Abroad Ch. 01

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It’s amazing how many times in life a song will sum up your day completely.

TISM’s “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” summed up the day I got dumped by my first ‘real’ girlfriend. Jebediah’s “Leaving Home” played the day I drove to my first day of UNI. As for today, let’s just say I don’t think Craig Nicholl had had quite my day when he penned The Vines’ “Fuck The World” (he was probably just high).

Everything that could go wrong, had…
Plane ticket nowhere to be seen – check.
Passport doing the Houdini – check.
Proposal paperwork strewn across the house – check.
Murphy’s Law be damned…

“Dude, slow it down some,” my ever helpful housemate and business partner, Markus, said calmly, peering over the top of the morning paper.

“How about you get off the bloody floor and help? It is just slightly also your future that depends on this pitch going well,” I snapped, possibly just a bit too sharply.

Markus and I had been working on a concept for a PC game since graduation as 3D artists two years ago. We converted part of the story into a short ‘mod’ for the Half Life 2 Steam engine, and gained publicity through online forums, eventually leading to an offer to pitch the game to Valve Technologies. How I presented myself (and the mod) to the executives would lead to life being either very easy or very difficult for myself and Markus over the next year – we had invested quite alot of our own money into it’s development.

“Dude! Chill, breathe…”

“Sorry, but I can’t find my stuff, and how long have I got now?” I asked, glancing hurriedly at my watch and almost tripping over a blue overnight bag in front of the coffee table.

… A BLUE overnight bag…

“The plane leaves in 80 minutes, and If you had been listening instead of running around like a chook minus the head, you’d have heard me say I put all the appropriate documents in your luggage. Your passport’s with your ticket, which I also mentioned was on the kitchen table.” Markus said slowly and calmly.

“Oh, right…”

“So unless you have anything else you’d like to unduly stress over, let’s get you to that plane.”

“Dude, sarcasm is my thing… dead-pan is yours,” I grinned, grabbing the bag and hurling myself at the door.


I’ve never really liked flying, and not because I’m paranoid or afraid; it’s just that there are just about 154 other things I would rather do for 14 hours…

However in this instance, the fact that I had a possible million dollar game deal at the other end made it bearable – that and the fact that I was flying business, not cattle-class.

I settled into my seat, put on my iPod and drifted off to some Jack Johnson.

“Do you remember when we first met, I sure do.
It was some time in early September when,
You were lazy about it, you made me wait around.
I was so crazy about you I didn’t mind…”

I was awoken by a sudden jerk and a slight scream behind me.

‘Shit, just what I need, a bloody “Lost” moment,’ I thought.

As the plane jerked around some more, the ‘fasten seat-belts’ sign came on and a stewardess walked down the aisle to calm the jumpy school-girl in the back.

As she returned, she placed her hand on my shoulder and asked “And you, sir, is everything fine?” in a sweet European accent.

I looked up at her gorgeous Mediterranean face and said in my suavest voice, “Just fine thanks”

“That is good,” she said, and bending down to my ear whispered seductively, “Anything I can get you… anything at all… you just call.”

Reading her name badge, I responded, “I’ll be sure to take you up on that Erika”

As she sashayed away, she turned and winked, before closing the curtains to the stewardess’s room slowly.

I was quite taken aback. It might surprise you, but gorgeous European nymphs were not in the habit of hitting on me, so I was quite pleasantly surprised – and needless to say slightly aroused… okay, VERY aroused.

I sat there for a minute in shock, a dumb grin plastered across my face. Finally, nature’s urges called me and I decided a visit to the small room was in order.

I stood gracefully (well, as gracefully as is possible on a plane… which meant of course I stumbled upwards), and strode (hobbled) towards the toilet at the back of Business class. As I passed the stewardess’s stall, Erika winked at me, and I dumbly waved back.

Just as I closed the door behind me and turned to the bowl, hoping like hell not to find a ‘wee beige jobby’ (Billy Connelly is a God), there was a slight knocking sound coming from the other side. I opened the door slightly and was greeted by a smiling Erika, who slipped in quietly sealing the door behind her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she groaned, “I’m so-o-o horny”

“Join the club!” I said, laughing slightly.

“Oh, I’d love too” She said, licking her lips seductively.

“Huh… wha…” I stammered, only to be silenced by Erika’s lush lips enclosing mine.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Erika casino şirketleri moaned into my mouth, slipping her tongue past my teeth. She tasted delicious, and smelled so sensual… her expensive designer perfume was alluringly intoxicating. We continued to make out for about a minute or so, until I pulled back to take in her beautiful and now rather flushed features.

She was stunning! A petite, athletic brunette with striking green eyes and the reddest natural lips I had ever seen. She wore only a light amount of blush, eye shadow, and mascara… nothing more, letting her perfectly tanned face make up the rest. Such a nice change to the overly caked fashion most stewardess seemed to prefer. She wore a tight smooth white blouse, navy jacket and a hip hugging navy skirt. The outfit was topped off with a short black-and-white striped neck tie that emphasized her natural bust, and black heels. She came up to my eyes with the heels on, and would have been about 5″5′ naturally.

“Like what you see?” she giggled naughtily, slowly winding a strand of hair around the index finger of her right hand, like a naughty school girl.

“Oh, you know I do!” I said, pulling her in to me for another kiss.

As our tongues danced the erotic two step, Erika’s left hand snaked its way to my zipper and set to work lowering it. Moaning into her mouth, my own hands slid to her top and started at the top two buttons.

Pulling back and grinning wildly, Erika said “No, Baby, no time for that…” and proceeded to shake off her skirt, throwing it at me and covering my face. Removing it slowly, I was greeted by a well tanned, neatly trimmed European pussy.

“Now I definitely do like what I see” I laughed, inducing a giggle from Erika.

I pulled her in close for another long kiss, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies. As she came up for air a second time her hands moved to my belt and pants. She must have had magician lessons, because before I knew it they had both disappeared, and we were once again locked in a ferocious embrace.

“God, I love Business class…” I moaned as I kissed my way down Erika’s neck.

“Mmmmmm, me too. This is so nice, but we better hurry,” she said, stroking my groin through my briefs, and looking into my eyes mischievously.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of joining the Mile High club, you probably have done so in the toilet, and thus know quite intimately that it is not the most spacious or comfortable place to get it on. Erika and I awkwardly repositioned ourselves so that she was leaning against the sink and I was between her and the door, then resumed our pashing. She had so much vigor, it was amazing! If it could be possible to suck someones tongue out of their head, I would have been a very happy mute. Eventually Erika grabbed my (now extremely happy and hard) cock, and positioned it at the entrance of her glistening pussy.

She rubbed the head up and down on her lips, lubricating it up, then slowly slid it in her glorious opening.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck me baby!” she grunted, as I slid in to the hilt. Erika’s pussy was absolutely soaked! I could tell she was horny from the look in her eyes, and the fact her nipples were almost poking my own eyes out, but DAMN!!! Oh so wet!

I took a couple of seconds to get accustomed with her tightness, and warmth, before I started humping her in a slow rhythm. “God, this is naughty!” I said, looking into her wild eyes, as my cock slid in and out of her wetness.

“But… Oh… So… Fuck… -ing… Gooooooood!!!” Erika grunted, matching our rhythm. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She responded with wild abandon, wrapping her arms and legs around me, fingernails clawing at my back, and moaning into my mouth. As I pummeled her with all I had, Erika moved her lips to my left nipple and started licking, and gently biting in between her moans.

I brought my hands up to her pert breasts, and fondled them lovingly. I tweaked her nipples which caused her to breath in sharply with arousal. My eyes met hers again as this happened, and they were so stunningly beautiful… so innocent, yet naughty at the same instant. As we shared the moment, our lips gravitated back towards each other. God, she tasted amazing!

It had been so long since I’d last been laid, and an even longer time since I had been laid so expertly! Erika’s natural beauty and wild personality was so refreshing that I forgot myself, grunting “I Love Business Class!!!” at what in the confined and public space was too loud.

“Oh shit!” I whispered, only to be answered by Erika’s mischievous giggle and wicked smile.

“Don’t worry, fuck them”

“I’d rather fuck you” I laughed, and continued to do so.

I was so horny from this unexpected encounter, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Much to Erika’s chagrin, I pulled back again from our embrace and groaned “God… Don’t know how long I can last… Sooo Good!”

Erika’s piercing green eyes blazed with lust, and she whispered “Do it baby! In my mouth! Come in my mouth!” Her casino firmaları labored words sent me to the edge, and as I pulled out she repositioned herself to a kneeling position and engulfed me with her mouth.

I erupted seconds later, and Erika – trooper that she was – swallowed every drop.

Most of the very few girls (nay, all), that I have been lucky enough to receive oral from have always found the moment of completion awkward, and either spat it out or flinched as it covers their face. Erika, on the other hand, seemed to relish every bit, and almost seemed disappointed when there was no more to come (ba-dum, ching).

“Mmmmmmmmmm, thank you” She eventually said, as she stood. Erika then took me by surprise as she opened her mouth and poked her tongue out, as if for my inspection and verification that she had indeed swallowed every ounce of her reward. I laughed and pulled her in for another kiss. This was a slower, sloppier, more relaxed affair, both of us taking our time to enjoy each others mouths, and tongues.

Erika bent down to pick up her skirt, but I stopped her “Hang on babe, do you think I’m going to let that wonderful experience end without returning the favor?”

Her eyes sparkled with mischievous glee “Ooooh goody… does the naughty passenger want to lick my pussy?” she giggled.

“Not want, need!” I moaned, pulling her to me for another sloppy kiss.

“Mmmmm, good boy!” Erika giggled, as I slid my tongue down her nymph-like body ever so slowly. I kissed all the way down to her pert breasts, grazing each nipple with my teeth, and extracting a shiver from Erika each time. I kissed past her navel and eventually met with my prize. Erika’s pussy was shaven neatly, with just a small triangle of short hair above her opening, as if to say “here it is.”

“Mmmm, you even have directions” I said, looking up at her gorgeous eyes, then I gave her slit a long lick, from bottom to top, making sure I flicked her now rather puffy clitoris.

Erika shivered and grasped my head with both hands, pushing my lips down on her snatch. I waited until she relaxed, then continued. I kissed all around her pussy, and on to her thighs. Erika voiced her frustration: “Oooh… don’t tease me,… cruel… bastard.”

I chuckled, and then pounced. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it long and hard. “Ohhhhhh!!!! Ngggggg! Gooood!” Erika squealed happily.

“That better, you sexy nymph?” I asked, her juices covering my broad smile.

“Fuck Yesssssss!” She hissed, and I dove back in.

Extending my tongue as far as I could, I pushed it in between the folds of Erika’s pussy and explored her tasty depths. She tasted awesome, pure sex. I gently slid two fingers into her pussy, and set about to sucking her clit again, this brought forth more squeals and moans. “God, so good!” She groaned as I furiously frigged her without mercy.

As her moans increased, I slowed down, wanting to draw her orgasm out for as long as I could. “DONT YOU DARE!” Erika squealed, “I need to come, please…” I looked up into her big sexy doe eyes, and gave in, clamping down on her clit with my lips and sucking frantically. Erika then went absolutely rigid, her grip on my head almost pushing my eyes out of their sockets, and her legs wrapped around my head pulling me into a wet death grip. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck!!!!!” She groaned, and then the floodgates opened, coating my tongue with a warm, sticky, sweet reward.

As she came down from her high, she relaxed and I came up for air.

“Thank you! Oh, god, I needed that!” Erika gasped, and kissed me deeply.

“No, thank YOU!” I moaned into her mouth.

Picking myself up of the ground, I handed Erika her skirt. She took it smiling, and stroked my hair. “That was really great… I haven’t had head that good in ages” she sighed as we arranged our clothes to a less shambolic state.

“Me, either.” I said grinning.

After we had tidied ourselves to a respectable level, there was a moment’s silence in which we stared at each other awkwardly. I eventually pulled her to me for one last gentle kiss. Reluctantly extricating herself from my grasp Erika got down to logistics.

“Right, well… This was fantastic, Thanks… Umm… I’ll go out first… OK?”

“Me a couple of minutes after?”

“You sure you haven’t done this before?” She giggled as she opened the door.

“No, but I’d like to do it again.” I laughed.

The sound of Erika’s giggling floated away down the aisle, and I was left to ponder the amazing thing that had just occurred.

“Mile High Club… hmmmm… I’d like a season ticket please.”


Returning to my seat was a lot easier than I had expected. Being 1 AM Sydney time, everyone was asleep, and I went mostly unnoticed. A male steward called Kurtis (seriously), did wink at me as I sat down; however, I’m not sure if it was a ‘congratulations’ or a ‘hi, there’ wink… I chuckled at the thought of the latter and closed my eyes, I needed my rest güvenilir casino after such a workout.

I was drifting off again when there was a light tapping on my shoulder. I opened my eyes groggily to a beaming Erika. “How is my favorite passenger doing?” She said seductively.

“Fine, but rather fatigued… who knew that air travel would be so physically demanding…” I said smiling up at her beautiful face.

“Well, if you would like to have a real rest… First Class is completely empty this flight. So if you could stand the exhausting ordeal of being upgraded…”

“You serious?” I said a little to excitedly, and the Tax Accountant from Junee next to me stirred in her sleep.

“Yes, extremely… It is my job to make every passenger’s experience as enjoyable as possible.” Erika said, and kissed me lightly on the lips to punctuate her sentence.

“Gee… you must be exhausted if you have to do THAT with EVERYONE…” I joked.

“Very funny mister… No your one of a very small select group who have had that experience…” She said, looking at me seriously, and kissing me again… a little harder this time.

I grabbed my backpack, which was my only carry-on, and followed close behind her till we reached the curtain that opened to the vast expanses of space that was First Class. I took special care to press myself up against her as Erika slowly drew back the curtain, then closed it hurriedly behind us. The curtain dealt with, Erika flung her arms around me and mashed her lips to mine in a passionate embrace.

“Mmmph!” I moaned, pulling back reluctantly, and staring deeply into her eyes. “Please don’t take this the wrong way Erika, but I really am tired… and I don’t think I can go again so soon… I won’t be able to give 100%”

Looking rather disappointed, she kissed me gently again and said “It’s OK, we still have 8 hours left.” Then, with her beautifully wicked grin that I was growing to love, “People will be waking in 4, so… have a power nap alright.”

I chuckled, and held her to me, her head resting over my heart. “You bet. How can I say no to that smile?”

“It’s impossible: many have tried, and all have failed,” she said with a broad smile.

I kissed her one last time and then fell into the comfortable lounge chair sized first class seat, and drifted off to a contented sleep.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We will be arriving at Dulles International Airport in 15 minutes time. I have turned on the fasten seat-belts sign, and cabin crew will be advising you shortly of how to exit the plane when we land. It is currently 15 degrees centigrade in Washington, so those of you who have warm clothing are advised to put it on. I hope you have had an enjoyable flight, and will choose Oceanic Airlines for you next voyage.”

‘What happened? I slept for the whole 8 hours! Fuck!’ I thought.

I fastened my seat-belt and grabbed my jacket from my backpack…

’33 degrees to 15… that’s going to be a shock to the system.’

As I was zipping up the pack, I heard the curtain being drawn behind me, and turned to find Erika striding towards my seat, a bemused look on her face. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t wake you, you looked to adorable whilst you slept” she whispered into my ear as stooped to kiss me.

“I wish you had,” I groaned, “I dreamt of you if that helps.”

She chuckled, and grinned that wicked grin. “Was it a juicy dream?”

“Yes, rather so.”

“Glad to be of service” Erika said, sitting on the seat next to me and kissing me deeply.

“Mmmm, you still taste good.” I moaned.

“You too… mmmmmm…”

We made out until the plane landed, hands roaming over (and under) each others clothes. The other stewardesses took care of the passengers, and made sure we weren’t disturbed.

Eventually I broke the kiss, and pulled back from Erika’s embrace. I looked her seriously in the eyes and said, “So what now?”

She took her time in answering, not breaking eye contact however. “Well, at first I just wanted to blow of some steam; You caught my eye, and I was feeling naughty. But… I don’t know, I think I’d like to keep in contact… if… you…”

I silenced her with a deep kiss. “Yes… I would like to…”

Erika sighed, and looked into my eyes, “It’s crazy, but I really like you. I don’t know anything about you except you’re doing something in Washington and you’re an Aussie like me, but I feel something… I’m crazy aren’t I?…”

“Well… we both… need to… be committed… then… I feel it too…” I said, in between kisses.

We swapped numbers, and emails, and some personal details. I told her my name, and we both laughed at the fact that we hadn’t even got that far yet…

I told her about the meeting at Valve, and that I would be in the country, at Markus’ cousins, for at least the next three weeks regardless. She told me she lived with her sisters in a flat near Bondi (just 25 minutes walk from Markus’, and my apartment block), and we figured out that she was only three days younger than me. Then she accompanied me to baggage. At the cab rank, we kissed once more, and promised to meet up the next time she was in Washington, a whole fortnight away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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