later, one faint and dried strand on the tarmac below, when he went out of his front door. It had luckily not fallen down upon someone. A bald man perhaps wondering what had just splatted on his pate, or a young girl with newly washed shiny hair feeling the impact and reaching and, again, puzzling at the stickiness she felt between her fingers or, perhaps best of all, to have fallen down some young girl’s cleavage!

Ed and Xylophia saw his ‘display,’ saw his ejaculation. It had been so visible to them, Ewan standing there in the bright sunshine. They waved and went below, perhaps to shower. Certainly, as Ewan stood there still erect watching them, he could see there was seminal fluid in blobs and runs on the small of Xylophia’s back and bottom, indeed running into her crack. Ed had talked about using his, Ewan’s, semen as lube but not done that – well, not yet – but Ewan was thinking about what it might be like using Ed’s cum as lubrication to penetrate Xylophia’s bottom. He wanked a little more at the thought but his erection and his interest in sex was going. His thoughts turned to making a fresh pot of tea.

“I wonder,” Ewan asked, “how much women like seeing a man come? Do they enjoy the sight of the male climax?”

It was the Tuesday morning after Ewan’s public ejaculation. He had seen Ed and Xylophia since then. Indeed, had invited them around for diner but not a word had been said about the events on the rooftop. Ewan had not liked to raise it and they had said nothing. It had been a very pleasant (clothed) dinner party. No mention of the public display of erect penises or wet pudenda and certainly no invitation to join the two of them in sexual activity.

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